Result and details of the Sunday September 6, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Woodbridge Strikers and Kingston Clippers played at Vaughan Grove in Woodbridge at 7:00pm.

Woodbridge Strikers (all blue, white numbers)

.....................23 Matt George
2 Jesse Andoh...4 Gabriel Sosa...5 Cameron Brooks...16 Darian Bygrave
7 Jonathan Parolini...6 Andrew Derayeh (cpt)...11 Emmanuel Esho...14 Adrian Gallo
............24 Joseph Jackson...9 Nicholas Chiarot

Subs:...1 Rocco Strazzella (gk)...3 Kyle Watson...8 Victor Munoz...10 Christian Cavallini...18 Farhad-Ali Raheemi
...19 Mikhail Farquharson
team officials:...team head coach Peter Pinizzoto...assistant coach Sam Medeiros...manager John Scarlato
...equipment manager Eric Mokri...therapist Kevin Halford

Kingston Clippers (yellow socks and shirts, blue shorts and numbers, white shoulders)

.......................1 Navi Sidhu
15 Odaine Demar...14 Austin White...6 Scott Hoogkamp...12 Rafa Rodriquez
16 Adrian Soyic...19 Andrew Whiteman...18 Taylor Nelson...4 Eric Koskins...11 Joel Zelt
......................10 Branden Raymond

Subs:...20 Nick Varey...13 Damon Matos...8 Henry Standage...10 Branden Raymond...5 Santiago Rivera...17 Grant Cole
team officials:...head coach Chris Eveleigh...team official Mark Raymond

Game officials:...referee Alexis Vaughan...referee's assistants Brian Butler and Marc Henoud...fourth official Jay Thomas
(all black uniforms)

1st Half:...game starts 7:02pm...WS defends south end on this hot and humid eveing with a hazy sun setting inthe north west.
3 min...KC Hoogkamp 60 yard freekick cross from left finds KC Whiteman in middle who sends 30 yard skyball that goalie catches wide left of net.
5 min...KC defender at 8 yards on left heads away high cross from right 22 yards on right to prevent WS Chiarot getting to it.
6 min...WS Jackson pops header from 12 yards high and left of net.
7 min...WS Andoh cross from 25 yards near right end line drifts behind net.
11 min...WS Bygrave feeds through ball pass from 30 yards on left too far forward for WS Jackson and goalie picks up ball at 15 yards.
15 min...WS Esho rolls pass forward from 35 yards to WS Parolini who shoots from 15 yards on left.
16 min...WS Gallo rolls through ball pass to WS Chiarot who has 12 yard shot deflected over net by sliding defender.
17 min...WS Gallo cornerkick from left has defender on left pop up header out right side of box.
20 min...WS Bygrave 28 yard low chip forward too far for sliding WS Parolini at 12 yards and goalie picks up on bounce.
21 min...KC goalie slides forward to smother ahead of WS Parolini at 12 yards on right.
22 min...WS Gallo is tapped back pass and rolls 25 yarder betweeen players which goalie smothers.
27 min...KC Demar 55 yard freekick from right has KC White pop header from 15 yards on left wide left of net.
28 min...WS Bygrave pass from 22 yards on left that bounces through players and diving goalie pushes wide right of post. WS Andoh has 8 yard shot partially blocked and Bygrave blasts off-balance 12 yard shot from left high and wide right of net.
28 min...the referee calls a water break.
32 min...WS Gallo rolls 22 yard freekick from right end line rolls through 6 yard box and defender clears while even with left post.
35 min...WS Gallo 35 yard freekick is tapped forward to WS Sosa who blasts shot into player wall.
35 min...WS Jackson 15 yard shot is saved by goalie at 6 yards on sprawling save.
36 min...KC Zelt rush down right and 18 yard shot has goalie block on sliding save at 14 yards.
38 min...WS Parolini from 35 yard line on right cuts towards middle and shoots 35 yarder over net.
42 min...WS Sosa 60 yard chip from right is over players and has goalie catch on right post.
43 min...WS YELLOW card...Gallo earns it for pulling down KC Soyic on run to center line.
44 min...WS goalie calls to catch bouncer wide right of net from KC Hoogkamp 60 yard freekick that defender pop up on header.
45 min...WS Sosa 50 yard freekick is headed around box by WS players until called offside.
47 min...half ends 7:49pm.

