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Result and details of the USL PDL game between TFC Academy and Cincinnati Dutch Lions played Friday June 3, 2016 at The KIA Training Centre in Downsview at 4:00pm.

Toronto FC Academy (all black, silver numbers)

...................1 Darrin MacLeod
.........4 Nikola Stakic...6 Thomas Mickoski...3 Leonard Sohn
7 Steven Furlano (cpt)...21 Matt Srbely...8 Nicholas Osorio...25 Mike Marcantognini...20 Marko Mandekic
.............17 Ethan Beckford...15 Cyrus Rollocks

Subs:...12 Angelo Cavaluzzo (gk)...5 Klaidi Cela (def)...18 Marko Maletic (def)...19 Glenn Muenkat (mid)
...16 Kota Sakurai (mid)...14 Dante Campbell (mid)
team officials:...head coach Stuart Neely

Cincinnati Dutch Lions (all blue, white numbers)

............0 Dane Wilson
3 Nick Merhaut...9 Christian Hay...27 Jakie Stoval...16 RJ Best
6 Scott Lamont...14 Ryan Meyer...17 Jack Clerk...8 Martyn Sawyer
............18 Rudy Sambe...23 Austin Smythe

Subs:...1 Adam Miller (gk)...12 Kurtis Roberts (mid)...11 Chris Dupont (mid)...7 Josh Weizappel (mid)
team officials:...head coach Terry Nicholl

Game officials:...referee John Vlahos...referee's assistants Felip Dujic and Jason Thomas
...fourth official Natalie Ford...(orange shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 4:03pm...TFC defends north end on this mild, mainly overcast late afternoon.
2 min...TFC Rollocks cross from left at 25 yards has TFC Osorio leap and kick 10 yarder down middle that goalie catches.
5 min...TFC Osorio pushes through ball pass from 22 yards up middle too far forward for TFC Rollocks and goalie picks up.
7 min...CDL Stoval long throw-in is popped up and partially cleared. CDL Sambe blasts 25 yarder from left bending it wide right.
8 min...TFC Osorio cross from 25 yards on far right has defender head ball away.
11 min...TFC Furlano pushes pass down right for TFC Marcantognini who crosses low on endline has DCL concede cornerkick.
12 min...TFC Sohn cornerkick from right has TFC player get foot to at 10 yards and goalie dives left to smother ball at 2 yards.
15 min...CDL goalie on right is slow to kick clearance of backpass and hits TFC Marcantognini and ball deflects wide right from 10 yards.
18 min...TFC Srbely cornerkick from left has CDL defender pop up header. TFC Rollocks has shot blocked at 12 yards. TFC Osorio dribbles forward from 20 yards and shoots off balance 15 yard shot wide left.
20 min...TFC goalie beats CDL Smythe to catch skyball at 8 yards.
21 min...CDL Sawyer pushes pass from 25 yards too far forward for CDL Smythe and goalie picks up.
22 min...CDL Sawyer freekick from 40 yards has CDL Stoval head 15 yarder in middle in crowd of players that goalie flies right to catch on post.
26 min...TFC Osorio 40 yard freekick down middle rolled to TFC Furlano but sliding defender intercepts.
27 min...TFC Srbely 35 yard low freekick from right has defender clear on edge of box.
28 min...TFC Srbely cornerkick from left has TFC Stakic pop up header at 7 yards on right and goalie catches wide right of net.
29 min...TFC Beckford and Srbely work through a give and go and Srbely boots wide left from 15 yards in middle.
35 min...TFC Beckford long run up middle and eludes defender to shoot 18 yarder that goalie dives left to save.
35 min...TFCA Nicholas Osario GOAL...TFCA Cyrus Rollocks passes from 20 yards on left and Osario stops at 15 yards in middle and shoots into right side of net.
36 min...CDL goalie dives to beat TFC Beckford to through ball on right.
37 min...CDL Sambe holds up ball on left side of box but cross is cleared.
38 min...TFC Mandekic 18 yard shot from far left deflects off defender and goalie dives on ball.
40 min...TFC Srbely cross from 20 yards right is wide left for goalkick.
42 min...CDL Scott Lamont GOAL...CDL Martyn Sawyer 40 yard freekick from right sideline lands in crowd of players in box and Lamont at 8 yards connects on second swing and ball bounces into left corner of net.
45 min...CDL Sawyer 35 yard freekick chip has goalie catch at 6 yards in crowd of players.
45 min...half ends 4:48pm.

