November 30, 2016 MLS--Toronto FC vs Montreal Impact Eastern Conference Final 2nd Leg (by Rocket Robin)

.......................... ...............

Toronto FC (all red, white names and numbers)

.................1 Clint Irwin
33 Steven Beitashour...15 Eriq Zavelata...6 Nick Hagglund...3 Drew Moor
31 Armando Cooper...4 Michael Bradley (cpt)...7 Will Johnson...2 Justin Morrow
...........17 Jozy Altidore...10 Sebastian Giovinco

Subs:...25 Alex Bono (gk)...8 Benoit Cheyrou (mid)...9 Tsubasa Endoh (fwd)...21 Jonathan Osorio (mid)
...23 Josh Williams (def)...28 Mark Bloom (def)...87 Tosaint Ricketts (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Greg Vanney

Montreal Impact (blue socks, black shorts, blue & black striped shirts, white names and numbers)

....................1 Evan Bush
6 Hassoun Camara...36 Victor Cabrera...23 Laurent Ciman...2 Ambroise Oyongo
33 Marco Donadel...8 Patrice Bernier (cpt)...30 Hernan Bernardello...10 Ignacio Piatti
...............7 Cominic Oduro...21 Matteo Mancosu

Subs:...22 Eric Kronbert (gk)...5 Wandrille Lefevre (mid)...11 Didier Drogba (fwd)...14 Harry Shipp (mid)
...16 Calum Mallace (mid)...25 Donny Toia (def)...27 Johan Venegas (mid)
team officials:...head coach Mauro Biello

