July 2, 2016 MLS--Toronto FC vs Seattle Sounders played at BMO Field in Toronto at 7:30pm. (by Rocket Robin)

.......................... ...............

Toronto FC (all red, white names and numbers)

....................25 Alex Bono
33 Steven Beitashour (cpt)...15 Eriq Zavaleta...24 Damien Perquis...6 Nick Hagglund
18 Marky Delgado...9 Tsubasa Endoh...14 Jay Chapman...28 Mark Bloom
...........22 Jordan Hamilton...10 Sebastian Giovinco

Subs:...40 Quillan Roberts (gk)...2 Justin Morrow (def)...3 Drew Moor (def)...8 Benoit Cheyrou (mid)
11 Mo Babouli (fwd)...21 Jonathan Osorio (mid)...48 Raheem Edwards (mid)
team officials:...head coach Greg Vanney

Seattle Sounders (blue socks and sleeves, green shorts and shirts, white names and numbers)

....................24 Stefan Frei
4 Tyrone Mears...20 Zach Scott...14 Chad Marshal...33 Joevin Jones
8 Erik Friberg...7 Cristian Roldan...6 Osvaldo Alonso...23 Andreas Ivanschitz
............11 Aaron Kovar...13 Jordan Morris

Subs:...1 Tyler Miller (gk)...9 Herculez Gomez (fwd)...16 Nelson Haedo Valdez (fwd)...18 Nathin Surgis (mid)
...25 Tony Alfaro (def)...39 Oalex Anderson (fwd)...91 Oniel Fisther (mid)
team officials:...head coach Sigi Schmid

