August 15, 2015 League 1 Ontario--Sigma FC vs Kingston Clippers (from League 1 Ontario press release)

Sigma FC 5 - Kingston Clippers 0
. Tue Aug 18 
Written By: Staff, League1  

Marcel Zajac (25', 33', 54') and Kadell Thomas (21', 27') led the way for Sigma, claiming a hat-trick and a brace 
respectively and, with the help of Corey Marques keeping the clean sheet, making Sigma worthy 5-0 victors over 
the visiting Kingston Clippers in matchweek 16.

"We were coming off a disappointing loss in the L1 Cup final and it was important to refocus our players back 
to league action along with taking the week to integrate a lot of new players into the squad," said Sigma 
head coach, Bobby Smyrniotis.

"Although all our players within the academy train in an identical methodology it always takes some time for 
the players to really gel on the field and therefore prep for the Kingston match was a sort of mini training 
camp for our team."

"This was our third meeting with Kingston and it was important that the team did not look at past results 
as a way to approach this game and I believe they handled that well."

Smyrniotis paid credit to goalscorers Marcell Zajac and Kadell Thomas, as well as the defensive work 
of the team captain, Nolan Holdridge.

"Zajac and Thomas provided all of our goals and their general play was excellent," said Smyrniotis. 
"Zajac had three goals each, one better than the one before. They showed why he has a bright future 
in this game!"

"As for Thomas, he is a problem for any defender, especially in 1v1 situations, but today his movement 
off the ball is what set him apart and got him his two goals," he added. "A special note goes to our 
captain Holdridge who kept things clean in the back line but today played some excellent balls forward, 
assisting on two goals."

"Thomas Kadell was a constant threat to our defenders," agreed Kingston club captain, Andrew Martin. 
"Was calm under pressure and was excellent on his 1v1 attacks."

"The big challenge for us though was the changeover in players due to university/ college training camps. 
With lots of personnel changes, it was difficult at times for all players to get on the same page with 
runs timing, along with defensive shape at points. We need to work on formation and shape."

Sigma moves into second place in the League1 standings with the win, and are determined to transition 
to a title-winning side with the benefit of their deep player roster and steadfast academy structure.

"We are in a good spot right now in the standings and must look at each game going forward in isolation 
and finding the best tactical approach to each opponent as we are now a young and new squad in many 
positions on the field," concluded Smyrniotis. "At the same time, we remain very confident in our approach 
to the final stretch of the season."

Sigma gets back to action on Friday August 21 at Kinsmen Park, Pickering vs. Durham United F.C. 
- 8 p.m. kickoff. 

Kingston has a tough home match on Saturday August 22 at Tindall Field (Queens University), welcoming 
league leaders Oakville Blue Devils for a 2 p.m. kickoff.

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