August 24, 2017 USL Toronto FC II--We are TFC II - Aidan Daniels (from

We are TFC II - Aidan Daniels
August 24, 2017
8:50PM EDT
Adam Krueger

On this week’s edition of We Are TFC II, we sit down with midfielder Aidan Daniels.

What has been your favourite moment in your soccer career thus far?

Daniels: Signing my first pro contract and then scoring my first pro goal.(2:30 mark)

At what moment did you know you could go pro?

Daniels: When I saw my best friend sign professionally.

Is that best friend Liam Fraser? 

Daniels: Yes. When Liam first moved here from BC (British Columbia) I was kind of his first friend 
in the Academy. We kind of just built our friendship off football and we grew as players. 
When I saw him make the step then I knew I could do it too. Liam pushed a lot for me to get up there 
and helped me get to the next level.

You guys do pretty much everything together, ever get sick of each other?

Daniels: Nope. We get along well. We like the same music and everything. We are like family now.

Do you have a coach/mentor that has impacted your soccer career?

Daniels: My father.

A player you like to model your game after?

Daniels: Andreas Iniesta. He is the best at what he does. Pure class and a brilliant magician on the pitch.

Taking a quick look at your phone, which photo in it means the most to you? 

Daniels: Pictures of my family. They mean everything to me and I would do anything for them.

How do you like to spend your free time?

Daniels: FIFA, movies and cooling with the mandem (friends).

Do you have a favourite movie?

Daniels: Gladiator

Music Artist?

Daniels: Tribe Called Quest

If you weren’t playing soccer right now, what you would be doing?

Daniels: I’m pretty nice at basketball but I’m a little too short.

How have you found the adjustment from the Academy to the pros?

Daniels: It’s been very hard but a very rewarding transition. Hard work, passion and the 
willingness to get better helps in the transition a lot.

How did the Academy help in your development as a professional?

Daniels: It allowed me to live like a pro and try to demonstrate qualities of a professional 
at a young age. It also gave me a higher standard of everything, not just football, school, 
and life as well. It showed me that professional football isn’t far away if you work hard.   

You had a crazy offseason, starting with the CONCACAF U-20 Championship, what was it like 
to represent your country? 

Daniels: It was cool experiencing that. I was at the U-17 qualifiers before but the U-20s 
is a whole different stage. I wasn’t there for all the camps but I was fortunate enough 
to get the call for the last three camps and the tournament.

Then you were off to Viareggio to compete with Toronto FC III, what were your takeaways 
from that? 

Daniels: That experience was amazing. Playing against Juventus was a once in a lifetime 
experience at the youth level. It’s great exposure over there for young kids like us. 
It was very good. Very cool to see a different part of the world and the football 
was also great.

And finally, can you comment on your work with the George B. Little Public School soccer team? 

Daniels: They are a great group of kids and sometimes they don’t get the opportunity to play 
sports outside of school. So, it was nice to go into the school and help these kids.
It’s amazing to see them with a smile on their face and play soccer.

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