Encore Question of November 14, 1998.
Played at The Frog & Firkin in North York


  1. Highwaymen
  2. Four Tops
  3. Miracles
  4. Lettermen
  5. Temptations

Tonight I'm having a dream game with a perfect TuneUp and OnBeat round, followed by a good JukeBox. After Triviaoke I had 24653 which is my best score ever. Bill MADDOG was behind me with 20661. With 50% on the line as a right answer should get me onto the Network Top 20.

Question:...Otis Williams is the last original surviving member of:

I'm at an awkward angle at a table behind the bar so I have to lean sideways to write down the question. I initially have 'Four Tops' pressed (Otis = black man's name in my experience) but BERGIE says 'Miracles' and I know that's not right because Smokey Robinson was in them I argue. I give up on writing down the question and put my 10 second rapid think process on. Four Tops were the group who had NO personal changes for 30 years then I notice Temptations. Of course it's them! MADDOG had it all along as he'd seen a telemovie on them the week before but was keeping silent on his answer.

Correct Answer:...5. Temptations

I'm right and finish 1st of 13 players. My score of 36979 ends up in 2nd place on the Network Top 20 and 2nd overall. That's my best score ever at this game. I earn 3000+ Players Plus points as the standard was only 11000 for this game. The bar is 11th in North America with a 29327 average. It's our mini team of MADDOG, BERGIE, and LEAFAN who get us there. I've got to thank BERGIE for the one answer I needed in OnBeat for knowing Motley Crue were opening their own fashion store in Los Angeles (not Back Street Boys)! The other group didn't have Joe ENIGMA until later in the evening or would have done better.

Other games:
9:30pm...Wipeout...11141/15000...1st/10...I'm 1325th in North America...bar is 490th...I earn 1000+ Players Plus points.
10:00pm...Playback...(see above).
11:00pm...RetroTV...12463/15000...1st/11...I'm 370th in NA...bar is 18th with an 11976 average (although I also wrote down 168th on the non network board)...I earn 1000 + points.
11:30pm...Countdown...11310/15000...8th/14...I'm 455th in NA...bar is 6th with a 12121 average...I earn 1000 + points...MOLSON wins in his group of six. Our group has been down to me and MADDOG in 6th for the last two games.

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