Game officials:...referee Jair Marrufo...referee's assistants Corey Rockwell and Adam Wienckowski
...fourth official Baldomero Toledo...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st starts 7:12pm...TFC defends south end on this cool and damp night (12 Celcius!) with no wind.
40 sec...TFC Bradley run on left almost to end line and then rolls pass into 6 yard box but behind TFC Giovinco at 6 yards even with right post who turns and gets foot to it to tip it across box but goalie dives to save at 4 yards in center of net.
4 min...Imp Piatti squeezed between TFC Johnson and TFC Zavaleta at 22 yards on run towards middle and ball rolls to goalie to pick up.
6 min...Imp Oyongo long throw-in from left cornerflag has goalie catch on left post and punts downfield to start fast break. Imp Donadel gets leg in on slide to break up TFC Altidore to TFC Giovinco pass across Imp box at 12 yards and goalie dives on ball wide right of net.
6 min...Imp YELLOW card...Ciman earns it for grabbing TFC Altidore at Imp 25 yard line on right.
7 min...TFC Giovinco 30 yard freekick from right is headed away by Imp Mancosu in crowd of players at 10 yards on right side of box.
9 min...TFC Cooper is injured at Imp 35 yard left sideline while jumping with Imp Oyongo for header at Imp 40 yard line near sideline.
12 min...TFC Altidore and Imp Bernardello is injured in crash at Imp 45 yard line. Altidore recovers faster.
15 min...TFC Cooper wins cornerkick after beating Imp Oyongo to check off ball near right cornerflag then having Imp Ciman slide to knock ball away from Cooper at 18 yards running along end line.
16 min...TFC Cooper taps cornerkick from right and TFC Giovinco low cross is rolled into box and charging TFC Altidore runs across box from left and connects with 15 yard shot firing it well over net as he falls over.
17 min...TFC Giovinco cross from 20 yards on right and TFC Johnson bicycle kick from 10 yards while even with left post is well over net.
19 min...Imp Oduro run up the middle and taps pass from 25 yards forward and to right to Imp Mancosu who on right edge of box cuts towards center of net but is checked off ball by TFC Hagglund and TFC Bradley at 15 yards.
19 min...TFC Bradley chips pass from Imp 50 yard line forward and TFC Altidore is squeezed between Imp Cabrera and Imp Camara at 15 yards in middle as they all jump for header.
22 min...TFC Bradley chips 40 yarder down middle and TFC Morrow charging on left crosses from 12 yards and one-touch pass attempt to TFC Altidore at 8 yards in middle is broken up by retreating Imp Cabrera at 5 yards.
23 min...Imp Dominic Oduro GOAL...Imp Patrice Bernier at 60 yards in middle turns around to elude TFC Michael Bradley and low pass upfield to find Imp Matteo Mancosu at 40 yards who runs up the middle to 22 yards and threads pass to Oduro racing into box and receives pass at 15 yards and shoots low 10 yarder down middle beyond diving goalie Clint Irwin at 6 yards and into left corner of net.
26 min...TFC Giovinco 33 yard freekick down middle is shot well wide right.
27 min...Imp Oduro is given pass up the right but retreating TFC Hagglund concedes cornerkick poking ball away at 20 yards.
28 min...Imp Donadel cornerkick from right has TFC Moor 6 yards in middle of box pops up header to right and Donadel one-touch recross blast from 18 yards on right is well over net.
29 min...It starts to rain but I was mostly sheltered.
31 min...TFC Giovinco wins freekick on sliding tackle by Imp Ciman near left end line.
31 min...TFC Giovinco low 25 yard freekick from far left has Imp Mancosu kick ball away at 6 yards on left post.
32 min...TFC Johnson has call against him in Imp box when he injures Imp Cabrera in collision at 12 yards as Cabrera jumped for header flicked in by TFC Altidore and Johnson cut under him.
34 min...TFC Giovinco rush down left wing and cross into box from 25 yards on left has Imp Oyongo heads away at 5 yards in middle of box.
35 min...TFC Altidore on rush into box has Imp Oyongo concede cornerkick sliding at 15 yards on far right to clear.
35 min...TFC Armando Cooper GOAL...TFC Sebastian Giovinco cornerkick from right. TFC Nick Hagglund leaps in crowd of players to head at 7 yards. Imp Herman Bernardello clears on line on right side. Ball hits Cooper on chest and falls for him to roll 5 yarder into left side of net past diving goalie Evan Bush.
36 min...TFC Cooper rush to right end line around jostling of goalie at 15 yard line on right and cross from 15 yards along right end line is caught by goalie at 5 yards on right.
37 min...Imp Camara injured at Imp 50 yard line as he jumped for header with TFC Hagglund while TFC Johnson ducked under them and upended him.
40 min...TFC Giovinco cross from 40 yards on right is too far and retreating Imp Camara shoulders ball down on left at 12 yards in middle of box and goalie picks up.
42 min...TFC Bradley 40 yard freekick from right has Imp Cabrera head away at 15 yards on left in crowd of players.
42 min...TFC Moor chips ball from 35 yards in middle into box and TFC Giovinco at 15 yards on right chests ball down but Imp Oyongo pops up clearance kick. Imp Piatti clears out right side of box.
43 min...TFC Jozy Altidore GOAL...TFC Sebastian Giovinco cornerkick from left has charging Altidore flick header from 8 yards on left into short side left on bounce before goalie can get over far enough on left post.
46 min...TFC Bradley 55 yard freekick from left is forward and TFC Altidore rescues near end line on the bounce but knocks it out on left for Imp throw-in.
48 min...half ends 8:00pm.

Halftime Entertainment: There's a TFC draw to win a tote bag with TFC playoff scarves. Tony from Pizza Pizza in the same giveaway as usual. There's a game of bubble soccer with two teams of two in a three minute game. Both teams score once in this short game.

