June 8, 2017 USL Toronto FC II--We Are TFC II - Jordan McCrary (from torontofc.ca)

We are TFC II - Jordan McCrary
June 8, 2017
3:43PM EDT
Adam Krueger

On this week’s edition of We Are TFC II we sit down with defender Jordan McCrary.

What has been your favourite moment in your soccer career thus far?

McCrary: Being selected 10th overall in the 2016 MLS SuperDraft by the New England Revolution.

What was that moment like?

McCrary: My parents were next to me. I Had a few teammates from Carolina. The second I heard 
my name I couldn’t believe it. I used to watch drafts on TV, and now I got to step up on stage 
and say my words. It was exciting.

At what moment did you know you could go pro?

McCrary: When I was selected for the U-17 National Team and entered the residency program.

Do you have a coach/mentor that has impacted your soccer career?

McCrary: Paul Caffrey. Taught me the basics of 1 on 1 defending and how to improve as an outside back.

A player you like to model your game after?

McCrary: Dani Alves. He’s such a dynamic player. He can defend and attack so well.

Taking a quick look at your phone, which photo in it means the most to you? 

McCrary: A picture from the national championship I won in 2011.

What was winning that national championship like? 

McCrary: It was unreal. That whole year was incredible. We only lost one game. Every game felt 
like a fight. But we were all together and we felt like a family. We fought every single game, 
no matter what. When we won, it was the biggest relief when we won. I never won a championship 
in high school, so it felt good.

Have any good UNC vs. Duke stories? 

McCrary: I do, my freshman year I got a Red card against [Duke]. It was the 80th minute. We were 
tied and I went in for a 50-50 challenge. I wanted to protect myself but I went studs up on him 
so I got sent off.

How do you like to spend your free time?

McCrary: I enjoy watching Netflix and just hanging out with my friends.

Do you have a favourite movie?

McCrary: Gone in 60 seconds

Big car guy? 

McCrary: Oh yeah big car guy.

Dream car? 

McCrary: That GT500 [in Gone in 60 seconds] is nice. If I could take any kind of car though, 
probably a Saleen s7.

Music Artist?

McCrary: Gucci Mane

How have you found the adjustment to life in Toronto/Canada?

McCrary: Still getting used to the weather.

What do you like about it here?

McCrary: Love the environment. It’s always fun playing soccer, especially when you have a good 
group of guys around you. Good training session, great staff.

What do you miss the most about home?

McCrary: The food and weather.

What food are you missing the most right now?

McCrary: It has to be the fried fish and BBQ. At home, I can go anywhere and find briskets, 
ribs etc. I have to look a little bit harder here to find good BBQ.

What was the soccer scene like back home?

McCrary: Plenty of soccer clubs. Similar to the quality of the teams here in Canada. 

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