Game officials:...referee Kevin Stott...referee's assistants Adam Wienckowski and Philippe Briere
...fourth official Mathieu Bourdeau...(teal shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 7:44pm...TFC defends south end on this mild night with a bright sun in the north west when not behind the few clouds.
1 min...TFC Beitashour low 30 yard shot from right bounces to goalie on right post.
2 min...Sea Friberg rush to left endline and his low cross is cleared by low kick for throw-in by TFC Perquis from 8 yards.
3 min...Sea Friberg and Sea Jones work in short throw-in and Friberg sends in low cross from 25 yards on far left and TFC Perquis clears by conceding cornerkick from 10 yards on left.
3 min...Sea Ivanschitz high cornerkick from left has TFC Perquis head ball forward in crowd of players at 8 yards out of box to right, Sea Roldan chips high 20 yarder from right well over net.
4 min...Sea Jones long run to left end line and sends low cross from 25 yards has TFC Perquis kick ball from 8 yards over end line.
5 min...Sea Ivanschitz cornerkick from left has Sea Roldan checked off ball on right for TFC fast break.
6 min...TFC Beitashour throw-in from right end line wins cornerkick on deflection.
6 min...TFC Giovinco cornerkick from right has charging TFC Perquis miss heading ball at 10 yards on right and ball deflects off shoulder of TFC Chapman at 8 yards and bounces wide right for goalkick.
11 min...Sea Friberg rush on right and rolls centering cross from 25 yards that's cleared by defender at 10 yards in middle of box in front of Sea player waiting for pass.
15 min...TFC Endoh rolls pass from 25 yards in middle to right and TFC Beitashour rolls cross through box at 12 yards unplayed and retreating Sea Mears clears.
18 min...TFC Chapman rolls ball upfield and to middle from 40 yards on right to TFC Hamilton who shoots 25 yarder down middle that lands on top of net.
19 min...Sea Kovar from 40 yards on right and sends ball forward that deflects off sliding TFC Hagglund at 25 yards and TFC goalie runs out to 15 yards to catch ball before Sea player can get to it.
20 min...TFC Bloom rush on left to get to pass and rolls cross to center from 25 yards on left and TFC Hamilton stops it, turns around falling defender Sea Marshall and fires 12 yarder off chest of Sea Mears at 7 yards that deflects for cornerkick.
20 min...TFC Giovinco cornerkick from left has goalie punch ball away at 5 yards in crowd of players on left post all the way to Sea 45 yard line.
21 min...TFC Giovinco at 30 yards on left chips cross to TFC Hagglund at 25 yards on right and he chips ball forward for jumping TFC Chapman to head 8 yarder down middle just wide left of post.
22 min...TFC Hagglund at 40 yards on left threads pass forward to TFC Hamilton on run and on left edge of box backheels pass along 18 yard line and TFC Beitashour taps pass further to right as he was falling and TFC Giovinco shoots over net from 12 yards.
24 min...TFC Giovinco dribbles up middle and is checked off ball by fourth defender Sea Marshall. TFC Beitashour can't get to crossed ball at 15 yards on right and kicks it over end line for goalkick.
25 min...Sea Ivanschitz 45 yard freekick from right is into box and Sea Scott in crowd of players in middle of box heads ball over bar from 10 yards.
26 min...Sea Morris wins cornerkick on deflection off TFC Perquis on left end line after long run up left.
27 min...Sea Friberg short cornerkick from left wins another cornerkick on deflection of Sea Ivanschitz cross from near cornerflag off TFC player on cross attempt.
27 min...Sea Friberg from left has goalie punch ball away at 7 yards in a crowd of players but play whistled down.
28 min...TFC Chapman long run up right but trips up on bump and pushes ball over end line.
31 min...TFC Giovinco 38 yard freekick up middle has defender head ball away at 12 yards on left.
34 min...TFC goalie makes dangerous clearance on backpass from 10 yards wide of right post on endline and Sea Kovar stops at 25 yards on right and takes quick shot that TFC defender stops on edge of box.
35 min...Sea Ivanschitz can't get to header attempt at 12 yards on long cross from right side by Sea Roldan.
40 min...TFC Beitashour wins freekick on right edge of box when knocked over by Sea Jones.
40 min...TFC Giovinco freekick from 20 yards on right edge of box drops and Sea Ivanschitz clears away at 8 yards in middle. TFC Beitashour charges forward to shoot from 30 yards just in front of defender but roller is well wide left for throw-in.
41 min...TFC Giovinco chips ball forward down middle from 30 yards and TFC Endoh shoots wide right from 10 yards as he collides with charging TFC Hamilton.
43 min...TFC YELLOW card...Delgado earns it at Sea 30 yard line for knocking over Sea Kovar preventing Sea breakout.
44 min...TFC Chapman centers ball from 25 yards on right and TFC Giovinco shoots over net from 18 yards.
45 min...half ends 8:29pm.

Halftime Entertainment: There was a draw for Nestle Drumsticks ice cream, Tony from Pizza Pizza, and kicks for the audience to win a pizza slice for everybody in the stadium! The contestant missed 55 yard kicks in two attempts but 'everybody' won a free slice of pizza for tomorrow by just bringing in their ticket stub. Another contest had four contestants were divided into two teams then used a leaf blower to blow a soccer ball into a mini net.