2nd Half:...starts 8:17pm.
Halftime sub:...Imp Venegas replaces Bernardello.
46 min...Imp Oduro low 20 yard shot from right deflects off retreating TFC Moor at 15 yards on right and TFC goalie dives at 4 yards to smother.
47 min...TFC Giovinco rush on right to get to long pass from TFC Bradley then dribbles towards center along 25 yard line and low cross from 28 yards in middle over to charging TFC Morrow on left but Imp Camara breaks up pass at 18 yards and pops up ball for goalie to rush forward and catch at 10 yards in middle.
47 min...Imp Oyongo long crossed chip from 50 yards on left has TFC goalie catch by stepping forward to 15 yards in middle of box.
47 now starts to rain again and on my row too.
50 min...TFC goalie steps out to 15 yards in center of box to catch on first bounce Imp player's chip from 30 yards down middle before Imp Oduro can get to it.
50 min...TFC Altidore is down injured as Imp Donadel raises arm into face at Imp 40 yards to head ball away of TFC goalie's long punt downfield.
51 min...TFC Bradley 45 yard freekick from right between players is passed around but not near box.
52 min...Imp Ignacio Piatti GOAL...TFC Drew Moor steps in front of Piatti on edge of box to partially clear low pass sent in from right. Imp Johan Venegas running to center of field along 25 yard line gets to it and rolls ball forward up middle for Piatti on edge of box. Piatti controls at 15 yards surviving bump by TFC Nick Hagglund and rolls shot from 8 yards as he falls forward. The ball deflects off leg of Hagglund changing its direction slightly and rolls slowly over the end line. The TFC goalie was waiting to smother it at 5 yards but the ball rolled to the left of him in the collision between Piatti and Hagglund. The charging Imp Dominic Oduro who would have been offside is a step ahead of TFC Steven Beitashour rushing to make a tap-in if required. Beitashour crashes into the back of the net.
56 min...Imp Oduro rush on right but play is whistled down as Imp Mancosu knocks over TFC Morrow just inside box preventing Morrow checking attempt.
58 min...Imp Donadel 40 yard freekick from right has TFC Beitashour head away at 15 yards in crowd of players.
59 min...Imp Donadel chips ball from 40 yards on left into box and TFC Moor heads ball from 12 yards on left behind end line to prevent Imp Mancosu right behind him getting to it.
59 min...Imp Donadel cornerkick from left is into crowd of players in box as TFC goalie windmill at ball with his arm but misses. TFC Hagglund pops up header at 5 yards near right post and when ball drops, Imp Ciman heads 6 yarder in crowd of players over bar.
61 min...Imp Donadel 28 yard low freekick from left has TFC Bradley boot away at 8 yards in center of box.
61 min...TFC sub...Ricketts replaces Johnson.
64 min...TFC goalie runs along right end line to dive and prevent cornerkick on Imp Bernier 28 yard shot after long run up right that deflects off leg of TFC Hagglund at 25 yards.
65 min...TFC Giovinco turns on Imp Cabrera after run up left and gets away cross from 25 yards that other defenders clear on left edge of 6 yards box.
65 min...Imp Oduro long run up right against TFC Hagglund and rolls pass along 25 yard line to Imp Ciman on left and partly eludes TFC Zavaleta to roll 15 yarder from left that diving goalie at 4 yards saves from rolling into right corner of net.
66 min...TFC Giovinco charge from 30 yards on left is well high and wide right of net.
67 min...TFC Beitashour rush down right to 25 yard line and taps ball back to TFC Hagglund who crosses 28 yarder from right has Imp Camara head 8 yarder from left over end line for cornerkick.
67 min...TFC Nick Hagglund GOAL...TFC Armando Cooper taps short cornerkick upfield from left for TFC Justin Morrow who taps ball back to Cooper who holds up ball at 15 yard line on far left and he rolls pass forward for Morrow to chip 20 yard cross from left end line that leaping Hagglund at 10 yards behind crowd of players jumps over Imp Marco Donadel and heads into low right corner of net on bounce beyond diving goalie.
