Result and details of the July 31, 2016 MLS game between Toronto FC and Columbus Crew played at BMO Field in Toronto at 7:30pm. (by Rocket Robin)

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Toronto FC (all red, white names and numbers)

.................25 Alex Bono
33 Steven Beitashour...15 Eriq Zavaleta...3 Drew Moor (cpt)...2 Justin Morrow
9 Tsubasa Endoh...14 Jay Chapman...18 Marky Delgado...21 Jonathan Osorio
...........22 Jordan Hamilton...10 Sebastian Giovinco

Subs:...40 Quillan Roberts (gk)...6 Nick Hagglund (def)...11 Mo Babouli (fwd)...17 Jozy Altidore (fwd)
...23 Josh Williams (def)...28 Mark Bloom (def)...87 Toisant Ricketts (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Greg Vanney

Columbus Crew (all black, yellow names and numbers)

..................1 Steve Clark
25 Harrison Afful...4 Michael Parkhurst (cpt)...2 Tyson Wahl...14 Waylon Francis
11 Cedrick Mabwati...9 Justin Meram...20 Wil Trapp...6 Tony Tchani
............10 Federico Higuain...17 Ola Kamara

Subs:...23 Zack Steffen (gk)...5 Dilly Duka (mid)...8 Mohammed Saeid (mid)...12 Adam Jahn (def)
...13 Ethan Finlay (mid)...16 Hector Jimenez (mid)...21 Chad Barson (def)
team officials:...head coach Gregg Berhalter

Game officials:...referee Allen Chapman...referee's assistants Joe Fletcher and Kyle Longville
...fourth official Geoff Gamble...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st starts 7:42pm...TFC defends north end on this hot and humid, overcast evening.
1 min...TFC Giovinco rolls pass from 30 yards in middle forward and left to TFC Osorio and his low 15 yard shot is kicked away by CC Afful.
4 min...CC Higuain 30 yard freekick from right is rolled up sideline and CC Afful cross from 25 yards along end line is blocked and dribbled away by TFC Morrow.
4 min...CC Francis cross from 25 yards on left has TFC Zavaleta at 6 yards even with right post head ball away.
7 min...TFC Giovinco 45 yard freekick from right is downfield to TFC Endoh charging for it near end line and 15 yard low cross into 6 yard box is cleared by CC Parkhurst.
7 min...TFC Tsubasa Endoh GOAL...TFC Marky Delgado pokes ball away from CC Tony Tchani at 28 yards in middle and TFC Jordan Hamilton taps ball over to TFC Tsubasa Endoh who taps pass to TFC Sebastian Giovinco and he shoots 28 yard blast that hits flinching Endoh in the back of the head at 18 yards and deflects into top left corner of net beyond flying CC goalie Steve Clark!
9 min...TFC Chapman quick pass to TFC Giovinco at 20 yards down middle and flick rolls for goalie to pick up.
10 min...TFC Morrow makes key clearance at TFC 15 yard line on right as CC Higuain rolled ball into box with two CC players waiting for it.
12 min...CC Higuain chips cross from 30 yards on right that finds CC Kamara who takes scorpion kick from 6 yards that's caught by goalie but was ruled offside anyway.
13 min...CC Higuain freekick from 35 yards on left has leaping CC Kamara pop up header at 7 yards in middle and charging CC Mabwati head 3 yarder over goalie into net forward to left side of net. Goalie crashes into him and Mabwati has to leave the field to be treated for a bleeding nose.
16 min...TFC Morrow low cross from 28 yards on far left is kicked away by CC Parkhurst on edge of 6 yard box for throw-in.
18 min...CC Francis cross from 25 yards on left has CC Meram in middle in crowd of players head well wide right from 10 yards in middle.
19 min...CC Mabwati cross from 15 yards on far right has CC Meram head 8 yarder high and wide right from middle.
20 min...CC Afful chip downfield from 50 yards and TFC Moor at 22 yards heads ball back to goalie on left ahead of CC Kamara running up field at 25 yards.
22 min...CC Meram on left takes 28 yard shot through players from left is caught by goalie in middle of net.
23 min...TFC Sebastian Giovinco GOAL...TFC Justin Morrow run to left end line and stops and rolls ball back to TFC Jonathan Osorio at 25 yards on left. Osorio rolls pass to near left for Giovinco at 25 yards and he runs to middle and at 25 yards rolls pass forward to TFC Jay Chapman at 22 yards who turns towards net but taps pass to Giovinco cutting forward and his 16 yard shot between defenders is into left corner of net.
26 min...TFC Giovinco rolls pass from 28 yards to right for TFC Chapman who rushes to 5 yards line 15 yards to right of net and rolls pass back but defender intercepts and clears from box.
27 min...CC Afful at top right corner of box chips cross that TFC Zavaleta heads away at 6 yard line in middle of box to prevent CC Kamara waiting to head in near left post..
28 min...CC Meram 22 yard cross from left is well wide right and bounces for goalkick.
31 min...CC Meram low cross from 20 yards near left end line is cleared away by TFC Zavaleta at left edge of 6 yard box.
36 min...CC Higuain 55 yard bouncer from left gets by all players for goalie to pick up.
37 min...A bright sun breaks out shining into the east side stands.
38 min...CC Mabwati taps ball back for CC Higuain to bend 22 yard shot from right just missing top left corner of net.
39 min...TFC Morrow gets long pass on left and centers to TFC Hamilton who loses control at 18 yards in middle.
41 min...TFC Beitashour pops up header at 18 yards on left back for TFC goalie to catch to stop CC play.
41 min...TFC Morrow on left at 15 yard line gives short pass to TFC Giovinco near edge of box and he rolls ball forward to charging Morrow who from 10 yard line just inside box rolls pass over for TFC Chapman who fires 15 yarder up middle that leaping goalie in center of goal palms ball over bar.
42 min...TFC Endoh taps cornerkick from right over to TFC Giovinco who crosses over players in box and CC goalie punches ball away at 3 yards near left post.
42 min...TFC Zavaleta cross from 25 yards on left is over players and bounces over end line on right.
43 min...CC Higuain makes interception at 25 yards and steps forward and low 18 yard shot from left is caught by goalie in center of net.
45 min...TFC Giovinco chip from 25 yards down middle has TFC Hamilton whistled down at 12 yard line for him pushing defender aside on edge of box.
45 min...CC Mabwati races down right wing for forward pass and chips cross near end line and CC Kamara chests ball down at 10 yards but TFC Beitashour steps in front of him to prevent shot. CC Higuain with back to goal shoots 8 yarder off face of TFC Moor at 6 yards on right.
46 min...half ends 8:28pm.

