Result and details of the Saturday August 15, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Pro Stars SA and Toronto FC Academy played at Victoria Park Stadium in Brampton at 7:00pm.

Pro Stars SA (all blue, white numbers)

...................1 Philip Borowski
2 Rachaun Palmer...4 Alexander Ryan...3 Jefferey Valcius...5 Nicholas Theobald
9 Mujtaba Ameen...8 Thomas Winski (cpt)...6 Jerome Lothian...7 Zachary Gowlett...11 Dylan Mickallef
......................10 Leaford Allen

Subs:...21 Karvannathasan Virthuran (gk)...12 Luke Mellon...13 Matthew McVarish...14 Jacques Seegmuller...15 Charles Jia
...16 Michael Jai...17 Matthew Rosolin
team officials:...team head coach Josef Komlodi...assistant coaches Gabriel Pop, Peter Mellon, and Wayne Wright
...managers Jean-Pierre Boue and Sherry Youssef

Toronto FC Academy (all red, white numbers)

......................50 Filippo Di Bennardo
7 Steven Furlano (cpt)...4 Nikola Stakic...16 Klaidi Cela...5 Jordan Johnson
.........21 Matthew Srbely...13 Aidan Daniels...11 Richie Ennin
.........10 Tristan Borges...24 Reshon Phillip...15 Cyrus Rollocks

Subs:...40 Nikita Degtyar (gk)...6 Thomas Mickoski...8 Nicholas Osorio...17 Andrew Dias...18 Alexander Zis
...20 Marc Gallo...25 Kevin Timachy
team officials:...team head coach Stuart Neely...coach Rick Titus...manager Mairin Scannell

Game officials:...referee Geoff Gamble...referee Joe D'Onofrio and Jason Olinski...fourth official Zac Taylor
...(teal shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 7:02pm...PS defenders east end on this hot evening with the sun setting in the north west. The scoreboard is working this game (well at least the first 59 minutes).
1 min...PS Ameen runs to left and cuts shot from 25 yards that is stopped.
2 min...PS Mickallef blasts 28 yard shot from left well over net after receiving pass from right sideline.
3 min...PS Ameen passes ball forward and PS Allen quick shot up middle from 22 yards has goalie dive left to make easy save.
5 min...TFCA Borges cornerkick from right is short and almost cleared but pass to TFCA Stakic on left is flagged offside.
6 min...PS Winski pushes pass forward and PS Theobald pushes by defender and 18 yard shot is saved by goalie.
7 min...TFCA Rollocks rush on left and shoots low to right just wide of post.
10 min...PS Gowlett on left centers pass to PS Winski who has 15 yard shot blocked by sliding TFCA Johnson tipped for cornerkick.
10 min...PS Winski cornerkick from right is over players in box.
13 min...TFCA Ennin cross from 22 yards on far right has defender head ball away at 7 yard in middle.
14 min...TFCA Ennin just misses connnecting while sliding at 5 yards up middle.
15 min...TFCA Phillip 20 yard blast from right is over net.
17 min...TFCA Ennin cross from 22 yards onright is over box.
19 min...TFCA Borges low 25 yard blast up middle is saved by goalie on right post and TFCA Ennin runs in for rebound but is called offside.
21 min...TFCA Borges passes forward and to right from 30 yards and goalie beats TFCA Ennin to pick up ball.
22 min...TFCA Furlano cross from 25 yards on right is caught by goalie.
24 min...PS Allen is fed ball up middle from left and runs to right to cut in shot wide left of net.
25 min...TFCA Phillip chips 12 yarder from right after run wide left that's caught by goalie.
25 min...PS Allen rush down right gets by defender to shoot 20 yarder well over net.
27 min...TFCA Tristan Borges GOAL...Borges is tapped back a pass by the prone TFCA Aidan Daniels who was on his side on the ground and blasts a 25 yarder up the middle into the top left corner of the net beyond reach of Philip Borowski.
30 min...TFCA Phillip cross from 25 yards on right has goalie bats down and grabs ball.
32 min...PS Winski 35 yard freekick is low into player wall and play is whistled down.
33 min...PS Winski 35 yard freekick from left has goalie palm over net from top left corner.
34 min...PS Winski cornerkick from left has goalie punch ball forward.
36 min...TFCA Borges 40 yard freeekick from right bounces to goalie.
36 min...PS Allen outmuscles defender and 15 yard shot blocked by goalie on right post and defenders clear.
37 min...TFCA Srbely is rolled pass and blasts 35 yard shot down middle well over net and back fence.
38 min...TFCA Ennin runs to right end line and cross through 6 yard box is unplayed.
38 min...TFCA Borges wins ball on left and cross through box unplayed.
39 min...TFCA Borges low 35 yard freekick from right is blocked and cleared in player wall.
40 min...PS goalie runs to edge of box to beat TFCA Rollocks to pick up through ball pass.
42 min...PS Thomas Winski takes a long throw-in from the TFCA 45 yard line down the wing to Leaford Allen who turns and charges from 25 yards on the right over to the center and a TFCA player flips him over on a waist high tackle in the box as he cut to the middle. Referee Geoff Gamble awards PS a Penalty kick.
43 min...PS Thomas Winski GOAL...Winski blasts a low Penalty kick down the middle as goalie Filippo Di Bennardo dives to the right.
45 min...half ends 7:47pm.

