August 6, 2016 MLS--Toronto FC vs New England Revolution played at BMO Field in Toronto at 7:30pm. (by Rocket Robin)

.......................... ...............

Toronto FC (all red, white names and numbers)

..............25 Alex Bono
33 Steven Beitashour...23 Josh Williams...3 Drew Moor...6 Nick Hagglund
14 Jay Chapman...4 Michael Bradley (cpt)...21 Jonathan Osorio...28 Mark Bloom
..........87 Tosaint Ricketts...10 Sebastian Giovinco

Subs:...40 Quillan Roberts (gk)...2 Justin Morrow (def)...5 Ashtone Morgan (def)...9 Tsubasa Endoh (fwd)
...11 Mo Babouli (fwd)...17 Jozy Altidore (fwd)...18 Marky Delgado (mid)
team officials:...head coach Greg Vanney

New England Revolution (navy socks and shirts, white shorts, names and numbers)

..................22 Bobby Shuttleworth
......25 Darrius Barnes...28 London Woodberry...23 Jose Goncalves
11 Kelyn Rowe...7 Gershon Koffie...16 Daigo Kobayashi...24 Lee Nguyen (cpt)...8 Chris Tierney
..........13 Kei Kamara...14 Diego Fagundez

Subs:...18 Brad Knighton (gk)...2 Andrew Farrell (def)...4 Steve Neumann (mid)...6 Scott Caldwell (mid)
...10 Teal Bunbury (mid)...15 Je-Vaughan Watson (def)...21 Zachary Herivaux (mid)
team officials:...head coach Jay Heaps

