Result of the Sunday August 16, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Woodbridge Strikers and ANB Futbol played at Vaughan Grove in Woodbridge at 7:00pm.

Woodbridge Strikers (all blue, white numbers)

....................23 Matt George
2 Jesse Andoh...4 Gabriel Sosa...5 Cameron Brooks...16 Darian Bygrave
7 Jonathan Parolini...6 Andrew Derayeh (cpt)...14 Adrian Gallo...8 Nicholas Chiarot
..............24 Joseph Jackson...10 Christian Cavallini

Subs:...1 Eugenio Garro (gk)...3 Joshua Kiseiyov...11 Joshua Paredes-Procter...19 Damion Graham...20 Luca Baldassarre
team officials:...team head coach Peter Pinizzoto...assistant coach Sam Medeiros...manager John Scarlato...equipment manager Eric Mokri
...therapist Kevin Halford

ANB Futbol (white socks and shirts, blue shorts and numbers)

.....................1 Adam Hewitt
33 Patricio Gonzalez...30 Dan Manolache...2 Shiquan Lowe...4 Moshee Kelyana
10 Brandon Mills...14 Oladapo Afolayan...13 Daniel Iannacito...7 Belrum Vartanian
................22 Adonijah Reid...9 Jason Mills (cpt)

Subs:...12 Noah Ryan (gk)...5 Mansoor Afzaly...8 Petros Vasilos...27 David Bertolo...87 Malik Smith
...46 Zulfikar Karimi...11 Cody Green
team officials:...head coach Bassam Naim...team officials Wayne Mills, Marcelo Almeida, Matthew Sposito, and Daena Moulton

Game officials:...referee Jeff Fearnall...referee's assistants Adam Devenyi and John Lueser, fourth official Anthony D'Ambro
...(teal shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 7:03pm...WS defends south end on this hot and humid evening with a bright sun in the north west.
3 min...ANB Afolayan rush iup middle and blasts 15 yard shot on left over bar.
4 min...WS Derayeh blasts 30 yard shot up middle that goalie catches on bounce.
5 min...WS Jackson blasts 30 yard shot over net.
5 min...ANB Iannacito low cross from right along 15 yard line has ANB Reid have his shot blocked by fallen defender, he rolls ball back to ANB Jason Mills whose low 22 yard shot is pushed over net by goalie on his knees.
6 min...ANB Reid cornerkick from left has goalie punch ball away at 8 yards.
7 min...WS Parolini rush to right end line and crosses over box.
8 min...ANB Iannacito receives dropped pass and his 25 yard shot up middle is wide right of net.
9 min...WS goalie charges to edge of box to catch 40 yard chipped shot from right.
10 min...WS Gallo cornerkick from right is cleared by nearest defender.
11 min...WS Gallo cornerkick from right has WS player in crowd of players at 10 yards pop header over net.
12 min...WS Bygrave cross from 40 yards on left is over WS player and wide right for goalkick.
12 min...ANB Kelyana 40 yard shot from left is caught by goalie on bounce.
13 min...WS Jackson wins cornerkick on left charging to keep through ball in play and tips it off goalie.
14 min...WS Gallo cornerkick from left is headed away by defender near left post.
18 min...WS Chiarot charges to ball and blasts 15 yard shot that goalie pushes wide of net.
19 min...WS player's short cornerkick from left is eventually crossed and WS Sosa blasts shot from 15 yards on far right well over net.
22 min...ANB Jason Mills has shot attempt blocked but rushes behind defender and blast slow 15 yard cross through 6 yard box that's unplayed.
23 min...a water break is called.
25 min...WS player blasts 25 yarder along right endline well over net.
25 min...ANB sub...Smith replaces Manolache.
26 min...WS Parolini gets shot from 25 yard blocked then he shanks rebound chip that's headed away on right.
29 min...ANB Daniel Iannacito GOAL...Iannacito takes 25 yard freekick up the middle and has ball bend and hit the inside of the left post beyond flying goalie.
31 min...WS Chiarot leaps and heads 10 yarder from left wide right and WS Jackson can't keep ball in play.
32 min...WS Chiarot is touched pass after long throw-in and blasts 25 yard shot well over net.
34 min...ANB Jason Mills rolls ball forward and goalie slides to 10 yards to smother before ANB Reid can get to it.
36 min...WS Derayeh 45 yard chip from right has WS Jackson not able to make play.
37 min...WS Jackson rolls through ball pass to WS Chiarot who runs in from 35 yards up middle and 25 yard shot has sliding goalie deflect ball up and defender heads away and dribbles out of box.
39 min...WS Sosa rush on 3 on 3 but chips 50 yard shot from right wide right of net.
43 min...WS Parolini slides to break up ANB Jason Mills to ANB Reid pass play at 15 yards on their rush.
45 min...ANB YELLOW card...Jason Mills earns it for kicking ball away to delay WS freekick.
46 min...WS Sosa 50 yard freekick has goalie leap to punch ball away.
47 min...half ends 7:50pm.

