Result and details of the Friday May 19, 2017 USL game between
Toronto FC II and Tampa Bay Rowdies played at the Ontario Soccer Centre
in Vaughan at 5:00pm.

Toronto FC II (all red, white names and numbers)

......................80 Angelo Cavalluzzo
........42 Mitchell Taintor (cpt)...32 Brandon Aubrey...72 Jelani Peters
27 Oyvind Alseth...63 Liam Fraser...20 Sergio Camargo...45 Luca Uccello...5 Ashtone Morgan
...............19 Ben Spencer...64 Shaan Hundal

Subs:...40 Mark Pais (gk)...77 Brandon Onkony (def)...36 Brian James (mid)...46 Jordan McCraray (mid)
...88 Luis Pereira (mid)...43 Aikim Andrews (fwd)...54 Ryan Telfer (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Jason Bent

Tampa Bay Rowdies (all white, green names and numbers)

......................18 Matt Pickens
2 Darnell King...31 Damion Lowd...3 Neill Collins...14 Luke Boden
7 Darwin Jones...13 Justin Chavez...4 Marcel Schafer...10 Georgi Hristov
.............26 Joe Cole (cpt)...8 Deshorn Brown

Subs:...50 Akira Fitzgerald (gk)...17 Tamika Mkandawire (def)...90 Kyle Porter (def)...Alex Morrell (mid)
...23 Michael Nanchoff (mid)...32 Martin Vingaard (mid)...19 Martin Paterson (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Stuart Campbell

Game officials:...referee Carol Ann Chenard...referee's assistants Marie-Han Gagnon Chretien and Chantal Boudreau
...fourth official Alexis Vaughan...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 5:05pm...TFC II defend north end. A breeze from the west ensures that the CO2 fumes
from the food trucks and barbecues drifted over our part of the stands.
1 min...TB Jones cornerkick from left is headed through right side of box and bounces wide right for goalkick.
5 min...TB King 40 yard freekick from right is cleared on edge of box.
6 min...TB Schafer low cross from left from 28 yards has goalie step forward to 10 yards and smother.
8 min...TB Hristov cross from 30 yards on left has defender at 10 yards on right head away.
9 min...TFC Spencer is given through ball up middle and goalie comes out to 15 yards to make point blank save. Spencer
recovers on right end line and crosses into box where TFC Hundal gets head to but is checked off ball.
9 min...TFC Luca Uccello GOAL...TFC Sergio Camargo sends high chipped pass from 60 yards down middle
which finds Uccello all alone at 30 yards and he dribbles forward and shoots low 18 yarder
to left corner of net with goalie Matt Pickens sprawling at 14 yards.

11 min...TB Hristov chips pass and TB Brown falls backwards gettting header with back to net.
15 min...TFC Alseth cross from 20 yards on right end line is over TFC Hundal at 6 yards in middle and cleared on left.
16 min...TFC Taintor leaps to head ball behind own end line to break up cross.
17 min...TB Jones low cornerkick from right has defenders clear at edge of box in middle.
20 min...TB Brown gets bouncer behind TFC Onkony who missed header at 35 yards and runs in and shoots
low 22 yarder wide left. TB Chavez needs trainer for iinjry at TB 40 yard line.
22 min...TFC Alseth cross from 25 yards on right has defender stop and clear at 10 yards on right.
23 min...TB sub...Nanchoff replaces still injured Chavez.
25 min...TB Schafer cross from 20 yards on left has defender TFC Peters head ball away on left post.
25 min...TFC Hundal cross from 20 yards on right end line has TFC Spencer shoot 15 yarder over net.
26 min...TB King cornerkick from right has TB player leap to head ball down at 12 yards on left but
ball is cleared.
27 min...TB Cole 40 yard freekick from left has defender clear on edge of box.
28 min...TFC Spencer is touched back pass and shoots 22 yarder down middle high and wide left of net.
30 min...TB Boden taps pass to TB Jones on left and he bends 28 yard shot just wide right of net.
31 min...TB Brown bumps with defender at 22 yards and shoots 20 yarder from right high left of net.
34 min...TFC Alseth cross from 22 yards near right end line is caught by goalie overhead at top right
corner of net.
35 min...TFC Uccello cross from right has TFC Hundal bumped over too easy to win Penalty kick at 10 yards on right.
37 min...TFC Hundal goo run down middle but 15 yard shot is blocked by defender.
41 min...TB Hristov can't win Penalty kick when pushed over too easily when TB Cole gave him through ball
pass and he rounded one defender.
42 min...TB King long cross from 25 yards on far right has ball bounce and hit hand of TB player in box
which ends play.
43 min...TB Cole wins cornerkick on right on rush into box and crash on end line.
.........TFC YELLOW card...Aubrey earns it on a delayed call upfield for knock down on play.
44 min...TB Nanchoff cornerkick from right has TB Boden have 12 yard shot blocked in crowd of players.
46 min...half ends 5:51pm.

