Results and details of the Saturday June 6, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Pro Stars FC and Windsor Stars played at Victoria Park in Brampton at 8:00pm.

Pro Stars FC (all blue, white numbers)

..................1 Zachary Borzovoy (cpt)
7 Jevone Swaby...3 Michael Michael...6 Nicholas Theobald...4 Andre-Camilo Duenas
8 Rachaun Palmer...2 Taylor Nelson...10 Darragh Roe...5 Pawandeep Sandhu
.............11 Leaford Allen...9 Jordan Piccinin

Subs:...21 Philip Borowski (gk)...12 Rickey Sayers...13 Thomas Winski...14 Troy Ferreirinha...15 Zachary Gowlett
...16 Xavier Wright...17 Jerome Lothian
team officials:...team head coach Josef Komlodi...assistant coaches Gabriel Pop, George Jenkins, and Peter Mellon
...manager Jean-Pierre Boue...manager Sherry Youssef

Windsor Stars (all white, black numbers)

..................1 Kyle Vizirakis
5 Carlos Soares...18 Brendan Woodfull...2 Jamar Kelley...14 Goran Stjepanovic
13 Stefan Milidrag...11 Luis Cortes...8 Ciprian Codea...19 Brett Holmberg
...............9 Stephen Ademolu...10 Michael Pio

Subs:...16 Luke Husbands...4 Derrick Amankwa...7 Erik Cirovski...15 Noah Pio...6 Elijah Dunn
...17 Stefan Zastavnikovic...27 Shane Beaton
team officials:...team head coach Shane Topalvic...managers Gino Berardi and Vancho Cirovski

Game officials:...referee Fabrizio Stasolla...referee's assistants Zac Taylor and Jessica Patton...fourth official Alexis Vaughan
...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 7:01pm...PS defends south end on this mild evening. As the scoreboard is not working, all times are converted from my wristwatch.
1 min...WS Woodfull chips ball from 60 yards on right. WS Ademolu at 20 yards chips shot over net.
1 min...WS Ademolu shoots 25 yarder from left is over net.
2 min...PS Piccinin rush to ball on left and low cross from 22 yards bounces to goalie.
3 min...PS Roe pass forward to PS Piccinin on left and he shoots/crosses 18 yarder well over net.
5 min...WS Holmberg cornerkick from left has goalie bobble but defender kick away loose ball.
6 min...WS Codea cornerkick from right has WS Pio on left twist 10 yarder wide left.
7 min...WS Holmberg high cross from 20 yards on left end line is cleared.
8 min...WS Stephen Ademolu GOAL...Ademolu receives a pass up middle sent in from 60 yards at the 40 yard line and runs forward and with goalie out at 10 yards rolls 15 yarder into left corner of net.
11 min...PS Piccinin high cross from 25 yards on left is cleared.
11 min...PS Sandhu 40 yard freekick from left has PS Allen try to head.
12 min...WS Ademolu rush on left and wins cornerkick on sliding tackle.
13 min...WS Pio rounds goalie out at 20 yards on left but defender gets back to block his shot from 10 yards. WS Ademolu gets to ball and his shot is blocked and WS Pio flicks header that goalie who's retreated to net catches.
14 min...WS Woodfull 45 yard freekick from right has WS Ademolu head ball wide from 10 yards.
16 min...WS Stephen Ademolu GOAL...WS Brendan Woodfull 55 yard freekick is rolled forward and right to WS Carlos Soares who crosses in from 40 yards on right near the sideline and Ademolu charges forward and 8 yard header is flicked just under bar.
18 min...WS Stefan Milidrag GOAL...WS Michael Pio passes from 12 yards on left through the 6 yard box and Milidrag all alone on right taps in 5 yarder.
19 min...PS Sandhu 45 yard freekick from left has PS Theobald charge forward and header at 12 yards has goalie fly to catch on right post.
20 min...WS Pio can't win Penalty kick when he shakes off first defender then second defender knocks him off ball but ball rolls forward to goalie.
23 min...PS sub...Winski replaces Nelson.
24 min...PS Allen turns and shoots 15 yarder up middle that goalie catches.
29 min...PS Roe is injured near center line.
31 min...PS sub...Wright replaces injured Roe.
33 min...WS Ademolu on left end line taps pass back to WS Holmberg who shoots 12 yard roller that goalie dives to smother on left post.
34 min...WS Milidrag rush to right end line and cross drifts behind net.
35 min...WS Woodfull rush in from right and 15 yard shot is into short side webbing of net.
37 min...WS Brett Holmberg GOAL...ProStars goalie Zacary Borzovoy's clearance is partially blocked. WS Stephen Ademolu at 30 yards passes over to WS Michael Pio and he runs on right to 10 yards and rolls pass to Holmberg who taps in 3 yarder.
38 min...WS goalie hangs on to sliding save as PS Allen tumbles over him.
40 min...WS rushes up middle through four guys but 40 yard shot is wide left.
41 min...WS Pio rush down right and cross from 20 yards has flying WS Holmberg not quite able to fully redirect header at 6 yards and ball is wide left of net.
42 min...ProStars Thomas Winski GOAL...Winski blasts 30 yard freekick down middle just under bar on right side.
44 min...Prostars win Penalty kick when PS Leaford Allen is pulled down by defender on throw-in from left into box.
44 min...WS YELLOW card...Goalie Kyle Vizirakis earns a Yellow card for argueing call on last play.
45 min...ProStars Thomas Winski GOAL...Winski's low Penalty kick down middle is under the sprawling goalie.
47 min...PS YELLOW card...Wright earns it for clipping WS Soares at WS 30 yard line.
48 min...half ends 7:49pm.

