Results and details of the Sunday May 24, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Vaughan Azzurri and Oakville Blue Devils played at McNaughton Turf in Maple at 2:00pm.

Vaughan Azzurri (all navy, white numbers, red trim)

..........................1 Dayne St Clair
2 Casey D'Mello...5 Henry Moody...23 Daniel Gogarty...3 Joseph Amato (cpt)
4 Tyrone Downes...7 Jonathan Lao...9 Dena Iezady...6 Edward Lay...11 Dayonn Harris
.........................10 Mario Kovacevic

Subs:...12 Mark Rogal (gk)...8 Domenico Gullo...15 Adrian Pena...16 Malcolm Loukides...17 Matthew Arnone
...20 Austin Ricci...18 Jackie Cooper
team official:...team head coach Carmine Isacco...assistant coaches Luca Forno and Patrice Gheisar...manager Tony De Palma
...equipment manager Kosta Poulos...therapist Maria Bianchi

Oakville Blue Devils (all white, navy numbers)

.........................24 Daniel Voci
20 Hitesh Joshi...6 Chris Karafilov...3 Adrian Butters...22 Al James
15 Anthony Doran...23 Anthony Novak...14 Taylor McNamara (cpt)...11 Tyler Wason
.................9 Filipe Vilela...8 Gary Giffen

Subs:...1 Karman Saini (gk)...7 Macca Wilde...10 Bardon Culver...12 Jordan Roberts...13 Christian Kusiewicz
...16 Khody Ellis...21 Max Hathoway
team officials:...team head coach Duncan Wilde...assistant coach Billy Steele...manager Kim Ashton

Game officials:...referee Michael Stenbring...referee's assistants Kuizan Weekes and Jeff Fearnall...fourth official Justin Tasev
...(teal shirts, black short and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 2:06pm...VA defends south end on this hot afternoon with a bright sun in the south west.
8 min...OBD Novak intercepts goalie's clearance and takes low 15 yard shot that sliding goalie deflecfts wide left for cornerkick.
8 min...OBD McNamara cornerkick from left is headed away by defender. OBD player blaasts partial clearance from 22 yards well over net.
10 min...OBD Wason receives long pinpoint pass from 60 yards and chips 15 yarder over goalie but just wide left of post.
13 min...VA Downes rush on right and rolls cross from 12 yards that retreating defender blocks. VA Downes rebound cross behind VA Lay waiting in open for 4 yard tap in.
15 min...OBD Doran cross from 30 yards on right has defender head ball away from box.
16 min...VA Lao cornerkick from left is just past leaping head of VA Kovacevic at 3 yards on left post. VA Moody is injured on right side of box and team plays short.
19 min...OBD Giffen 30 yard high shot is wide left of net.
19 min...VA sub...Arnone replaces still injured Moody.
20 min...VA goalie leaps and punches ball off OBD Vilela at 4 yards and it deflects for cornerkick.
20 min...OBD McNamara cornerkick from left is cleared by defender heading away in box.
21 min...VA Harris cross from right endline bounces through box unplayed.
22 min...VA Harris is bumped off through ball by OBD Joshi and can't win Penalty kick call.
24 min...VA Lao 45 yard freekick from right has VA Gogarty pop header at 6 yards and goalie leaps to catch ball off VA Arnone at 4 yards before he can head it.
25 min...VA Harris chips goalie at 25 yards up middle. OBD Karafilov retreats and clears on line.
26 min...VA Lao 22 yard freekick from left is low and OBD Karafilov clears at 8 yards and rebound shot is wide right.
28 min...VA Lao chips pass forward from 22 yards and VA Downes shoots low 12 yard shot that's blocked by sliding goalie.
29 min...VA Harris shoots partial clearance of VA Downes cornerkick from right is wide left but he wins cornerkick on left.
30 min...VA Downes cornerkick from left hits OBD McNamara in one man wall. VA Lao lofts high 25 yard chip wide left of net.
31 min...OBD Butters 50 yard chip over players is caught by goalie.
34 min...OBD Wason forward pass to OBD Vilela on left at 30 yards and 25 yard shot is well over net.
37 min...VA D'Mello ends VA pressure with 25 yard shot down middle well over net.
41 min...VA Kovacevic blasts partially deflected ball send in from right well over net from 20 yards.
46 min...VA Lao cross from 28 yards on right is popped up on backwards header by VA Kovacevic at 8 yards. Ball is over to left and VA Amato chests ball down at 8 yards on left and partly whiffs on 7 yarder from center and goalie dives on left post to smother.
46 min...half ends 2:52pm.

Neither team went back to their locker rooms across the street about 400 yards away.

Halftime entertainment has a mini-game of Vaughan Azzurri boys teams.

