Results and details of the Wednesday June 3, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between ANB Futbol and Sigma FC played at The Country Day School in King City at 7:00pm. This was considered a Cup game.

ANB Futbol (all blue, white numbers)

.....................1 Adam Hewitt
21 Lucas Gesualdi...2 Shiquan Lowe...4 Harry Jawanda...33 Patricio Gonzalez
10 Brandon Mills...8 Jackson Tooke...5 Michael Calder...7 Jahsua Mills
...........9 Jason Mills (cpt)...11 Belrum Vartanian

Subs:...27 David Bertolo...23 Blake Jones...6 Kristofer Michael...12 Haydon Armstong...46 Matthew Calder
...22 Adonijah Reid...14 Sam Atashin
team officials:...head coach Bassam Naim...assistant coach Wayne Mills...team officials...Marcelo Almeida and Matthew Sposito

Sigma FC (all white, blue numbers)

.....................1 Triston Henry
..........2 Aidan D'Mello...3 Dominic Samuel...4 Nolan Holdridge (cpt)
11 Chris Nanco...20 Christain Samaniego...6 Manny Morgado...10 Richmond Laryea...5 Duran Lee
..............9 Evan James...7 Kwame Awuah

Subs:...31 Joseph Kuta (gk)...15 Jamal Joseph...16 Daniel Correa...8 Kristian Lee-Him...22 Justin Stoddart
...19 Marcus Hanson...21 Marcel Zajac

Game officials:...referee Armando Pereira...referee's assistants Scott Bowman and Jessica Patton...fourth official Sharon Welsby
...(teal shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 7:04pm...ANB defends east end on this mild evening.
2 min...ANB Brandon Mills 35 yard freekick from left is headed away in box.
2 min...Sigma Samuel rush on left and low 30 yard shot bounces to goalie.
4 min...ANB Jahsua Mills low 35 yard freekick from right has nearest defender clear ball.
4 min...Sigma Richmond Laryea GOAL...Laryea had been pushed over in the box but couldn't draw a Penalty kick, he got back up and a pass was sent in to him by Sigma Christian Samaniego from the right and Laryea shot a low 12 yarder to the left corner of the net.
5 min...ANB sub...Atashin replaces Calder.
7 min...ANB goalie beats Sigma James to through ball pass on right to clear.
8 min...Sigma defenders clear ball from 6 yard box after ball deflects off goalie.
9 min...Sigma Nanco is pushed over by ANB Gesualdi.
10 min...Sigma Nanco is injured at ANB 30 yard line.
11 min...Sigma Kwame Awuah GOAL...Sigma Manny Morgado rolls ball along right end line into box and Awuah gets ball with back turned and turns in middle and fires low 8 yarder into left side of net.
12 min...Sigma sub...Hanson replaces injured Nanco.
14 min...Sigma James pokes 20 yard shot just wide left of post.
16 min...ANB Brandon Mills rush down right and 20 yard shot is just over bar.
16 min...Sigma James low 20 yard shot on left has goalie save.
17 min...Sigma player's cornerkick from left has goalie punch ball away and Sigma D'Mello heads rebound from 12 yards that goalie catches.
18 min...Sigma D'Mello beats defender cutting in on right end line and low cross into 6 yard box has fallen goalie smother.
20 min...Sigma Evan James GOAL...Sigma Kwame Awuah rush on left and low cross from 20 yards near end line has charging James tap in 6 yarder into middle of net past goalie Adam Hewitt.
24 min...Sigma YELLOW card...Hanson earns it for trip on ANB Brandon Mills at Sigma 30 yard line.
26 min...ANB Brandon Mills 35 yard freekick from has goalie punch ball away and ANB Lowe is knocked over on his jump but ANB win cornerkick.
27 min...ANB player's cornerkick from right is partially cleared and ANB Tooke 30 yard shot up middle is over net.
29 min...Sigma player's cornerkick from left is worked out and Sigma Awuah cross into box from 22 yards has defender head away.
30 min...Sigma Samaniego 50 yard freekick from right is over Sigma Awuah's head and bounces to goalie.
31 min...ANB sub...Bertolo replaces Gonzalez.
32 min...Sigma goalie clears ball a step ahead of ANB Jason Mills on edge of box.
35 min...ANB Brandon Mills 30 yard cross from right is caught by goalie.
36 min...ANB YELLOW card...Tooke earns it for tackle on Sigma D'Mello at ANB 45 yard line.
38 min...Sigma Evan James GOAL...Sigma Aidan D'Mello passes ball from 30 yards on right that James gets away shot from 8 yards into left side of goal even with ANB Lucas Gesualdi pulling him down.
40 min...ANB YELLOW card...Jason Mills earns it for pulling down Sigma Laryea at Sigma 40 yard line line.
42 min...ANB Belrum Vartanian GOAL...Vartanian rushes on right and shoots low 18 yarder past sliding goalie into left corner of net.
43 min...On play after kickoff, ANB Jason Mills bursts up middle and rolls 12 yard shot just wide right of post.
45 min...Sigma Hanson chips 20 yard shot down middle that goalie catches.
47 min...ANB Tooke 35 yard freekick from left has defender at 15 yards on right head ball away in crowd of players.
47 min...half ends 7:51pm.

