Encore Question of November 27, 1999.
Played at The Frog & Firkin in North York.


  1. Ray Charles
  2. Stevie Wonder
  3. Marvin Gaye
  4. Sam Cooke
  5. Al Green

Tonight I'm in the lead by a small amount having held the lead since the OnBeat round. I'm playing with Richard BERGIE and Bill MADDOG. I was eight right/one wrong in OnBeat although I didn't have much time for current affairs having passed a driver's test earlier this week and ordering a new computer while at a consumer show earlier today. (I can't remember now May 2000 but I'm sure I had a lot of help).

My game so far had gone like this:
TuneUp....4000/5000...1st/11...7 way tie for 1st with BERGIE and the Regulars group.
OnBeat...11750/14000...1st/11...I win this round but a big group has 10500.
JukeBox...17653/20000...1st/11...VIKING wins round.
Triviaoke...25094/28000...1st/11...KELLY wins round.

The Encore answers are all soul singers. These quiz writers like Al Green so I flip my music book to that. With 50% on the line:

Question:...Which R & B star scored the 1972 film "Trouble Man"?

I don't know this right off and squint to find it's not Al Green. I take far too long. Running out of time. "Wait! I say, "it can't be Sam Cooke he'd died already". Ok I put in Ray Charles.

Correct Answer:...3. Marvin Gaye

[NTN extra fact:...The dark title track was a Top 10 hit for Gaye].

I'm wrong and drop to 5th in the bar. I finish with 12547 points which is 5654th in North America. I earn only 1500 Players Plus points for missing this week's 21000 point standard. The bar is 9th in North America with a 27072 average. KELLY wins with 36684.
I could have found this in my book directly as it has a section of soundtracks. I'll have to remember that for another time.

Here's how the rest of the bar did:
Player	preEncore	Final	Rank
ROCKET	25094	x	12547	5654
KELLY	24456		36684	   6	3rd on Top 20 Network Board
MADDOG	22712		34068	  39
MOLSON	22407		33611	 645
VIKING	22407	x	11203	6119
BERGIE	22403	x	11201	6120
JARVIS	21766	x	10883	6230
TIGER	19941	x	 9971	6546
PJ	14636		21954	2396
JAG	14216	x	 7108	7538
KEELEE?	 5363	x	 2681	9071
LFJ	 3313	x	 1657	9426
LIFE	 3222	x	 2900	8995
VOODOO	 1205	x	  964	9480
?someone who left?			9666	

Other games:
8:00pm...Countdown...6081/15000...7th/12...500+ points...I'm 4722nd in North America...bar is 119th...LIFE wins...I'm here in time for the last ten questions.
8:30pm...Countdown...12829/15000...1st/17...2000+ points...I'm 104th in NA...bar is 136th.
9:00pm...Wipeout...11365/15000...3rd/14...1000+ points...I'm 1145th in NA...bar is either 64th or 84th...KELLY wins.
9:30pm...SunSportsCountdown...10336/15000...6th/13...1000+ points...I'm 73rd in S.Ont...bar is 1st in Southern Ontario with a 14247 average...KELLY wins. (Richard and Bill help me through this game as they tell me the questions were from last week's game)...hey, miss one week around here...

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