Results and details of the Sunday June 21, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Toronto FC Academy and Durham United FC played at KIA Training Centre in Downsview at 2:15pm.

Toronto FC Academy (all black, gray numbers, red trim)

....................30 Brogan Engbers
8 Nicholas Osorio...7 Steven Furlano (cpt)...14 Robert Boskovic...17 Andrew Dias
.........13 Aidan Daniels...16 Klaidi Cela...21 Matthew Srbely
.........24 Rshn Phillip...15 Cyrus Rollocks...9 Malik Johnson

Subs:...40 Nikita Degtyar (gk)...3 Leonard Sohn...4 Nikola Stakic...5 Jordan Johnson...6 Thomas Mickoski
...11 Richie Ennin...18 Alexander Zis
team officials:...coach Michael Stefano...goalkeeping coach Alec Dufty

Durham United FC (yellow socks and shorts, yellow & black striped shirts, black numbers)

.....................1 Ben Cowman
15 Jordan Dover...5 Joe Zupo (cpt)...4 Hameez Farrell..12 Bruce Cullen
7 Christian Moncrieffe...8 Kristian Lee-him...17 Joseph Roccasalva...19 Marcus Lees
................18 Justin Gordon...9 Le Rohne Young

Subs:...00 Peter Katasaras (gk)...2 Shane Satar...10 Martinho Dumevski...6 Miguel Oliveira...14 Kashiff De Jonge
...16 Mark Tarazhi...3 Jacob Sooklal
team officials:...head coach Sanford Carabin...team officials Ron Clarke, Eugene Alves, Corrado Roccasalva,
Connor Schmitt, Dr Alex Hawkins

Game officials:...referee Ramee Arbaji...referee's assistants Afshin Behpour and Scott Decker...fourth official Ben Jacobs
...(teal shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 3:47pm...TFCA defends north end on this hot and breezy afternoon with a bright sun from the west.
6 min...DUFC Cullen 30 yard shot from left is high and wide left of net.
8 min...TFCA YELLOW card...Cela earns it on following play.
8 min...A DUFC player makes a short chip into box and TFCA Klaidi Cela pulls down DUFC Joseph Roccasalva at 10 yards. Referee Ramee Arbaji awards DUFC a Penalty kick and Yellow cards Cela.
9 min...Le Rohne Young shoots Penalty kick low to right and diving goalie Brogan Engbers dives to stop it and smothers rebound before DUFC Justin Gordon can get to it.
11 min...DUFC Cullen 30 yard freekick from right has ball deflect off defender at 6 yards and bounce back for goalie to grab.
16 min...DUFC Gordon can't win cornerkick when cross hits TFCA Dias and ball bounces back to Cullen at 15 yards on right end line.
18 min...TFCA Rollocks and Johnson work long rush upfield but pull themselves offside on last pass into DUFC box.
21 min...DUFC Cullen blasts partial clearance at 28 yards on left high and wide left of net.
23 min...DUFC Roccasalva recovers TFCA defender's whiff on a clearance attempt and turns round and 12 yard shot deflects off sliding goalie at 7 yards and TFCA Cela makes header at 2 yards to concede cornerkick.
24 min...DUFC Roccasalva cornerkick from right has DUFC player pop up header and defender boot ball away.
25 min...TFCA defender concedes cornerkick on DUFC Roccasalva shot in box.
25 min...DUFC Roccasalva cornerkick from right is cleared in box.
29 min...TFCA Rollocks holds up near end line and low cross through 6 yard box is just a step ahead of TFCA Phillip for 2 yard tap-in.
31 min...TFCA Daniels 35 yard freekick has DUFC Moncrieffe flick header wide left for a cornerkick.
32 min...TFCA Daniels cornerkick from left is over players in box and charging TFCA player's shot from right end line is well over net.
33 min...TFCA Phillip rolls 10 yard shot on pass and goalie slides to deflect ball wide right.
33 min...TFCA Daniels high cornerkick from right has DUFC goalie leap on right post to catch.
34 min...TFCA Phillip low shot from 15 yards on right has sliding DUFC Cullen deflect ball wide right for cornerkick.
35 min...TFCA Daniels cornerkick from right is well over players in box.
37 min...TFCA Dias 20 yard cross from left has DUFC Moncrieffe head ball away.
38 min...DUFC Young blasts shot up middle from 25 yards which has TFCA goalie make flying save to push ball wide right for cornerkick.
39 min...DUFC Roccasalva cornerkick from right has defender clear.
39 min...TFCA Johnson breaks up TFCA rush by chipping 30 yarder that bounces to goalie unthreatened.
40 min...DUFC Cullen receives forward pass and 18 yard shot from left is high and wide of net.
44 min...TFCA Dias rush down left and stops after cutting to center and blasts 18 yarder well over net.
45 min...half ends 4:32pm.

Halftime Entertainment: A raffle ticket draw for TFC merchandise.

