Results and details of the Monday July 6, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Masters FA Saints and Kingston Clippers played at L'Amoreaux Park #1 in Scarborough at 6:30pm.

Masters FA Saints (all red, white numbers and shoulders)

....................99 Mark Kamstra (cpt)
.........11 Kamden Holder...5 Michael Bershov...9 Sam Gardner
16 Farzan Mirzazadeh...13 Ruben Dos Santos...19 Darryn Commissiong...14 Jude Alanwoko...17 Devante Brown
..............30 Alexander Dimitriu...20 Isaiah Page

Subs:...0 David Dipaolo (gk)...2 Erick Leal...3 Tyrell Rayne...6 Zachary Dimartino...8 Kamran Selehi
...10 Jean-Paul Ajala-Alexis...12 Kwame Miller
Players wearing #4 and #15 made appearances but they weren't listed on the game sheets. They may have been
among the subs listed or these players from the league site:...4 Alexander Flores...15 Kerith Coombs
team officials:...team head coach Junior Groves...assistant coach Andre Saveley...manager Jim Kamstra

Kingston Clippers (yellow socks and shirts, navy shorts and numbers, white trim)

.....................1 Navi Sidhu
12 Julian Piccioli...4 Austin White...14 Dylan Kirk...5 Kristian Zanette
8 Jordan Brooks...15 Andrew Martin...6 Maher Husseini...2 Adrian Rochford
............9 Ryan McCurdy...17 Eric Koskins

Subs:...20 Kyle Lanzinger (gk)...10 Joey Pineo...19 Chris Wellsman...18 Adrian Soyic...11 Pat Vanderhoist
team officials:...head coach Christian Hoefler...team officials...Chris Eveleigh, Rebecca Cowan, Brittany McLeen

Game officials:...referee Brian Butler...referee's assistants Ramee Arbaji and Afshin Behpour...fourth official Nicolas Piperno
...(teal shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 6:35pm...MFA defend south end on this hot early evening with a bright sun in the west.
3 min...KC Koskins rush on left from 20 yards and 10 yard shot is blocked by sliding goalie on left post at 6 yards.
3 min...KC Rochford gets to partially cleare cornerkick from left and 30 yard shot is between players and wide right of net.
5 min...Clippers Eric Koskins GOAL...Clippers Jordan Brooks cornerkick from left has Koskins run towards him from right and flicks header from 6 yards from left into top right corner of net.
6 min...KC goalie catches 22 yard shot from right.
8 min...KC Martin one-touch 22 yard shot up middle on from left is wide left.
10 min...KC Koskins cross from right is through box and KC Rochford 15 yard shot is tipped wide left by sliding defender at 8 yards.
10 min...MBA players break up short KC cornerkick from left.
12 min...MFA Page short cross from 28 yards on left to MFA Dimitriu charging forweard and his 15 yard shot from right is just a step ahead of MFA Brown charging to left post.
14 min...MFA Alanwoko is injured at MBA 50 yard line.
15 min...KC Koskins run to right end line and low cross from 20 yards is cleared by defender near right post.
16 min...MFA Alanwoko returns to game.
17 min...KC Brooks cuts towards middle from left and his 20 yard shot is wide right.
19 min...KC McCurdy rush on left and cuts in and 20 yard shot is blocked by goalie. KC Martin shoots 20 yard rebound that's caught by goalie.
.....MFA Alanwoko is injured again.
20 min...MFA Dimitriu is pushed through ball up middle at 30 yards and taps 12 yard shot wide right of post.
21 min...MFA sub...Miller replaces injured Alanwoko.
21 min...KC Brooks low cross from 25 yards on right has defender clear ball.
22 min...Saints Michaels Bershov pulls down Clippers Ryan McCurdy on right side of box. Referee Brian Butler awards Clippers Penalty kick.
23 min...Clippers Ryan McCurdy GOAL...McCurdy rolls Penalty kick just inside left post as goalie Mark Kamstra slumps to middle.
25 min...KC Koskins gets to ball at 15 yards and flicks shot wide left of net over sliding goalie.
26 min...MFA Miller rush up right and cross from 22 yards near end line is wide left.
28 min...MFA Dimitriu 30 yard freeekick on right has MFA Gardner wide left of net at 6 yards pop up header and both MFA Bershov and goalie miss ball and defender clears at 5 yards.
29 min...MFA YELLOW card...Mirzazadeh earns it for complaining about a call.
30 min...MFA goalie is out of box to clear through ball up the middle ahead of KC Martin.
31 min...KC Koskins cross from 20 yards on right has defenders clear in box.
33 min...KC Piccioli 35 yard freekick down middle has defender head ball away.
36 min...KC Piccioli cornerkick from right has KC Koskins on right leap and head 7 yarder is wide right.
37 min...MFA Brown cross from left at 25 yards along left end line has goalie drift to right post to catch.
....KC Husseini is injured in center circle and the teams take a water break.
42 min...KC Zanette cross from 25 yards on left is wide right for goalkick.
43 min...MFA Page pushes forward pass from 22 yards over end line on right as no one ran for it.
46 min...half ends 7:21pm.

