August 22, 2015 League 1 Ontario--ANB Futbol vs Vaughan Azzurri (from League 1 Ontario press release)

ANB Futbol 0 - Vaughan Azzurri 1
. Sun Aug 23 
Written By: Staff, League1  

It was a very close contest between second place Vaughan Azzurri and the fourth place ANB Futbol - as the teams 
ranked going into matchweek 17 - but, in the end, it was stike from Dena Iezady (65') that would separate the two.

"I can't identify one player [for MVP0 from our team or ANB as it was a very intense tactical and technical group 
effort for both," said Vaughan head coach, Carmine Isacco. "Jason Mills for ANB set the pace in transition for 
their group, while our goal was the turning point - it was a well-worked combination to breakdown a very strong 
and compact back four."

Both teams are in late-season rebuilding or restocking periods, utilizing squad and/ or team depth that had been 
previously established to deal with the challenges of the full League1 season term.

"Getting through injuries and suspensions to field a competitive team in a fight for second place was our biggest 
challenge," said ANB assistant coach, Marcelo Almeida. "As well as looking for opportunity and scoring the 
deciding goal. Most of the play carried on in the middle of the field with few chances for either side. 
Unfortunately, ANB could not break down Vaughan defence for opportunity."

"We will try to compete at a higher pace and intensity," said Isacco, regarding the late season progress 
of his side. "It was a good measure to see where we are at."

Several players stood out in the contest, with both stalwart defenders and hard working forward players 
being singled out. 

"The ANB player was Patricio Gonzalez," said Almeida. "A right back who fought throughout the game, stopping 
attacks and making key tackles. He sacrificed his body on numerous occasions, resulting in being banged up, 
but played through the pain as he does on a consistent basis." 

"The Vaughan player was Dena Iezady," he added. "He was on the ball a lot; most of the attacks came through 
his play in the mid-field, and was rewarded with a goal mid-way through the second half."

Both teams continue to challenge Oakville (40 pts, 16 matches played) in the League1 top spot, with Vaughan 
(36 pts, 17 matches played) in second place, and ANB (30 pts, 16 matches played) in fifth.

ANB is back in action on Saturday August 29 vs. Durham United F.C. at Country Day School, King City 
- 9 p.m. kickoff.

Vaughan is at home McNaughton Turf, Maple, on Sunday August 30 vs. Sanjaxx Lions - 2 p.m. kickoff.

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