2nd Half:...starts 5:03pm.
46 min...TFC Beckford makes long and pass has two TFC two players get away blocked shots in CDL box. TFC Osorio has one of the shots and is injured. CDL players charge away on counterattack but have shot blocked.
49 min...TFC Marcantognini short pass forward and TFC Rollocks 18 yard shot up middle is saved by goalie.
50 min...TFC YELLOW card...Rollocks earns it for bashing over CDL Merhaut at CDL 22 yard line as Mehaut clear ball one second earlier.
51 min...CDL Smythe 22 yard roller saved by goalie on left side of goal.
52 min...CDL players cross from 30 yards on left drifts high and wide right of net.
54 min...TFC Beckford receives low centering pass from right at 25 yards and turns and fires high and well wide left of net.
55 min...CDL Smythe 22 yard shot from far left has goalie catch on left post.
56 min...CDL Best is injured on right edge of CDL box.
57 min...TFC goalie staaeps forward to beat CDL Clerk to through ball pass at 20 yards.
58 min...CDL Hay heads ball back to goalie to beat charging TFC forwards.
59 min...TFC Rollocks low 15 yard blast from left has goalie bat down and pick up on right post.
61 min...TFC sub...Sakurai replaces Mandekic.
.........TFC sub...Cela replaces Osorio.
61 min...CDL Sawyer 30 yard freekick from left has goalie bat ball forward. CDL Merhaut blasts 28 yarder up middle that's cleared.
63 min...TFC Sakurai blasts sitter from 18 yards in middle high wide right.
65 min...CDL goal is called back although the offside player CDL Smythe didn't touch the ball.
66 min...TFC Srbely 30 yard freekick from right is wide right on bounce as charging TFC Furlano leaps but can't connect at 6 yards.
66 min...TFC sub...Muenkat replaces Beckford.
67 min...CDL on multi player run on left run ball over end line.
68 min...TFC Furlano wins cornerkick on deflection on right.
68 min...TFC Sohn cornerkick from right has nearest defender clear on edge of box.
70 min...CDL Sambe long run on left. CDL Smythe gets but goalie grabs ball at his feet.
71 min...TFCA Mike Marcantognini GOAL...TFCA Leonard Sohn cornerkick from right is over to left side of box and Marcantognini blasts 8 yarder into right side of net.
72 min...TFC sub...Maletic replaces Stakic.
73 min...CDL Smythe cross from left end line is cleared on right side by defender.
74 min...CDL Sawyer cornerkick from right has TFC Sakurai clear wide across box with header.
75 min...TFC Cela cross from right endline has CDL goalie palm ball over head of TFC Muenkat.
76 min...CDL Smythe rolls cross from 30 yards on right and CDL Sawyer shoots wide left from 25 yards.
77 min...TFC Muenkat cross from left near end line is bent behind net.
.........CDL YELLOW card...Sawyer earns it on delayed call for knocking over TFC Sakurai on rush on left earlier on last play.
78 min...CDL sub...Roberts replaces Meyer.
80 min...TFC Sohn throw-in from near left cornerflag finds TFC Rollocks but he's checked off ball.
82 min...TFC Rollocks is injured at TFC 40 yard line.
83 min...CDL Hay 55 yard freekick bounces through players wide left of post.
85 min...CDL Stoval long throw-in from rigtht is knocked across box but eventually cleared.
86 min...CDL Scott Lamont GOAL...CDL Kurtis Roberts sends long pass from 60 yards that finds Lamont who blasts 15 yarder down middle over goalie Darrin MacLeod and off underside of bar in center of net.
87 min...CDL Sawyer 40 yard chipped freekick from left has goalie step forward to leap and catch in crowd of players.
88 min...TFCA Glenn Muenkat GOAL...TFCA Stevie Furlano sends pass from 28 yards on right. Muenkat at 15 yards on left has time to stop ball, cut towards center and shoot 12 yarder to right side of net beyond goalie Dane Wilson.
90 min...TFC sub...Campbell replaces Rollocks.
92 min...TFC Marcantognini short cornerkick from left to TFC Srbely and TFC Sohn cross has defenders clear.
93 min...CDL YELLOW card...Sawyer earns it for complaining about TFC timewasting on freekick.
93 min...CSL YELLOW card...Roberts earns it for complaing about TFC timewasting on freeekick, TFC still haven't taken freekick!
94 min...TFC player's win cornerkick on right on deflection of freekick then win another cornerkick on deflection. TFC Marcantognini is taking these cornerkicks.
95 min...game ends 5:53pm.