Halftime Entertainment: There's Nestle Drumstick ice cream and Tony from Pizza Pizza giveaway as usual. There's a game with Mastro for what Seba Giovinco is missing from his table? The answer was whatever is the meat eg salami vs vegetables, cheese or fruit. There's another game of soccer with leafblowers but the sponser is the company that gave us our hats.

2nd Half:...starts 8:44pm.
halftime sub:...CC sub...Finlay replaces Mabwati.
48 min...CC Parkhurst 50 yard roller from right is between players and goalie picks up.
51 min...TFC Giovinco low 30 yard shot up middle while cutting in from left is shot wide right of net.
52 min...TFC Moor at 6 yards on right heads ball over own net on 30 yard cross from far right by CC Afful.
52 min...CC Higuain cornerkick from left has defender head away at 5 yards near left post.
53 min...CC Higuain wins cornerkick on low cross from 25 yards on far right on deflection off defender at 20 yards.
53 min...CC Higuain rolls quick and short cornerkick from right that CC Afful at top of box on right chips into 6 yard box but leaping defender heads away.
54 min...CC Trapp at 50 yards in middle chips ball forward and CC Finlay at 18 yards heads ball across box and CC Kamara tries to tap pass back to him at 8 yards but ball hits TFC Morrow and another defender turns and clears.
54 min...TFC Chapman 30 yard cross from left is well wide right of net.
55 min...TFC Endoh intercepts CC Afful crossfield pass from left at 35 yards on right and rolls pass forward to TFC Giovinco and his low 15 yard shot up middle is pushed wide left of post by diving goalie.
55 min...TFC Giovinco cornerkick from left has defender clear on left post.
56 min...TFC sub...Altidore replaces Hamilton.
57 min...CC Higuain passes forward from 25 yards up middle 20 yards but ball is bounced over end line.
57 min...TFC Endoh cross from 25 yards on right has CC defender at 8 yards leap to pop header before TFC Chapman can get it.
58 min...TFC Endoh crosses from 35 yards on right and TFC Giovinco circling at 25 yards on left and he taps pass to TFC Altidore at 22 yards in middle who backheels pass for charging Giovinco to shoot 12 yarder that hits sliding goalie doing the splits at 6 yards in middle and ball deflects back off chest of charging Giovinco at 7 yards and hits left post. Giovinco turns back from 3 yards on left post and recovers ball and shoots low 8 yarder again off left post and CC Parkhurst clears.
58 min...TFC Beitashour chips 30 yarder from right over crowd of players and goalie catches at 6 yards wide left of post.
59 min...TFC Giovinco quick freekick from 35 yards on right has TFC Altidore diving header at 8 yards off right post into net but goal is called back offside.
61 min...CC Kamara 12 yard shot on run on left has goalie push ball wide left for cornerkick.
61 min...CC Higuain cornerkick from left has goalie punch ball forward and out of box. CC player chips ball back into box and CC Meram is flagged offside at 6 yards.
63 min...CC Finlay rescues ball on right end line but cross is over players and cleared.
65 min...CC Kamara can't get past two defenders at 15 yards on left side of box.
65 min...TFC Osorio cross from 25 yards on left is cleared from box by sliding CC Wahl.
66 min...CC sub...Duka replaces Higuain.
67 min...CC Meram low cross from 22 yards on left has TFC Delgado clear in middle of box.
68 min...TFC Altidore is bumped over in box stretching for short centering pass by TFC Endoh from 20 yards on right. CC Wahl at 10 yards bumps him and kicks ball over end line.
68 min...TFC Endoh short cornerkick on right has TFC Giovinco cross from 25 yards near cornerflag and diving defender heads away on right edge of 6 yards box.
69 min...CC Meram cross from 30 yards on left has CC Kamara duck and head 10 yarder on right well wide left of net.
73 min...CC Jahn replaces Afful.
