Encore Question of March 25, 2000.
Played at the Frog & Firkin in North York Ontario.


  1. Steven Spielberg
  2. Oliver Stone
  3. Francis Ford Coppola
  4. James Cameron
  5. Joel Coen

Tonight I'm well behind The Regulars who have the first nine boards. I couldn't guess anything right in the OnBeat round. After that I was 5000 points behind their group and didn't make up any ground. My game so far had gone like this:

TuneUp....5000/5000..1st/14...a 12 way tie for first with perfect scores.
OnBeat...6750/14000...11th/14...3 right, 5 wrong, 1 I didn't answer...9 people won with 
6500 points.
JukeBox...12750/20000...10th/14...TIGER and ROCKET win with 6000 points in this round.
Triviaoke...18404/28000...10th/13...ELVIS wins round.

I was playing with Bill MADDOG and Dave COITUS. We were hoping for a tough Encore question to make up any ground. I recognized the names as movie directors but didn't know Joel Coen. My book wouldn't help me tonight.

Question:...Carter Burwell writes the musical scores for pictures directed by:

I didn't know this. I haven't gone to the movies in a few years and don't watch very few of them on television. Dave said he liked 4 or 5. I had put in 4 just because it might be the 'due' between the 1-4 theory I had last Fall. Bill looked over at my answer and changed his to 4 although I said I didn't know.

Correct Answer:...5 Joel Coen

[NTN extra fact:...Burwell received an Academy Award nomination for his original score to 'Fargo'.]

I'm wrong and stay in 10th place as there wasn't much further down I could drop! I finish with 9202 points and am 5654th in North America. I earn only 1500+ Players Plus points for not meeting this week's 18000 point standard. The bar is 20th in North America with a 20563 average.

Here's how the rest of the bar did:
Player	preEncore	Final	Rank
ELVIS	23598		35397	  28	6th on Network Top 20 board
MOLSON	22841	x	11421	4606	
VIKING	22816	x	11408	4613
ALKIE	22501	x	11251	4687
KELLY	22419	x	11209	4707
TIGER	22306	x	11153	4733
OLE JR	22298	x	11149	4735
JARVIS	22285	x	11143	4738
WORD	22228		33342	  34
ROCKET	18404	x	 9202	5654
MADDOG	16739	x	 8369	6048
COITUS	15406	x	 7703	6362
RK	 2750	x	 1375	9350

I was sure Dave answered 5 but maybe he switched when Bill did. I don't know what The Regulars did. With enough boards they could cover every answer but I expect they weren't sure or they would have picked more as a group. Congrats to ELVIS and WORD.

Other games:...started the evening with 1006800 points.
7:30pm...Countdown...3142/15000...2nd/3...500+ points...I'm 7059th in North America...bar is 2404th in NA...ALI wins...I'm pleased to get here in time for the last five questions and earn a few points.
8:00pm...Countdown...10876/15000...1st/9...1000+ points...I'm 275th in NA...bar is 792nd.
8:30pm...Countdown...9470/15000...5th/13...2000+ points...I'm 57th in NA...bar is 3rd in North America with a 10909 average (must have been a tough game)...KELLY/ALKIE wins.
9:00pm...Wipeout...9427/15000...3rd/11...1000+ points...I'm 1342nd in NA...bar is 197th...OLE JR wins.
9:30pm...SunSportsCountdown...11068/15000...11th/14...1000+ points...I'm 50th in SOnt...bar is 3rd in Southern Ontario with an 11782 average...ELVIS wins...One soccer question tonight:....Algarve Cup is played for which sport = Women's Soccer.

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