2nd Half:...starts 8:06pm...the sun is now below the tree line.
47 min...ANB Vartanian wins another cornerkick on short worked in cornerkick from left.
48 min...ANB players work out short cornerkick from left and ANB Iannacito chips ball forward from 22 yards and goalie slides to left to smother it.
48 min...ANB Iannacito low 30 yard shot from right is between players and wide left.
49 min...WS Derayeh 30 yard high shot from left is wide right for goalkick.
52 min...WS sub...Paredes-Procter replaces Gallo.
53 min...WS Bygrave 40 yard freekick from left has WS Chiarot flick 15 yard header from left and WS Andoh on right end line crosses over box.
55 min...WS Chiarot pops 12 yard header down middle that lands on top of net on cross from left.
56 min...WS player's run up left and rolls cross from 22 yards into box and another WS player's shot from 15 yards is blocked. WS Jackson 18 yard rebound is saved by defender.
56 min...ANB Vartanian at 25 yards on left shoots wide right of net.
57 min...ANB Iannacito freekick from 28 yards on left is wide right for goalkick.
59 min...WS sub...Graham replaces Parolini.
63 min...WS Sosa 50 yard freekick from right has goalie punch ball away wide left of goal for throw-in.
65 min...WS Gabriel Sosa takes 50 yard cross from right and WS Nicholas Chiarot wins a penalty kick just inside the box when upended by a sliding defender.
65 min...WS Gabriel Sosa blasts a low Penalty kick up the middle and the sprawling goalie Adam Hewitt stops and Sosa charges forward and shoots a 10 yard rebound that Hewitt is able to push away on the right side of net and the defenders clear.
68 min...ANB YELLOW card...Smith earns it for pulling down WS player just outside box.
69 min...WS Paredes-Procter 25 yard freekick from right is low and blocked in player wall.
70 min...WS sub...Baldassarre replaces Derayeh.
70 min...a water break is called that lasts next two minutes.
.........WS sub...Keseiyov replaces Andoh.
.........ANB sub...Afzaly replaces Afolayan.
72 min...WS Graham 28 yard freekick from right has defender clear on left.
74 min...ANB goalie runs out to right 28 yards to clear ball before WS Baldassarre can get to it.
75 min...WS Chiarot cornerkick from left is out and WS player shoots 30 yarder from left is wide right of net.
76 min...ANB Reid gets to ball and shoots low 25 yarder that sliding goalie stops at 15 yards and defenders clear.
77 min...WS sub...Garro replaces someone. Garro the back up goalie pulls on the #18 jersey and plays as an outfield player.
77 min...WS Garro low cross fromright has defender clear.
78 min...ANB YELLOW card...Kelyana earns it for pulling down WS Garro.
78 min...WS Paredes-Procter 25 yard freekick from right has defender head ball away in box. Paredes-Procter eventually gets ball back and cross has defender pop up ball for goalie to catch.
79 min...ANB Adonijah Reid GOAL...ANB goalie Adam Hewitt catches a pop up header by a defender and throws the ball from his box to the halfway line where Reid is waiting near the right sideline. Reid steps around the defender to run for the ball and keeps a step ahead of him as he runs down the right. He gets to almost the end line stops and the defender's momentum causes him to run right by and Reid blasts a 20 yard shot from a sharp angle into the top left corner of the net.
82 min...ANB Belrum Vartanian GOAL...ANB Daniel Iannacito cornerkick from the left is upfield to ANB Moshee Kelyana on the left who rolls it back and Iannacito who crosses from 28 yards on the left and a charging Vartanian heads in 10 yarder from the right into the left side of net.
84 min...WS Paredes-Procter 45 yard freekick from left has WS Baldassarre at 18 yards checked off ball.
85 min...ANB Iannacito is injured at ANB 30 yard line.
86 min...ANB sub...Karimi replaces injured Iannacito.
87 min...ANB Vartanian wins cornerkick on tip of cross along end line.
87 min...ANB players work out short cornerkick from left and ANB Karimi shoots 28 yarder from left wide left of net.
88 min...ANB Vartanian rolls diagonal ball from 40 yards on left and ANB Jason Mills steps in middle around defender to shoot 28 yarder wide left of net.
89 min...ANB Adonijah Reid steals the ball off WS Cameron Brooks and wins a Penalty kick when pulled down from behind by Brooks just inside the right side of box.
90 min...ANB Adonijah Reid blasts Penalty kick to left that diving goalie pushes wide left of post.
92 min...WS Darian Bygrave crosses a shot into the ANB box and WS Luca Baldassarre wins a Penalty kick when he's body checked in the box.
93 min...WS Christian Cavallini GOAL...Cavallini blasts low Penalty kick to slight left of center as goalie dives right.
93 min...game is called before a restart at 8:54pm.

