Results and details of the Sunday June 7, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Woodbridge Strikers and Master's FA played at Vaughan Grove in Vaughan at 7:00pm.

Woodbridge Strikers (all blue, white numbers and trim)

....................23 Matt George
6 Andrew Derayeh (cpt)...2 Jesse Andoh...5 Cameron Brooks
16 Darin Bygrave...18 Ignazio Muccilli...9 Christian Cavallini...8 Victor Munoz...3 Vincenzo Sasso
..............12 Damion Scott...7 Jonathan Parolini

Subs:...1 Matthew Caldaroni (gk)...4 Francesco Sinopoli...11 Kaine Moar...14 Adrian Gallo...19 Damion Graham...20 Luca Baldassarre
team officials:...team head coach Peter Pinizzoto...assistant coach Sam Medeiros...manager John Scarlato...equipment manager Eric Mokri
...therapist Kevin Halford

Master's FA Saints (all red, white numbers and trim)

....................99 Mark Kamstra (cpt)
9 Sam Gardner...6 Deo-Daniel Nash...19 Nicholas Goddard...5 Michael Bershov
.........11 Kamden Holder...2 Erick Leal...16 Nathaniel Tambakis
.........10 David James...30 Alexander Dimitriu...20 Isaiah Page

Subs:...0 Alex Jakma (gk)...7 Conroy Henry...8 Kiwuan Kerr...12 Kwame Miller...13 Ruben Dos Santos...15 Kamran Salehi...17 Michael Valenti
team officials:...team head coach Andrey Savelev...manager Stephen Blackburn

Game officials:...referee Scott Decker...referee's assistants Nicolas Piperno and Adam Kanji...fourth official David Barrie
...(all black uniforms)

1st Half:...game starts 7:00pm...WS defend south end on this overcast and cooling evening. A pregame light rain has stopped.
15 sec...MFA James is injured at WS 25 yard line.
2 min...WS Damion Scott GOAL...WS Jonathan Parolini rushed down the left and crossed from 20 yards along the 6 yard line and Scott headed in a 5 yarder charging over from the right.
3 min...MFA Holder 50 yard freekick from right has goalie swat ball forward in crowd of players at 10 yards and defenders clear.
4 min...WS Munoz 40 yard freekick from left bends to right side of box and is cleared.
9 min...WS Parolini rush on right and 30 yard shot is stopped by flying goalie at 10 yards.
11 min...WS Parolini rush down right runs out of room and defender clears ball for throw-in.
12 min...WS Cavallini rushes along 22 yard line from right to middle and cuts shot high and wide left of net.
14 min...WS player's cornerkick from right is across box and has WS Bygrave head ball from 5 yards on left across box but whistle has blown.
16 min...MFA Dimitriu low 22 yard shot of partial clearance is caught by goalie.
18 min...WS YELLOW card...Sasso earns it for bumping MFA Gardner as he jumped at WS 40 yard line.
19 min...MFA Holder 50 yard freekick from right has goalie punch ball ahead at 12 yards in crowd of players, MFA Page blasts low 16 yard shot that sprawling goalie blocks point blank.
22 min...WS Muccilli rush to ball on left end line and cross deflects off sliding defender and pops up for goalie to catch.
25 min...WS Scott 30 yard blast down middle deflects off defender and goalie catches on right post.
27 min...WS Parolini gets loose ball at 25 yards and low shot after running to middle has diving goalie stop at 1 yard on post. WS player is offside pounding in rebound.
28 min...WS Parolini cuts in from 22 yards on left and takes shot that is stopped in 6 yard box.
28 min...WS Scott gets cross and heads 5 yarder down middle just over bar.
29 min...MFA sub...Henry replaces James.
30 min...WS Derayeh is hurt near center line.
31 min...MFA Dimitriu cuts 25 yard roller that goalie picks up.
34 min...WS Damion Scott GOAL...WS Victor Munoz gets centered ball sent over from the right and he passes to Scott alone at 12 yards on the left and he shoots over sliding goalie Mark Kamstra into right corner of net.
38 min...WS Munoz 35 yard freekick down middle is just wide right of net.
39 min...WS YELLOW card...Muccilli earns it for tackle at center line.
It's now raining harder at the end of the half.
42 min...WS Parolini 30 yard shot from right is well over net.
43 min...WS Parolini rush in from left and cuts into box and 6 yard shot near end line has goalie deflect cornerkick.
44 min...MFA Dimitriu has 22 yard shot blocked but MFA win freekick for a teammate that was pushed over.
44 min...MFA Gardner 30 yard freekick down middle is blocked by player wall and ball is cleared.
45 min...WS Parolini is injured at MFA 30 yard line.
45 min...half ends 7:47pm.