Final Score:....Toronto FC Academy...3...Cincinnati Dutch Lions.....2.....

Attendance started off slow but ended up about 40 by halftime for this late afternoon game.

TFCA started off well for the first twenty minutes keeping possession and the action in the Lions end.

Best non-scoring chances were at 18 yards when TFCA Matt Srbely took a cornerkick from the left and a CDL defender popped up a header. TFCA Cyrus Rollocks had his shot blocked at 12 yards. TFCA Nicholas Osorio dribbled forward from 20 yards and shot off balance just wide left from 15 yards. 22 minutes had CDL Martyn Sawyer take a freekick from 40 yards that had CDL Jake Stoval head a 15 yarder in the middle in a crowd of players that the goalie flew to the right to catch on the post. 70 minutes had CDL Rudy Sambe make a long run on the left and pass to CDL Austin Smythe but the goalie grabbed the ball at his feet at 12 yards.

Referee John Vlahos gave out four Yellow cards in total—three to CDL although two were on the same injury time TFCA freekick play for them complaining about time wasting. TFCA played a great tactical game for the entire injury time to kill the game. They won at least two throw-ins and two cornerkicks with deflections off CDL players.

A key offside call at 65 minutes which called off a CDL goal could have changed the game giving the visitors the lead. I was standing a good 45 yards away so could not tell but the play was near the CDL bench so they were cheering the goal—--of course they would! CDL head coach Terry Nicholl was still griping about it after the game but TFCA head coach Stuart Neely countered banter with the point that it happened to them last week in Cincinnati.

TFCA wins their first game of the year (and score their first goal of the year) and their record climbs to a tie to fourth place (out of seven teams) with a record of 1 win, 3 losses, 0 ties, 3 goals for/14 goals against.

Cincinnati Dutch Lions stay in third place (although there are two games later tonight) with a record of 1 win, 2 losses, 1 tie 5 goals for/7 goals against. Their one win was against TFCA last Thursday. CDL play in Kitchener on Sunday against K-W United. Their extended roster lists five players each attending University of Cincinnati and Xavier University (also located in Cincinnati).

These Dutch Lions are not to be confused with Houston Dutch Lions and Dayton Dutch Lions all now in the PDL. Dayton were actually in the USL Pro up to 2014 (where Toronto FC II plays when formed in 2015). All the Dutch Lions teams are owned by Dutch Lions Capital Group BV. That company has a minority interest in FC Cincinnati of the USL—the team that suddenly is on the MLS expansion possibility list by drawing crowds of 20000+. Only awkward thing at the PDL level is Cincinnati and Dayton both play in the Great Lakes Division of the Central Conference. The bus that was taking them away today had the Dayton Dutch Lions logo on it. Hmm...well Dayton has a home game tonight against Michigan Bucks so I guess they can borrow it this weekend! Too bad they couldn't have borrowed a few players to fill their bench because they only had four subs.

TFCA next games are both at home on Monday and Wednesday afternoons and both against Derby City Rovers.

Rocket Robin

Toronto FC Academy starters

Cincinnati Dutch Lions starters

CDL Martyn Sawyer (8) and Austin Smythe (23) take opening kickoff.

TFC Matt Srbely (21) cornerkick from left flies into box.

TFC Steven Furlano (7) prepares to kick ball downfield.

TFC Nikola Stakic (4) and CDL Austin Smythe (23) wait for ball to land.

CDL Martyn Sawyer lifts freekick into TFC box.

TFC Mike Marcantoenini (25) and Ethan Beckford (17) take second half kickoff.

action in CDL box

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