Encore Question of September 4th, 1999.
Played at Gabby's Bar & Grill in Toronto.


  1. Sigmund Romberg
  2. Noel Coward
  3. Cole Porter
  4. Victor Herbert
  5. Jerome Kern

Tonight I just got here in time from Varsity Stadium about a block away after seeing the soccer game between Toronto Lynx and Staten Island Vipers. I wanted to sit near the outdoor patio but my Playmaker marked itself as being 'Out of Range' and I moved to the middle of the bar to a different monitor. The board continued to give me trouble in the OnBeat round as it didn't register my first two answers (and they were right answers too) and I have trouble enough in that round without problems like this.

My game so far had gone like this:
TuneUp....4500/5000....1st/10...I win this round with a 1000 point lead.
OnBeat...6500/14000...5th/12...FTW wins round...FACKER and STEWIE lead with 7500.
JukeBox...11360/20000...3rd/12...STEWIE wins round now at 12779.
Triviaoke...17263/28000...2nd/19...STEWIE wins round now at 19234.

I don't know three of these guys in the Encore question but I suppose they are all early century composers. There's no encouragement to bet low because the Player's Plus standard is 20000 and nobody knows me here anyway. Risk 50%.

Question:.....Which composer wrote "Ah, Sweet Mystery Of Life"?

Don't know the composer and don't know who sang the song. I guess Noel Coward as I think it would be a good dinner jacket theatre song. The rest of the round I keep doubting that it should be Cole Porter as at least he wrote songs and Noel Coward was a playwrite if nothing else. I'll answer anything after 1955 Rock And Roll era which is still a few years before I was born.

Correct Answer:...4. Victor Herbert

I'm wrong and finish 7th with 8631 points. I was passed by the people who bet low but only STEWIE was right and met the point standard. I was 6265th in North America and the bar was 758th. I earned 1500+ points I expect (the Player's Plus scores don't show up if you're a visitor) if I remembered my bar code correctly. There are five out of nineteen players who knew the answer or guessed correctly.

STEWIE wins with 28851 and is 2nd on the bars Hall Of Fame board. I still hold the Number 1 position for the only other time I've ever played here! This game STEWIE finished 77th in North America. He/she was also a visitor (Yellow plus sign) and there were no regular players at this bar. My regular bar didn't figure in the Top 20 in this game.

I felt like I wasted my time. The Encore questions have become a lot harder in the last year. The Player's Points standards have been raised to 15000-21000 from 11000-17000. The players I correspond with in the United States always win by controlling 12-15 boards in their groups and splitting their answers on the last question. They've figured out a 1 or 4 answer pattern of the Encore question based on the game author. It might be nice for me to pass 1 million points over the next few months but if I find a better hobby, I'll stop playing. This bar is now the official home of the Toronto Lynx and I probably could have used my press pass to get into the back and party with the team. Anyway I left and walked the streets of Toronto to get to the subway station and see how others spend their time.

Other games:
9:30pm...SunSportsCountdown...1000/15000...9th/9...500+ Players Plus points...I finish 385th in Southern Ontario...bar is 28th...DEEDEE wins...it would have helped if I'd got signed on before the 15th question.

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