June 13, 2017 USL Toronto FC II--Toronto FC II vs Orlando City B alternate preview (from torontofc.ca)

Match Preview: Toronto FC II vs. Orlando City B
June 13, 2017
4:19PM EDT
Adam Krueger
Who: Toronto FC II (1-7-5) vs. Orlando City B (4-4-4)
When: Wednesday, June 14 2017. 7:30 PM
Where: Ontario Soccer Centre
Livestream: tfc2.ca

The final school day game of the season is upon us as they Young Reds take on Orlando City B 
at 12:00 PM at the Ontario Soccer Centre.

Toronto FC II is pleased to partner with YouthSpeak to provide all students in attendance 
with an educational component of tomorrow’s game.

YouthSpeak contributes to the mental and social well-being of students who may be facing 
challenges by creating awareness that bullying, mental health, and addiction impacts everyone 
in the community. To empower youth who face challenges through leadership training, in order 
to increase their social and emotional strengths and positively impact their world by sharing 
their personal stories in assemblies and workshops.

•Jason Bent couldn't confirm the first team loanees that will be down with the team on Wednesday 
but expect a few to get minutes tomorrow. 

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