Encore Question of June 26th, 1999.
Played at Sweet Cheeks bar in North York.


  1. Kiss
  2. Guns 'N Roses
  3. Nirvana
  4. Metallica
  5. Black Sabbath

I'm in the lead here as really the only player except for my friend Paul whom I'm feeding the answers to build up the bar score. Two players, we're not going to do so well. I haven't had much time to study music news for the last few weeks and this place is much closer to home. The only thing is there are only 12 people in the bar on a Saturday night.

I've actually done very well and my rustiness hasn't caught up to me this week.

OnBeat....11000/14000...7 right, 2 I didn't guess in the round I fear most.

The question would be about hard rock. Everyone everywhere should know all about this so the question may be tricky.

Question:...Beavis wears a _________ t-shirt when watching music videos with his moronic pal Butthead.

That show I've seen maybe four times. The reruns still play at least weekly on MuchMusic television here in Canada. Well Metallica is one shirt but I didn't know which of them wears it. Maybe if I can think of what the other one wears.....maybe that's the only trick to this...hmm. AC/DC that's it. 'Keep it at Metallica' I tell Paul.

Correct Answer:.....4. Metallica

I'm right and win with 34141 points. That's good for 56th in North America. (ntn.com gives me 55th) Sweet Cheeks Bar is 1702nd but then we only played two boards. Paul (as RRRR) is 388th. I finish #1 all time on this bar's Hall Of Fame and the 2nd best was only 13000 something. I suppose they never get a big crowd at this time on Saturday.

Frog & Firkin was 6th best bar and KELLY made the Top 20 players.

Other games:...I didn't expect to get here until later.
8:30pm...Countdown...9060/15000...1st/2...I earn 2000+ Players Plus points...I'm 2445th in North America...bar is 2173 as only BENHUR is playing...(I might have had a better score the waitress brought me a board before the third question).
9:00pm...Wipeout...11245/15000...1st/2...I earn 1000+ points...I'm 1729th in NA...bar is 2087th.
9:30pm...SunSportsCountdown...7640/15000...1st/2...I earn 1000+?...I'm 125th in Southern Ontario...bar is 57th in SOnt...no questions about soccer...Paul is the 2nd player.

I wasn't sure I'd come back to this bar again. It's a lot closer to home and there is a non-smoking section. There weren't more than 12 people here yet they kept a disk jockey blasting away on dance music after 9:30pm although no one was on the dance floor. I suppose this place was going for the image of Hooters when they first opened up but with their waitresses in mini skirts but they dress conservatively these days. On our way out some drunk guy followed us out (I missed the set up to this as I was in the washroom) and jabbed Paul in the eye. He challenged me but then backed off. Who needs this? At least at Frog & Firkin you only get verbal jabs.

Last week's Encore question was: Barry Gibb produced this 1982 Dionne Warwick album....Heartbreaker. That question must have wiped out the Frog & Firkin.

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