August 30, 2015 League 1 Ontario--Vaughan Azzurri vs Sanjaxx Lions (from League 1 Ontario press release)

Vaughan Azzurri 3 - Sanjaxx Lions 0
. Mon Aug 31 

Shane Lammie scored a brace and Darren Gertiesingh bagged a single en route to a 3-0 Vaughan Azzurri win 
over Sanjaxx Lions in matchweek 18. Jared Brown claimed the clean sheet on a day when the Lions could not 
find a finishing touch.

"Our failure to put away chances continues to be one of our biggest challenges," said Sanjaxx head coach, 
Laza Lowe. "We are creating them but have no cutting edge."

The Lions has a young squad, but Lowe pointed to elements of play that indicated his charges were improving. 

"Fabio Vilaca and Danilo Silva, two young players, were our MVPs," said Lowe. "They were quite mobile 
and competitive, and they tried to do the right things - keeping the ball, being creative."

"I think the key moment was when two of our mids got yellow cards, and then we were timid in the midfield," 
he added. "I think we were very tentative after that."

Three of Lowe's players - Tayjon Campbell, Josh Bowyer and Fabio Vilaca - had participated in the four 
day ID camp with Canada Soccer U20 over the days preceding the match.

"We keep saying we're a young team, and we had two or three players involved in the CSA camp on the 
same day, so it's a challenge for us," said Lowe. "But we always understand the player's frustration, 
and just go back to the training ground with a positive attitude and try and help them understand it."

Lowe picked out Vaughan left back, Joseph Amato, as the player of the game for the victors.

"He was very effective in challenging, closing down, and going forward. A very competitive player," 
said Lowe.

Vaughan is back in action on Friday September 4, 7 p.m. kickoff at McNaughton Park Turf, Maple, 
vs. local rivals Woodbridge Strikers. 

Sanjaxx has the weekend off, returning to play on Sunday September 13 at Vaughan Grove, Woodbridge, 
vs. Woodbridge Strikers - 7 p.m. kickoff.

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