Halftime Entertainment: An obstacle course relay race challenge involves teen girls from the same soccer team.
Dribbling around cones, stopping to put on a t-shirt, and sooring into a mini-net were all involved.

2nd Half:...starts 7:08pm.
halftime sub:...TFC Onkony replaces Peters.
46 min...TFC Morgtan is pushed into cardboard barrier on run up left.
48 min...TFC Uccello freekick from 28 yards on left has TFC Spencer head ball away (!) from net at 10 yards
then be involved in a pushing match with a defender as play moves upfield.
50 min...TB Nanchoff 30 yard freekick from left is over to TB Boden on right and cross from 18 yards has defender
in crowd of players head ball away.
51 min...TB Brown runs from right along 15 yard line and cuts shot down middle over bar.
53 min...TB defender against TFC 2 on 1 rush bodies back ball for goalie to pickup. TFC players yell out for a passback call.
55 min...TB Boden on rush on left has give and go but teammate pushes ball over end line.
56 min...TB Hristov is given chipped pass and 20 yard shot down middle has flying goalie push wide right of post.
56 min...TB player cornerkick from right has goalie in crowd of players swat wide left but play is whistled down.
57 min...TB YELLOW card...Schafer earns it for tackle on TFC Alseth is injurying him at TB 50 yard line.
58 min...TFC Onkony kiskcs away TB player's cross into 6 yard box.
59 min...TB Jones connects on cross from left directing ball forward from 12 yards that goalie dives to save.
59 min...TFC Morgan makes centering cross from 30 yards has TFC Spencer jab ball forward at 12 yards that goalie
catches on left post.
60 min...TFC sub...Telfer replaces Morgan.
61 min...TFC YELLOW card...Spencer earns it for sliding tackle on TB Lowe at TFC 45 yard line.
62 min...TB King 50 yard freekick from right has goalie make overhead catch at 8 yards on left post.
62 min...TB YELLOW card...Collins earns it for backing into goalie when he made catch on last play.
64 min...TB King cross from 25 yards on right has defender head away clearance.
65 min...TB Nanchoff cornerkick from right has TB Collins pop up header on left over end line.
66 min...TB Jones low cross from 25 yards on right spins off defender and goalie catches ball on right post.
67 min...Rowdies Joe Cole GOAL...Rowdies Darwin Jones eludes TFC Ryan Telfer to get away low cross
from 22 yards along right end line through two defenders and one Rowdies forward in the 6 yard box and Cole
shoots 6 yarder up middle into center of net under diving goalie Angelo Cavalluzzo who'd been guarding right post.

69 min...TB Jones rush down right and TFC Onkony crosses and both are injured on edge of box.
71 min...TB player's cornerkick from left is cleared on right side of box after scramble of players.
73 min...TB Nanchoff cornerkick from left has TB player called for handball as the ball is knocked down in box.
75 min...TFC sub...James replaces Camargo.
75 min...TB Collins after long run down left has TFC Alseth check him off ball on edge of box.
76 min...TFC Uccello 30 yard freekick from left has defenders head away.
78 min...TB Hristov cross from 28 yards on right is caught by goalie.
78 min...TB sub...Paterson replaces Brown.
79 min...Rowdies Martin Paterson GOAL...Rowdies Michael Nanchoff takes 33 yard freekick down middle which has
Rowdies Neill Collins head ball at 12 yards on right across box for Paterson at 6 yards in middle to head ball
into right side of net.

81 min...Rowdies Darwin Jones GOAL...Rowdies Joe Cole recovers TFC Brandon Aubrey's high popped up header
at 25 yards in middle and he one-touch rolls pass to right for Jones who steps forward on right and blasts 20 yarder
into top right corner beyond flying goalie. The ball tipped off TFC Liam Fraser stepping forward at 17 yards.

82 min...TFC YELLOW card...Alseth earns it for tackle on TB Hristov injurying him at TFC 40 yard line.
83 min...TB Cole is checked off ball on edg of TFC box on left.
85 min...TFC Telfer rush dodwn left then eludes defender to run along end line. TFC Hundal blasts 6 yard shot
wide left of post.
85 min...TB sub...Vingaard replaces Cole.
86 min...TB YELLOW card...Nanchoff earns it for tackle at center line.
93 min...game ends 6:56pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC II......1......Tampa Bay Rowdies......3....

Attendance was announced as 551 which probably started
at barely 100 when the game started. I thought when I saw
the schedule at the beginning of the season that the starting
time was a glitch but it took me until last week to realize
it was to let the fans get home to see the MLS team play
New York Red Bulls in New Jersey at 7:30pm. It did take
less time to get home than here as the rush hour was
over but the TFC game had already started. Giveaway
at the gate tonight was a TFC II fridge magnet but they
were probably left over because of the small crowd
in their season opener against Rochester.

Referee Carol Ann Chenard led an all female officiating
crew. She only gave out six Yellow cards that I counted
(three to each team) and waved off at least one Penalty
kick call to each team when TFC Luca Uccello
at 35 minutes and Rowdies Georgi Hristov at 41 minutes
fell over too easily in the box. She also called each team
for an offensive handball in the other team's box.

