Results and details of the Sunday May 17, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Oakville Blue Devils and Pro Stars FC played at Sheridan College in Oakville at 4:00pm.

Oakville Blue Devils (black shorts, navy shorts, black & navy hooped shirts, white numbers)

....................1 Karman Saini
17 Travis Hurtis...5 Nick Muth...6 Chris Karafilov...3 Adrian Butters
15 Anthony Doran...14 Talor McNamara (cpt)...21 Max Hathoway...23 Anthony Novak
............9 Filipe Vilela...11 Tyler Wason

Subs:...24 Danile Voci (gk)...8 Gary Giffin...12 Jordan Roberts...13 Christian Kusiewicz...16 Khody Ellis...19 Paulo Rogato...22 Al James
team officials:...team head coach Duncan Wilde...assistant coach Billy Steele...manager Kim Ashton

Pro Stars FC (all white, blue numbers)

...................1 Philip Borowski
2 Rachaun Palmer...3 Michael Michael...6 Jammar Allison (cpt)...4 Pawel Sokolowski
5 Pawandeep Sandhu...10 David Alva...11 Mujtaba Ameen...9 Jordan Piccinin
............7 Leaford Allen...8 Thomas Winski

Subs:...21 Zachary Borzovoy (gk)...12 Darragh Roe...13 Shawn Couto...14 Duenas Andre-Camilo...15 Luke Mellon
...16 Christian Martin...17 Taylor Nelson
team officials:...team head coach Josef Komlodi...assistant coaches George Jenkins, Paul Dhillon, and Peter Mellon...managers Jean-Pieere Boue and Sherry Youssef

Game officials:...referee Scott Milliquet...referee's assistants Scott Decker and Adam Kanji...fourth official John Leuser
....(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 3:59pm...OBD defend north end on this mild afternoon with a bright sun in the west.
1 min...OBD Doran throw-in from 30 yard line on right is knocked around but OBD Novak bends 20 yard shot down middle just wide right of net.
2 min...OBD Doran cornerkick from right is caught in crowd of players by goalie.
4 min...PS Allen receives a centering cross from 25 yards on left is just a step ahead of his sliding attempt at 8 yards.
4 min...OBD Vilela on left rolls pass forward to OBD Doran who can't get full foot to steer into net and ball rolls for goalie to smother.
5 min...PS player chips cross from 30 yards on left that charging PS Allen on leap tries to chip from 10 yards down middle that goalie catches at 6 yards.
6 min...OBD YELLOW card...Muth earns it for upending PS Sandhu at center line.
7 min...PS player freekick forward has PS Allen head ball forward and just wide of post from 15 yards.
8 min...PS Ameen 25 yard freekick from right is low and stopped in wall of players.
12 min...OBD McNamara 22 yard freekick from left is over wall but diving goalie catches on left side of net.
14 min...OBD Wason breaks down left wing but pushes ball too far forward from 20 yards and goalie dives wide left to smother ball.
15 min...PS Winski cornerkick from right has OBD Muth pop up header on left side of box to clear.
17 min...OBD YELLOW card...McNamara earns it for trip from behind on dribbling PS Piccinin.
17 min...PS Alva low 30 yard freekick up middle is stopped in wall of players at 20 yards.
22 min...PS Allen has chipped through ball kick over goalie into net from 15 yards but play is called back for offside.
25 min...PS Allen appears to clap face of OBD Karafilov knocking him over to get by and open shot from 15 yards up middle is into left side of net but assistant referee flags him for the foul.
32 min...OBD Novak wins cornerkick on left when his cross is deflected by defender on left post.
32 min...OBD Adrian Butters GOAL...OBD Taylor McNamara takes low cornerkick from left has OBD Nick Muth run through box on left as decoy and Butters who was waiting for it fires 7 yarder down middle into left side of net.
34 min...PS Palmer low cross from right end line is cleared.
35 min...PS Winski is tapped back pass and shoots 25 yarder over crowd of players and over net.
37 min...Pro Stars David Alva GOAL...PS Leaford Allen with back to goal as defender was blocking him at 20 yards in middle rolls ball downfield to left where PS Jordan Piccinin crosses across 6 yard box and charging Alva pokes in 5 yarder to the open left side of net.
38 min...OBD Butters long throw-in into PS box from left has ball headed up and cleared.
38 min...OBD Vilela long run down left and PS Allison gets back at 15 yards to poke ball away. OBD Wason follows up with weak 20 yard shot that rolls to goalie.
43 min...PS goalie charges out to 22 yards to beat OBD Vilela to through ball pass from 35 yards down middle.
45 min...OBD Vilela wins cornerkick on left after long run and deflection.
45 min...OBD McNamara cornerkick from left has goalie fist ball in crowd of players while on right post.
46 min...OBD player throw-in from right has defenders clear from box.
46 min...half ends 4:45pm.

