Results and details of the Saturday June 6, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Sigma FC and Durham United FC played at Hershey Fields in Mississauga at 4:00pm.

Sigma FC (blue socks and shirts, black shorts, white numbers)

.....................1 Triston Henry
8 Richmond Laryea...3 Dominic Samuel...4 Nolan Holdridge (cpt)...5 Duran Lee
12 Aidan D'Mello...16 Manny Morgado...23 Christian Samaniego...7 Kwame Awuah
.............10 Justin Stoddart...9 Evan James

Subs:...31 Daniel Gosciniak (gk)...24 Kristian Lee-Him...15 Dion Stergiotis...17 Alex Halis...14 Jordan Stoddart
...9 Marcus Hanson...18 Kadell Thomas
team officials:...head coach Bobby Smymiotis...assistant coach John Zervos...team officials James Haloulos and Ken Peter

Durham United FC (all yellow, black & yellow striped chests, black numbers)

.....................1 Ben Cowman
15 Jordan Dover...5 Joseph Zupo...4 Hameez Farrell...12 Bruce Cullen
9 Le Rohne Young...8 Taylor Lord (cpt)...7 Christian Moncrieffe...11 Zakariae Mahrady
.............17 Joseph Roccasalva...19 Marcus Lees

Subs:...0 Peter Katasaras (gk)...2 Shane Satar...3 Esi Ghassemi...6 Justin Gordon...13 Jacob Sooklal
...14 Taejon Mikle-Ryan...16 Mark Tarazhi
team officials:...team head coach Sanford Carabin...assistant coaches Eugene Alves and Ronald Clarke
...manager Corrado Roccasalva...equipment manager Connor Schmitt...therapist Alex Hawkins

Game officials:...referee Michael Stenbring...referee's assistants Ramee Arbaji and Derick Farwell...fourth official Scott Decker
...(teal shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 4:15pm...Sigma defends south end on this mild and sunny afternoon with the wind from the south...all times are converted from my wristwatch.
2 min...Sigma Laryea cross from 20 yards on right end line drifts behind net.
4 min...Sigma Awuah 28 yard freekick from far right has DUFC Cullen as nearest player heads away on right side of box.
6 min...DUFC Dover heads away ball from 8 yards on Sigma cross in from right.
7 min...Sigma Morgado 30 yard shot down middle over crowd of players is caught by goalie.
8 min...DUFC Moncrieffe chips 25 yard shot from left is wide right of net.
9 min...Sigma Laryea taps pass to left to open left and 12 yard shot is batted down by goalie. Laryea is then ruled offside for rebound.
14 min...DUFC goalie steps forward to catch cross from 22 yards on far right.
15 min...Sigma James is given pass downfield and takes 8 yard shot that deflects off sliding goalie and deflects over net.
16 min...Sigma Samaniego cornerkick from left has Sigma player head ball down at 7 yards on right but defender clears.
17 min...Sigma Awuah 30 yard low freekick from right has nearest defender clear.
23 min...Sigma Awuah high cross from 30 yards on right bounces wide left for goalkick.
25 min...Sigma Morgado chips 30 yard ball down middle is over players and bounces to goalie.
26 min...Sigma James is called offside at 20 yards on Sigma Holdridge long chip down middle from 55 yards.
27 min...Sigma Lee cross from 22 yards on left is over players. Sigma Stoddart blasts partial clearance from 25 yards over net.
27 min...DUFC Lees on right side of box squeezed off ball by two defenders.
28 min...Sigma Awuah rolls pass from left is too far downfield for Sigma James at 10 yards in middle and goalie picks up ball.
31 min...Sigma Morgado 35 yard shot from right is high and wide left of net.
33 min...DUFC Mahrady low cross from 20 yards near right end line is through 6 yard box unplayed.
37 min...Sigma Morgado 35 yard freekick from right is blocked in four man wall and cleared at 22 yards.
38 min...DUFC Mahrady gets pass sent in from 30 yards on left and almost loses control at 18 yards on right and 15 yard shot is blocked by goalie. Mahrady is injured on play and needs trainer. Two men carry the limping Mahrady off field.
42 min...DUFC sub...Gordon replaces the injured Mahrady.
45 min...DUFC Lees rolls 22 yard shot from left wide right of net.
46 min...DUFC Roccasalva cornerkick from right low and nearest defender clears from 12 yards in middle of box.
47 min...half ends 5:02pm.