Game officials:...referee Ted Unkel...referee's assistants Jeff Muschick and Oscar Mitchell-Cavalho
...fourth official Mark Geiger...(teal shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st starts 7:42pm...TFC defends south end on this mild night with a bright sun in the north west.
1 min...NER Fagundez rush to right end line and cross from 20 yards in through 6 yard box but no NER player is nearby.
2 min...NER Kamara cross from 22 yards on far left is into outside webbing of net.
5 min...NER Barnes long throw-in from right is caught by goalie at 3 yards in middle of box surrounded by TFC defenders.
9 min...NER Nguyen chips pass from 40 yards down middle to NER Kamara who is called offside at 15 yards.
15 min...NER Nguyen 40 yard freekick from right has NER Kamara flick header from 8 yards on left and TFC Bloom heads ball away near right post although offside flag went up.
16 min...TFC Giovinco 30 yard freekick down middle is blasted into wall injurying NER Barnes. TFC Bradley gets rebound at 40 yards in middle and sends low cross to TFC Beitashour at 25 yards on right sideline. TFC Beitahour cross attempt blocked by NER player and deflects over end line for cornerkick. Barnes needs trainer as he took it in the elbow and needs to leave field.
19 min...TFC Sebastian Giovinco GOAL...Giovinco cornerkick from right has TFC players jump in box and ball is partially cleared on header by NER Gershon Koffie at 8 yards in middle of box. TFC Jay Chapman turns around to get to ball at 16 yards and taps ball to TFC Michael Bradley at 22 yards in middle and he shoots low that deflects off leg of NER London Woodberry at 15 yards in middle of box and ball bounces over to Giovinco at 15 yards on right and he blasts low bending shot around NER Kei Kamara at 5 yards and goalie Bobby Shuttleworth into left corner of net.
21 min...NER Barnes long throw-in from right has two defenders head ball through then out of box and NER player heads 25 yarder forward from left and a NER Fagundez misses connecting at 15 yards on spin kick in middle and ball bounces for goalie to catch.
23 min...TFC Giovinco rolls pass from 50 yards on left to TFC Ricketts at 25 yards in middle but is bumped off ball by defender and goalie picks up at 15 yards.
24 min...NER Fagundez has ball on left end line and rolls centering pass to NER Tierney and his low 15 yard shot from left has retreating TFC Bradley kick at 3 yards over own net.
25 min...NER Tierney high cornerkick from left has NER Rowe take low one-touch 20 yard kick from right that bounces to goalie to smother.
26 min...TFC Osorio is checked off ball by two defenders at 8 yards on left. Ball is out to TFC Bloom at 15 yards on left and he shoots so far right of net that ball bounces for throw=in.
27 min...TFC Sebastian Giovinco GOAL...TFC Michael Bradley 45 yard freekick from middle is headed by defender to left corner and TFC Mark Bloom keeps it in play near end line. Bloom gets around NER Kelyn Rowe with kick at him and Rowe shoves Bloom. Bloom passes back on left to Giovinco who runs to top of box on left side and bends in 22 yard shot over goalie and drops into right corner of net.
30 min...TFC Beitashour low cross from 30 yards has TFC Chapman shot turn and shot attempt from 15 yards up middle is blocked.
30 min...NER Rowe 40 yard shot from right bounces low and far wide left.
The sun is now below the horizon.
31 min...NER Kamara at 20 yards near right end line gets around two defenders and rolls cross that goalie dives forward to smother at 2 yards near right post.
34 min...TFC Ricketts 20 yard shot after rush down right is blocked by NER Goncalves.
35 min...TFC Chapman at 30 yards on right threads pass forward to TFC Ricketts and his 15 yard low shot from right has sliding goalie at 6 yards make save and ball deflects out box on right.
35 min...TFC Bloom taps pass from left over to TFC Osorio who eludes NER Koffie to get away 25 yard shot from left that's just over top right corner of net.
37 min...TFC Giovinco taps pass to TFC Chapman and he wins cornerkick on deflected shot from 10 yards on left.
37 min...TFC Giovinco cornerkick from left has goalie in crowd of players punch ball out right side of box.
38 min...TFC Beitashour cross from 28 yards on far right is well over TFC Ricketts in box and defender clears out right side of box.
39 min...TFC goalie almost flubs clearance to NER Fagundez near edge of box waiting too long to kick away.
41 min...NER Tierney cross from 40 yards on left has TFC Hagglund clear at 15 yards in middle of box with header.
44 min...NER Rowe cross from 50 yards on right has TFC Williams chest ball back to TFC goalie to keep NER Fagundez from getting to it at 15 yards on left.
45 min...TFC Giovinco at 12 yards along left end line chips cross that's out right side of box.
45 min...NER Fagundez was injured by TFC Williams bump on him at NER 40 yard line.
46 min...half ends 8:28pm.

Halftime Entertainment: They are back to giving out Nestle Drumsticks ice cream and Tony from Pizza Pizza. There's a video presentation for the movie 'War Dogs' and stars from the movie announce ticket winners in a pretaped spot. A Unico cooking oil contest has two guys given 30 seconds to freestyle a soccer ball for a year's supply of Unico products. There's a TimBits mini-game with a 6 on 6 game between players from the Toronto York Jets. There's a presentation by ownership group MLSE where an oversized $50,000 cheque is given to Woodgreen to start their soccer program.