73 min...TFC Osorio on rush pushes ball over end line on left trying to get around defender.
74 min...CC Finlay cross from 30 yards on right is headed by TFC players at 12 yards through box for throw-in.
75 min...TFC sub...Bloom replaces Chapman.
76 min...CC Parkhurst chips ball from 30 yards on right into box and TFC Zavaleta dives to head ball away at 8 yards preventing pass play.
76 min...TFC Giovinco run upfield from left cuts in and CC Wahl knocks ball away at 7 yards. CC Tchani is injured upfield on this play.
81 min...TFC Altidore on left rolls centering pass to TFC Osorio who blasts 22 yard shot down middle high and wide right of net.
82 min...CC Parkhurst chips ball from 40 yards on right that CC Kamara flicks 20 yarder header onto top of net from right.
84 min...CC Meram low cross from 22 yards on left has TFC Zavaleta boot away in middle of box.
85 min...CC Meram cross from 30 yards on left and goalie steps forward to beat CC Kamara and grab ball at 8 yards.
85 min...TFC Jozy Altidore GOAL...TFC goalie Alex Bono punts ball from just inside box downfield and Altidore on left wrapped up with CC Michael Parkhurst at CC 35 yard line nods header over to TFC Sebastian Giovinco in middle who runs forward to 30 yards and rolls pass forward to charging Altidore on edge of box. He steps towards center and shoots 15 yarder up middle that deflects off underside of leg of Parkhurst at 12 yards that bounces and pops over falling goalie in middle of net at 3 yards into left side of net.
86 min...TFC sub...Williams replaces Endoh.
88 min...CC YELLOW card...Tchani earns it for pushing over TFC Altidore at CC 45 yard line sideline.
90 min...CC YELLOW card...Parkhurst earns it for holding back TFC Giovinco running over center line.
90 min...TFC Osorio bursts up middle an gets away 15 yard shot just over bar although it looked like goalie palmed it over bar.
92 min...CC Finlay is given long crossfield pass on right near end line but can't keep ball in play.
93 ends 9:32pm.

Final Score:.......Toronto FC.........3...........Columbus Crew...........0.............

It is announced that TFC won the Trillium Cup, a series played between the two teams each season.
The TFC players brought the trophy over to the south end to show the supporters after the presentation.
They won the series with today's 3-0 result after the two previous games had been 0-0 and 1-1 ties.
TFC also won this competition last year.

Most Valuable Player of the game (who is always a TFC player) was given to Sebastian Giovinco who
had one goal and earned assists on the other two goals.

TFC scoring goals early helped win it for them. They had a 2-0 lead before they started the
'Danhy Dichio' song at 23 minutes. Their defence has improved at killing off a game even with
their number one goalie still out with an injury.

Goals by Tsubasa Endoh (first credited to Sebastian Giovinco) then Giovinco, then closed out
at 85 minutes by Jozy Altidore were the offense although Jay Chapman was set up so many times
I wondered if it was his birthday.

Jozy Altidore replaced Jordan Hamilton at 56 minutes and it looks like it won't be long before
they reverse roles and Altidore who is returning from injury will be the starter. Hamilton has started
the last eight straight games. Altidore scored his first goal of the season! He was injured in a game
against Vancouver when he flubbed a Penalty kick he was allowed to take to break out of his season starting
slump on May 14th and he missed ten weeks with a hamstring injury and subbed in at 72 minutes last weekend.
His goal today was on a shot that deflected between a defender's legs and popped over the goalie.
Today he had a goal called back offside at 59 minutes on a diving header that he banked off the
post. The same assistant, Kyle Longville had also called back a Crew goal by Ola Kamara at 13 minutes
for offside and flagged a few more times on both teams.

