Result and details of the Thursday September 24, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Woodbridge Strikers and Sigma FC played at Vaughan Grove in Woodbridge at 9:00pm.

Woodbridge Strikers (all blue, white numbers)

..................23 Matt George
16 Darian Bygrave...2 Jesse Andoh...5 Cameron Brooks...3 Kyle Watson
6 Andrew Dereayeh (cpt)...10 Christian Cavallini...7 Jonathan Parolini...8 Victor Munoz
..............9 Nicholas Chiarot...24 Joseph Jackson

Subs:...1 Rocco Strazzella (gk)...11 Emmanuel Esho...12 Tyreke Steele...14 Adrian Gallo...18 Farhad-Ali Raheemi
...20 Stefano Voci
team officials:...team head coach Peter Pinizzoto...assistant coach Sam Medeiros...manager John Scarlato...equipment manager Eric Mokri
...therapist Kevin Halford

Sigma FC (all white, blue numbers)

....................1 Corey Marques
2 Jamal Joseph...3 Reggie Laryea...4 Nolan Holdridge (cpt)...5 Aaron D'Souza
7 Kadell Thomas...6 Nico Correa...8 Manvir Brar...11 Marcel Zajac
..............10 Patricio Espin...18 Abdul Musah

Subs:...31 Kyle Bimek (gk)...9 Jordan Kalonji...12 Calvin Kurup...16 Simon Triantafillou...19 Christopher Jaggarmath
...20 Jesse Samaniego...21 Lucas Ferritto...22 Nicholas Pasutto
team officials:...head coach Bobby Smyrniotis...team officials John Zervos, James Haloulos, and Ken Peter

Game officials:...referee Ramee Arbaji...referee's assistants Marc Henoud and Adam Devini...fourth official Zac Taylor
...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 8:58pm...WS defends south end. It's already dark.
2 min...WS Parolini is injured at WS 40 yard sideline and needs trainer for a foot injury.
5 min...WS Jackson rush down to left end line and crosses over box.
6 min...WS Parolini 35 yard blast up middle between players is caught by goalie.
7 min...WS goalie charges out and right to clear ball ahead of Sigma Thomas but concedes cornerkick on deflection from 20 yards.
7 min...Sigma Espin cornerkick from right has defenders clear ball in stages by three WS headers.
8 min...Sigma Thomas low 20 yard cross along right end line is smothered by goalie.
11 min...WS Parolini chips pass from 40 yards on left too far forward for charging WS Cavallini at 20 yards and goalie catches on bounce.
15 min...WS Cavallini gets through ball chipped pass and 15 yard shot is stopped by sliding goalie at 10 yards.
16 min...WS Jackson cross from 20 yards on left is over box. WS Munoz cross from right has WS Parolini get shot blocked at 12 yards by defender.
17 min...Sigma defender heads ball back to goalie to stop WS Cavallini from getting to through ball pass.
18 min...Sigma Espin 30 yard shot fromleftis bounced wide right of box.
24 min...WS Cavallini rushes from right sideline to middle and cuts 30 yard shot well over net.
24 min...WS Munoz cornerkick from right has defender chest down and kick away. WS Parolini pass across box has WS player blast 10 yard shot that's blocked by sliding goalie.
26 min...Sigma player's 35 yard freekick from left has defender head ball away from just inside box.
27 min...Sigma Espin cornerkick from right has defender clear after Sigma player knocks it down.
28 min...Sigma Joseph 25 yard shot from right has defender head ball away at 12 yards.
31 min...WS Watson long throw-in from left cornerflag has defender clear on left edge of box. WS Munoz is eventually set up and blasts 22 yarder from left well high and wide left of net.
34 min...WS Jackson bends low 30 yarder up middle that bounces to goalie on right post.
35 min...WS Jackson and WS Cavallini combo has play called offside although goalie stopped shot.
36 min...WS Munoz 22 yard freekick from near left end line has WS player at 12 yards head forward and WS Brooks is called offside at 5 yards.
37 min...Sigma goalie beats WS Jackson to edge of box in middle to smother and survive foot into body.
41 min...Sigma Zajac can't cut inside defender on run up left and ends up pushing ball over end line.
42 min...WS Cavallini can't win Penalty kick on knock on left end line cutting towards goal.
43 min...WS Watson receives cetnering pass from 18 yards on right and shoots 7 yarder down middle over net.
44 min...Sigma goalie makes overhead catch on cross from 22 yards on right and survives bashing back into own net knocking him down.
45 min...WS Munoz ends WS pressure with 10 yarde shot from left is wide left of post.
46 min...Sigma Marcel Zajac GOAL...Sigma player takes short throw-in from 30 yard line on left and Zajac lets ball bounce as he turns direction to face goal and he runs forward and steps between group of defenders to get away low 18 yard shot from left that banks in off the inside of the right post beyond diving goalie Matt George.
47 min...half ends 9:45pm.