2nd Half:...starts 8:05pm.
48 min...WS Esho can't win Penalty kick on left side of box. Referee warns WS Chiarot for protesting but gives him no card.
50 min...KC White 55 yard freekick from right has goalie catch at 15 yards.
53 min...WS Derayeh receives pass on left but pushes ball over end line.
54 min...WS sub...Munoz receives Esho.
........WS sub...Farquharson replaces Gallo.
55 min...WS Munoz cornerkick from right has defenders head ball out left side of box.
56 min...WS Parolini long throw-in from right corner flag has WS Jackson pop up header across box but goalie catches on left post.
58 min...WS Derayeh taps pass to left and WS Munoz shoots 22 yarder well over net.
59 min...WS Andoh sends in pass from 50 yards on left and WS Jackson taps back pass and WS Chiarot blasts 20 yard shot well high and wide right.
62 min...WS Munoz low 20 yard shot from left is off target.
63 min...KC Demar 40 yard chip freekick is caught by goalie.
64 min...WS palyer's long run up left wing from own side of half including eluding sliding defender and low cross from 15 yards near left end line is over sliding goalie and through 6 yard box and WS Farquharson at 10 yards on right bends shot just wide right of top corner of net.
66 min...WS Munoz runs to left end line and pushes ball over line when trying to deke goalie.
66 min...WS Jackson rush on left and blasts 20 yard shot over net.
68 min...WS sub...Watson replaces Parolini.
68 min...KC Soyic 40 yard freekick from right has leaping KC White head 15 yarder from left wide left of net.
71 min...WS Munoz 30 yard freekick from right sideline has defender knock ball for freekick.
72 min...WS Munoz cornerkick from right has WS Bygrave get off balance header wide left from 12 yards.
72 min...KC sub...Matos replaces Raymond.
73 min...WS Munoz 45 yard freekick from left has WS Jackson leap in crowd of players head 12 yarder downward and goalie catches on bounce.
74 min...referee calls a water break.
78 min...WS Bygrave chips pass from 25 yards on right but no WS player has made run for it.
79 min...Woodbridge Darian Bygrave GOAL...WS Mikhail Farquharson low cross from 22 yards on right is into box and deflects off defender and WS Andrew Derayeh blasts a low shot from 15 yards up the middle that tips off defender and rolls forward for Bygrave to shoot 6 yarder from even with right post into upper half near right corner of net over sliding KC Austin White with fallen goalie Navi Sidhu trapped in the center.
81 min...WS Jackson makes cross from 15 yards on right and WS Chiarot slides but can't redirect ball from 7 yards on left.
85 min...KC sub...Standage replaces Soyic.
88 min...KC sub...Cole replaces Zelt.
88 min...WS Munoz is bumped on run into right side of box and rolls ball forward for KC goalie to pick up.
90 min...WS YELLOW card...Derayeh earns it for pushing KC player at KC 50 yard line.
90 min...KC sub...Rivera replaces Whiteman.
91 min...WS Bygrave chips 15 yarder behind goalie but retreating WS Koskins clears from the line.
92 min...KC YELLOW card...Standage earns it for pulling down WS Bygrave at KC 45 yard line.
93 min...KC Demar eludes two sliding tackle on left but on reslide pokes ball away.
94 min...KC goalie 70 yard chip bounces toa goalie charging to 15 yard line.
95 min...WS Bygrave rolls pass to WS Jackson who blasts 18 yard shot over net and back fence.
95 min...game ends 8:55pm.

Final Score:........Woodbridge Strikers..........1........Kingston Clippers.......0.......

Attendance was around 50 on this hot and humid evening. Although it is a holiday weekend there were no children in the crowd.

Strikers held a wide possession and territorial advantage through most of the game. Their problem was they missed about a dozen chances and the game was never safe as the Clippers always had the chance to tie. Thats sounds a lot like the Canada vs Belize national team game on Friday.

Matt George earned the shutout for the Strikers without having much to do except come forward to break up the odd through ball pass and catch a few crosses. That also compares with the Canada vs Belize game with Canadian goalie Kenny Stamatopoulos having even less to do.

Referee Alexis Vaughan gave out only three Yellow cards tonight (two to Woodbridge) in a game that never got rough. She also scheduled a water break in each half. Clippers were caught offside about three times late in the game when they were pressing.

Best non-scoring chances were at 16 minutes when WS Adrian Gallo rolled a through ball pass to WS Nicholas Chiarot who has his 12 yard shot deflected over the net by a retreating, sliding defender. 28 minutes had WS Darian Bygrave pass from 22 yards on the left that somehow bounced between players and the diving goalie pushed the ball wide right of the post and WS Jesse Andoh took an 8 yard shot that was partially blocked and Bygrave blasted an off balance 12 yard shot from the left high and wide right of the net. 35 minutes and WS Joseph Jackson had a 15 yard shot stopped by the diving goalie at 6 yards on a sprawling save. 66 minutes had WS Victor Munoz run to the left end line but he pushed the ball out of play as he was trying to deke the goalie. 73 minutes had WS Munoz take a 45 yard freekick from the left that had WS Jackson leap in a crowd of players and head a 12 yarder downward that the goalie caught on the bounce. Injury time had a WS player chip a 15 yard shot behind the goalie but the retreating KC Eric Koskins got back to clear the ball off the line.

The win vaults Woodbridge from sixth place to a tie for fourth with one game in hand on Sigma FC who have the same mumber of points. Their record improves to 11 wins, 1 draw, and 4 losses for 34 points. This has been a very productive weekend for them as they won 2-0 on the road against Vaughan Azzurri on Friday night. Strikers have games in hand on all the teams above them.

Kingston's record falls to 3 wins, 5 draws, and 11 losses for 14 points and they stay in tenth in the twelve team league. They have a return trip of three hours home in the same yellow schoolbus that they had earlier in the year. Well, no school tomorrow on Labour Day.

This game was recorded by Rogers Television and will be broadcast on Monday night at 7:00pm on the local community channel in Vaughan. This stadium is about six blocks north of the border of Toronto so it won't be shown there. It is however also being shown on the Rogers TV Sports channel 369 so I will be able to watch it afterall and it will make a nice change from the 20 hours of test pattern usually shown. It will also be interesting to see if the halftime interview with the commentator and Strikers goalie Matt George will be heard. The PA guy must have turned the volume of the canned music down from '11' to '10' on his dial. Well if the interview started one song earlier we have heard a song with the lyrics something like "my girlfriend's a stripper".

Rocket Robin

Woodbridge Strikers starters

Kingston Clippers starters

Clippers Branden Raymond (10) takes opening kickoff.

Strikers Darian Bygrave (16) throw-in.

Strikers Nicholas Chiarot (9) check from behind on Clippers Adrian Soyic (16).

Strikers Gabriel Sosa (4) and Adrian Gallo (14) line up freekick.

Strikers Emmanuel Esho (11) and Joseph Jackson (24) take second half kickoff.

Strikers Emmanuel Esho (11) pops up Strikers Jesse Andoh's (2) throw-in.

Clippers Odaine Demar (15) runs down wing.

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