Encore Question of March 11, 2000.
Played at The Frog & Firkin in North York Ontario.


  1. Blue Moon
  2. All Shook Up
  3. Return To Sender
  4. Wake Up Little Susie
  5. Hit The Road Jack

Tonight I'm in 4th place controlling two boards. I'd been somewhere between 8th and 5th the whole evening and I couldn't close in on two of The Regulars. My game so far had gone like this:

TuneUp...ROCKET...4000/5000...8th/18...MOLSON, VIKING, KELLY, ALKIE win round with perfect 5000.
OnBeat...ROCKET...13000/14000...5th/19...at least six players had a perfect round in this round.
..LITBOX...13000/14000...5th/19...Richard BERGIE gave me at least two that I had no clue, I 
guessed another one, and about six I actually knew.
JukeBox...ROCKET...16567/20000...5th/19...ELVIS wins round.
Triviaoke...ROCKET...24416/28000...4th/19...my two boards win round.
Identical scores the whole game.  I must have synchronized fingers!  

This could have been the night that I at last passed 1 million points but I got here late. This Encore question should be about old songs. Only two are Elvis Presley songs so I can't see a theme here. 1 million? Like that game show, I have three lifelines. I can split my two boards, I've got my music book Billboard Top Albums which I open to Elvis and friends playing with me! I'm ready Regis!

Question:...Simon & Garfunkel's live version of this classic made the charts in the 80's.

Simon & Garfunkel? Concert in Central Park! Flip the pages but Richard says "Wake Up Little Suzie". I'm singing that in my mind after he says that. He's right and I put that on both my boards. I eventually find it on my book as making #27 on the charts and we make sure the Kimmo KAV and Dave (tonight LOWDOG) and Bill (MADDOG) that before time runs out.

Correct Answer:...4 Wake Up Little Susie.

[NTN extra fact:...The number 1 was recorded during the duo's reunion concert in New York City's Central Park.]

The entire bar is right with their answers and everyone stays with the same placings. Our bar is 7th in North America with a 36731 average. I earn 3000+ Players Plus points for meeting this week's 21000 point standard. Chris from The Regulars wins on her second board.

Here's how the whole bar did:
Player	preEncore	Final	Rank
ALKIE	24616		36924	  86	9th on the Network Top 20 board!
MOLSON	24498		36747	  89
VIKING	24491		36737	  90
ROCKET	24416		36624	  91
LITBOX	24416		36624	  91
KELLY	23617		35425	 115
ELVIS	23178		34767	 214
TIGER	22797		34195	 375
BERGIE	21513		32269	 917
KAV	19525		29287	1756
PUTZ	17410		26115	2649
LOWDOG	16854		25821	2884
HADES	14947		22421	3689
PUNKOS	13993		20989	4092
KETO	13439		18815	4704
ZUB	12047		18071	4913
MADDOG	11563		17345	5117
MURM	 7460		11190	6850
BENNY	 6911		10367	7081	

I wasn't going to make 1 million points tonight unless I stayed longer. Nothing wrong with stopping at 998800 for ROCKET and 25500 for LITBOX especially the omen of finishing 91st in North America. Hey that's my house address!

There are enough monitors to play NTN and watch sports. We watched Toronto beat Ottawa but saw the horrendous injury to Leaf defenseman Brian Berard. It was a facial injury seeing so much blood but only at home did I hear it was an eye injury. The sound on the monitors is dialed down and music is pumped in. There's got to be a visor rule instated in the NHL to prevent these kind of tragedies. That's the longest lasting memory I'll have about this night years from now!

Other games:
8:30pm...Countdown...8013/15000...5th/10...1500+ points...3547th in North America...bar is 619th in NA...BERGIE wins...I would have done better and would have met the 9000 point standard if I'd got here before the 6th question.
9:00pm...Wipeout...8619/15000...3rd/12...1000+ points...2645 the in NA...bar is 550th in NA...MOLSON wins.
9:30pm...SunSportsCountdown...ROCKET...9351/15000...6th/17...1000+ points...130th in SOnt.
.......LITBOX...4816/15000...11th/17...500+ points...407th in SOnt...I get a second board with 0 points on the 11th question.
The bar is 5th in Southern Ontario with an 11624 average (pretty good as The Regulars were missing Barry JARVIS/OLE JR, the best sports trivia player)...ELVIS wins.
There was a soccer question tonight. What media nickname has been given to Canada's Gold Cup winning soccer team? answer 'Holger's Heroes'. (Holger Osiek is the head coach). Most of the players knew this answer; quite a contrast from just two weeks ago when only about two of us knew Richard Hastings scored the winning goal in the quarter final against Mexico! Tomorrow I'm going to the first meeting in this city of a supporter's club for the national team.

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