Final Score:.......Woodbridge Strikers........1.........ANB Futbol........3......

Attendance was about 100 on this hot and humid evening with a bright sun in the north west until it set behind the trees before the second half started.

Referee Jeff Fearnall called a water break at 23 and 70 minutes. He gave out three Yellow cards that I counted—all to ANB players.

Strikers really piled on the pressure after the first goal and ANB goalie Adam Hewitt had to be sharp to hold on to the lead. His saving the Penalty kick at 65 minutes was crucial. The goal by Adonijah Reid appeared to stun them (and even drew "wows" from the mostly pro-Strikers crowd). The third goal within three minutes killed off the game.

I tipped off Adonijah Reid before the warmups that Joey Cicchillo had scored three goals this afternoon to close in on this scoring lead. I asked what day this month was his birthday—it was the 13th. He turned 16! The league website has all players not specifically DOB listed as defaulting to October 1, 2014. So now we know--August 13th, 1999. He scored once (his 18th) to pull two goals up on Joey C but missed the Penalty kick. Reid the high schooler has more chance of winning the title I think as Cicchillo has commitments to York University whose season starts at the end of this week.

It was the first time I remember not seeing all the Mills brothers (Jason, Jahsua and Brandon) playing together with ANB (except when suspended). I was answered that Jahsua was 'in Europe' so we'll see how that turns out.

Woodbridge's record falls to 7 wins, 1 draw, 4 losses for 22 points and sixth place in the twelve team league. They had enough games in hand at the beginning of the week to win out and climb to first place but they lost to Toronto FC Academy on Wednesday night to trip them up. They had won last Sunday night in the League 1 Ontario Cup Final. After the game I asked head coach Peter Pinizzoto whether three games in seven days was too much for the team but his answer was he doesn't like to make excuses. Even he called over Adonijah Reed to shake his hand and comment on the goal as players made their way to the locker rooms.

ANB's record improves to 9 wins, 3 draws, 3 losses for 30 points and they move up to fourth place ahead of Durham United but no further as the other top teams also won over the weekend.

Out in the parking lot I said to a club official or parent wearing an ANB club jacket. "My car is older than your #22!" He looked my car over and I filled him in that it's a 1995 Dodge Spirit. "But it still runs though" he said. Then he jumped to the punch line before me "...and so does Adonijah (Reid)!".

Rocket Robin

Woodbridge Strikers starters

ANB Futbol starters

WS Christian Cavallini (10) and Joseph Jackson (24) take opening kickoff.

ANB Patricio Gonzalez (33) rushes up wing.

ANB Jason Mills (9) with ball as ANB Adonijah Reid (22) runs forward waiting for pass.

WS Darian Bygrave (16) rushes to ball on wing.

ANB Adonijah Reid (22) and Jason Mills (9) take second half kickoff.

WS Gabriel Sosa (4) will have his Penalty kick saved.

WS Christian Cavallini (10) has just scored on this injury time Penalty kick.

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