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Result and details of the Tuesday July 12, 2016 PDL game between Toronto FC Academy and Michigan Bucks played at the KIA Training Centre in Downsview at 4:00pm.

Toronto FC Academy (all red, white numbers)

...................1 Darren MacLeod
7 Steven Furlano (cpt)...4 Nikola Stakic...6 Thomas Mickoski...17 Andrew Dias
14 Dante Campbell...21 Matt Srbely...16 Kota Sakurai...15 Cyrus Rollocks
...........19 Ethan Beckford...25 Mike Marcantognini

Subs:...12 Brogan Engbers (gk)...18 Jacob Cini (def)...20 Marko Maletic (def)...8 Nicholas Osorio (mid)
...3 Leonard Sohn (mid)...10 Glenn Muenkat (fwd)...11 Richie Ennin (mid)
team officials:...head coach Stuart Neely

Michigan Bucks (all dark green, white numbers, orange diagonal hoop segment on lower chest)

.....................30 Tom Lohman
3 Alexi Soahy...12 Zach Bock...4 Francis Devries (cpt)...5 Nick Wysong
21 Ben Fitzpatrick...7 Marco Charalambous...14 Brady Dunwell...11 Russ Cicerone
.............22 Andre Landell...8 Adam Najem

Subs:...1 Drew Sheppard (gk)...15 Taylor Fletcher (def)...2 Brad Ruhaak (def)...6 Tom Owens (mid)
...25 Billy O'Dwyer (mid)...24 David Goldsmith (fwd)...16 Jordan Snell (fwd)
team officials:...Demir Muftari

Game officials:...referee Fabrizio Stasolla...referee's assistants Mohammed Mohammed and Filip Dujic
...fourth official Kuizan Weekes...(teal shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 4:08pm...TFCA defends sourth end on this very hot and humid day with a wind from the sourt and a bright sun in the west.
2 min...MB player rolls 15 yarder on left through 6 yard box is just a step ahead of an MB player on right post.
3 min...TFC goalie Darren MacLeod dives at 5 yards to left and trips up a Bucks player. Referee Fabrizio Stasolla awards Bucks a Penalty kick.
3 min...Bucks Russ Cicerone GOAL...Cicerone rolls Penalty kick to left side of net as goalie dives left.
9 min...TFC Rollocks 25 yarder from left bounces to goalie.
11 min...MB goalie rush out to MB 25 yard line to beat TFC Beckford to ball.
13 min...MB Charalambous ends MB pressure inside TFC box by shooting 15 yarder over net.
14 min...Bucks Russ Cicerone GOAL...Bucks Adam Najem passes on left upfield from 45 yards. Cicerone bumps TFCA Steven Furlano over on left side of box, regains ball and shoots 12 yarder from left to right corner of net.
16 min...MB Cicerone on give and go play into TFC box and is tripped up but can't win Penalty call.
17 min...MB Fitzpatrick leaps for cross from left and heads 10 yarder in middle wide left of net.
19 min...MB Landell rolls pass from middle to right to MB Fitzpatrick who blasts 8 yarder that goalie stops on right post bowling him over.
20 min...MB Najem cornerkick from right finds MB Landell who blasts 12 yarder that goalie makes point blank save.
24 min...TFC defenders finally clears ball from box after sustained MB pressure.
26 min...MB Charalambous rolls 10 yard shot just wide left of post.
26 min...referee calls water break.
28 min...play resumes.
30 min...MB Fitzpatrick low cross from 15 yards on right is smothered by goalie.
31 min...TFC sub...Osorio replaces Beckford.
.........MB sub...Goldsmith replaces Landell.
33 min...MB Soahy ends MB pressue with cross from 20 yards on far right over players in TFC box.
35 min...MB Wysong blasts 30 yard freeekick from left well over net.
36 min...MB Najem has ball drop for him at 20 yards on left and he fires off target shot to right.
37 min...TFC Srbely 25 yard freekick from right deflects off defender at 15 yards and pops over net.
38 min...TFC Srbely cornerkick from left has goalie punch ball away.
39 min...TFC Srbely 25 yard freekick from left has defender standing to right of wall clear ball in center of box.
40 min...TFC Marcantognini shot from 22 yards on far left has flying goalie catch in center of box.
41 min...TFC Furlano long run up right wing with defender and pushes ball over end line.
42 min...TFC Sakurai recovers MB player's stop of long cross from right and shoots 22 yarder down middle well over net.
43 min...MB Fitzpatrick gets pass in alone at 25 yards and rolls shot wide right.
46 min...TFC Srbely eludes defender to get away 25 yard shot from right wide right of net.
48 min...half ends 4:56pm.