2nd Half:...starts 9:59pm.
45 min...WS Munoz 35 yard freekick from left is well wide right for throw-in near corner flag.
47 min...WS Parolini 20 yard shot off defender deflects for cornerkick as goalie dives on it but ball is behind end line for cornerkick.
49 min...WS Cameron Brooks GOAL...WS Victor Munoz cornerkick from right has leaping Brooks in crowd of players in middle flick header from 5 yards into left side of net by stepping in front of the goalie leaping to make the catch.
50 min...WS players rush on left has WS player get pushed off ball before he can shoot.
51 min...Sigma Holdridge gets ball checked off WS Jackson after long run into Sigma box from 40 yards.
52 min...WS Munoz can't control ball on run down left and pushes ball to far forward and defender clears.
53 min...Sigma sub...Ferritto replaces Musah.
54 min...WS sub...Voci replaces Chiarot.
.........WS sub...Esho replaces Jackson.
56 min...Sigma Ferritto is injured when bumped off ball on long run down right to WS 25 yard line and needs trainer.
61 min...Sigma sub...Kalonji replaces Ferritto before play resumes.
61 min...Sigma Thomas rolls 25 yarder up middle that goalie dives to save wide right of net.
62 min...Sigma player's cross from 25 yards on right has Sigma Espin head ball away from net from 5 yards and Sigma Zajac takes 12 yard shot that deflects off defender for cornerkick.
63 min...WS player's cornerkick from left has WS player on left shoot wide left of net.
66 min...WS Esho rolls cross from 25 yards on far left but defender clears.
67 min...Sigma sub...Triantafillou replaces Espin.
67 min...Sigma Joseph 55 yard freeekick from right has goalie catch in front of crowd of players.
68 min...WS Munoz cornerkick from left has WS Andoh not quite able to turn header.
69 min...WS Munoz cornerkick from right has Sigma Holdridge head ball away for cornerkick from left.
70 min...Sigma Brar rolls 45 yard freekick from right but play is broken up.
71 min...WS Munoz 40 yard freekick from right has defender head ball away at 22 yards.
72 min...WS Bygrave is injured at WS 35 yard line.
73 min...Sigma goalie boots away clearance ahead of charging WS Esho.
73 min...Sigma Zajac inward bends 25 yarder just wide right of post.
74 min...WS YELLOW card...Parolini earns it for check at WS 50 yard line.
75 min...Sigma Holdridge 55 yard freekick from left is caught by goalie wide right of net.
76 min...WS Emmanuel Esho GOAL...WS Christian Cavallini at 45 yard in middle pass to WS Jonathan Parolini on right and his cross from 20 yards has charging Esho leap and head 7 yarder down middle into right side of net.
77 min...WS goalie Matt George trips up a Sigma player on the right end line. Referee Ramee Arbaji signals for a Penalty kick.
78 min...Sigma Marcel Zajac GOAL...Zajac blasts Penalty kick low to right corner of net beyond diving goalie.
79 min...WS YELLOW card...Munoz earns it for mouthing off after play resumed.
79 min...WS Cavallini blasts 25 yarder well over net when centered high cross from right.
82 min...WS Esho 25 yard shot down middle has goalie bat away just under bar.
83 min...WS Emmanuel Esho GOAL...WS Stefano Voci from 40 yards in middle passes over to Esho on right and from 25 yards he chips goalie Corey Marques at 15 yards and ball is into left side of net.
85 min...Sigma sub...Jaggarnath replaces Joseph.
88 min...Sigma Jaggarnath rush down left from 65 yards but retreating WS Andoh checks him off ball at 20 yards.
89 min...Sigma sub...Samaniego replaces Thomas.
90 min...Sigma Brar can't win Penalty kick on check on left endline on squeeze play.
90 min...Sigma Samaniego 35 yard freekick down middle has WS goalie and Sigma Holdridge injured in crash for ball at 10 yards even with post while both leaping for ball.
93 min...WS Esho wins throw-in holding off two defenders near right cornerflag.
95 min...WS Cavallini run down middle and 20 yard shot down middle has goalie block and ball bounces up and back to him and he heads ball forward and WS Esho is called offside at 6 yards.
*97 min...game ends 10:51pm.