2nd Half:...starts 7:39pm.
halftime sub:...KC Pineo replaces Kirk.
47 min...MFA YELLOW card...Dimitriu earns it for dissent at center line.
49 min...MFA Bershov 35 yard shot from left is over players and well high and wide right of net.
50 min...Saints Alexander Dimitriu GOAL...Dimitriu blocks clearance by defender at 28 yards, steps around him, and fires shot down middle into top left corner of net.
51 min...MFA Gardner blasts 35 yarder from left between players and goalie palms ball wide right of net.
52 min...MFA Miller breaks up middle and 18 yard low shot is blocked point blank by defender. MFA Page just misses kicking goalie's face off who crawled to smother ball.
53 min...KC YELLOW card...Zanette earns it for something; probably for complaining about last play.
53 min...MFA sub...#15 replaces Commissiong.
54 min...MFA Dimitriu low 30 yard freekick from right has charging MFA Page one-touch 15 yard shot just wide right of post.
55 min...KC player's low 20 yard shot up middle has diving goalie push ball wide left of post.
56 min...Clippers Eric Koskins GOAL...Clippers Julian Piccioli cornerkick from left has Clippers Ryan McCurdy head ball forward in crowd of players at 8 yards and Koskins heads 2 yarder just under bar.
57 min...KC Rochford dribbles between three defenders between 30 and 20 yard lines and his 12 yard shot on left is wide right of net.
60 min...KC Rochford cross from 20 yards on left has defender head ball away.
61 min...MFA YELLOW card...Gardner earns it for complaining about freekick call.
62 min...KC Piccioli 19 yard freekick up middle is just over net.
63 min...MFA sub...Ajala-Alexis replaces Brown.
63 min...KC Koskins receives pass from left and 20 yard shot up middle is wide right.
64 min...Clippers goalie Navi Sidhu knocks over Saints Kwame Miller in gives up Penalty kick.
.............KC YELLOW card...Sidhu earns it on last play.
65 min...Saints Sam Gardner GOAL...Gardner blasts Penalty kick to left side of goal about 4 feet up as goalie dives right.
65 min...MFA Ajala-Alexis low 20 yard shot has diving goalie save on right point.
66 min...KC Piccioli 30 yard freekick from right has defender head ball wide right of net.
67 min...KC players work out short cornerkick from left and cross into box has ball finally cleared by defender.
69 min...KC Koskins heads cross into dirt at 6 yards on right and defenders clear.
69 min...KC sub...Soyic replaces Husseini.
69 min...MFA Dimitriu rolls 20 yard shot from left that goalie blocks then picks up on left post.
70 min...MFA Page is injured on right edge of KC box on hip check but wins freekick call.
71 min...MFA Gardner 22 yard freekick from right has defender clear behind net.
72 min...MFA Gardner cornerkick from right is over players in box.
73 min...MFA Dimitriu 25 yard freekick from right is over players in box including leaping MFA player.
74 min...Clippers Ryan McCurdy GOAL...Clippers Austin White passes to Clippers Eric Koskins rolls pass to McCurdy from 30 yards on left and he runs forward and rolls 20 yarder up middle into right corner of net.
75 min...KC player is stood up twice by MFA Bershov trying to cut into MFA box.
76 min...MFA Mirzazadeh cross from 22 yards on right and KC goalie misses catching at 15 yards and two defenders head ball away.
77 min...MFA YELLOW card...Bershov earns it for complaining about KC being awarded a freekick at KC 50 yard line.
78 min...KC Soyic dekes guys on right and rolls ball across 6 yarder box and KC Zanette blasts wide left from 6 yards on left.
79 min...KC sub...Vanderhoist replaces Koskins.
79 min...MFA Dos Santos is injured at MFA 30 yard line. Players take a water break.
83 min...MFA Dimitriu rush on left and cross is too far forward at 25 yards and goalie picks up on right side of box.
84 min...MFA Dimitriu cornerkick from left has MFA Bershov leap and nod 5 yard header wide left.
85 min...Saints Michael Bershov GOAL...Bershov sends low 20 yard shot between players up middle into left corner of net.
86 min...MFA Zanette 60 yard punt from left is over players and wide right.
87 min...KC Pineo leaves field for blood on back of head after collision.
88 min...MFA Holder can't win handball call on two cross attempts.
89 min...MFA Page 22 yard chip is just over bar.
90 min...KC goalie leaps to beat MFA Mirzazadeh to through ball header at 5 yards right of net.
90 min...KC goalie catches ball on edge of box and holds onto it in crash with MFA player.
91 min...KC player's 20 yard freekick up mddle is just over bar.
91 min...KC McCurdy dribbles in on left and his 6 yard shot is stopped by sliding goalie on left post.
92 min...MFA sub...#4 replaces Mirzazadeh.
94 min...KC YELLOW card...McCurdy earns it for pushing over defender on MFA edge of box.
95 min...game ends 8:29pm.