At halftime all the Bucks players go into the dressing room but the TFCA subs staay outside warming up.

2nd Half:...starts 5:11pm.
halftime sub:...TFC Ennin replaces Sakurai.
46 min...MB Wysong cross from 18 yards near left end line has defender head away on left post.
47 min...TFC Stakic sliding save of low cross into box at 5 yards to prevent tap in chance.
48 min...TFC Furlano rush up right but rolls ball into box and goalie smothers on right side of box.
48 min...TFC Campbell rolls 15 yard shot/cross from left tha goalie smothers.
50 min...TFC Ennin checked off ball on edge of box when swarmed by three defenders.
53 min...Bucks Ben Fitzpatrick GOAL...Bucks Nick Wysong on left rolls cross from 20 yards across box and Fitzpatrick shoots 8 yarder up middle into top left corner of net.
54 min...MB Cicerone and MB Wysong on give and go play down left and Cicerone finishes with 8 yard shot that goalie pushes ball wide left of post.
55 min...MB Najem cornerkick from left wins another cornerkick on deflection of MB player's shot.
55 min...MB Najem cornerkick from left is worked out but wasted on chip wide left of box.
56 min...TFC sub...Cini replaces Dias.
59 min...MB sub...Ruhaak replaces Wysong.
.........MB sub...Owens replaces Dunwell.
60 min...TFC Marcantognini 22 yard low shot from left deflects to diving goalie at 10 yards.
61 min...MB Soahy cross from 22 yards on far left drops in box for defender to clear at 6 yards.
62 min...TFC Ennin gets tapped throw-in from left but pushes ball over end line.
63 min...MB Goldsmith gets to short through ball pass on left but shoots 15 yarder well wide right to outside of box.
64 min...MB Cicerone slides to cross ball from 25 yards on left over heads of defenders and sliding MB Fitzpatrick shoots 10 yarder over net.
65 min...TFC sub...Muenkat replaces Marcantognini.
68 min...TFC Srbely 30 yard freekick from left has MB Soahy head ball wide right.
69 min...TFC sub...Sohn replaces Rollocks.
70 min...TFC Muenkat and TFC Ennin on pass play get 18 yard shot up middle smothered by goalie.
71 min...TFC sub...Maletic replaces Stakic.
.........referee is reminded to call water break.
73 min...MB sub...Snell replaces Fitzpatrick.
.........play resumes.
75 min...MB sub...O'Dwyer replaces Cicerone.
.........MB sub...Fletcher replaces Soahy.
77 min...TFC Srbely on run into box on right is whistled down for pushing over defender.
78 min...MB O'Dwyer ends MB pressure with 12 yard chip from right wide left of TFC net.
80 min...TFC Srbely cornerkick from right has defender head ball away. Srbely recross is also partially stepped and TFC Ennin rolls 15 yard shot up middle in traffic that goalie smothers.
82 min...TFC Furlano cross from 20 yards on right is just over head of TFC Osorio at 5 yards.
84 min...MB Owens is pursued by TFC Mickoski on run up right and pushes ball over end line before he can cross.
85 min...MB Charalambous 30 yard shot up m iddle deflects off defender and ogalie saves on left side of net.
88 min...TFC Maletic holds off MB Goldsmith getting shot of pass up middle and goalie picks up ball.
89 min...MB Snell eludes goalie at 28 yards up middle but pushes ball to far to right and defenders get back to prevent shot on net.
90 min...MB Snell 25 yard shot deflects off defender and goalie catches on bounce.
91 min...TFC Osorio has 15 yard shot blocked by sliding defender on left and deflects for throw-in.
92 min...TFC player's cross is too high for TFC Ennin to twist header from 5 yards.
94 min...MB Charalambous tap to MB Goldsmith who passes forward from 20 yards on right. MB Snell blasts 12 yarder from right over net.
94 min...game ends 6:00pm.