68 min...TFC Morrow long run down left wing and cross from 15 yard line on far left has charging TFC Giovinco head 12 yarder down middle that has goalie dive to left post to smother.
71 min...TFC Bradley 30 yard freekick from right has TFC Hagglund on left in crowd of players head from 12 yard line to center but back out of box and charging TFC Cooper mid-air shot from 20 yards up middle is low and wide right.
72 min...Imp sub...Drogba replaces Mancosu.
73 min...Imp Oyongo cross from 30 yards on left has Imp Oduro in crowd of players flick header from 15 yards down middle wide right of net.
74 min...Imp Donadel cornerkick from left is over crowd of players and TFC Hagglund jumps and heads away at 8 yards forward from right post.
75 min...Imp Oyongo long throw-in from right has TFC Cooper kick away at 15 yards on right.
76 min...Imp Piatti low 22 yard blast from left between players is just wide left of net.
77 min...Imp Oyongo dekes by TFC Beitashour on run down left and cross from 30 yards on left has TFC Moor boot away at 10 yards in middle of box.
77 min...TFC Morrow rush on left to 20 yard line and rolls pass forward for charging TFC Giovinco at 5 yard line but Imp Cabrera intercepts near left end line. 78 min...TFC goalie runs to edge of box to make clearance kick breaking up Imp Bernier long run up middle and rolled pass forward to left meant for charging Imp Drogba.
79 min...TFC Giovinco 28 yard freekick from left is low and wide left of net.
81 min...Imp YELLOW card...Camara earns it for hip check block on TFC Giovinco at TFC 50 yard line on break down left side.
82 min...TFC Ricketts is given a forward pass up left wing and runs in alone and then cuts towards goal and tries to roll pass from 15 yards along 6 yard line by three retreating defenders for TFC Altidore but sliding Imp Ciman at 7 yards gets foot to and pops up ball. Ricketts leaps to flick header from 10 yards on left that goalie catches on bounce on left post.
84 min...Imp Oyongo cross from 25 yards on left has TFC Hagglund head ball away at 8 yards in middle of box.
84 min...TFC Giovinco on run down left pops ball over Imp Cabrera at 30 yard line near sideline and dribbles into box and rolls 18 yarder a step behind TFC Ricketts who steps back to get ball and 15 yard shot up middle is stopped by sliding Imp Ciman. Ricketts recovers rebound and is mobbed by four defenders and is checked off ball.
84 min...TFC Altidore given tapped back pass from TFC Bradley and rushes forward from 25 yards on left. He bashes between defenders and rolls 10 yard shot from left but goalie sprawls just inside left side of 6 yard box and smothers ball.
85 min...TFC Cooper receives TFC Giovinco's cross from 30 yards on left and turns and chips 28 yarder up middle over players on edge of box and goalie catches on bounce.
86 min...Imp Oyongo cross from 25 yards on left has TFC Bradley head down at 12 yards in middle of box and TFC Zavaleta clears.
87 min...TFC sub...Osorio replaces Cooper.
89 min...TFC Bradley 45 yard freekick chip has TFC Altidore with back to goal in crowd of players flick header from 15 yards that goalie catches on bounce.
91 min...Imp Drogba gets long pass downfield in front of TFC Zavaleta at 22 yards on left and passes over to Imp Oduro on edge of box and his shot is partially blocked by TFC Hagglund at 15 yards and deflects wide right for cornerkick.
92 min...Imp Donadel cornerkick from left is over players in box and bounces for Imp Venegas to shoot 22 yarder down middle that's blocked by TFC Hagglund at 20 yards.
92 min...Imp Ciman chips in 50 yarder from left that TFC Moor heads away from 15 yards in middle of box.
93 min...regulation time ends 9:05pm.