2nd Half:...starts 8:90pm.
45 min...Sigma Awuah rush down left and two crosses are cleared by defenders.
47 min...Sigma James 30 yard cross from left is caught by goalie.
48 min...ANB Brandon Mills cornerkick from left has defender flick header over players and out left side of box.
49 min...ANB Jahsua Mills rush down left and rolls cross into but defender clears.
50 min...Sigma YELLOW card...Morgado earns it for pulling down ANB Jason Mills breaking away up middle.
51 min...ANB Vartanian 30 yard freekick down middle has flying goalie push ball wide left.
54 min...Sigma Samaniego rolls pass forward to Sigma James on left and James cuts into middle but 15 yard shot is blocked.
55 min...ANB Vartanian 35 yard freekick from left is lofted over net.
57 min...ANB Brandon Mills 50 yard shot is over crowd of players and caught by goalie.
59 min...Sigma Evan James GOAL...Sigma Kwame Awuah rushes down left and from 35 yards he centers pass to James who charges forward and 8 yard shot is into middle of net.
60 min...Sigma sub...Joseph replaces D'Mello.
61 min...Sigma sub...Lee-Him replaces James.
62 min...Sigma YELLOW card...Christian Samaniego earns it for trip from behind just outside Sigma box.
..............ANB Jason Mills RED card...team captain Mills earns his second Yellow card for pushing Sigma players in retaliation after whistle (he wasn't the player who had just been tripped).
64 min...ANB Brandon Mills 30 yard freekick from left has flying goalie push ball wide left of post.
65 min...ANB sub...Reid replaces Vartanian.
65 min...ANB Brandon Mills rolls out cornerkick from left that charging ANB Reid crosses in from 25 yards on left and defender clears.
70 min...ANB Tooke and Brandon Mills put themselves offside on multi-pass rush on left to edge of box.
71 min...Sigma sub...Correa replaces Samaniego.
.........ANB sub...Jones replaces Atashin.
74 min...ANB Tooke rolls pass forward and ANB Jahsua Mills gets to it on left and sharp angle 12 yard shot is wide right for goalkick.
75 min...ANB Reid rush up left and cuts in and 22 yard blast is over net.
76 min...Sigma sub...Stoddart replaces Holdridge...Morgado becomes captain of team.
78 min...Sigma Awuah rush on left nad cross from 22 yards is just a step ahead of three Sigma players running into box.
81 min...Sigma Lee-Him has goalie caught out of box and 30 yard shot is high and wide right of net.
82 min...ANB Tooke is cuts open and must leave field.
83 min...Sigma Morgado 35 yard low freekick down middle has goalie dive to right to push ball wide of post.
84 min...Sigma Morgado is injured near center line.
86 min...ANB Jahsua Mills cornerkick from left has defender kick ball away.
87 min...ANB Brandon Mills 50 yard blast is over players and wide right of net.
89 min...Sigma Duran Lee pulls down ANB Jahsua Mills when Mills cuts across box from right. Referee Armando Pereira awards ANB a Penalty kick.
90 min...ANB Blake Jones GOAL...Jones blasts Penalty kick low and into right corner of net past flying goalie Triston Henry.
91 min...Sigma Stoddart escapes two defender to cut 22 yarder up middle that goaie dives at 5 yards to block.
92 min...ANB Jones 28 yard freekick from left deflects off player wall.
92 min...ANB Gesualdi cornerkick from right has ANB player have shot blocked.
93 min...game ends.