2nd Half:...starts 3:48pm.
halftime subs:...TFCA Mickoski replaces Cela.
................TFCA Sohn replaces Srbely.
................DUFC Tarazhi replaces Gordon.
48 min...DUFC YELLOW card...Lee-him earns it for sliding tackle on TFCA Osorio.
49 min...TFCA Daniels 40 yard freekick down middle has goalie catch.
50 min...DUFC Jordan Dover GOAL...Dover receives pass at 22 yards on right from DUFC Kristin Lee-him and turns and fires shot into top left corner of net.
51 min...DUFC Young 30 yard shot from right is well high and wide right of net.
52 min...TFCA Dias 12 yard shot near left end line is wide right of net.
53 min...DUFC Lees rush on left in box and rolls cross through box but unplayed.
54 min...DUFC Lees slides and just misses 6 yard tap-in from right.
56 min...TFCA Phillip flubs on 25 yard shot from left and ball rolls to goalie.
58 min...TFCA Johnson rush down middle and 22 yard shot is high and wide right.
61 min...DUFC Roccasalva rush on left and tap over for DUFC Lee-him to shoot 20 yarder down middle high and wide right of net.
63 min...DUFC player crosses over from left shot is blocked and DUFC Moncrieffe rolls 12 yard rebound in middle that goalie sprawls to stop.
64 min...DUFC defenders block and stops three shots from edge of box including a check. TFCA Johnson and Phillip are among those having shots blocked.
64 min...TFCA Osorio gets cross from left behind players and shoots one-touch 7 yarder into short webbing of net from right.
65 min...DUFC Tarazhi pops up header at 10 yards on cross from left and ball is cleared.
68 min...TFCA sub...Zis replaces Rollocks.
69 min...TFCA Zis is ridden off ball on 3 on 3 rush but wins cornerkick.
70 min...TFCA Daniels cornerkick from right has defender head ball away and TFCA Zis blast 25 yarder down middle high and wide right of net.
72 min...DUFC Kristian Lee-him GOAL...Lee-him dekes TFCA Thomas Mickoski after DUFC win a turnover at TFCA 25 yard line and rushes up middle and rolls shot from 15 yards under sliding goalie at 8 yards into right corner of net.
73 min...DUFC sub...Oliveira replaces Lee-him.
75 min...DUFC sub...De Jonge replaces Young.
.........DUFC sub...Dumevski replaces Roccasalva.
76 min...DUFC YELLOW card...Cullen earns it for tackle on TFCA Zis at DUFC 40 yard line.
76 min...TFCA YELLOW card...Phillip earns it for shirt grabbing.
77 min...DUFC YELLOW card...Tarazhi earns it for knocking over TFCA Diias on sideline.
79 min...TFCA Sohn 15 yard shot from left is stopped by diving goalie at 8 yards.
81 min...DUFC sub...Satar replaces Cullen.
83 min...TFCA goalie charges out to beat DUFC De Jonge to kick away through ball at 20 yard line.
85 min...DUFC Dumevski 35 yard freekick from left is caught by goalie on left post.
87 min...DUFC De Jonge rush on left and works his way into box and 10 yard shot on sharp right has goalie deflect ball over net.
88 min...DUFC Oliveira cornerkick from right has defenders clear on left.
90 min...TFCA Johnson pushes pass too far up middle and goalie steps forward to pick up ball.
90 min...DUFC Oliveira 30 yard cross from left is too far forward and out of play on right.
91 min...TFCA YELLOW card...Furlano earns it for pushing over DUFC Oliveira on sideline.
92 min...DUFC Tarazhi slides forward and pokes 18 yard shot on right that rolls to goalie.
93 min...game ends 4:36pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC Academy.......0........Durham United FC......2....

Attendance was about 80 on this hot afternoon with a bright sun alternating with period of clouds in what seemed to be five minute intervals. About one-quarter were DUFC supporters.

The game got rough at times with referee Ramee Arbaji eventually giving out three Yellow cards to each team--all except that Penalty kick call in the second half.

Ben Cowman earned the shutout for DUFC by making a few key saves. He was helped immensely by blocks by his defenders, by defenders poking the ball away from TFCA strikers, and other times by TFCA players taking one too many passes to get in position for a perfect shot and ending up with nothing.

Best non-scoring chances were at 23 minutes when DUFC Joseph Roccasalva recovered a TFCA defender's whiff on a clearance attempt and turned around and took a 12 yard shot that deflected off the sliding goalie at 7 yards and TFCA Kiadi Cela conceded a cornerkick by heading the ball away at 2 yards. 38 minutes had DUFC Le Rohne Young blasted a shot up the middle from 25 yards and the goalie made a flying save to push the ball wide right of the post. 64 minutes had DUFC defenders block and stop at least three TFCA chances on the edge of the box including blocked shots taken by Malik Johnson and Rashon Phillip. 79 minutes had Leonard Sohn take a 15 yard shot from the left that was stopped by the diving goalie at 8 yards. 87 minutes had DUFC Kashiff De Jonge work his way into the TFCA box and his 10 yard shot near the right end line had the goalie deflect the ball over the net.

DUFC midfielder/captain Taylor Lord was on the bench (but not listed as a sub) as he'd broken his hand last Saturday in their game against ANB Futbol.

Michael Stefano acted as head coach today for the Academy—a position he held for part of 2014. Regular head coach Stuart Neely was probably away with the PDL Academy team on their road trip last night in Dayton Ohio.

TFCA's record falls to 3 wins, 0 ties, 4 losses for 9 points good for 8th place in the 12 team league. DUFC improves to 4 wins, 2 ties, 2 losses for 14 points and a three way tie for 3rd place based on Sigma FC and ANB Futbol winning yesterday. Woodbridge Strikers has a chance to jump back over those teams with a game later tonight.

Rocket Robin

Toronto FC Academy starters

Durham United FC starters

DUFC Le Rohne Young (9) and Kristian Lee-him (8) take opening kickoff.

DUFC Le Rohne Young (9) takes Penalty kick and goalie Brogan Engbers stops then smothers the ball.

DUFC Joseph Roccasalva (17) dribbling ball.

TFCA defender checks DUFC Justin Gordon (18).

TFCA Reshon Phillip (24) and Cyrus Rollocks (15) take second half kickoff.

DUFC Martinho Dumevski (10) has had ball checked off him.

TFCA Alexander Zis (18) runs into center circle.

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