Extra Time of two 15 minutes are now scheduled.

1st Half Extra Time:...starts 9:09pm...TFC defendes north end with rain still falling quite hard.
90:30 sec...Imp Drogba flicks header forward from TFC 40 yard line for charging Imp Piatti to run up left side and eludes TFC Moor to get cross from 10 yards near end line into 6 yard box and goalie on left post dives forward to get hand to prevent tap-in on right post. TFC Zavaleta clears loose ball. Imp Bernier recovers ball at 28 yard line on left and steps to middle but shoots 25 yarder well wide right.
92 min...Imp Oyongo long throw-in from right has Imp Camara flick ball on header across box and play is whistled down when Imp Piatti pushes down TFC Beitashour at 10 yards in center of box.
94 min...Imp Piatti rolls pass from left along 30 yard line and Imp Venegas blasts 30 yarder up middle well over net.
95 min...TFC sub...Cheyrou replaces injured Giovinco.
96 min...Imp Piatti chips 25 yarder from left that's over Imp players's head and goalie steps forward to 8 yards to catch on the bounce wide right of net.
97 min...TFC Benoit Cheyrou GOAL...TFC Michael Bradley at 35 yards in center passes forward and TFC Jozy Altidore at 23 yards in middle mid-air kick over to TFC Steven Beitashour at 23 yard line on right and he stops and chips cross from 25 yards over charging TFC Tosaint Ricketts and Imp Victor Cabrera and to Cheyrou further towards middle of box and in front of Imp Hassoun Camara and his flying header from 6 yards bounces into right corner of net past diving goalie.
99 min...TFC Tosain Ricketts GOAL...TFC Jonathan Osorio from 75 yards on right punts ball downfield that finds TFC Jozy Altidore at 35 yards on right and he gets around Imp Victor Cabrera to send in low cross from right edge of box near end line and sliding Ricketts at 3 yards even with right post gets between two defenders to redirect ball off leg of sprawling goalie into center of net.
102 min...Imp sub...Shipp replaces Bernier.
102 min...Imp Oyongo long throw-in from left has TFC Beitashour head away from 10 yards on left.
103 min...Imp Piatti receives long pass downfield on edge of TFC box and taps pass to left for Imp Oyongo who sends high cross from 22 yards from left over players in box. Imp Shipp rescues it on right end line and rounds TFC Morrow to cross 18 yarder that TFC Hagglund pops header from 6 yards on right over players in box and Imp Oyongo gets it on left edge of box and runs towards center and 20 yard shot is well high and wide right.
105 min...half ends 9:24pm.

2nd Half Extra Time:...starts 9:26pm. The rain is not so hard now.
105:20 min...Imp Oyongo rolls cross in from 28 yards on left and TFC Zavaleta boots away from 15 yards in left side of box.
106 min...Imp Oyongo long throw-in from left has Imp Drogba control ball at 12 yards along left end line and then runs away from goal and cross from 18 yards on left hits head of TFC defender and roll along edge of TFC box where TFC Altidore dribbles ball away.
107 min...Imp Oyongo 50 yard chip from left has goalie catch stepping forward at 12 yards.
108 min...Imp Drogba low cross from 22 yards on left has TFC Hagglund duck and head ball down at 7 yards on left and goalie jumps and saves wide left of net to prevent cornerkick call.
109 min...Imp Oduro bends in low 20 yard shot from left that diving goalie dives forward at 6 yards on left smothers a step ahead of Imp Drogba.
110 min...Imp Oyongo high 45 yard cross from left has TFC goalie get hand to pop up in crowd of players then catches on bounce at 8 yards in front of Imp Oduro and Imp Camara. TFC goalie Irwin down with injury.
111 min...TFC Bradley at Imp 45 yard line on right chips ball downfield for TFC Ricketts charging to right edge of box and he flicks header to TFC Osorio behind defender at 15 yards on right and he charges towards net and 7 yard shot is off right post and deflects for goalkick.
112 min...Imp defender chips ball from 45 yards down middle and TFC Moor whiffs on clearance at 15 yards and Moor and TFC Hagglund squeeze out Imp Oduro from getting shot at 7 yards up middle but do give up cornerkick.
112 min...Imp Donadel cornerkick from left has leaping TFC Hagglund in crowd of players at 10 yards in middle of box flick header out right side of box for throw-in.
112 min...Imp Oyongo long throw-in from right has ball bounce to center of box and TFC Bradley heads from 15 yards forward and out of box. He then clears attempt to roll it back into box.
114 min...Imp Drogba wins freekick on edge of TFC box when squeezed by TFC Moor and TFC Morrow. 115 min...Imp Drogba 20 yard freekick on right has goalie punch ball away in center of net just under bar. He pushed ball to right and TFC Cheyrou clears downfield.
116 min...Imp Piatti chip from 40 yards on left and Imp Camara heads ball with back to net from 15 yards in middle of box wide left just a step ahead of Imp Oduro.
118 min...Imp Donadel chips 50 yard freekick from right that TFC Zavaleta heads away at 15 yards on left side of box.
119 min...Imp Drogba pops up heder at 30 yards and Imp Venagas heads down then turns and blasts 22 yard shot down middle that goalie catches just under bar.
120 ends 9:41pm.

