June 28, 2017 USL Toronto FC II--Toronto FC II vs Harrisburg City Islanders match preview (from torontofc.ca)

By the Numbers Breakdown: Harrisburg City Islanders
June 28, 2017
9:08PM EDT
Adam Krueger

Here is a quick statistical breakdown of this Saturday’s game between Toronto FC II 
and the Harris City Islanders. 

                 TOR (Rank)                         HAR (Rank)
Clean sheets      6 (3rd)                            4 (13th)
Goals against    22 (24th)                          17 (16th)

The Reds have gotten consistent and strong goaltending from both Angelo Cavalluzzo and Mark Pais 
this season. The Reds have conceded more than once just five times this year. Brandon Miller, 
Nick Noble, and Sean Lewis have all spent time in goal for the Islanders this season.

Distribution      TOR (Rank)                        HAR (Rank)
Total Passes      6,214 (9TH)                       5,740 (13TH)
Passing accuracy  76% (13th)                        74% (24th)

Brian James leads the Young Reds with 633 total passes with an 81.4% completion rating. 
Rasheed Olabiyi leads the Islanders with 695 total passes with an 84.4% completion rating.

Discipline        TOR (Rank)                         HAR (Rank)
Fouls Conceded    170 (21st)                         227 (2nd)
Yellow Cards       19 (26th)                          24 (16th)

The Young Reds have done a great job at staying out of the books this season. 
Harrisburg, on the other hand, has conceded the second most fouls in the league. 
Expect a lot of physical play from the visitors on Saturday.

Attack             TOR (Rank)                        HAR (Rank)
Goals                6 (30th)                         10 (27RD)
Shots              157 (15TH)                        155 (18th)

Harrisburg has struggled to find the back of the net with any consistency this season. 
Aaron Wheeler is the team’s leading scorer with two goals in 11 appearances. Toronto FC II 
has scored just six times but has had six separate goal scorers.

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