2nd Half:...starts 8:05pm.
halftime subs:...PS Sayers replaces Michael.
.............PS Lothian replaces Palmer.
47 min...PS Piccinin rolls 40 yard freekick from left that defenders clear before PS player control.
48 min...PS Sandhu 35 yard freekick from right has goalie jump to catch.
50 min...WS Holmberg rolls ball up left to WS Pio who rushes up middle but pushed wide by defender and his 10 yard shot is into short side webbing of net.
51 min...WS sub...Husbands replaces Codea.
52 min...WS Brett Holmberg GOAL...WS Brendan Woodfull rushes on right and rolls pass across at 12 yard line and charging Holmberg beats two defenders to tap in 6 yarder from left post into net.
55 min...WS Holmberg 35 yard shot down middle is over net after WS Ademolu was held up on rush but passes ball over.
56 min...WS Kelley checks PS Winski off ball as he ran into right side of box. WS follow up injures PS Winski on follow up before WS Kelley clears.
58 min...PS Piccinin cross from 25 yards on right has PS player miss bicycle kick at 12 yards.
60 min...PS Sayers 55 yard freekick from right has goalie step in front of players to catch at 15 yards.
61 min...WS Husbands blasts 30 yard shot down middle over net.
61 min...referee makes WS Ademolu and PS Winski shake hands after shoving incident between teams.
62 min...WS Ademolu low 30 yard shot up middle has goalie block and pick up at 3 yards.
64 min...PS Wright blasts 35 yard freekick from left over back fence but referee orders retake.
65 min...PS Duenas 35 yard low freekick from left hits leg in player wall.
66 min...WS sub...Cirovski replaces Milidrag.
67 min...WS Cortes rushes to tap pass forward for WS Pio to roll 10 yard shot that hits post on left. Defender pushes it over to right for cornerkick.
67 min...WS Cirovski cornerkick from right has WS Husbands head 10 yard shot wide left of net.
68 min...PS Swaby 50 yard freekick from right is caught by goalie.
71 min...PS Allen bumps WS Ademolu over at PS 30 yard while Ademolu on rush.
74 min...ProStars RED card...Leaford Allen is directly ejected for pulling down WS Stephen Ademolu in box.
76 min...WS Stephen Ademolu GOAL...Ademolu blasts Penalty kick low into right corner of net as goalie dives left.
77 min...WS sub...Amankwa replaces Stjepanovic.
78 min...WS (ProStars own) GOAL...WS Stephen Ademolu survives sliding tackle just outside box on left and runs forward and takes 12 yard shot and PS Jevone Swaby guarding left post shanks his clearance kick at 4 yards and ball pops up into the top right corner of net.
79 min...PS sub...Ferreirinha replaces Wright.
80 min...WS sub...Dunn replaces Ademolu.
83 min...ProStars RED card...Jordan Piccinin is directly ejected after pulling down WS Brendan Woodfull in a CFL style football tackle from behind as he dribbled down the middle just inside box. Referee Fabrizio Stasola also awarded a Penalty kick.
84 min...WS Brendan Woodfull takes low Penalty kick to the right that goalie smothers near right post.
86 min...WS Holmberg diving headed goal from 12 yards to inside right post is called back offside.
91 min...WS Cirovski blasts 30 yard shot wide left of net.
92 min...game ends 8:52pm.