Final Score:.......Toronto FC.........3...........Montreal Impact............2.............
After 90 minutes the two game aggregate was tied at 5-5 so two 15 minutes of extra time was played.
Toronto outscored Montreal 2-0 during that time and so win the series 7-5.

It was announced in the newspapers as a sellout of 36000 or 37000 before the game. Kurtis Larson in '24 Hours' paper in separate stories used both figures! There were 6000 extra seats added in the South end installed temporarily for the football Grey Cup game on Sunday (the reason why this game wasn't played on the weekend). It was announced at the game that it was a sellout of 35603. The MLS league website said 36000. My ticket cost me $120.00 for my SSH seat.

The field didn't look like there's been any damage from the Grey Cup game. There were some divots that they patted down at halftime. I was worried about the rain but it had fallen in the morning and afternoon although after the game started it poured again.

'Man of the Match' (who is always a TFC player) was announced as Jozy Altidore. He came out late for warmups again this game.

The south end supporter groups had made a sign of a measuring tape to joke that the lines for the box would not have to be repainted unlike what happened last week in Montreal causing a 40 minute delay.

People were already inside more than an hour before the game time (gates usually open exactly one hour before game time). That made it good for less bunch ups by security delays.

There was another cardboard card to hold up in each seat reading 'Toronto 'til I Die'. Third time they've done this. We early arrivals also received a TFC face cloth/bar wipe rag shaped like a TFC shirt.

There was a moment of silence for the air crash victims from the Chapecoense (Brazil) team. TFC Tosaint Ricketts waved a Brazilian flag after the game borrowed from fans in the south end.

TFC were presented with Eastern Conference Championship trophy by MLS President/Deputy Commissioner Mark Abbott on a towed in a trailer with sponsors wall on it and we on the East side couldn't see. The players eventually took the trophy to the south end to lead an Icelandic chant. Security guards with ropes made sure no fans ran onto the field.

The big surprize for me was that Giovinco came off injured at 6 minutes of the first overtime and midfielder Cheyrou came in and scored within 2 minutes. It was a good thing they hadn't used their third sub in regulation time.

The rain was the hardest during the extra time periods for me in the seventh row making it hard to write for minutes at a time.

After their two extra time goals. TFC had to shut it down defensively for the last 20 minutes to ensure victory.

TFC's win means they host the MLS Cup Final against the Western Conference Champion Seattle Sounders. It will be the first MLS Cup Final for both teams. TFC had a better record than Seattle but would have played on the road if Colorado Rapids had advanced against Seattle last weekend.

TFCs starting roster was the same as the last few games except Will Johnson was a starter tonight and Jonathan Osorio was on the bench.

The 3-2 score for TFC in regulation was the only score that would have forced overtime because Away goals would have broken any other ties.

With the weather I'm glad there were no Penalty kicks to pick a winner although I had to walk 8 blocks to catch a streetcar.

The Final will be Saturday December 10th at 8:00pm and I expect by then it will be cold especially as the game will be played at night.

I was here at BMO Field in 2010 to watch Colorado beat FC Dallas when the MLS finals were held at neutral sites and Toronto was rewarded for installing real grass after their first three seasons on artificial turf.

Seattle hold a 3-1-1 record at BMO Field and a 7-2-2 record overall even through they didn't join MLS until 2009 and have qualified for the playoffs all eight seasons in the league. TFC are ten years old and they have only made the playoffs in the last two seasons.

Impact have an 'older' team so for the second half and later TFC looked better in all aspects of the game. Impact will have to make more changes than TFC as I don't expect Patrice Bernier and Didier Drogba to return next season.

