Encore Question of July 10th, 1999.
Played at Gabby's Bar & Grill in Toronto.


  1. Steely Dan
  2. Talking Heads
  3. The Clash
  4. The Velvet Underground
  5. The Grateful Dead

Tonight I'm playing all alone at Gabby's Bar & Grill on Bloor Street in downtown Toronto about a block from Varsity Stadium where I've just finished watching the Toronto Lynx beat Raleigh Capital Express in a soccer game. I knew I'd be at the game so I looked on the ntnc.com site to find the closest bar with ntn installed.

The owners of Gabby's used to own the now demolished Joe Grinders and I recognized some of the framed cartoons on the wall. Also the band that was playing was The High Rollers that I'd heard quite a few times but not for a few years now. Downstairs was a party for Lynx fans with a few players arriving later.

My game wasn't going so great all due to the OnBeat round. Four right, five wrong. Half an hour looking through Billboard magazine after weeks of neglect on the music scene isn't good enough for a great score.

My game so far had gone like this:
TuneUp....4500/5000....1/2...eight question head start before 2nd player arrives. I took all the 'Quick Thinking...' and 'Fast Fingers...' comments and one of the 'That must have been a tough one'
OnBeat...7500/14000...1/2...DINA wins round and tied with me overall.
JukeBox...12727/2000...1/2...I win round. (tip: with two players playing, let them choose the category and you can outvote them even in a 1 vs 1 tie).
**I've been corrected. Appears a tie goes to the category on the bottom** Triviaoke...19405/28000...1/1...all alone again.

These bands in the answers are quite a bit different so I should be able to tell them apart. 50% on the line.

Question:...Maureen "Mo" Tucker was the drummer for this ground breaking rock group.

I've never heard of this woman but still don't think I'll have any trouble. Think 'girl drummers'...Steely Dan? two guy studio band, Talking Heads? guy drummer, girl bassist, The Clash? four guys. Velvet Underground? well they had a girl vocalist 'Nico' but they'd be just strange enough to have a girl drummer. Grateful Dead? best alternative as they had two drummers but hmm Mickey Hart....no leave it at #4. All that and I still have 15 seconds of time to wait for the answer.

Correct Answer:.....4. The Velvet Underground.

I'm right and finish with 29107 points. That's 985th in North America. The bar is 2417th with me as the only player. My score puts me Number 1 on this bar's Hall of Fame but the oldest scores date back only to February 1999. (The legendary DAVETV had been here for general countdown games on the 6th of this month). I earn 3000 Players Plus points for making this week's 13000 point standard.

Three years ago they asked about the band's bass player Sterling Morrison so maybe they'll eventually run through the group! My regular bar The Frog & Firkin finished 1st overall in North America second week in a row with a 37264 average and JARVIS was on the top players board. I may be back at this bar two months from now when the soccer team plays a rare Saturday night game.

Other games:
9:30pm...SunSportsCountdown...231/15000...1st/1...I finish 417th in Southern Ontario...bar is 70th in S Ont...500+ Players Plus points...I only get a board in time for the last question after a 15 minute wait for service. While I waited they finally asked a question about the Women's World Cup of Soccer along with the manditory golf question.

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