March 26, 2015 League 1 Ontario Women--Seventh League1 Ontario Women's Team Added For 2015 (from League 1 Ontario website)

Seventh League1 Ontario Women's Team Added For 2015
. Thu Mar 26 

VAUGHAN, ON (March 26, 2015) – League1 Ontario is pleased to announce the addition of a seventh team 
to its semi-professional women’s division for 2015.

The Woodbridge Strikers will join six other teams in 2015, each chosen through a standards-based 
application process, with specific attention directed to the development of women’s soccer 
in Ontario.

"We are confident that Woodbridge will field a dynamic, high quality side and will further 
ensure that, in this very important year for women's football, the top female talents in this 
province will be competing, by and large, in League1 Ontario," League1 Ontario Chairman 
Dino Rossi said. "It is especially exciting for the new entry to come from one of our 
existing license holders. We look forward to the day when most, if not all, of our license 
holders field teams in both the women's and men's divisions."

"We are very excited to be in League1 Ontario's inaugural 2015 women's division, as we were 
very happy with League1 competition last year for our men," said Adam Candido, vice-president 
at Woodbridge Soccer Club. "We now we have a well-balanced program on our female side, as well 
as the men. Our program extends from the grassroots section in Long Term Player Development, 
all the way to the elite competition of League1. Woodbridge Soccer Club now covers every 
aspect of play, and allows our elite female athletes to compete at every level of the game."

Woodbridge along with ANB Futbol, Durham United FC, North Mississauga SC, Pro Stars SC, 
Sanjaxx Lions and Vaughan SC will make up the League1 Ontario Women’s Division in 2015.

The League1 Women's Division will kick off in May 2015.  The location for the inaugural 
match and the teams that will take part are to be announced.

About the Ontario Soccer Association:

Founded in 1901, The Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) is the largest provincial sports 
organization in Canada. Its members include more than 650 Clubs servicing over 24,000 
teams with 380,000 registered players, 70,000 coaches and managers, and 10,000 referees. 
The OSA develops and delivers programs and services throughout Ontario with the mission 
of providing leadership and support for the advancement of soccer in collaboration and 
cooperation with our membership, partners and other stakeholders by providing exceptional 
and sustainable programs and services. 

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