2nd Half:...starts 5:16pm.
47 min...DUFC Cullen cross from 22 yards on left bounces out right side of box.
48 min...DUFC Gordon 22 yard pass/shot from right bounces to goalie.
50 min...DUFC Bruce Cullen GOAL...DUFC Taylor Lord rolls pass from 45 yards on left forward for DUFC Marcus Lees and he runs from 30 yards line to 10 yard line and rolls cross into box and Cullen shoots low 10 yarder into center of net under sprawling goalie Tristan Henry.
51 min...DUFC Moncrieffe cornerkick from left is high and DUFC player pops up header but play is whistled down in box.
53 min...Sigma Stoddart 25 yard freekick from right is into 15 yard player wall and so is rebound.
55 min...Sigma YELLOW card...Samuel earns it for kicking the ball away after freekick is awarded.
56 min...DUFC Cullen 30 yard freekick from left is just high wide left of top corner of net.
58 min...Sigma Lee dribbles in left side of box but eventually elected off ball.
59 min...DUFC Gordon rush on left nad crosses from 20 yards near end line and defender chest down on left post and clears.
59 min...Sigma sub...Jordan Stoddart replaces Justin Stoddart (his brother).
60 min...Sigma YELLOW card...Laryea earns it for pushing over DUFC player on run down right.
62 min...DUFC Moncrieffe 28 yard freekick from right is low and cleared by nearest defender.
63 min...DUFC Justin Gordon GOAL...DUFC Marcus Lees 30 yard freekick down middle hits bar and bounces downwards but not into net. Charging Gordon heads ball into middle of net from 1 yard.
66 min...Sigma goalie bashes over DUFC Gordon as DUFC Dover and DUFC Lees have run down middle but pushes ball wide right.
66 min...DUFC Lord 22 yard freekick from far right has defender in crowd heads away at 8 yards.
67 min...DUFC Lees twists 15 yard header that goalie catches on cross in from right.
68 min...Sigma Samaniego receives pass from left and on right shoots 15 yarder low and wide left.
69 min...DUFC sub...Satar replaces Dover.
........Sigma sub...Stergiotis replaces D'Mello.
71 min...Sigma player's cross from 30 yards on left and Sigma Samaniego heads ball backwards away from net.
72 min...Sigma sub...Thomas replaces Lee.
73 min...Sigma (DUFC own) GOAL...Sigma Christian Samaniego 30 yard freekick from left has DUFC Joseph Zupo leap and pop header from 15 yards into top right corner of own net with goalie Ben Cowman frozen in the center of the net.
75 min...DUFC Cullen 45 yard shot from left is high and wide left.
76 min...DUFC Cullen long throw-in from left cornerflag has defender head away.
77 min...I notice that two ambulances and a supervisor car drive away from the sideline.
78 min...DUFC Cullen passes forward from 30 yards on left nad DUFC Lees shoots 12 yarder from left that goalie sprawling near post palms over net.
79 min...DUFC Roccasalva cornerkick from left is whistled down in box.
79 min...Sigma Stoddart shoots loose ball at 18 yards wide left of net.
80 min...Sigma sub...Hanson replaces Samaniego.
.........DUFC sub...Tarazhi replaces Young.
83 min...Sigma James is injured near center line as DUFC Lord hooks his foot as he starts run up middle.
87 min...Sigma Laryea falls forward as knocked off ball as Sigma can't get away shot in box.
88 min...Sigma sub...Lee-Him replaces Holdridge.
89 min...DUFC Zupo breaks up forward pass of Sigma James to Sigma Awuah at 10 yards.
90 min...DUFC YELLOW card...Roccasalva earns it for knock down at DUFC 25 yard line.
90 min...Sigma Awuah rolls 25 yard freekick into player wall.
91 min...DUFC sub...Sooklal replaces Lees.
91 min...Sigma Marcus Hanson GOAL...Sigma player's cornerkick from left has ball drop in box and Hanson shoots 4 yarder into left side of net.
92 min...DUFC Moncrieffe is injured at DUFC 40 yard line.
95 min...game ends.

Final Score:......Sigma FC........2.........Durham United FC........2........

Attendance was about 80 on this mild sunny afternoon.

The first half of the game had few chances for either team as most action was between the two boxes.

Referee Micheal Steinbring gave out three Yellow cards that I counted (two to Sigma). The game wasn't rough but there were a lot of injuries on tackles. DUFC Zakariae Mahrady was the most seriously hurt at 38 minutes after he took a shot from 15 yards and fell over. Two staff helped him limp of the field but I didn't realize he was still being worked on until late in the second half when finally an ambulance took him away. A second ambulance and a supervisor's car was there too. A DUFC official confirmed that La Shaun Young had broken his leg in a game last week.

Best non-scoring chances were at 15 minutes where Sigma's Evan James was given a pass downfield and he took an 8 yard shot that deflected off the sliding goalie and over the net. 78 minutes had DUFC Bruce Cullen pass forward from 30 yards on left and DUFC Marcus Lees shot a 12 yarder from the left that the sprawling goalie near the post palmed over the net. 89 minutes had DUFC Joseph Zupo get back to break up a James and Kwame Awuah rush down the middle that had got to the edge of the box.

Before the game Canadian National team player Manjrekan James officiated the coin toss. He played for Sigma between the ages of 16 and 18. He is not related to Sigma forward Evan James who scored three times in their Cup game against ANB Futbol on Wednesday night. Oh well...worth asking Evan. Elijah Larin is the younger brother of Cyle Larin who is also on the Cdn Nats and played for Sigma when he was younger. Sigma's Jordan Stoddart subbed for brother Justin Stoddart at 59 minutes.

Sigma's record is now 2 wins, 2 ties, 1 loss while DUFC is one point behind at 2 wins, 2 ties, 2 losses.

Before this game one of Sigma FC's younger age groups beat the corresponding Master's FA team (who also have a League 1 Ontario team) 2-1. After the League 1 game I saw players from North Mississauga Panthers women's team who were playing here later. They are in League 1 Ontario Women's division...it was tempting to stay and watch them as the Canadian Women's team were starting their World Cup run at about this time out in Edmonton but I'd decided earlier to drive a few kms to Brampton to watch Pro Stars FC vs Windsor Stars. Panthers played the Vaughan Azzurri women's team and lost 2-1. I do want to watch some of the women's games this year as I followed the Toronto Inferno/Lady Lynx since their founding.

Rocket Robin

Sigma FC starters

Durham United FC starters

DUFC Marcus Lees (19) and Joseph Roccasalva (17) take opening kickoff.

Sigma Evan James (9) rushes down left for long pass.

DUFC Le Rohne Young (9) rushes out of own end.

Sigma Evan James (9) is checked off ball.

Sigma players wait for cornerkick into their box.

Sigma Christian Samaniego (23) and (9) take second half kickoff.

Sigma Justin Stoddart (11) and Kwame Awuah (7) line up freekick.

Sigma Justin Stoddart (11) has his freekick cleared.

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