Result of the Sunday November 1st, 2015 Inter Provincial Cup game between Oakville Blue Devils (Ontario) and CS Mont-Royal Outremont (Quebec) played at Ontario Soccer Centre Stadium in Vaughan Ontario at 1:30pm. This is the first leg of the two game series with the return taking place on November 14th in Quebec.

Oakville Blue Devils (black socks, navy shorts and shirts, white numbers)

.......................1 Karman Saini
20 Hitesh Joshi...12 Tevin Wynter...3 Adrian Butters...22 Al James
........16 Khody Ellis...15 Anthony Doran...14 Taylor McNamara (cpt)
.........9 Filipe Vilela...11 Tyler Wason...17 Brandon Duarte

Subs:...24 Daniel Voci (gk)...2 Adam Gould...6 Chris Mitchell...7 Macca Wilde...8 David Velastegui
...10 Judah Hernandez...13 Christian Kusiewicz...18 Christian Young...23 Roman Young
team officials:...head coach Brett Mosen...team officials Duncan Wilde, Billy Steele, Glenn McNamara, and Kim Ashton

CS Mont-Royal Outremont (all white, blue numbers)

.......................1 Francis Monongo
3 Riccardo Teoli...6 Dimitri Anastosopoulos...5 Abraham Francois (cpt)...18 Samuel Thomas
15 Oussama Djema...8 Ibrahim Baldeh...14 Vincent Reale...20 Renan Dias
..............19 Armel Dagrou...11 Jean Pierre Ritch Andy

Subs:...2 Amaud Gilli...4 Abel Bogale...7 Lester Gariba...9 Fahd Abali...12 Ahmed Abdul Rahman
...17 Djaty Ange Guede...22 Stephen Meterissian...91 Nicolas Milli
team officials:...head coach Luc Brutus...team officials Eduard-Nick Pascalau, Joel Chancy, George-Eric Painson, Natalie Barcelo, and Maxime Barrette

Game officials:...referee Fabrizio Stasolla...referee's assistants Sean Hornsby and Jason Olinski, fourth official Hassane Rifai
...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 1:42pm...OBD defends north end on this cool, partially sunny afternoon with a strong howling wind from the west.
2 min...OBD Duarte after run down right wing rolls cross from 25 yards on right into box. OBD Doran backheels at 12 yards and OBD Wason is in clear on left has shot deflect off head of defender at 6 yards and fly over net.
3 min...OBD Tyler Wason GOAL...OBD Taylor McNamara recovers MRO partial clearance from near MRO left corner flag at 22 yards on left and sends low cross from 15 yards that has Wason step forward at 6 yards while even with left post and tap ball into left corner of net with goalie Francis Monongo waiting in the center of net.
5 min...MRO goalie picks up ball near left post sent in on low cross from OBD Vilela from 20 yards along left end line.
7 min...MRO Teoli passes forward from 20 yards through middle between defenders over to MRO Dias even with left post at 7 yards and his tap-in is called back as he was just steps offside.
8 min...MRO Ritch Andy cross from 25 yards on left has MRO Dagrou chests down but goalie dives out to 7 yards to prevent him getting shot.
9 min...OBD defender kicks ball away from MRO player at 25 yards but towards goal and goalie has to head ball down and pick up.
10 min...OBD Ellis cross from 25 yards on right is well over box.
12 min...MRO Ritch Andy cornerkick from right has MRO Dias pop up header on left side of box and ball is cleared in crowd of players.
13 min...MRO Dias blasts 25 yarder that tips off sliding defender and rolls to goalie wide left of post for pick-up to prevent cornerkick.
15 min...MRO Ritch Andy receives throw-in from MRO Teoli on right and chip from 18 yards on right end line is caught by goalie.
17 min...OBD Duarte high cross from 30 yards on right is just over crowd of players on left and bounces out of box.
18 min...OBD Ellis rush up middle and rolls pass forward to OBD Vilela who continues in from near right and at 25 yards chips over charging goalie at 15 yards but ball is over net.
19 min...MRO Armel Dagrou GOAL...MRO Oussama Djema at 30 yards in center chips ball forward and Dagrou to get to bounce puts head down to head ball downward at 15 yards around goalie Karman Saini who leapt thinking Dagrou was going to pop header over him. Dagrou steps around him and rolls 5 yarder into open net with three sliding defenders too late to stop it.
21 min...MRO YELLOW card...Francois earns it for sliding tackle on OBD Duarte at MRO 40 yard line.
22 min...OBD McNamara 40 yard freekick up middle chip has defender on edge of box pop up header and goalie catches at 5 yards near left post.
25 min...OBD McNamara retake of 25 yard freekick on left (original one was replayed as pushing in box) has goalie palm the ball over the bar ahead of OBD Duarte at 2 yards.
26 min...OBD Doran cornerkick from right is whistled down in box.
28 min...MRO Thomas is injured in colllision at MRO 50 yard line.
34 min...OBD Wason rush cutting in from left from 40 yards and MRO Francois kicks ball out left on shanked clearance.
35 min...OBD McNamara cornerkick from left has OBD Ellis stop in middle edge of box and turn and has 15 yard shot deflects on block to OBD player who rescues on right end line and has cross pop up and cleared.
36 min...OBD Tyler Wason GOAL...OBD Anthony Doran throw-in from 25 yard line on right is long and to right edge of box to OBD Filipe Vilela at 10 yards and he runs to end line and crosses into 6 yard box that slips between goalie and defender on right post and Wason slides and jabs 4 yarder from center to right corner of net over sprawling goalie.
38 min...MRO Baldeh cornerkick from right is caught by goalie in crowd of players at 3 yards on right post.
40 min...MRO Thomas 35 yard shot from left is caught by goalie.
40 min...OBD Doran receives cross from 30 yards on left and his 30 yard shot is well over net.
41 min...OBD Joshi cross from 25 yards on right has defender head away.
42 min...MRO Dias low 28 yard shot up middle is smothered by goalie on bounce.
43 min...OBD James low centering cross from 25 yards on left has sliding OBD Vilela not quite connect at 5 yards and goalie saves.
44 min...OBD McNamara freekick from 40 yards squeezes through for cornerkick on left after MRO defender heads bouncer through box.
45 min...OBD McNamara high cornerkick from left has goalie catch in crowd of players.
46 min...MRO Teoli chips 30 yarder over players down middle and ball bounces to goalie.
47 min...half ends 2:29pm. The half ends with the MRO side winning a freekick then a pushing match involving players on each team ensues.

