June 16, 2015 League 1 Ontario Cup--Pro Stars FC vs Windsor Stars (from League 1 Ontario press release)

Pro Stars F.C. 2 - Windsor Stars 1
. Fri Jun 19 
Written By: Staff, League1  

Windsor drew first blood in the first 2015 L1 Cup Group D fixture, as Brett Holmberg (40') notched for the 
visitors before the interval, but Pro Stars F.C. fought their way back into the tie via a Mujtaba Ameen 
strike (70') and kept their nerve to win in penalties. 

For League1 Ontario 2015 newcomers, Pro Stars F.C., this was a welcome first win.  

"Finally, the team was able to smile a bit," said head coach Josef Komlodi. "[It] gave hope for the team 
to believe again that what we are doing is right. The team was coming out a three game humiliating losing 
streak, and required a good deal of extra mental preparation."

Despite competing neck and neck with opponents for extended periods in previous league matches, Pro Stars 
has often struggled to maintain quality over the ninety minutes. In this match, Komlodi pointed to the 
group's resiliency and composure as the key element in their success.

"[The key moments were] their goal, and the moment when we scored," he said. "We didn't collapse after 
their goal, and we were able to maintain the scoreline to get the final win with the penalty shots."

"It was David Alva who coordinated the team very well and set up the team to score the goal to tie the 
game," he added. "In this game he was working hard and organized the team very well on the field."

Windsor Stars owner, Vancho Cirovski, agreed that Alva "controlled and distributed well," but indicated 
that he was most impressed by the pair of goalkeepers on the pitch. 

"Our MVP was goalkeeper Michele Catani, who filled in for our usual starter," said Cirovski. "His first 
L1 match and he was outstanding. [The key moment in the match] were the two PK saves by their keeper 
in the penalties."

"Our biggest challenge in this match was that we had a short bench, and some injuries that over the 
course of the match couldn't overcome," added Cirovski.

Windsor Stars will meet Toronto FC Academy in the next round of the L1 Cup, at home in McHugh Stadium, 
Windsor on June 24, 8 p.m. The Stars will feature in league play this weekend, however, battling fifth 
place ANB Futbol at Country Day School, Saturday June 20, 9 p.m. kickoff. 

Pro Stars F.C. will go to Esther Shiner Stadium on Sunday June 21 to play away against Sanjaxx Lions, 
9 p.m. kickoff, and will need to wait until July 7th to return to L1 Cup play vs. Toronto F.C. Academy 
at Kia Training Ground, 6:45 p.m. kickoff. 

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