2nd Half:...starts 8:45pm. The sun is now down below the horizon.
46 min...TFC Beitashour cross from 25 yards on right has TFC Hamilton pop header from 12 yards in crowd of players back upfield and TFC Chapman pops 18 yard header forward over crowd of players that bounces to goalie.
46 min...TFC Perquis injures himself on sliding tackle on Sea Morris at TFC 40 yard line on left with Morris landing on Perquis's face. Sea win freekick.
49 min...TFC Giovinco cuts 22 yard roller wide left of post while running right.
50 min...Sea sub...Alfaro replaces Marshall.
51 min...TFC Endoh wins cornerkick on deflection on cross from 30 yards on right that deflects off Sea Jones.
51 min...TFC Endoh low cornerkick from right is cleared on right side of box by Sea Alonzo.
54 min...TFC Giovinco freekick from 30 yards on right is over to TFC Zavaleta on left end line and he heads ball across box but play is called offside as defender clears at 2 yards.
57 min...TFC Zavaleta checks Sea Morris off ball after run down left wing and cuts over to left edge of box.
59 min...TFC Jordan Hamilton GOAL...TFC Tsubasa Endoh chips pass down middle from 50 yards that finds charging TFC Sebastian Giovinco at 20 yards between two defenders in middle and dribbles ball to left with goalie Stefan Frei coming out to 8 yards on left and sliding to make stop of low shot from 11 yards but rebound bounces over to center where charging Hamilton shoots low 12 yarder down middle into left side of net past Sea Tony Alfaro at 2 yards guarding center of goal.
60 min...Sea Jordan Morris GOAL...Sea Joevin Jones chips pass downfield on left from center line to charging Morris at 15 yards between two defenders and he stops ball while in box while TFC Eriq Zavaleta and TFC Damien Perquis run by him. He dribbles back 3 yards then takes low 15 yard shot that bends inwardly into right corner of net beyond flying goalie Alex Bono.
61 min...Sea Kovar cross from 30 yards on right bounces out left side of box unplayed.
62 min...TFC Giovinco can't win freekick on Sea Alfaro bump at 20 yards down middle. TFC player's pass then has TFC Hamilton called offside at 7 yards.
64 min...Sea Roldan on run down left rolls pass too far forward for Sea Morris and ball is over end line.
65 min...Sea Ivanschitz chip shot over players from 22 yards on left has TFC goalie catch on left post.
68 min...TFC Zavaleta is down with an injury at TFC 20 yard line.
69 min...TFC sub...Osorio replaces Chapman.
.........Sea sub...Valdez replaces Ivanschitz.
71 min...TFC Hagglund throw-in from 15 yard line on right is back to TFC goalie but short and goalie has to punt it out of bounds for a Sea throw-in.
71 min...Sea Mears long throw-in from right cornerflag is bounced over goalie in crowd of players and Sea Friberg has 8 yard shot blocked and TFC players break out.
72 min...Sea Valdez can't win Penalty kick just inside TFC box but he rolls weak 15 yard shot up middle to goalie.
72 min...TFC Zavaleta chips from 45 yards down middle and TFC Giovinco gets foot to mid-air ball but Sea Scott clears at 10 yards on left.
75 min...TFC Beitashour gets by Sea Jones on right at 15 yard line and chips 20 yarder into crowd of players in box and Sea Mears ducks and heads ball to clear at 12 yards. TFC Bloom gets tap over from TFC Giovinco at 20 yards and runs to left and chips cross from 15 yards that Sea Alfaro heads ball away. TFC Delgado blasts 22 yard kick down middle high of net.
76 min...TFC sub...Cheyrou replaces Endoh.
79 min...Sea Mears long high throw-in from right is headed away and Sea Friberg takes low 22 yard shot from right that's just wide left of post.
79 min...Sea goalie leaps to catch ball at 15 yards over TFC Giovinco after TFC goalie's goalkick has TFC Hamilton pop up header at 30 yards on right over to middle.
81 min...Sea Morris long run up left side with TFC Zavaleta shadowing him. Morris has 18 yard shot blocked but retains control and cuts back up from left end line and passes back to Sea Jones who shoots 28 yarder down middle just high of top left corner of net.
83 min...Sea sub...Gomez replaces Kovar.
84 min...Sea Friberg cornerkick from left is caught by leaping goalie in crowd of players at 5 yards.
84 min...TFC Giovinco is checked off ball on edge of box after TFC Beitashour centers pass from right.
85 min...Sea Morris run down middle and taps pass to right for Sea Valdez who has shot from 15 yards blocked and ball is popped up and his bicycle kick from same distance wins cornerkick as it deflects off TFC Hagglund.
85 min...Sea Gomez cornerkick from right is headed away on right by TFC Hagglund which starts fast breakout.
86 min...TFC Giovinco can't win Penalty kick as he takes on two defenders on left side of box.
86 min...Sea Morris near left end line sends low 10 yard cross that goalie misses on knees as Sea Valdez slid in front of him to redirect ball at 4 yards and TFC Bloom clears from 1 yard line in middle out for cornerkick.
87 min...Sea Gomez cornerkick from left is whistled down in box for pushing.
87 min....TFC sub...Edwards replaces Zavaleta.
89 min...Sea Gomez high cornerkick from left has Sea player on right head ball down at 4 yards but TFC Hagglund clears. Sea Friberg chips 20 yarder over players and Sea Valdez at 6 yards is called offside.
90 min...TFC Edwards low 30 yard shot up middle is smothered by goalie.
91 min...TFC YELLOW card...Beitashour earns it for sliding tackle at center line injurying Sea Gomez.
92 min...TFC Cheyrou chips 45 yarder from left too far for TFC Giovinco on edge of box and ball bounces to goalie.
93 min...game ends 9:33pm.