2nd Half:...starts 2:49pm.
46 min...MRO Dagrou cross from left has OBD Butters chest ball down and clear at 12 yards in middle.
50 min...OBD Duarte receives short cornerkick from right and his low 20 yard cross along right end line deflects off defender for another cornerkick.
51 min...OBD McNamara cornerkick from right has defender on left kick ball behind end line.
52 min...OBD Doran cornerkick from left is short and back to OBD McNamara and his cross from 22 yards on left is cleared from box.
52 min...OBD Ellis long run down right and cross from right is over players in box.
53 min...MRO sub...Ange Guede replaces Anastosopoulos.
55 min...MRO Baldeh cornerkick from left caught up in wind and bounces to goalie.
57 min...OBD Vilela long run down right but finally is checked off ball cutting into box.
59 min...OBD sub...Mitchell replaces injured Wynter.
59 min...OBD Doran freekick from 22 yards on right has defender dive forward at 10 yards in center of box and head ball forward and out of box.
60 min...OBD Vilela low cross from 20 yards on left has defender kick ball behind net.
60 min...OBD Doran cornerkick from left has defender head ball away at 10 yards.
61 min...OBD YELLOW card...McNamara earns it for pushing over MRO Ange Guede near left corner flag.
62 min...MRO Teoli cross from 40 yards on left has ball deflect off two MRO players and fly out for goalkick.
62 min...OBD Doran cross from 18 yards on right has OBD Wason side kick 12 yarder from left well over net.
63 min...OBD Doran has time to stop, after receiving OBD Wason cross from left, tee up and shoot 15 yarder well over net.
65 min...OBD sub...Velastegui replaces Duarte.
65 min...OBD Khody Ellis GOAL...OBD goalie takes goal kick from 6 yards forward to OBD Filipe Vilela at MRO 45 yard line and he flicks ball backwards on header downfield between defenders and charging Ellis dribbles in from 30 yards on right and cuts towards net to kick 8 yarder over sprawling goalie and sliding defender into top left side of net.
66 min...OBD Vilela rolls pass to OBD Ellis but is checked off ball by sliding MRO Thomas at 20 yards.
70 min...OBD Butters makes key clearance on short low cross by MRO Ange Guede on left.
70 min...OBD goalie catches cross by MRO Dias from left that bends to him on right post when held up by wind.
71 min...OBD defenders stop about three MRO players runs and shots from edge of box.
75 min...MRO sub...Abali replaces Ritch Andy.
75 min...OBD YELLOW card...Joshi earns it for taking too long for throw-in at OBD 30 yard line.
78 min...MRO Abali rolls to MRO Djema rolls pass forward and he passes forward into middle of box and MRO Dagrou is called offside.
79 min...OBD Ellis leg injury at MRO 50 yard line and needs trainer.
81 min...OBD sub...Kusiewicz replaces injured Ellis.
82 min...OBD YELLOW card...Macca Wilde earns it for mouthing off on the bench.
82 min...OBD Vilela is injured at MRO 30 yard line.
85 min...OBD Vilela has offside goal called back.
85 min...MRO Dagrou has shot blocked by defender on edge of box.
86 min...MRO Djema 18 yard shot down middle has diving goalie make stop.
87 min...OBD YELLOW card...Mitchell earns it for sliding tackle on MRO Ange Guede at MRO 50 yard line.
88 min...OBD sub...Young replaces Joshi.
88 min...OBD Vilela breaks tackle on run down on left to and 12 yard shot from far left is wide right of net.
90 min...MRO Dagrou 25 yard freekick from right is low and blocked in player wall. MRO Abali ends pressure later in play with midair kick down middle from 18 yards wide left of net.
92 min...OBD Vilela poked a through ball pass from OBD Velastegui and rolls 10 yarder that's deflected wide right for cornerkick of sprawling goalie at 5 yards.
92 min...OBD YELLOW card...another player or official on the bench earns it for mouthing off.
92 min...OBD goalie beats MRO Dagrou to through ball to boot away although hangs in wind.
93 min...An OBD defender had dives backwards at 10 yards to head ball away cross into OBD box but missed leaving MRO Ange Guede open. OBD goalie dives to block Ange Guede 8 yard shot along end line on left post but flagged offside.
94 min...game ends 3:38pm.