Halftime Entertainment:...there's a mini game between 9 girls vs 8 boys. The boys win 1-0 with almost all the action in the girl's end. All players were from the Oakville Soccer Club.

2nd Half:...starts 5:00pm.
halftime subs:...OBD Kusiewicz replaces Wason.
...............PS Couto replaces Ameen.
46 min...OBD Nick Muth RED card...PS Pawel Sokolowski crosses from left end line and charging PS Rachaun Palmer runs forward and his body deflects ball from 6 yards towards goal and he flick heads 1 yarder from middle to open left side of goal where defender Muth puts his hand up to punch away ball. Referee Scott Milliquet ejects him and awards a Penalty kick.
46 min...Pro Stars Jordan Piccinin GOAL...Piccinin blasts low shot to right side of net as goalie Karman Saini flies to left.
50 min...PS Sokolowski rush down left and cross over box can't be turned by PS player's header attempt on right post.
51 min...OBD sub...James replaces Hurtis.
52 min...OBD sub...Giffin replaces Hathoway.
54 min...PS Sokolowski 40 yard freekick from left has PS Allen knock ball down at 10 yards but defenders clear.
54 min...OBD players are called offside for the third time already this half.
55 min...OBD Doran takes ball off fallen defender and run in from right and blasts 15 yarder that flying goalie pushes wide left of net. PS defender clears recross into box.
56 min...PS Allen passes from middle to left and PS Piccinin run forward and rolls 20 yard shot just wide right of post.
57 min...PS player shoots low 20 yarder from right wide right of net.
58 min...PS Piccinin in 6 yard box flicks up ball but defenders clear before he can shoot.
59 min...PS Piccinin blasts 15 yarder that goalie punches away after PS Winski gives him pass. PS Palmer follows up with 15 yard shot from right that goalie stops on short right post.
61 min...OBD Novak holds off defenders in PS box to tap back and OBD Giffen gets away 15 yard shot as he's falling that travels wide left of net.
64 min...PS Palmer from 35 yards on right crosses to left and goalie smothers step ahead of PS Winski.
65 min...OBD Kusiewicz turns and fires 20 yarder that goalie palms over net.
66 min...OBD McNamara cornerkick from left has goalie catch at 2 yards in middle of box.
67 min...OBD Vilela at 15 yards chips backwards pop up that's caught by goalie.
68 min...OBD Doran shoots wide right from 20 yards down middle.
68 min...OBD sub...Roberts replaces Vilela.
69 min...PS sub...Nelson replaces Sandhu.
74 min...OBD Karafilov 60 yard freekick from right has goalie step forward to 15 yards to catch.
75 min...PS Alva bends 25 yard kick through crowd of players that goalie dives to stop on right post and crawls to smother rebound.
76 min...PS sub...Roe replaces Palmer.
76 min...OBD player's work out short cornerkick from right and OBD Kusiewicz chips 15 yarder into box that defender heads away for throw-in.
77 min...OBD McNamara cornerkick from left is just over head of OBD Butters on right.
78 min...OBD Kusiewicz cornerkick from right has ball knocked around and OBD Butters flying header at 3 yards is wide left of post.
79 min...PS goalie is injured on bump in box trying to catch freekick sent in from 40 yards. PS win freekick.
80 min...OBD Novak rush down left for through ball but can't get in cross before he rushes over end line on left.
81 min...PS sub...Mellon replaces Winski.
83 min...PS Piccinin chips forward pass from 25 yards up middle that has goalie beat PS Michael to pick up on bounce.
84 min...OBD Anthony Doran GOAL...OBD Anthony Novak rush down left and cross from 20 yards has Doran even with right post duck and head 7 yarder into open right side of net.
85 min...PS Allen is injured at OBD 50 yard line on trip by OBD Karafilov. He stays out the rest of the game.
87 min...OBD Anthony Doran GOAL...OBD Anthony Novak on rush to 25 yard line chips ball forward to Doran who is between two defenders to shoot 10 yarder up middle into right side of net.
89 min...OBD sub...Ellis replaces Doran.
90 min...PS Alllison 35 yard freekick from left is just step ahead of charging PS Mellon at 5 yards on right post and ball is wide right for goalkick.
94 min...PS player's cornerkick from left has goalie swat ball through box.
94 min...game ends 5:50pm.