Final Score:......Pro Stars FC........2........Windsor Stars........7......

Attendance was about 70 on this cool evening. The game ended and it still wasn't dark.

Windsor Stars ripped open a 4-0 lead before 40 minutes on breaking through the ProStars defence. ProStars did score twice just before the end of the first half to make it close but I really didn't think that they'd make a complete comeback. ProStars lost 5-0 last weekend to Toronto FC Academy who hadn't won up to that point in the season. Today it was already 5-2 before ProStars lost a man (eventually finishing with nine). Windsor proved for at least today that they were the only team that deserved to be called 'Stars'.

Best non-scoring chances (well almost every good chance was put away) were at 19 minutes when ProStars Pawandeep Sandhu took a 45 yard freekick from the left that had Nicholas Theobald charge forward and head from 12 yards that the goalie flew over to catch on the right post. 40 minutes had WS Michael Pio rush down the right and cross from 20 yards that has a flying Brett Homberg no quite able to fully redirect header at 6 yards and sends the ball wide left of the post. 67 minutes had WS Luis Cortes rush to tap a pass forward for Michael Pio to rolls 10 yard shot that hit the left post and a defender cleared for a cornerkick.

Windsor Noah Pio subbed in for brother Michael Pio...strange that earlier today I'd seen Jordan Stoddart replace brother Justin Stoddart on Sigma FC.

This game was played at Victoria Park Stadium in Brampton. I hadn't been here for at least two years since my CSL days. The stadium is almost finished with its renovations. There are new stands (aluminum replacing wood) and dressing rooms (not yet functioning so players still change inside the hockey rink). There's a new scoreboard (although it wasn't operating). Biggest surprize was Ennio Perruzza stepping in as the PA announcer when the rather quiet girl who started in the first half wanted to leave to study for upcoming exams. Ennio has called thousands of games (mostly for the CSL) over the years and doesn't really need a microphone with his booming voice. He'll be calling ProStars home games as well as keeping his foot in the CSL. Only thing I didn't like here tonight was the disorganization of having game sheets for the media—quite a runaround for me but I finally got a copy on my way out.

Windsor's record improves to 3 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses while ProStars fall to 0 wins, 2 draws, 4 losses. ProStars next home game isn't until July 25th.

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Pro Stars FC starters

Windsor Stars starters

Windsor Michael Pio (10) and Stephen Ademolu (9) take opening kickoff.

Windsor Brendan Woodfull (18) dribbles along end line into PS box.

Pro Stars Thomas Winski (13) scores on Penalty kick.

Pro Stars Jordan Piccinin (9) and Thomas Winski (13) take second half kickoff.

Windsor Ciprian Codea (8) is checked off ball by PS Jevone Swaby (7).

Windsor Brett Holmberg (19) charges over center line.

Pro Stars goalie Zachary Borzovoy can't save penalty kick of Stephen Ademolu (9) (behind PS Jevone Swaby (7))

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