Final Score:........Oakville Blue Devils...........3........CS Mont-Royal Outremont Griffons...............1.............

Attendance was about 100 on this cold and partly cloudy day with a strong wind the entire game from the west (which didn't directly effect either team with the stadium alignment being north-south but effected crosses and corners). One woman at the start of the game said her phone app said the wind was 69km/hour.

The game started with OBD dominating the beginning and I thought the Ontario team would pull away but MRO Renan Dias had a 7 yard tap-in goal called back at 7 minutes for offside. After that the momentum swung back and forth the rest of the game although I'd still give the overall advantage to Oakville.

Best non-scoring chances were at 2 minutes when OBD Brandon Duarte after a run down the right wing rolled a cross from 25 yards into the box with OBD Anthony Doran in the center of the box back heeled the ball at 12 yards across to the left and OBD Tyler Wason clear on the left shoot that deflected off the head of a defender at 6 yards and fly over the net. The next minute he did score. 8 minutes had MRO Jean Pierre Ritch Andy cross from 25 yards on the left had MRO Armel Dagrou chest the ball down but the goalie dove out to 7 yards to prevent him getting away a shot. 18 minutes had MRO Khody Ellis rush up the middle and rolled a pass forward to OBD Filipe Vilela who continued in from the near right and at 25 yards chipped the ball over the charging goalie at 15 yards but the ball was over the net. Next minute OBD did score. 25 minutes had OBD Taylor McNamara take a 25 yard freekick on the left and the goalie had to palm the ball over the bar to prevent OBD Brandon Duarte from heading in from 2 yards. 43 minutes had OBD McNamara send in a low centering cross from 25 yards on the left had a sliding Vilela not quite able to fully connect at 5 yards and the goalie saved. 62 minutes had MRO Riccardo Teoli cross from 40 yards on the left had the ball deflect off two MRO players in the box and deflect out for goalkick. 86 minutes had MRO Oussama Djema take an 18 yard shot down the middle that the goalie dived to stop. Injury time had OBD Vilela get a through ball pass poked to him and he rolled a 10 yarder that was tipped wide right for a cornerkick. The OBD goalie responded a minute later diving to block MRO Djaty Ange Guede's 8 yard shot along the end line on the left post although it looked like the offside flag was up.

Referee Fabrizio Stasolla gave out six Yellow cards that I counted. Five were to OBD but one was for Hitesh Joshi taking too long to take a throw-in at 75 minutes (time wasting) and two players including unused sub Macca Wilde for mouthing off from the bench. The game never got too rough although there was a pushing match between multiple players just before the halftime whistle. The trainers for both teams had to be brought in a few times.

Canada's men's national team head coach Benito Floro and his assistant took the ceremonial coin toss.

This time of year both sides would be playing with weakened rosters. Oakville's last League 1 Ontario game was October 3rd when they clinched the title. From the last time I'd seen Oakville play on September 27th they were short starting-imports: defender Nick Muth who'd returned to the USA and midfielder Gary Giffin who'd returned to Scotland.

League 1 Ontario chairman Dino Rossi said that their own league's U-23 restrictions were lifted for this competition because the Quebec teams were not using it. He said Mont-Royal Outremont were a much older team than OBD.

The trophy was brought to the game for show but there was no way it would be presented today.

Oakville is in a strong position with a two goal advantage for the return game in the suburbs of Montreal on Saturday the 14th.

I had been looking forward to this game for months and then last week thought I'd miss it because of the MLS playoff schedule showing games would be played on Sunday, not Saturday. But wait—Toronto FC crashed out so I could attend this game.

Rocket Robin
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Oakville Blue Devils starters

Mont-Royal Outremont starters

MRO Jean Pierre Ritch Andy (11) and Armel Dagrou (19) take opening kickoff.

OBD Khody Ellis (16) can't get past four defenders.

OBD Brandon Durarte (17) and Filipe Vilela (9) take second half kickoff.

MRO Vincent Reale (14) and OBD Filipe Vilela (9) jump for ball.

OBD Chris Mitchell (6) dribbles ball.

The ball is rolled into the MRO box.

MRO Armel Dagrou (19) takes freekick.

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