Final Score:.....Master's FA Saints........3......Kingston Clippers......4.......

Attendance started at about 20 and filled to almost double that by the second half for this early evening game played on a hot sunny day. Both teams took advantage of injured players that needed a trainer to get in a water break in each half. A Clippers official said it was the Saints who requested the 6:30pm start and his players had to ask to get out early from work (I'd estimate a four hour drive away)...they only had five subs and one was a goalie.

This game was a Cup game in Group A. Vaughan Azzurri had already won one of the two spots in the three team group with a 4-0 home win over Masters and 4-1 road win against Kingston. That left one spot open with the winner taking the other spot. A tie would result in immediate Penalty kicks with the winner getting two points and the loser one point.

Neither team tonight were from the elite of the league. Masters have a record of 0 wins, 2 ties, 8 losses for last place in the 12 team league. I could see the frustration in the Saints forwards as they waited for service that never arrived. I had to confirm after the game with referee Brian Butler that all four of the Saints Yellow cards were for dissent! Just as much dissent from their officials on the bench.

Saints second half effort should be bottled and carried back into league play as it looks promising for them to get a win soon.

Clippers are ninth in league play with 2 wins, 3 ties, 5 losses. Since there are no playoffs in the league the chances are remote of winning the championship but a Cup win is possible. Oakville Blue Devils are runaway leaders for the Championship but are already squeezed out of Cup competition with the three Group B teams all finishing with 1 win, 1 loss records. So no double winners again this year!

The Clippers move on to the quarterfinals of the Cup competition. It will make the ride back to Kingston (4 hours) by one of those Yellow schoolbuses easier to take. Same as their early season trip to Toronto when I thought some officials said they'd have a coach (ie bus). Yes a charter bus would count. [Late news: I was assured by one of my Twitter followers that they took only 2.5 hours to get here and 2 hours to get back to Kingston.]

Rocket Robin

Master's FA Saints starters

Kingston Clippers starters

MFA Alexander Dimitriu (30) and Isaiah Page (20) take opening kickoff.

KC Austin White (4) looking to pass ball forward.

KC Andrew Martin gets through to race further upfield.

MFA freekick from right has just been popped up.

MFA players defend cornerkick from right.

KC Ryan McCurdy (9) and Eric Koskins (17) take second half kickoff.

KC Julian Piccioli (12) freekick is from just outside box.

MFA Sam Gardner (9) has just scored a Penalty kick goal.

transport for the Clippers.

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