Final Score:....Oakville Blue Devils.........3........Pro Stars FC........2......

Attendance was about 250 on this warm and sunny afternoon.

This was a game between two of the three 'new' teams to League 1 Ontario for 2015. The Oakville Blue Devils are the same organization, with even some of the players, that played in the PDL League last year as the Toronto Lynx. They play at Sheridan College in Oakville—always matinee games as there are no lights at this stadium.

The team has used the name 'Oakville Blue Devils' before when they played ten years ago in the CPSL—winning the championship in 2005--as a farm team for Toronto Lynx when that team was in the A-League. Blue Devils have an agreement with the powerful Oakville Soccer Club and they have their Lynx Academy so they shouldn't have the team too weakened by players returning to college in August. Oakville mayor Rob Burton took the ceremonial opening kickoff today.

Referee Scott Milliquet gave out two Yellow cards and the direct Red—that I counted—all to Blue Devils players.

Pro Stars forward Leaford Allen seemed to have the best non-scoring chances all by himself when at 5 minutes when a PS player chipped a cross from 30 yards on the left that he charged and leapt to try to chip from 10 yards down the middle but the goalie caught it 6 yards. At 22 minutes he chipped a through ball kick over the goalie into the net from 15 yards but it was called back offside. 25 minutes had him appear to clap the face of OBD Chris Karafilov knocking him over to get by and his open shot from 15 yards up the middle was into the left side of the net but was flagged by the referee's assistant for the foul. He was injured between the tieing and winning OBD goals and was not replaced as the team had apparently made their five subs. (although I only counted four).

Until Allen was injured the Pro Stars had played almost the entire second half with a man advantage. Nick Muth is one of only two imports on OBD--(No he's not from Uruguay—Luis Saurez 2010 World Cup handball joke—but from Knoxville Tennessee USA). OBD actually played better when a man down.

Oakville improves to a record of 3 wins, 0 ties, 0 losses. I saw games on Friday night and Saturday night where Durham United then Sigma FC played their third games of the year but earned only ties to go with their 2 wins. The Saturday night game I couldn't get to had Vaughan Azzurri improve to 3-0-0. Blue Devils win so I didn't jinx every perfect team! Pro Stars record falls to 0 wins, 1 tie, 2 losses.

Rocket Robin

Oakville Blue Devils starters

Pro Stars FC starters

OBD Anthony Novak (23) and Filipe Vilela (9) take opening kickoff.

OBD Taylor McNamara (14) takes freekick.

PS Rachaun Palmer (2) takes throw-in.

OBD Filipe Vilela (9) tries to get past PS Michael Michael (3).

PS Thomas Winski (8) taps back second half kickoff while PS Leaford Allen (7) runs ahead.

PS Jordan Piccinin (9) takes Penalty kick.

PS Leaford Allen (7) leaps for header.

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