Final Score:...Toronto FC Academy.......0........Michigan Bucks........3......

Attendance was about 25 on this extremely hot and humid afternoon with a bright sun from the west.

Referee Fabrizio Stasolla gave out no cards in the game in a fast moving game. Most popular call by him for both teams today was scheduling a water break midway through each half.

Tom Lohman earned the shutout for the Bucks making only a few routine saves as the defence prevented most shots before they happened.

Darren MacLeod had a lot more work in the TFCA net and stopped the game from getting out of hand early.

Best non-scoring chances were at 2 minutes when an MB player rolled a 15 yarder from the left through the 6 yard box just a step ahead of a sliding MB player on the right post. 16 minutes had MB Russ Cicerone on a give and go play into the TFCA box was tripped up but couldn't win another Penalty kick call. 19 minutes had MB Andre Landell roll a pass from the middle to the right for MB Ben Fitzpatrick to blast an 8 yarder so hard that the goalie who stopped the shot on the right post was bowled over. The resulting cornerkick by MB Adam Najem found MB Landell who blasted a 12 yarder and the goalie made a point blank save. 26 minutes had MB Marco Charalambous roll a 10 yard shot just wide left of the post. 40 minutes had TFCA Mike Marcantognini take a 22 yard shot from the far left after a rare MB miscue that the flying goalie caught in the center of the box. 54 minutes had MB Cicerone and MB Nick Wysong on give and go play down left and Cicerone finished with an 8 yard shot that the goalie pushed wide left of post. 60 minutes Mike Marcantognini had a 22 yard low shot from the left that deflected to the diving goalie at 10 yards. 80 minutes had TFCA Richie Ennin finish a recross of a cornerkick with a 15 yard shot up the middle through a crowd of players that the goalie smothered. Injury time had MB Charalambous tap a pass to MB David Goldsmith who passed forward from 30 yards on the right and MB Jordan Snell take a 12 yard blast over the net.

TFCA maxed out their sub allowance at six. The PDL league is a development league and that is the maximum allowed. Comparing rosters with TFC II (the next league above them) and League 1 Ontario (the league below them for which they use their U-17 team) there is an overlap. I counted five players in today's lineup from their League 1 game on Sunday, a 9-0 win over Master's Futbol on Sunday. Three started, two subs. Two subs in today's games were with TFC II last week. Leonard Sohn was an unused sub in their game against both Bethlehem Steel and Harrisburg and Marko Maletic played in the Sunday game in Harrisburg as a late sub.

TFCA Ethan Beckford who scored four goals in a full 90 minutes against Master's was subbed off at only 31 minutes today.

Matt Srbely took almost all the freekicks and corners for TFCA with limited success.

Defender and team captain Steve Furlano played in his first home game after and injury in their game June 6th game when he received cracked ribs yet played the whole 90 minutes of that game. He played the full game today too. He's played four road games during that time.

I've arranged to ask TFCA head coach Stuart Neely in Friday's season finale to tell me which players are returning to League 1, who moves up to TFC II and who returns to school.

TFCA's record falls to 1 win, 8 losses, 4 ties for 7 points good for sixth place in the seven team Great Lakes Division. They've allowed 32 goals which is the worst in the division although I'd say they've only lost two blowouts this season. They have one more game on Friday afternoon here at the KIA Centre at 4:00pm against Dayton Dutch Lions.

Bucks' record improves to 11 wins, 2 losses, 0 ties for 33 points. They move up to first place past K-W United at 31 points with both teams having one game to play. Bucks have now scored 36 goals, the most in the division and have only allowed 7 goals, the best defence in the division.

Rocket Robin

Toronto FC Academy starters

Michigan Bucks starters

TFCAMike Marcantoenini (25) and Ethan Beckford (19) take opening kickoff.

MB Russ Cicerone (11) scores on this Penalty kick.

TFCA Andrew Dias on rush is watched by MB Adam Najem (8).

TFCA Matt Srbely (21) sends freekick into box.

MB Adam Najem (8) and David Goldsmith (24) take second half kickoff.

midfield action

TFCA Matt Srbely (21) freekick has defender head ball away.

MB Taylor Fletcher (15) dribbling while watched by TFCA Richie Ennin (11).

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