Final Score:.......Woodbridge Strikers........3........Sigma FC........2.......

*Six minutes of added time announced—mostly because of the injury to Sigma's Lucas Ferrito who was down for five minutes and needed to be helped to limp of the field by the trainer and team captain. More time was added when at 90 minutes Sigma Jesse Samaniego took a 35 yard freekick down the middle that had the WS goalie and Sigma Nolan Holdridge injured in a crash for the ball at 10 yards. A minute before Sigma couldn't win a Penalty kick when Manvir Brar was checked on the left end line just while inside the box.

Attendance was about 60 for this rescheduled game. Holding this midweek and at such a late starting time meant there were no schoolchildren except the ball boys.

Referee Ramee Arbaji gave out two Yellow cards (both to Woodbridge) in a game that was rough in places. Sigma goalie Corey Marques made an overhead catch at 44 minute on the right post and he backed into it on his landing and we could hear a loud clunk but he held onto the ball although was shaken up. Arbaji waved off about four questionable Penalty kicks when guys went down too easily. Woodbridge players had more instances of being called offside than Sigma.

This game had been postponed from Sunday August 9th because these teams met on that same day at the League 1 Ontario Cup Final that same day. That championship game was moved to the Ontario Soccer Centre about 1000 yards away. Strikers won that game 2-1.

Woodbridge stays in the race for the league title until at least this weekend as the only team that can catch Oakville Blue Devils. OBD have a record of 16 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses for 50 points and now Woodbridge closes to 13 wins, 1 draw, 4 losses for 43 points (1 game in hand). Woodbridge would have to 'win out' their three games to finish with 52 points and have OBD not win either of their two remaining games. They play at Durham United next Wednesday (another rescheduled game) and the next Sunday play Toronto FC Academy. Their postponed home game from July 19th against Windsor Stars has not yet been rescheduled. Last year's Woodbridge vs Windsor game at Vaughan Grove was never played and was the only game that went into the books as a forfeit. I don't expect that to happen this year if this game is needed to decide the title.

OBD faces Toronto FC Academy on Sunday at TFCA's home ground. It won't be easy as TFCA have won their last six games. OBD's last game is at home October 3rd against Pro Stars FC so that may be the week they win.

Sigma stays in fourth place tonight with a record that drops to 11 wins, 5 draws, 4 losses for 38 points.

Rocket Robin

Woodbridge Strikers starters

Sigma FC starters

Sigma Patricio Espin (10) and Jordan Kalonji (9) take opening kickoff.

midfield action

more midfield action

Strikers Joseph Jackson (24) and Christian Cavallini (10) take second half kickoff.

Sigma players set up freekick.

ball sent into Sigma box

Sigma Simon Triantafillou (16) takes throw-in.

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