2nd Half:...starts 8:44pm.
47 min...NER Goncalves is injured just outside NER box in collision with TFC Chapman.
48 min...NER Kobayashi threads pass from 60 yards between NER Rowe and TFC Bloom at 45 yards and ball is through to NER Kamara on right and he runs in from 30 yards and 12 yard shot hits outside of right post and deflects for goalkick.
50 min...NER Fagundez gets tapped back pass on left and 15 yard shot is out right side of box for TFC throw-in.
51 min...TFC Beitashour cross from 30 yards on right has TFC Ricketts make diving header from 12 yards on right that bounces to goalie.
52 min...NER goalie dives forward to smother pass from right before TFC Giovinco gets to it at 15 yards although offside flag was raised.
53 min...NER YELLOW card...Koffie earns it for poking face of TFC Osorio who was chasing him through center circle.
55 min...NER Barnes floats chip from 40 yards on right and jumping goalie palms ball over bar from 1 yard with NER Kamara leaping for header and bumping into him.
56 min...NER sub...Bunbury replaces Koffie.
56 min...NER Nguyen cornerkick from left has charging TFC Bloom head out right side of box at 12 yards.
57 min...NER Barnes long throw-in from right has TFC Bloom at 10 yards on right head ball forward and out of box.
58 min...TFC Giovinco 22 yard cross after run on left and NER Goncalves clears at 6 yards on right.
59 min...TFC Giovinco rolls pass from 45 yards up left for charging TFC Ricketts and he runs for it and rolls 15 yard shot that diving goalie at 6 yards pushess ball wide right of post.
59 min...TFC sub...Altidore replaces Ricketts.
60 min...TFC Giovinco cornerkick from right has TFC Altidore head on right across box and defender deflects it wide right from 6 yards on left.
60 min...TFC Giovinco cornerkick on right has NER Kamara head ball away and Giovinco high chip shot wide left from 25 yards on right.
61 min...TFC sub...Delgado replaces Chapman.
62 min...NER Barnes rushng forward on right from 45 yards to 30 yards then to threads pass forward to NER Kamara and he chips sliding goalie at 12 yards into left corner of net but ball called back offside.
64 min...NER sub...Watson replaces Fagundez.
68 min...TFC Giovinco 25 yard shot low from right deflects off NER Tierney's raised leg at 20 yards and then sliding NER Woodbury at 8 yards and goalie bats down then picks up at 4 yards near left post.
72 min...NER player's long chip downfield on left from 70 yards has TFC Williams get head to it at 25 yards on left but bounces ball for NER Bunbury to make quick cross from 20 yards on left over for NER Kamara one-touch low blast from 15 yards is blocked by TFC Hagglund.
73 min...TFC Giovinco cornerkick from right has leaping TFC Williams on right head 10 yarder that bounces wide left of net.
74 min...TFC Giovinco rolls centering pass from 30 yards on left to TFC Altidore at 22 yards in middle and he rolls to TFC Delgado at 18 yards on right who rolls ball back to Altidore now open in middle and his 15 yard shot is blocked by sliding NER Barnes.
75 min...TFC Osorio on left facing NER Rowe and NER Barnes and nutmegs Barnes and wins Penalty kick call when NER Barnes grabs his shoulder as he goes by just inside left side of box.
76 min...TFC Sebastian Giovinco GOAL...Giovinco blasts Penalty kick to left side and goalie slides to get hand to it but he pushes ball higher into left side of net.
78 min...TFC Altidore sliding tackle injures NER Kobayashi in center circle.
79 min...TFC sub...Morgan replaces Beitashour.
.........NER sub...Herivaux replaces Kamara.
80 min...NER goalie charges out to 30 yards to beat TFC Giovinco to bad backpass from NER Herivaux.
81 min...NER Rowe cross from 35 yards on left has NER Tierney twist downward header at 7 yards and goalie sprawls for save on left side of net pushing it wide left.
81 min...NER players work out short cornerkick from left and NER Tierney checked off ball by two defenders at 15 yards on left side of box.
82 min...TFC Osorio and TFC Morgan give and go play on rush down left side of field from 40 yard line has Morgan roll pass from 22 yards into box and defender clears off arm of Osorio which ends play. TFC Giovinco had eluded three defenders lunging check attempts while running across field near center line from right to feed TFC Osorio for play.
83 min...NER Bunbury gets to long downfield pass at 20 yards on left and taps further left for NER Tierney to cross 28 yarder from left over players in box and bounces out for throw-in.
84 min...NER Rowe cross from 30 yards on right has retreating TFC Williams head ball over own net from 10 yards on left.
84 min...NER Tierney rolls cornerkick from left over to NER Kobayashi on left edge of box. He rolls ball back to NER Nguyen who shoots 22 yarder on left forward through players and wide left of net.
85 min...TFC Bradley freekick roller from 40 yards on left is forward to TFC Osorio at 25 yards and he passes forward for TFC Altidore is checked off ball at 15 yards.
87 min...NER Rowe has 18 yard shot from right blocked by TFC Hagglund.
87 min...TFC Giovinco cross from 25 yards on right after rush has defender step in frong of TFC Altidore waiting for ball at 15 yards and heads away. TFC Osorio follows up with chipped cross from 22 yards that defender pops up at 6 yards for goalie to catch.
88 min...NER Teal Bunbury GOAL...NER Kelyn Rowe cross from 35 yards on right. Bunbury even with left post one-touches with foot 8 yarder from mid-air into net on left beyond diving goalie Alex Bono.
89 min...TFC Bradley rolls quick freekick from 40 yards up left and finds charging TFC Giovinco into left side of box and rolls centering pass to TFC Altidore at 12 yards but defender intercepts to clear.
91 min...NER Barnes long throw-in from right is partially cleared on header from 12 yards on right by TFC Hagglund. NER Watson blasts low 22 yard up middle just wide left of post.
92 min...TFC Jozy Altidore GOAL...TFC Michael Bradley quick freekick from 35 yards on left to charging Altidore who is cutting in from left and shoots 12 yarder past sprawling goalie at 6 yards into right corner of net.
93 ends 9:32pm.