Final Score:.......Toronto FC.........1...........Seattle Sounders............1.............

Attendance was announced as 26750.

Referee Kevin Stott gave out only two Yellow cards this game and they were both to TFC players. The crowd hated him as he didn't call enough freekicks for Giovinco to please them.

After the game TFC head coach Greg Vanney and players came over to the south side to salute the fans. Sounders players walked to the north east end to applaud their fans in the top balcony.

The crowd did the Icelandic chant (clapping between faster drumbeats as the chant progresses) for the first time. Every game of the European Championship has been shown on television over the last few weeks. Italy lost their Quarterfinal game against Germany a few hours earlier.

Man of the Match (who is always a TFC player) was announced as Jordan Hamilton. He was the TFC goal scorer so was the obvious choice.

The video board played a 'Happy Canada Day' video greeting from individual TFC players. After the game there was a fireworks display but on. It was finally dark enough. The show lasted for the length of time to play the Coldplay song 'Adventure of a Lifetime' and the David Guetta f Zara Larsson song 'This One's For You' which did go along good with the display. The show ensured that the crowd was slow to disburse with maybe about one third of us stayed and it made it easier to exit the grounds.

TFC were short players injured recently. Michael Bradley was hurt in the third place game of the Copa America tournament while on the US National team and may be out six weeks. (Sounders Clint Dempsey was also on that team and didn't play tonight). Will Johnson was injured on Wednesday scoring an injury time goal that won TFC the Amway Canadian Championhip on the away goals rule. He tripped over the fallen goalie and landed on his knee. He will miss the next six weeks. Jozy Altidore is still out. Goalie Clint Irwin was injured at the 70 minute mark in last Saturday's game against Orlando City. Josh Williams was out for a Red card earned last Saturday for complaining about an injury time Penalty kick awarded to Orlando which turned out to be their winning goal. Ashtone Morgan and Daniel Lovitz were announced as injured earlier in the week but it was not announced how long they'd be out.

Raheem Edwards got put in at 87 minutes and got one shot away. He was signed to a short term TFC contract from TFC II for Wednesday's Amway Canadian Championship but those are only good for four days although a player can be signed to four of them during a season.

Alex Bono got his first MLS start today. He had seen his first MLS action last week subbing in for the injured Clint Irwin when Irwin was injured making a routine goal kick. He played the whole 90 minutes of Wednesday's Canadian Championship game. Quillan Roberts has moved up to the back up goalie's role. Bono played alright tonight but didn't have too much to do.

Besides Clint Dempsey, the other players the Sounders were missing were forward Victor Mansaray who is with the USA Under 20 team and defender Roman Torres who is on the disabled list.

Stefan Frei returned to BMO Field but playing for Seattle. Sounders from the Western Conference only come here every second year and with schedule shuffling they hadn't been here since 2013 when Frei was on TFC. He didn't have too much to do today.

The defenders of both teams kept most shots to being hurried or off target or blocked them. Neither team committed a lot of players forward to risk counterattacks.

Jay Chapman got a start and played the first 68 minutes before Jonathan Osorio subbed in for him. He got a header in that hit the post at 21 minutes for TFC's best early chance.

The Sounders have struggled this year and are currently outside a playoff position but are probably happy with the road point. They were careful to limit the number of TFC freekicks and weren't called for any Penalty kicks.

TFC Sebastian Giovinco was often overwhelmed by three defenders to check him off the ball.

Sounders Jordan Morris was often the long forward up front but the Sounders replay was quick to score the tieing goal within one minute.

