Encore Question of April 29, 2000.
Played at The Frog & Firkin in North York.


  1. Sun
  2. Columbia
  3. Motown
  4. Capitol
  5. A&M

Tonight I'm in 9th place as The Regulars hold the first eight spots. Our team is Richard BERGIE, Dave COITUS, Bill MADDOG, Kimmo KAV, another Bill OH YA, and a new man PJ. My game so far had gone like this:

TuneUp....4000/5000...11th/17...eight way tie for 1st at 5000.
OnBeat...10500/14000...10th/17 in two way tie...four way tie at 12750. I get 7 right, 2 wrong 
with a lot of help.
JukeBox...14990/20000...10th/17...JARVIS wins round.
Triviaoke...19970/28000...9th/17...WORD wins round.

The Encore questions are all record labels. Some of the team want to bet low so we might win if all the Regulars are wrong. That seems unlikely but we do have the boards to split and cover all the answers. Ok, everybody is in for 50%:

Question:...This label, founded in 1942, began the practise of giving free records to disk jockeys.

Before the answers came back on display, I threw out Motown as Barry Gordie Jr founded that in the very late 1950s. Next was A&M which I remembered was cofounded by Herb Alpert after his initial early 1960s success of the Tijuana Brass. Sun Records? sounded too early 1950s with Elvis and Carl Perkins as their first stars. That left the big two, Columbia and Capitol. Either would be good, Frank Sinatra era. Thinking back to the two year old 1-4 signature quiz writer answer theory (they haven't had a #2 Encore answer in a few years?), I said I was going with Capital. Others offered to split so I said it could be Columbia.

Correct Answer:...4 Capitol

[NTN Extra Fact:...It was also the first company to issue the records of all in at least three speeds.]

I'm right and move up to 6th place as some of the Regulars split. I am surprized that I finish good enough for 27th in North America with only 29955 points. I earn 3000+ Players Plus points for making this week's 15000 standard. The Frog & Firkin bar is 1st in North America with a 35583 average! MOLSON wins with 36570 points. The 20th best bar had only 17000 something! I didn't think it would stump so many bars. Earlier in the evening, one of the questions was Motown's first #1 hit Marvelettes= Please Mr Postman from 1960.

Here's how the rest of the bar did:
Player	preEncore	Final	Rank
JARVIS	25016	x	12508	3723
VIKING	24383	x	12191	3882
MOLSON	24380		36570	   3	2nd on Network Top 20 board.
KELLY	24349		36523	   4
ALKIE	24304	x	12152	3902
GOLEAF	23905		35857	   5
ELVIS	23223		34835	   7
WORD	22756		34134	  11
ROCKET	19970		29955	  27
BERGIE	18983		28475	  42
COITUS	18503	x	 9251	5358
PJ	18493		27739	  50
ANNA	18391		25747	  71
MADDOG	16382	x	 8191	5889
PKGBOY	16022		24033	  86
KAV	15435	x	 7717	6127
OH YA	13966		20949	 111

I already felt before I got here tonight that I'd won enough earlier in the day. I found out I won a CD for being one of the first 20 readers to answer Fred Bronson's trivia question on the Billboard.com site. I remember hearing on a radio station 1150AM many years ago on an oldies anniversary show that Jorgen Ingmann reached Number 1 in Hamilton with his instrumental 'Apache' and that was the highest ranking song (#2 actual on Billboard) by an artist from Denmark. I'll probably get a CD in two months but my names up there for a week of glory.
Also I was at the Travel Show out near the airport and a travel agent gave me a coffee mug for getting two of three putts on their golf green.

Other games:...I start the night with 1041300 points.
7:30pm...Countdown...4690/15000...3rd/3...500+ points...I'm 6339th in NA...bar is 1678th...BERGIE wins...I'm here in time for the last 7 questions.
8:00pm...Countdown...14789/16000...1st/7...1000+ points...I'm 7th on the Network Top 20 (9th overall)...bar is 4th in North America with a 13279 average...I didn't think I did best bar score of the month but we realized the last question was worth 2000 points.
8:30pm...Countdown...13409/15000...3rd/11...2000+ points...I'm 62nd in NA...bar is 6th in North America with a 13279 average...MOLSON wins.
9:00pm...Wipeout...10691/15000...11th/15...1000+ points...I'm 2490th in NA...bar is 12th in North America with a 13980 average...MOLSON wins.
9:30pm...Wipeout...11881/15000...2nd/15...1000+ points...I'm 125th in Southern Ontario...bar is ?...JARVIS wins.

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