Final Score:.......Toronto FC.........4...........New England Revolution............1.............

Man of the Match (who is always a TFC player) was named as Sebastian Giovinco. With three goals, he was the obvious choice.

TFC played their third game in seven days (Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday). This was the last of a four game home stand that had resulted in four wins in a row. Attendance was announced as 27495.

TFC tie a team record with four wins in a row all at home. Last year TFC did this in a five game homestand but they lost their fifth game and each one after that to downward spiral out of a home playoff game. This year that can't happen as TFC next goes on the road for two games.

The team should now be above a 90% chance of making the playoffs in the weak East and they still have more home games than road games.

I was surprised that Michael Bradley got the start and played the whole 90 minutes after being out injured so long since the last round of World Cup Qualifying. He still made some errant passes but made a key headed save and took some quick placed freekicks, one of which led to Altidore's goal.

Sebastian Giovinco earned his hattrick with two shots to far corners of the net, one to each side plus a Penalty kick when Jonathan Osorio was pulled down.

Jozy Altidore came out before the game to do warmups with the other subs but he'd already missed the first 15 minutes of their 30 minute exercising.

Michael Bradley was back for his first game since sustaining an injury for the US national team at the Copa America. He had missed TFC's last ten games.

It was Tosaint Ricketts birthday today. He turned 29 today. It was his first MSL start. He played the first 59 minutes and almost scored seconds before he came off making way for Altidore. After the game he and other players came over to beat the Red Patch Boys drum to the beat of the Icelandic chant that has caught on lately.

Bringing on Jozy Altidore at 59 minutes meant that TFC had all three of their designated players on the field at the same time for the first time in months. Another night of Altidore not starting and only taking half a warmup with the other subs. He certainly is effective with another goal but the games have been already out of hand when he comes on and an expensive way to keep a designated player.

Mo Babouli was an unused sub and Jordan Hamilton didn't even make the bench. So Canadian forwards are cast aside when the regulars return to the lineup.

Alex Bono played a strong game again tonight with some key saves and only lost his shutout at the 88 minute mark. I'm now not entirely sure that Clint Irwin will be a shoe-in for the starting position when he returns from injury. This was his ninth start in a row.

Mark Bloom is usually a defender but they played him on the wing tonight. Also Nick Hagglund got the start in defence for just the third time this season.

