Encore Question of April 8, 2000.
Played at The Frog & Firkin in North York Ontario.


  1. Pablo Casals
  2. Yitzak Perlman
  3. Ravi Shankar
  4. Van Cliburn
  5. YoYo Ma

Tonight, I'm in 8th place going into the Encore round. I have both my own ROCKET board and Dave's COITUS board as he's suddenly left the bar. Seeing these choices I think my book won't help me. I dictate the other player's scores instead of bookmarking anything. My game so far had gone like this:

Tune-Up....3000/5000....10th/19...TIGER, RELIC and MADDOG win round with 4000.
OnBeat...9500/14000...7th/19...ELVIS, MOLSON, KELLY, and JARVIS win round and hold lead at 11250.
JukeBox...13279/20000...9th/19...LEAFAN wins round.
Triviaoke...20029/28000...8th/17...MOLSON wins round and takes lead.
One of the lyrics was to The Beach Boys--California Girls which was the last song I played today
before going out. Spooky.

Jeff LEAFAN says he'll try to win through the back door, that is risk only 10% and watch the others fall. I thought I did that with the COITUS board but must have hit 50% on it. I seriously though of doing that on my ROCKET board because I could still make the 18000 point Players Plus standard by being wrong. I'd only earned 500+ points tonight as I got here only 10 minutes before the game started. Beside's Dave leaving, REDEYE left and his board was taken away from me by the barmaid when some new player came in but the new guy didn't change his name. Well there still was Richard BERGIE, Bill MADDOG, Jeff LEAFAN...OK with 50% on the line:

Question:..."West Meets East" is an acclaimed 60's album featuring ___________ and Yehudi Menuhin.

I've never heard of this of course and open my book for Pablo Casals. I can't find a listing for his albums so maybe it never charted. I don't have time for anything else so just leave it there. While I flipped to it, I think the 60's and think Yo Yo Ma is too young for those times but it was Ravi Shankar's era with his whole Beatles thing.

Correct Answer:...3 Ravi Shankar

[NTN fact:...Their collaboration won a Grammy award in 1967 for Best Chamber Music performance.]

I'm wrong and finish with 10015 points. That's 6872nd in North America. I earn 1500+ Players points. All 17 players at our bar were wrong and LEAFAN wins by risking the least. He's 4xxx something but the scores only flash through once so I didn't have time for everyone. I also miss our bar standing but I'm sure it wasn't very good. I should have thought of the East-West connection in the clue and I might have gotten it.

Here's how our bar did:
Player	preEncore	Final	Rank
MOLSON	23357	x	11679	6352
KELLY	22795	x	11397	6440
JARVIS	22691	x	11345	6456
ELVIS	22443	x	11221	6495
DBLE	21197	x	10599	6689
MADDOG	21033	x	10517	6715
TIGER	20268	x	10134	6835
ROCKET	20029	x	10015	6872
BERGIE	19945	x	 9973	6885
LEAFAN 	19262	x	17336	4xxx?
COITUS	19214	x	 9607	6999
WORDZ	19057	x	 9529	7024
REDEYE	18129	x	14503	5470
RELIC	17276	x	 8638	7302
CLEO	14517	x	 7259	7732
UQURTS?  8076	x	 4023	8738
SHWAMP	 7787	x	 3893	8784

Other games:
9:30pm...SunSportsCountdown...1735/15000...19th/19...500+ points...387th in SOnt...the bar is 2nd in Southern Ontario with an 11029 average...KELLY wins...I'm here for the last three questions.

I'd been swimming earlier in the evening. There's a strike of municipal workers in Toronto and all the pools are shut down. My friend Paul and I found a pool out of town. I did want to show up tonight and bring in some photos for Richard to rescan them for my web page. Those from four years ago look really grainy.

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