Jordan Hamilton following up on Giovinco's blocked shot was a goal poachers goal as he had a clear shot up the middle from 18 yards into the net.

Sounders are on the market for two designated players now that the transfer window is open.

Was Giovinco sad because Germany beat Italy in Penalty kicks? I didn't know the score but knew Germany won as I could hear cheering from a bar as we were waiting for a traffic light on the streetcar. (that must have been the Penalty kicks being taken). One car honking with German flags in the parking lot was the giveaway to me of who won. Giovinco was passed over for the Italian team or TFC would have been in worse shape today then they already were.

Rocket Robin

stats from MLSsoccer.com
Match Information

Goals and Assists
60'    TOR  Jordan Hamilton 
61'    TOR  Jordan Morris        Assisted By: Joevin Jones 

44'    TOR  Marco Delgado        Reason: Unsporting Behavior 
90'+1' TOR  Steven Beitashour    Reason: Unsporting Behavior 


Toronto FC  
22 F Jordan Hamilton 
10 F Sebastian Giovinco 
25 G Alex Bono 
15 D Eriq Zavaleta      (88')
24 D Damien Perquis 
 6 D Nick Hagglund 
33 M Steven Beitashour 
 9 M Tsubasa Endoh      (77') 
14 M Jay Chapman        (70')
18 M Marco Delgado 
28 M Mark Bloom 

40 G Quillan Roberts 
 3 D Drew Moor 
 2 D Justin Morrow 
48 D Raheem Edwards     (88') 
 8 M Benoit Cheyrou     (77')
21 M Jonathan Osorio    (70')
11 F Mo Babouli 

Manager  Greg Vanney  

Seattle Sounders FC 
11 F Aaron Kovar        (85')
13 F Jordan Morris 
23 F Andreas Ivanschitz (70') 
24 G Stefan Frei 
 4 D Tyrone Mears 
20 D Zach Scott 
14 D Chad Marshall      (51')
33 D Joevin Jones 
 6 M Osvaldo Alonso 
 7 M Cristian Roldan 
 8 M Erik Friberg 

 1 G Tyler Miller 
91 D Oniel Fisher 
25 D Tony Alfaro        (51')
18 M Nathan Sturgis 
16 F Nelson Valdez      (70')
 9 F Hérculez Gómez     (85')
39 F Oalex Anderson 

Manager  Siegfried Schmid 

Referee  Kevin Stott 
Assistant Referee  Adam Wienckowski 
Assistant Referee  Philippe Briere 
Fourth Official  Mathieu Bourdeau 
Match Information
MLS at BMO Field
Toronto, ON
Attendance 26750
Weather Partly Cloudy
Team Statistics

TOR                        SEA
 12     Shots               12 
  3     Shots on Target      3 
  8     Shots off Target     6 
  1     Blocked Shots        3 
  3     Corners              8 
 12     Crosses             19 
  3     Offsides             0 
 13     Fouls               10 
  2     Yellow Cards         0 
  0     Red Cards            0 
442     Total Passes       447 
 79 %   Passing Accuracy    79 % 
 49.4 % Possession          50.6 % 
 52     Duels Won           46 
  6     Tackles Won         12 
  1     Saves                2 
 13     Clearances          16 

Toronto FC starters

Seattle Sounders starters

TFC Tsubasa Endoh (9) and Sabastian Giovinco (10) take opening kickoff.

TFC Eriq Zavaleta (15) being pursued by Sounders Jordan Morris (13).

Sounders cornerkick on its way into TFC box.

Sounders head coach Sigi Schmid watches substitutes warm up at halftime.

Sounders Erik Friberg (8) and Jordan Morris (13) take second half kickoff.

Sounders Tyrone Mears (4) lines up throw-in to Sounders Erik Friberg (8).

TFC Sebastian Giovinco (10) takes freekick.

TFC Mark Bloom (28) leaps for header.

TFC goalie Clint Irwin dives to left post to make save.

TFC goalie Clint Irwin jumps to catch cornerkick.

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