October 23, 2015 League 1 Ontario--2015 Review: Men's Junior Talent Pool (from League 1 Ontario press release)

2015 Review: Men's Junior Talent Pool
. Fri Oct 23 
Written By: Staff, League1  

As part of the League1 review of the 2015 season, we checked in with the coaches/ technical directors of each 
of the teams and asked them to highlight the contributions of two to three of their top young players.

Any comments about players are from the coach or technical director of each team.

ANB Futbol (Head coach: Bassam Naim)

Sixteen year old Adonijah Reid, who was joint top-scorer in League1 with 20 goals this season, was named 
an honourable mention mid-season all-star. He is integral to the offensive output of ANB Futbol, and has 
a very good supporting cast of players around him that are trained in a system that suits his style of play.

Shiquan Lowe (known as Shaq for his size and determination), an honourable mention mid-season all-star, came 
to ANB Futbol a year ago, and has played full minutes in over 95 per cent of the games (only missed approx. 
three games due to school or work commitments). Shaq is a solid centre-back that does not let anyone by him, 
winning balls on the ground and in the air, and is a presence on the field through his leadership of the 
back line.

Durham United FC (Head coach: Sanford Carabin)

Jordan Dover is in his final year at Wisconsin Green Bay. When he was in our back line, I don't think 
we conceded many goals, and he contributed greatly in attack. He scored the most of any defender up until 
the time he left for college. A very versatile player - played right back, centre back, midfield. 
An all-around good player.

Marcus Lees was a left winger for us, and is currently finishing final year at University of New Brunswick. 
Marcus was our most dynamic attacker until he left for school. We sent him to Clyde in Scotland for two 
weeks mid-season for a training stint. It was a chance for us to give him a taste of higher level. 
He will finish school in September, and we are working on an opportunity to send him to Scandinavia 
in the new year.

Kingston Clippers (Technical director: Chris Eveleigh)

Having the link with Queen's University through our shared head coach, Christian Hoefler, meant we were 
able to negotiate and keep Andrew Whiteman and Rafa Rodriquez for the last games of 2015.

Coach Hoefler felt it more beneficial for the players to play valuable game time in the final weeks 
of the League1 2015 season. Andrew has become a great leader and has looked very good and dangerous 
in an unfamiliar role as a defender in the last two games. He scored against Vaughan as a right back!

Eric Koskins has matured as a player immensely over the season with Clippers and after finishing his 
time at Queens University he has become Christian Hoefler's assistant coach with Queens. In 2016 
we are expecting Eric to not only play an important role with the League1 team, but to take 
on a coaching role with the club as head coach of our U17 regional team, and help nurture the players 
of the future that have played a couple of minutes in the last two games.

Joel Zelt has stepped up after seeing most of the start of the season on the bench. The Kingston local's 
work ethic and passion for the club has seen the team continue to work together and achieve some good 
performances on the field.

Master's FA Saints (Technical director: Junior Groves)

Darryn "DeDe" Commissiong (b. 1999) is a very talented youth midfielder that is one of the most skilled 
and talented distance shooters in his age group in Canada. Dede is a solid attacking midfielder 
who will match up with the best in his age across the world.

Terrel Spencer (b. 1998) is one of the most talented players in his age group. We could only feature 
him in a few games this year becasue of other commitments, but his vision and technical skill level 
is just phenomenal. One of those players that make you want to watch the game.

Levonte Johnson (b. 1999) is a very talented centre forward that stepped in when our senior players 
got injured and others went off to scholarships. Levonte in a 1 v 1 situation is deadly, and his 
vision and movement off the ball is at a level above his age.

Christian Inchima (b. 1999) stepped up early in the season and did very well for us when our senior 
midfielders went down with injury, and his calm presence and strong technical play allowed 
us to stay in almost ever game he participated in.

Oakville Blue Devils (Head coach: Duncan Wilde)

Hitesh Joshi has broken out of the pack. He jumped from the Toronto Lynx Academy into the first team 
this year, taking up the right back slot. He has been one of the constants all year long.

For a 19-year-old player, he has proved to be ready and we've been able to play him at left back 
at times as well.

Pro Stars FC (Technical director: Josef Komlodi)

Zachary Gowlett, Thomas Anderson, Thomas You, Luke Melon and several players from our U16 and U17 
teams stepped up to carry on the team during the last part of the season.

Toronto FC Academy (Head coach: Stuart Neely)

Klaidi Cela is a young but excellent centre-back. His technical abilities are excellent and he 
is a fierce tackler at the back. His height gives him presence in the air and his long distance 
shooting is something you don't often see in a CB.

Shaan Hundal is a crafty strong striker that is always willing to work hard and gets himself into 
good areas to score goals. He is a very coachable player, and loves to run at defenders.

Marko Mandekic is a tall, lanky midfielder with a sweet left foot. Good playmaker and tremendous 
attitude. Good passing range, strong in the tackle, and likes to move with the ball. 
He is a talented player.

Sanjaxx Lions (Head coach: Laza Lowe)

Matt Zaikos is the MVP for Sanjaxx. He displays outstanding goalkeeping abilities, displaying 
athleticism, agility and great shot-stopping skills while having an excellent read of the game. 
Matt deals with crosses effectively and organizes the team well. Matt received an honourable 
mention in the League1 all-stars selection. Matt possesses great leadership skills. Matt is also 
a great student athlete at Brock University.

Sigma FC (Head coach: Bobby Smyrniotis)

Marcel Zajac is a deft, clever player that is deceiving in his attacking motions and able to beat 
defenders from a variety of approaches. In 2015 he has been absolutely fantastic, scoring 27 goals 
in 35 games between our first team and reserve squad. He has done a great job, constantly 
developing his game and has already committed his NCAA future to the University Akron.

Reggie Laryea is a tenacious defender with a soft touch, and ability to carry the ball up field. 
Reggie has had an outstanding season, playing primarily with our second team where he joined 
many of our current college players. He is a fantastic 1 v 1 defender who makes it very difficult 
on the opponent at all times. He is a very good ball-winner as he reads the game tactically 
very well. Reggie was also called into a recent Canadian U20 Camp.

Vaughan Azzurri (Head coach: Carmine Isacco)

Mario Kovacevic is our target player. He has a great ability to get involved in the attack, 
is fantastic on both sides of the ball and has been there for us the whole time.

Joey Amato is our left back, an ever-present, very good leader. Joey is our captain, is good 
on and off the ball, and showed he could lead a group of very young players.

Windsor Stars (Technical director: Vancho Cirovski)

Noah Pio for his breakout year and finding a place in the national U20 pool; Jamar Kelly for 
being noticed as an outstanding defender by TFC, as well as L1 coaches and invited to 
a TFC II trial; and Kyle Vizirakis for his exceptional goalkeeping.

Woodbridge Strikers (Head coach: Peter Pinizzotto)

Matt George, in my opinion, is the best goalkeeper in the league. What makes him so good 
is his presence in goal, being 6-foot-4 and able to be in control in the 18-yard box. 
Matt has the ability to come off his line with confidence. Having Matt in goal gives the 
team confidence that he will come up with the big save if necessary. He is also a good leader.

Darian Bygrave played both right and left back and I thought he had a great season. He was 
one of the most consistent players on the team. Darian is a very athletic player; one of the 
quickest players I have seen playing as a right or left back. Darian also is very coachable 
and is well-respected among his teammates. 

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