2nd Half:...starts 8:04pm...there is no rain this half.
halftime sub:...WS Sinopoli replaces Bygrave.
...........MFA Kerr replaces Henry.
46 min...WS 16 chips ball forward on right to WS Parolini but goalie beats him to catch on bounce.
47 min...MFA goalie out to 25 yards to boot away through ball before WS 7 can get to it.
48 min...WS player's cornerkick from left has WS Munoz pop header on left over to right and WS Bygrave misses midair shot at 15 yards and ball cleared.
49 min...MFA James run to ball on right and low 25 yard shot has goalie push wide right on dive.
49 min...MFA player's cornerkick from right has defender head ball out left side of box.
51 min...WS Scott takes 35 yard shot up middle well over net instead of passing to choice of teammates.
52 min...MFA YELLOW card...Tambakis earns it for tackle at center line.
53 min...WS player's 30 yard shot up middle is wide left of net.
54 min...MFA Leal 40 yard freekick from left has MFA player head wide right but play called offside anyway.
58 min...MFA Page 30 yard shot down middle is well high and wide right of net.
62 min...MFA YELLOW card...Miller earns it for pulling down WS Munoz from behind at MFA 30 yard line.
63 min...WS Cavallini 30 yard freekick down middle is caught by goalie under bar.
64 min...WS Ignazio Muccilli GOAL...WS Victor Munoz dribbles in from left and sends low pass back from near end line to 10 yards on left for Muccilli to shoot 8 yarder to high center of net.
65 min...MFA sub...Miller replaces Gardner.
.........WS sub...Graham replaces Parolini.
66 min...WS player's cornerkick from left is short and cross over to right has WS Graham elude two defenders and third sliding one passes to WS Muccilli to shoot down middle.
67 min...MFA YELLOW card...Goddard earns it for tackle near center line.
67 min...WS Graham shot from 20 yards on right is high and wide left of net.
68 min...MFA Bershov 40 yard chip from left bounces between players for goalie to smother.
69 min...MFA Leal 45 yard freekick from left has MFA player head ball forward.
70 min...WS sub...Gallo replaces Scott.
.........MFA sub...Valenti replaces someone.
70 min...WS Graham rush down left and low 22 yard shot has sprawling goalie block at 10 yards. Graham gets ball back to him and shot deflects off defender for cornerkick.
71 min...WS player's cornerkick from left has defenders clear.
73 min...WS Munoz rush along 30 yard line from right to center and cuts low shot wide right of net.
75 min...WS Munoz near same place as last play at 25 yards but taps left for WS Parolini who shoots high and wide right of net.
72 min...WS goalie catches 60 yard freekick from left on bounce.
76 min...WS Christian Cavallini GOAL...Cavallini in between a crowd of players has time to line up and blast 22 yard shot from left into right corner of net.
77 min...WS sub...Baldassarre replaces Muccilli.
.........MFA sub...Dos Santos replaces Nash.
79 min...MFA Miller rush down middle and takes 18 yard blast that's blocked by a defender.
80 min...WS Derayeh rush from right to center and 30 yard shot is palmed over net by sliding goalie at 5 yards.
80 min...WS player's cornerkick from right wins another cornerkick.
80 min...WS player's cornekrick from left is cleared in box.
83 min...WS Andoh beats two defenders on right end line and rolls across box where MFA Goddard boots wide right for cornerkick.
84 min...WS Munoz cornerkick from right has WS player pop up header at 10 yards and goalie catches at 5 yards in crowd of players.
85 min...WS player's 2 yard tap-in on left post is called back offside.
86 min...MFA Goddard gets back to check WS Baldassarre off ball at 12 yards.
87 min...MFA Dos Santos finishes pass play with weak 22 yard shot that goalie picks up.
89 min...MFA Page cross from 30 yards on left is over head of leaping MFA Holder at 5 yards on right and out for goalkick.
89 min...WS Munoz cuts in to middle and 30 yard blast is well over net and back fence!
90 min...WS goalie slides out to try to smother through ball and is injured while defenders clear.
90 min...game ends 8:49pm.

