Year  League Champions       Cup Champion	     Playoff Champion   

1995  St Catharines Wolves  St Catharines Wolves**** St Catharines Wolves 
1994  Toronto Italia	    St Catharines Roma	     Toronto Italia
1993  Toronto Rockets	    Toronto Croatia          St Catharines Roma
1992  Toronto Croatia	    Toronto Croatia	     Woodbridge Azzuri
1991  Scarborough International  C.A. Argentina	     	N/A
1990  Toronto First Portuguese   St Catharines Roma     N/A
1989  Toronto Italia	    Toronto Croatia	     Toronto Italia
1988  Toronto Italia	    Toronto Croatia	     	N/A
1987  Windsor Wheels	    Toronto Italia	     Toronto Italia
1986  Toronto Blizzard	    Toronto Blizzard	     Toronto Italia
1985  London Marconi	    Toronto Dynamo	     Toronto Italia
1984  Toronto Italia	    Toronto Italia	     Dynamo Latino
	(Before 1984 the Playoffs were considered "Cup" competition)
Year  League Champions	        Cup/Playoff Champion	

1983  	N/A				N/A			
1982	N/A				N/A	
1981  Hamilton Steelers		Hamilton Steelers
1980  Toronto Falcons		Toronto Italia
1979  Toronto First Portuguese  	No Playoffs
1978  Montreal Castors		Toronto Falcons
1977  Montreal Castors		Toronto Panhellenic
1976  Toronto Italia		Toronto Italia
1975  Toronto Italia			No Playoffs
1974  Toronto Serbian White Eagles  Toronto Italia
1973  Toronto Croatia		Toronto Hungaria
1972  Toronto Croatia		Toronto Croatia
1971  Toronto Croatia		Toronto First Portuguese
1970  Toronto Croatia		Toronto First Portuguese
1969  Toronto First Portuguese	Toronto Italia
1968  Sudbury Italia			No Playoffs
1967  Hamilton Primos		Windsor Teutonia
1966    No Champion		Windsor Teutonia
1965  Toronto Ukrainia		Toronto Hakoah
1964  Toronto Ukrainia		Toronto Ukrainia
1963  Italian Virtus		Toronto Ukrainia
1962  Toronto Olympia		Italian Virtus
1961  Toronto Roma		Toronto Ukrainia
1960  Toronto Italia		Toronto Italia
1959  Montreal Cantalia		Toronto Italia
1958  Montreal Hungaria		Montreal Hungaria
1957  Toronto Italia*		Toronto Italia*
1956  Polish White Eagles	Polish White Eagles
1955  Toronto Ukrainia		Toronto Ulster**
1954  Toronto Ukrainia		Toronto Ulster**
1953  Toronto Ukrainia		Toronto Ukrainia**
1952  Toronto East End Canadians Toronto Ukrainia**
1951  Toronto St Andrews	Toronto Ukrainia***
(Before 1951 NSL only had a championship final among the top two teams)	
      NSL Winners		NSL Finalist
1950  Hamilton Westinghouse	Montreal Canadian Falcons
1949  Toronto Canadians		Montreal Carsteel
1948  Montreal Carsteel		Hamilton Westinghouse
1947  Montreal Stelco-x		Toronto Greenbacks
1946	No Championship
1945	No Championship
1944	No Championship
1943	No Championship
1942	No Championship
1941  Montreal Carsteel		Montreal Carsteel
1940  Montreal Carsteel		Toronto Maple Leafs
1939  Montreal Victorias-y	Toronto British Consels
1938  Montreal Victorias-y	Toronto Ulster
1937  Toronto British Consels	Falconbridge Falcons
1936  Montreal Carsteel		Toronto Ulster
1935  Frood Mines		Toronto Ulster
1934  Toronto Ulster		Montreal Carsteel
1933  Toronto Ulster		Montreal Carsteel
1932  Toronto Ulster		Montreal Carsteel
1931  Toronto Scottish		Montreal Carsteel
1930  Toronto Scottish		Montreal CNR
1929  Montreal CNR		Toronto Ulster
1928  Montreal CNR		Toronto Ulster
1927  	No Championship		  
1926  Toronto Ulster		Montreal Maroons
1925  	N/A				N/A
1924  Toronto Ulster			N/A
1923  Toronto Ulster			N/A
1922  Toronto Ulster			N/A
*	First Two Toronto Italia Championships
**	Arnold Cup
***	Glebe Cup
****	Umbro Cup
y	default
x	League comprised of less than six teams(five)

From the Canadian National Soccer League Official Yearbook 1995
statistics compiled by Adrian MacNair.

I expect that "N/A" means 'not available'.  Anyone who has information can 
E-mail me and I'll update the blanks and inform the league.

Quite a few industrial teams before 1951 it appears!
Westinghouse		appliance maker
Stelco			Steel Company of Canada
Frood Mines	
Falconbridge		mining company
CNR			Canadian National Railroad

Also interesting is the ethnic teams becoming champions at about the same
time as their population were immigrating to this area.


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