2nd Half:...starts 3:04pm.
halftime sub:...OBD Culver replaces Wason.
46 min...VA Harris rush up right then cuts in for 12 yard shot near end line that's caught by goalie.
48 min...OBD Vilela low 20 yard shot from right has defender block and VA D'Mello clears.
49 min...VA D'Mello is injured making sliding tacckle to prevent OBD cross and wins goalkick for VA.
50 min...OBD sub...Kusiewica replaces Giffin.
52 min...OBD McNamara 25 yard freekick from left bends for goalie to step forward and catch.
54 min...VA goalie steps forward to punch away 45 yard freekick from right that's into crowd of players.
56 min...OBD McNamara rush along edge of box from right but loses control before he can cut in shot in middle.
58 min...VA sub...Cooper replaces Lay.
.........VA sub...Loukides replaces D'Mello who limps off field with trainer.
59 min...VA YELLOW card...Loukides earns it for clipping OBD Kusiewicz at OBD 50 yard line.
60 min...The ball bounces on a cross from the right over the VA goalie who falls injured and OBD Gogarty misses header but play flagged down.
63 min...VA Lao 40 yard freekick from right has VA Cooper duck and head 12 yard header over bar.
64 min...VA Harris 22 yard cross from right is caught by goalie.
67 min...OBD Vilela 25 yard shot after rush deflects off defender.
68 min...OBD YELLOW card...Karafilov earns it for check at OBD 20 yards.
68 min...VA Lao 20 yard freekick from left has flying goalie push ball wide left of post.
69 min...VA Lao cornerkick from left has defenders clear. OBD Vilela taps pass to OBD Kusiewicz on left who crosses 20 yarder high and behind net.
72 min...VA Loukides 40 yard chip forward for VA Kovacevic to shoot 20 yarder that goalie pushes wide left of post.
73 min...OBD sub...Ellis replaces Doran.
73 min...VA Lao cornerkick from left has defender head wide right for cornerkick.
74 min...VA Lao cornerkick from right has defender head ball away.
74 min...VA goalie beats OBD Culver to pick up through ball.
75 min...OBD Doran 25 yard freekick from left has defender head away.
76 min...VA Harris low 28 yard shot up middle has goalie dive to left to smother.
78 min...OBD James 35 yard chip down middle has defender head away on edge of box.
79 min...VA Lao 50 yard freekick from right has ball drop into crowd of players on left. VA Gogarty 20 yard shot through players is saved.
80 min...OBD sub...Hathoway replaces Joshi.
80 min...VA Lao 40 yard freekick from left is caught by goalie on right.
82 min...OBD Vilela 28 yard freekick down middle dips just over bar.
82 min...VA sub...Ricci replaces Downes.
83 min...OBD Vilela tips ball past VA Gogarty for a breakaway and chips goalie from 22 yards but ball over net.
85 min...OBD YELLOW card...Hathoway earns it for a check near center line.
86 min...VA sub...Gullo replaces Kovacevic.
87 min...OBD RED card...Filipe Vilela earns a direct ejection when he rolls a 20 yard shot wide left of the goal from the right and injures VA Dena Iezady with a kick to the head. Referee Micheal Stenbring first consulted with his assistant Kuizan Weekes on the sideline for details of what happened. (I was watching the ball roll wide of the net as was the Livestream feed so we missed it). Iezady may have already been down before the kick.
89 min...VA YELLOW card...Gogarty earns it for something.
90 min...OBD goalie smothers 25 yard roller into box.
93 min...VA Lao cross from 45 yards in middle has VA Amato on left sideline high cross into edge of box and VA Loukides both 18 yarder is shot over net.
95 min...OBD Hathoway shanks 22 yard shot wide right of net.
96 min...game ends 3:55pm.

Final Score:......Vaughan Azzurri.......0.......Oakville Blue Devils.......0.....

Attendance was about 100 on this hot day with the sun out in the south west until the second half when there were periods of overcast.

Referee Michael Stenbring gave out two Yellow cards to each team (as well as the Red) all in the second half in a game that did get rough. VA Henry Moody had to be subbed after 16 minutes after a goalmouth collision. There were a lot of bumps and close marking and a dust up during the sending off.

Shutouts were earned by goalies Dayne St Clair of Vaughan and Daniel Voci for Oakville. Both had to make some key saves but were also lucky for some inaccurate shooting from opponents.

Best non-scoring chances were at 10 minutes when OBD Tyler Wason received a long pinpoint pass from 60 yards and he chipped a 15 yarder over the goalie but just wide left of the post. 24 minutes had VA Jonathan Lao take a 45 yard freekick from the right that VA Daniel Gogarty was able to pop up a header at 6 yards on the left that the goalie was able to catch before a VA Matthew Arnone could head it in from 4 yards on the right post. The next minute VA Dayonn Harris chipped the goalie at 25 yards up the middle but the retreating defender OBD Chris Karafilov was able to clear the bouncer off the line. First half injury time had VA Lao cross from 28 yards on the right that was popped up on a backwards header by VA Mario Kovacevic at 8 yards over to VA Joseph Amato who chested the ball down at 8 yards on left and partly whiffed on a 7 yarder from the center that the goalie dove over to the left post to smother. 63 minutes had VA Lao take a 40 yard freekick from the right and VA Jackie Cooper ducked and headed a 12 yarder just over the bar. 68 minutes had Lao take a 20 yard freekick from the left that the flying goalie pushed wide left of the post. 72 minutes had VA Malcolm Loukides send a 40 yard chip forward down the middle that VA Harris shot a 20 yarder that the goalie pushed wide left of the post. 83 minutes had OBD Filipe Vilela tip a ball past VA defender Daniel Gogarty at 40 yards and on the resulting breakaway ran in then chipped the goalie from 22 yards but the ball went over the net.

Both sides came into the game as the last two teams with perfect records at 3-0-0. Both teams improve to 3-1-0 and hold onto first place. There a no playoffs in the league so first place wins the championship. There is League Cup for the other trophy.

Rocket Robin

Vaughan Azzurri starters

Oakville Blue Devils starters

OBD Anthony Novak (23) and Filipe Vilela (9) take opening kickoof.

OBD Gary Giffin (8) boots ball from center circle.

VA Joseph Amato (3) make quick throw-in.

VA Daniel Gogarty (23) passes on short freekick.

VA Mario Kovacevic (10) and Jonathan Lao (7) take second half kickoff.

OBD Taylor McNamara (14) takes freekick.

VA Jonathan Lao (7) lines up freekick.

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