Final Score:...Woodbridge Strikers........4.......Master's FA........0......

Attendance was about 60 on this cool and damp night with a light rain starting just before game time and stopping and starting throughout the night. Within five minutes of the game ending the skies opened up. There had been over 200 people at the League 1 Ontario Women's game between Woodbridge and Durham United finishing just two hours before this game started which DUFC won 3-0. It was their home opener. Nicer weather? Better promotion? Women's World Cup fever? They were trying to make the day a triple header by promoting a women's recreational league after the men's game but there were less than ten people left by the time the rain started coming down fast.

Referee Scott Decker gave out five Yellows that I counted with Strikers getting two in the first half while Master's picked their three in the second half. Quite a few injuries in tonight's game with mistimed tackles on the wet field.

Matt George earned the shutout for Woodbridge without having to make a lot of stops.

Best non-scoring chances were at 19 minutes when MFA Kamden Holder took a 50 yard freekick that the goalie punched the ball ahead in a crowd of players and Isaiah Page blasted a low 16 yard shot that the sprawling goalie made a point blank save. 27 minutes had WS Jonathan Parolini get a loose ball at 25 yards and take a low shot after running to the middle and the diving goalie stopped at 1 yard on the post. A WS player pounded in the rebound but was flagged offside. 49 minutes had MFA David James run to a ball on the right and take a low 25 yard shot that the diving goalie was able to push wide right of the post. 80 minutes had WS Andrew Derayeh rush from the right to center and take a 30 yard shot that the goalie slid at 5 yards and palmed the ball over the net.

Vaughan Grove is adjacent to the Ontario Soccer Centre. I stopped my car in that parking lot to see how progress is coming along on the new stadium. Although it's fenced off which makes viewing difficult because it's uphill from the roadway, I could see that the playing field had finally been levelled. No grass or turf laid. There were also no stands yet! This place is supposed to open by July 4th to host the USL Pro game between Toronto FC II and FC Montreal. Will they have time to complete this project within the next month? First promotion idea—bring your own garden chair night! Prizes for best/biggest/flimsiest/most colourful etc.

Strikers' record improves to 3 wins, 0 draws, 2 losses for 9 points and the win jumps them over three teams at 8 points into 5th place. Master's record slips to 0 wins, 2 draws, 4 losses for 2 points. They now slip to a tie for 11th with Pro Stars FC with an identical record although a better goal difference. (12 teams in league) Last night Thomas Winski scored two goals for Pro Stars although they were hammered 7-2 by Windsor. Winski played for Master's last season. Looks like he was not destined for a good year no matter whether he stayed or moved on.

I've completed my league Bingo card tonight! These were the last two clubs of the twelve team league that I hadn't seen play. Did it all by the sixth week taking in 13 games. Tougher than it looks while still holding Toronto FC tickets and taking in their PDL league team's games.

Rocket Robin

Woodbridge Strikers starters

Master's FA Saints starters

WS Jonathan Parolini (7) and Damion Scott (12) take opening kickoff.

ball is popped up

Master's players on rush.

MFA Kiwuan Kerr (8) and Alexander Dimitriu (3) take second half kickoff.

WS Ignazio Muccilli (18) readies to pass forward.

WS Adrian Gallo (14) keeps ball in play.

WS Victor Munoz (8) charges towards goal.

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