July 15, 2016 PDL Toronto FC Academy--Toronto FC Academy PDL roster moves on to other teams for rest of season (by Rocket Robin)

As previous arranged with Toronto FC Academy PDL head coach Stuart Neely he agreed to go through
a checklist of players that have seen PDL action this season.

Now that it's Friday July 15, 2016 and the season is over with them posting a record of 2 wins,
8 losses, 4 ties this season for 10 points (no playoffs) what will the players do now?

It looks like all 32 players on the PDL website will immediately play somewhere else. League 1 Ontario,
League 1 Ontario U-21, Toronto FC II (USL), a combination of both or off to school.

So let's sort these players:

League 1 Ontario: Ethan Beckford (fwd), Dante Campbell (mid), Klaidi Cela (def), Mirza Custovic (--),
Brogan Engbers (gk), Marko Mandekic (mid), Dante Morrissette (def), Glenn Muenkat (fwd),
Nicholas Osorio (mid), Reshon Phillip (fwd), Cyrus Rollocks (fwd), Kota Sakurai (def),
Malik Smith (def), Matthew Srbely (mid)

Toronto FC II (USL): Robert Boskovic (def), Angello Cavalluzzo (gk), Filippo DiBennardo (gk),
and announced signings from earlier this year: Aidan Daniels (mid), and Shaan Hundal (fwd).

Both League 1 Ontario AND Toronto FC II:  Richie Ennin (mid), Steven Furlano (def), Marko Maletic (def)

Both League 1 Ontario AND League 1 Ontario U-21s: Julian Dunn-Johnson (--)

School: Neely wrote NCAA or CIS if the players were leaving for school. Thinking he was pressed
for time just after the game I said I'd figure out which schools by looking it up on the Internet
(not a complete success, any inaccuracies I'll take the blame)

Kevon Black (def)—NCAA Duke University
Jacob Cini (def)--NCAA Cal State Fullerton
Darrin MacLeod (gk)--NCAA Drake University (that's in Des Moines Iowa)
Michael Marcantognini (mid)--NCAA Michigan State
Thomas Mickoski (def)--NCAA (couldn't find him)
Eli Roubos (def)--NCAA Florida Gulf Coast
Leonard Sohn (mid)--NCAA Manhatten College
Andrew Dias (def)--CIS (couldn't find him)
Nikola Stakic (def)--CIS (University of Toronto)  Info tweeted to me by player himself.  Thank you Nikola!  

I expect to write a season summary but I'm going to wait until the other leagues that I follow
rend so don't expect that until the late fall.

Rocket Robin

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