TFC Eriq Zavaleta and his orange coloured shoes made some key clearances inside the TFC box to prevent
CC players getting to the ball for shots.

TFC goalie Alex Bono earned the shutout having to make only a few routine stops.

Ola Kamara is not related to Kei Kamara who was the Crew's leading scorer in 2015 (tied with
Sebastian Giovinco but lost the tiebreaker on assists) was traded early this season after
a dispute with then teammate Federico Higuain.

Crew's record so far this season is now 3 wins, 8 losses, 10 ties for ninth place in the weak
Eastern Conference after being finalists in the MLS Cup last season. They haven't won since May 28th.
That is now a stretch of nine games. Before today they had five ties in a row.

TFC's record improves to 8 wins, 7 looses, 6 ties for third place and with a lot of home games
left look like they can move up to host a playoff game for the first time in club history.

The Indy car race track remnants have all been removed and workers are bringing CNE equipment
to install. I didn't realize the Alpine Way ride (overhead cable cars) needed to be installed
each year. Food serving trailers were being towed in while I was waiting for the gates
to BMO to be opened today.

Sunday is an unusual night to hold a TFC game but games were scheduled later in the weekend to let
star players recover from the All Star game on Thursday in San Jose.

TFC's next game is Wednesday night against Real Salt Lake then Saturday against New England.
Good thing they are home games so players aren't more fatigued from travelling.

stats from
Match Information

Goals and Assists
 8'     TOR   Tsubasa Endoh           Assisted By: Sebastian Giovinco 
24'     TOR   Sebastian Giovinco      Assisted By: Jay Chapman 
87'     TOR   Jozy Altidore           Assisted By: Sebastian Giovinco 

89'     COL   Tony Tchani             Reason: Unsporting Behavior 
90'+1'  COL   Michael Parkhurst       Reason: Unsporting Behavior 


Toronto FC 
22 F Jordan Hamilton   (57')
10 F Sebastian Giovinco 
25 G Alex Bono 
33 D Steven Beitashour 
15 D Eriq Zavaleta 
 3 D Drew Moor 
 2 D Justin Morrow 
18 M Marco Delgado 
 9 M Tsubasa Endoh     (87')
21 M Jonathan Osorio 
14 M Jay Chapman       (76')

40 G Quillan Roberts 
 6 D Nick Hagglund 
23 M Josh Williams     (87')
28 M Mark Bloom        (76') 
17 F Jozy Altidore     (57')
87 F Tosaint Ricketts 
11 F Mo Babouli 

Manager  Greg Vanney  

Columbus Crew SC 
17 F Ola Kamara 
 1 G Steve Clark 
25 D Harrison Afful    (74')
 4 D Michael Parkhurst 
 2 D Tyson Wahl 
14 D Waylon Francis 
20 M Wil Trapp 
 6 M Tony Tchani 
11 M Cedrick           (HT)
10 M Federico Higuaín  (67') 
 9 M Justin Meram 

23 G Zack Steffen 
21 D Chad Barson 
12 D Adam Jahn         (74')
 5 M Dilly Duka        (67')
16 M Héctor Jiménez 
13 M Ethan Finlay      (HT)
 8 M Mohammed Saeid 

Manager  Gregg Berhalter 

Referee  Allen Chapman 
Assistant Referee  Joe Fletcher 
Assistant Referee  Kyle Longville 
Fourth Official  Geoff Gamble 

Match Information
MLS at BMO Field
Toronto, ON
Attendance 23979
Weather Clear 

Team Statistics

TOR                        COL
 12     Shots               11 
  6     Shots on Target      4 
  5     Shots off Target     5 
  1     Blocked Shots        2 
  3     Corners              3 
  9     Crosses             21 
  2     Offsides             2 
 10     Fouls               10 
  0     Yellow Cards         2 
  0     Red Cards            0 
472     Total Passes       563 
 85 %   Passing Accuracy    86 % 
 45.5 % Possession          54.5 % 
 36     Duels Won           32 
 13     Tackles Won          8 
  4     Saves                3 
 24     Clearances           9 

Toronto FC starters

Columbus Crew starters

Crew Ola Kamara (17) and Federico Higuain (10) take opening kickoff.

TFC Eriq Zavaleta (15) stops ball on right edge of 6 yard box.

Crew Wil Trapp (20) slides to check TFC Sebastian Giovinco (10).

TFC Justin Morrow (2) cuts towards Crew goal.

TFC Sebastian Giovinco (10) and Jay Chapman (14) take second half kickoff.

ball was cleared from TFC box

Crew Justin Meram (9) runs downfield surrounded by TFC players.

TFC Justin Morrow (2) carries Trillium Cup to show the fans.

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