Final Score:......ANB Futbol.......2........Sigma FC......5.......

Attendance was about 45 on this mild evening with the game ending just after 9:00pm and it still wasn't dark yet. There were three (real grass) fields beside this one (field turf) that were being used by ANB boys and girls for practices. That would have been another 75 kids out there. One group of about 25 came over during the second half to watch and cheer for awhile—so there was a peak of 70 fans at one time.

Evan James scored three goals tonight! He's listed on the game sheet as Sigma's oldest player (25 next month). That name looked familiar and Wikipedia lists him as playing for PDL K-W United in 2013 and being on the MLS Montreal Impact roster in 2012. I can add searching my own website that he played for PDL Hamilton Rage in 2011 (actually that team moved to Kitchener-Waterloo to become K-W United) and Astros Vasas FC of the CSL in 2013.

ANB had one chance to turn this game around and that was one minute after their first goal when Jason Mills burst up the middle and rolled a 12 yard shot just wide right of the post. Closing to 3-2 just before halftime with that momentum may have carried them through. This is the first game ANB had lost this season and they are still undefeated in League play.

I'd seen ANB as suspect at the back a few weeks ago to lowly Sanjaxx Lions and it was only the awful off-target shooting of Lions players that gave ANB the victory. Tonight Sigma repeatedly ran up the wings and crossed into the box while a player ran up the middle for two of their tap-in goals.

This game was at times rough with referee Armando Pereira giving out five Yellow cards (three to Sigma) besides the Red card and the Penalty shot. A few ANB players lashed out when the score got out of hand. A few players of both teams needed to come off the field to be treated for injuries. Most unusual was Sigma's Nolan Holdridge who had to have his shoe taped when it split open.

This was a League 1 Ontario Cup game. I needed some instructions on the structure. I knew there are four groups with three teams in each group. When I saw only six fixtures listed I figured it was because they just hadn't been able to schedule all the games in the middle of the week because of field availability. Nope! There are only two games for each team—one home and one away. Winner and second place team advance to the quarterfinals. Hmm actually there'd have to be twelve games eventually played so I was partially right about scheduling.

This Group B is definitely the 'Group of Death'. Oakville Blue Devils are the third team in this group. The three teams currently sit first, third, and fifth in regular season play in this twelve team league. It probably looked good at the time of choosing if any seeding was done because Sigma had a great season last year, ANB were middle of the pack and Blue Devils are an expansion team. (actually remnants of the PDL Toronto Lynx). Oakville is the league's first place team. Oakville beat Sigma 2-1 in Cup play last week. ANB visits Oakville in two weeks to wrap up the group. A win for ANB moves all teams to 1-1 and then goal difference comes into play.

Rocket Robin

ANB Futbol starters

Sigma FC starters

ANB Belrum Vartanian (11) and Jason Mills (9) take opening kickoff.

ANB Brandon Mills (10) takes freekick.

ANB Jackson Tooke (8) takes freekick.

Sigma Evan Janes (9) and Richmond Laryea (10) take second half kickoff.

Sigma Nolan Holdridge (4) on the sideline getting his shoe taped back up.

Sigma player runs down wing.

Sigma Kwame Awuah (7) gets ready to cross.

ANB Blake Jones (23) lines up for Penalty kick.

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