The Revs had Darius Barnes in their lineup for the first time this year. They now have Gershon Koffie and Daigo Kobayashi who in previous years both played for Vancouver Whitecaps. Revs most dangerous player was Kei Kamara who was acquired from Columbus Crew earlier in the season. He had one goal called back offside. Revs looked like the better team for the first 15 minutes of the game but TFC settled in after their first goal and dominated the rest of the gmae.

The Union to St George portion of the subway was closed this weekend which took some planning to get around.

stats from
Match Information

Goals and Assists
20'    TOR  Sebastian Giovinco 
29'    TOR  Sebastian Giovinco      Assisted By: Mark Bloom 
76'    TOR  Sebastian Giovinco (PK) 
88'    NER  Teal Bunbury            Assisted By: Kelyn Rowe 
90'+3' TOR  Jozy Altidore           Assisted By: Michael Bradley 

54'    NER  Gershon Koffie          Reason: Unsporting Behavior 


Toronto FC 
87 F Tosaint Ricketts   (60')
10 F Sebastian Giovinco 
25 G Alex Bono 
23 D Josh Williams 
 3 D Drew Moor 
 6 D Nick Hagglund 
33 M Steven Beitashour  (79')
14 M Jay Chapman        (62')
 4 M Michael Bradley 
21 M Jonathan Osorio 
28 M Mark Bloom 

40 G Quillan Roberts 
 2 D Justin Morrow 
 5 M Ashtone Morgan     (79')
18 M Marco Delgado      (62') 
17 F Jozy Altidore      (60')
 9 F Tsubasa Endoh 
11 F Mo Babouli 

Manager  Greg Vanney 

New England Revolution 
13 F Kei Kamara         (80')
22 G Bobby Shuttleworth 
25 D Darrius Barnes 
28 D London Woodberry 
23 D José Gonçalves 
 8 D Chris Tierney 
 7 M Gershon Koffie     (57')
16 M Daigo Kobayashi 
14 M Diego Fagundez     (65')
24 M Lee Nguyen 
11 M Kelyn Rowe 

18 G Brad Knighton 
 2 D Andrew Farrell 
10 M Teal Bunbury        (57')
15 M Je-Vaughn Watson    (65')
 6 M Scott Caldwell 
 4 M Steve Neumann 
21 F Zachary Herivaux    (80')

Manager  Jay Heaps 

Referee  Ted Unkel 
Assistant Referee  Jeff Muschik 
Assistant Referee  Oscar Mitchell-Carvalho 
Fourth Official  Mark Geiger 

Match Information
MLS at BMO Field
Toronto, ON
Attendance 27495
Weather Clear
Team Statistics

TOR                        NER
 15     Shots               11 
  7     Shots on Target      3 
  4     Shots off Target     6 
  4     Blocked Shots        2 
  5     Corners              4 
 15     Crosses             10 
  0     Offsides             4 
  7     Fouls               13 
  0     Yellow Cards         1 
  0     Red Cards            0 
521     Total Passes       391 
 80 %   Passing Accuracy    73 % 
 57 %   Possession          43 % 
 46     Duels Won           30 
 10     Tackles Won         10 
  2     Saves                4 
 17     Clearances          13 

Toronto FC starters

New England Revolution starters

NER Kei Kamara (13) and Diego Fagundez (14) take opening kickoff.

TFC Steven Beitashour (33) takes throw-in.

TFC Jozy Altidore (17) and NER Chris Tierney (8) jump for header.

NER Lee Nguyen (24) takes freekick from right.

TFC Jonathan Osorio (21) and Sebastian Giovinco (10) take second half kickoff.

NER Darrius Barnes (25) takes throw-in.

TFC Michael Bradley (4) taps pass to TFC Jonathan Osorio (21).

TFC Sebastian Giovinco sends in cornerkick from right.

TFC Sebastian Giovinco scores on this Penalty kick.

TFC Ashtone Morgan (5) holds Red Patch Boys drum for TFC Tosaints Ricketts (87) to play.

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