2nd Half:...starts 8:02pm...the sun is now below the tree line.
halftime subs:...TFCA Timachy replaces Johnson.
.................TFCA Dias replaces Furlano...Stakic now becomes captain.
45 min...TFCA Ennin rolls cross from 12 yards on far right is through 6 yard box and first TFCA player in middle misses and next player at 5 yards on left post has shot blocked by sprawling goalie.
47 min...PS Allen is called offside again on through ball pass the same as the first half.
49 min...PS defender chests ball down on left post to clear cross from left.
50 min...TFCA Ennin pushes ball too far forward from 30 yards on left and goalie charges forward to smother.
53 min...TFCA Cyrus Rollocks GOAL...TFCA Tristan Borges takes 40 yard freekick from the right that the goalie punches away in crowd of players in box. There are no PS players challenging after that and TFCA players work the ball towards goal and TFCA Borges passes forward for Rollocks to take a low 15 yard shot from the left to the right side of the net beyond the diving goalie.
54 min...PS Winski cornerkick from left has ball cleared in box.
56 min...PS Winski cornerkick from left has goalie leap to catch before PS Allen on right post can head ball in.
58 min...TFCA Dias rush down left sideline and 25 yard shot is well wide left.
58:59 min...the scoreboard clock stops (all further times are converted from my wristwatch).
59 min...PS Winski 40 yard freekick has goalie leap and drop ball and PS Gowlett misses open net on partial whiff on right at 7 yards behind goalie and defender clears off head of PS player and wide left for goalkick.
62 min...PS Allen fed pass and low 25 yard shot is pushed wide right by diving goalie.
62 min...PS Gowlett cornerkick from right is caught by goalie.
63 min...TFCA player wins cornerkick on deflection of 20 yard shot that dips and hits outside of right post.
64 min...TFCA Borges cornerkick from right has TFCA Stakic flying header over net from 6 yards on left post.
65 min...TFCA Cyrus Rollocks GOAL...TFCA Aidan Daniels passed the ball to Rollocks who after a short dribble on the left took a low shot from 12 yards from the left into the middle of the net. PS Thomas Winski had been injured earlier in the play upfield.
68 min...PS sub...Jai replaces injured Winski.
69 min...TFCA Timachy 30 yard shot from left is high over net.
70 min...PS sub...Seegmuller replaces Gowlett.
71 min...TFCA Rollocks shoots wide right from 20 yards on left.
72 min...PS Allen rush on left to ball and rounds goalie but on left end line crosses from 10 yards over players in box.
73 min...PS goalie smothers TFCA player's 25 yard cross from left.
74 min...PS Ameen 30 yard cross from right has goalie catch ball between crowd of players in box.
76 min...PS Palmer cross from near right cornerflag has ball partially deflect off defender and PS Jai blasts 25 yarder down middle over net.
77 min...TFCA Rollocks or Ennin takes low 20 yard shot from left has goalie save on left post.
79 min...TFCA sub...Zis replaces Borges...actually PS Allen ran to the sidelines as he through he was being subbed off.
80 min...PS sub...Jia replaces Ameen.
82 min...TFCA sub...Osorio replaces Srbely.
83 min...TFCA Zis cornerkick from right is cleared and TFCA Osorio blasts 30 yarder over net.
86 min...PS sub...McVarish replaces Lothian.
87 min...TFCA Dias 30 yard shot from left is high and wide left of net.
89 min...TFCA goalie runs out to 30 yards on right to clear through ball before PS Allen can get to it.
90 min...TFCA Ennin cross from left nearend line has ball bounce through box.
91 min...TFCA Zis 30 yard freekick from right has defender head ball away and clear.
93 min...TFCA sub...Mickoski replaces Rollocks.
93 min...game ends 8:50pm.

Final Score:.....Pro Stars SA.......1........Toronto FC...........3.......

Attendance was about 80 on this hot evening with the sun still coming out until it set below the tree line before the second half started.

Referee Geoff Gamble gave out no cards tonight that I noticed in a game that was wide open and pretty clean with just freekicks being given out except for the Penalty. All other falls/knockdowns in the box were waved off.

ProStars had Leaford Allen once again as their lone striker and he was called offside more times then he had shots on net. He was having a tough night as he ran over when he saw the sign board held up by the fourth official and realized it was #10 of TFCA who was leaving the match at 79 minutes. Teammate Zachary Gowlett missed a shot into the empty net at 59 minutes when the TFCA goalie dropped a freekick catch and he partly whiffed on the shot while behind the goalie which would have tied the game.

ProStars had too many incidents of guys standing around both offensively and in defence which even drew scorn from their own fans. Standing around! It was the team trainer and the referee (rather than a teammate) who helped Thomas Winski limp off the field after the third TFCA goal as the players appeared stunned by that goal.

TFCA team head coach Stuart Neely had raced over from the Toronto FC II game right after their 2-1 win over Richmond Kickers so he had quite a successful day.

Pro Stars record slips to 4 wins, 2 draws, 9 losses for 14 points and tied for ninth with Kingston who also lost today. TFCA record improves to 6 wins, 1 draw, 8 losses for 19 points and they climb to seventh place passing Windsor in the standings whose game last night was rained out. TFCA next two games are against Sanjaxx Lions and Master's FA who are the cellar dwellers so I look for a further climb in the table.

Victoria Park had their scoreboard working tonight for the first time this season that I've attended (my third game in 2015 at this stadium) but the clock froze at 58:59 and wouldn't advance further. Well back to wristwatch time for me.

Rocket Robin

Pro Stars Soccer Academy starters

Toronto FC Academy starters

TFCA Reshon Phillip (24) and Tristan Borges (10) take opening kickoff.

TFCA Matthew Srbely (21) rushes down middle.

TFCA Tristan Borges (10) blasts ball at center line.

PS Thomas Winski (8) takes freekick.

TFCA goalie Filippo Di Bennardo (50) palms that freekick just high and wide left of net.

PS Alexander Ryan (4) hidden behind two TFCA players) scores on this Penalty kick.

PS Leaford Allen (10) and Thomas Winski (8) take second half kickoff.

TFCA Tristan Borges (10) freekick is over one man wall.

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