TFC's early goal stopped their scoreless drought
at 519 minutes. It was only their third goal of the
season in nine games. Scoring has obviously been
the team's major problem. Defensively they've been
respectable with only nine goals allowed until today.
Four of those were against Tampa Bay in the second
game of the season when TFC was also shut out.

TFC had six Canadian starters in their lineup—Angelo
Cavalluzzo in goal, Sergio Camargo, Ashtone Morgan,
Luca Uccello, Liam Fraser in the midfield, and Shaan
Hundal up front. Ryan Telfer came on at 60 minutes
to replace Ashtone Morgan. TFC made the same switch
last weekend at their game at BMO Field but that was
Telfer for Morgan at halftime. Morgan has been
recovering from injury stretching back into last year.
If he does come back it will be likely as a winger. His years
with TFC Academy and time in the MLS were as a defender.
Last weekend I said there were three Canadian starters 
but it was four.

I keep looking for forward Jordan Hamilton to make
an appearance as he hasn't seen a minute of MLS action
so far this season but he's not with TFC II. [Oops. Just saw
him get into the TFC game at the very end].

T&T defender Jelani Peters was transferred to TFC II earlier
today. He had been on loan from W-Connection until now.
He played the second half and made one key clearance
while they still held the lead.

Rowdies head coach Stuart Campbell looked like a genius
as he brought in Martin Paterson during the stoppage in
play on the 79 minute freekick.  Paterson took his place
then scored right after the kick was taken.

TFC II remains in fifteenth (last place) in the East with
a record of 1 win, 5 losses, 3 ties for 6 points.

The win moves the Rowdies into first place in the East
for now as it's the first game of the weekend. This is a
team that is putting a big effort into getting one of the
expansion franchises the MLS is offering over the next
few years. The Tampa Bay local government has just
approved a completely privately funded soccer specific
stadium which is a huge favourable point for the MLS
expansion committee.

Tampa's roster right now is a mix of MLS vets and
international pick ups. I could see them putting an
effort into going far in the US Open Cup to gather
more publicity. Captain Joe Cole is their most famous
player playing much of his career in England including
many internationals until 2010 and at the club level
until 2016 most recently with Coventry. Goalie Matt
Pickens played for MLS Colorado Rapids from 2009
to 2014.

TFC II's next home game starts at Noon
on Wednesday May 24 against Richmond Kickers
with what I expect will be a crowd of school kids.

Rocket Robin
twitter @RocketRobin01

game summary from torontofc.ca

Scoring Summary
TFC II – Luca Uccello (Sergio Camargo) 10’
TBR – Joe Cole 68’
TBR –Martin Paterson 80’
TBR – Darwin Jones (Joe Cole) 82’

Misconduct Summary
TFC II – Brandon Aubrey 45’ (Caution)
TBR – Marcel Schafer 58’ (Caution)
TFC II – Ben Spencer 62’ (Caution)
TBR – Neill Collins 63’ (Caution)
TFC II – Oyvind Alseth 83’ (Caution)
TBR – Michael Nanchoff 87’ (Caution)

Toronto FC II (W-L-D):   1-5-3  6pts.
Tampa Bay Rowdies (W-L-D):  6-2-2  20pts. 

Team Stats:
Toronto FC II               Tampa Bay Rowdies
Shots – 8                   Shots – 14
Shots on Target – 3         Shots on Target – 6
Blocked Shots – 2           Blocked Shots – 3
Possession –  39.0%         Possession – 61.0%


Toronto FC II – 
Angelo Cavalluzzo; 
Mitchell Taintor ©, Brandon Aubrey, Jelani Peters (Brandon Onkony 45’); 
Oyvind Alseth, Sergio Camargo (Brian James 75’), Liam Fraser, Luca Uccello, 
                                                     Ashtone Morgan (Ryan Telfer 61’); 
Ben Spencer, Shaan Hundal

Substitutes Not Used:  Mark Pais, Jordan McCrary, Luis Pereira, Aikim Andrews

Tampa Bay Rowdies –
Matt Pickens, 
Darnell King, Damion Lowe, Neill Collins, Luke Boden; 
Justin Chavez (Michael Nanchoff 24’), Marcel Schafer, Darwin Jones, 
                                          Joe Cole© (Martin Vingaard 87’), Georgi Hristov; 
Deshon Brown (Martin Paterson 79’)

Substitutes Not Used: Akira Fitzgerald, Kyle Porter, Tamika Mkandawire, Alex Morrell

Toronto FC II starters

Tampa Bay Rowdies starters

Rowdies Joe Cole (26) takes opening kickoff.

TFC Oyvind Alseth (27) stretches for ball.

action on edge of TFC box

TFC Ben Spencer (19) takes second half kickoff.

TFC Luca Uccello (45) rushes down left with Rowdies Damion Lowe (31) keeping him outside.

TFC Luca Uccello (45) sends freekick into box.

Rowdies Michael Nanchoff (23) freekick has defender in box head away.

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