There were more fireworks pregame and postgame than usual. I wonder if they'd light the fountains during the trophy presentation if Montreal had won? Very few fans left before the end of the overtime period unlike other (and shorter) regular season games.

Rocket Robin

stats from
Match Information

Goals and Assists
24'   MTL  Dominic Oduro           Assisted By: Matteo Mancosu 
37'   TOR  Armando Cooper          
45'   TOR  Jozy Altidore           Assisted By: Sebastian Giovinco 
53'   MTL  Ignacio Piatti          Assisted By: Johan Venegas 
68'   TOR  Nick Hagglund           Assisted By: Justin Morrow, Armando Cooper 
98'   TOR  Benoit Cheyrou          Assisted By: Steven Beitashour 
100'  TOR  Tosaint Ricketts        Assisted By: Jozy Altidore 

 8'   MTL  Laurent Ciman           Reason: Unsporting Behavior 
82'   MTL  Hassoun Camara          Reason: Unsporting Behavior 


Toronto FC 
17 F Jozy Altidore 
10 F Sebastian Giovinco (96') 
 1 G Clint Irwin 
15 D Eriq Zavaleta 
 3 D Drew Moor 
 6 D Nick Hagglund 
33 M Steven Beitashour 
31 M Armando Cooper     (88')
 4 M Michael Bradley 
 7 M Will Johnson       (62')
 2 M Justin Morrow 

25 G Alexander Bono 
23 D Josh Williams 
28 D Mark Bloom 
87 M Tosaint Ricketts    (62')
21 M Jonathan Osorio     (88')
 8 F Benoit Cheyrou      (96')  
 9 F Tsubasa Endoh 

Manager  Greg Vanney  

Montreal Impact 
 7 F Dominic Oduro 
21 F Matteo Mancosu    (73')
10 F Ignacio Piatti 
 1 G Evan Bush 
 6 D Hassoun Camara 
36 D Víctor Cabrera 
23 D Laurent Ciman 
 2 D Ambroise Oyongo 
 8 M Patrice Bernier   (103') 
33 M Marco Donadel 
30 M Hernán Bernardello (HT') 

22 G Eric Kronberg 
25 D Donny Toia 
16 D Calum Mallace 
 5 D Wandrille Lefevre 
14 M Harry Shipp       (103') 
27 M Johan Venegas      (HT')
11 F Didier Drogba      (73')

Manager  Mauro Biello 

Referee  Jair Marrufo 
Assistant Referee  Corey Rockwell 
Assistant Referee  Adam Wienckowski 
Fourth Official  Baldomero Toledo 

Match Information
MLS Playoffs at BMO Field
Toronto, ON
Attendance 36000
Weather Cloudy
Team Statistics
TOR                        MON
 19     Shots               16 
  9     Shots on Target      6 
  7     Shots off Target     8 
  3     Blocked Shots        2 
  4     Corners              5 
 17     Crosses             25 
  2     Offsides             1 
 17     Fouls               16 
  0     Yellow Cards         2 
  0     Red Cards            0 
467     Total Passes       453 
 70 %   Passing Accuracy    71 % 
 50.3 % Possession          49.7 % 
 79     Duels Won           53 
 21     Tackles Won         12 
  4     Saves                3 
 29     Clearances          12 

Toronto FC starters

Montreal Impact starters

Impact Patrice Bernier (8) and Ignacio Piatti (10) take opening kickoff.

midfield action

Impact Ambroise Oyongo (2) on rush.

Impact Marco Donadel (33) cornerkick from right.

TFC Sebastian Giovinco (10) and Armando Cooper (31) take second half kickoff.

TFC Jozy Altidore (17) heads ball away from Impact Dominic Oduro (7).

TFC Sebastian Giovinco (10) lines up freekick.

TFC are Eastern Champions. This photo is of the video board as our view was blocked by the background.

TFC captain Michael Bradley (4) walks across field with the Eastern Championship trophy.

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