Results and details of the Saturday May 16, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Sigma FC and Windsor Stars played at Hershey Fields #1 in Mississauga at 9:00pm.

Sigma FC (blue socks and shirts, black shorts, white numbers)

.................1 Triston Henry
2 Jamal Joseph...11 Marcus Hanson...3 Dominic Samuel...4 Nolan Holdridge (cpt)...5 Duran Lee
23 Christian Samaniego...7 Alex Halis...16 Manny Morgado...8 Manvir Brar
..................19 Eji Mrabure

Subs:...31 Anthony White (gk)...18 Kenny Lioutas...15 Aaron D'Souza...14 Aidan D'Mello...17 Dion Stergiotis
...9 Mike Matic...24 Elijah Larin
team officials:...head coach Bobby Smymiotis...assistant coach John Zervos...team officials James Haloulos, Ken Peter and Philip Opusinis

Windsor Stars (all white, black numbers)

..................1 Kyle Vizirakis
3 Carlos Soares...10 Celso Carapau...4 Derric Amankwa...6 Dreydon Kelley
11 Elijah Dunn...8 Ciprian Codea...14 Goran Stjepanovic...19 Brett Holmberg
.............7 Noah Pio...9 Stephen Ademolu (cpt)

Subs:...--Chris Al Youssef...5 Will Al-Youssef...10 Celso Carapau...11 Luis Cortes...15 Khalid Bakher
...17 Luke Husbands...27 Shane Beaton
team officials:...team head coach Shane Topalovic...managers Gino Berardi and Vancho Cirovski

Game officials:...referee David Barrie...referee's assistants Joe D'Onofrio and Alex Themistocleous...fourth official Scott Decker
...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 8:59pm...Sigma defends south end on this cool night with the sun already below the horizon. All times are converted from my wristwatch.
3 min...Sigma Lee wins cornerkick on left end line with deflection.
3 min...Sigma Halis cornerkick from left has goalie on right post palm ball through box.
6 min...Sigma Halis 22 yard freekick from right has Sigma Samuel leap at 5 yards in crowd of players and heads ball just over bar.
7 min...Sigma goalie catches 25 yard bounced shot from left on left post.
10 min...Sigma Halis 28 yard freekick from left sideline has Sigma Morgado not quite able to deflect ball into right corner of net on 8 yard deflection while even with left post.
12 min...Sigma Halis and Mrabure work give and go down left sideline that ends with 7 cross from 15 yards and Sigma Mrabure deflects 5 yarder that rolls to goalie.
15 min...Sigma Halis works his way along left end line and rolls ball into box and partially cleared and Sigma Morgado blasts 25 yarder well over net.
17 min...Stars Codea 30 yard freekick from right sideline is low and cleared by Sigma's nearest defender.
17 min...Stars Soares crosses from near right cornerflag and the ball was tipped over the net from the foot of Stars Pio at 6 yards.
19 min...Sigma Halis and Morgado work short freekick from 30 yards on left and Halis ends with cross from 20 yards along left end line that deflects off defender.
21 min...Sigma Eji Mrabure GOAL...Sigma Manvir Brar rolls ball at 28 yards in middle over to left at 20 yards. Sigma Alex Halis and Mrabure are both on that side but Mrabure takes low 15 yard shot that catches right corner of net just inside post.
23 min...Stars Codea 40 yard freekick dowm middle has goalie jump in crowd of players and punch ball away.
24 min...Stars Codea blasts 30 yard kick down middle well high and wide left of net.
26 min...Sigma Halis 30 yard shot bounced down middle for goalie to make easy stop.
28 min...Stars Hanson can't get away shot on right edge of box.
29 min...Sigma Marcus Hanson GOAL...Sigma Duran Lee rush on left and rolls 20 yard cross from 15 yard line that the defenders and forwards in the middle missed. Hanson following up kicks low 15 yarder from right into left side of net.
32 min...Stars Codea low 30 yard shot from left is through players in box and wide left of net.
34 min...Sigma Halis 30 yard freekick from near left cornerflag is well over players in box.
37 min...Stars Ademolu dribbles in middle and blasts 28 yarder down middle and goalie catches.
39 min...Stars Soares crosses 28 yarder from right sideline that goalie catches.
41 min...Stars Soares is injured at Sigma 50 yard line with leg injury.
44 min...Stars YELLOW card...Stjepanovic earns it for tackle at Stars 40 yard line.
45 min...Stars Ademolu short cornerkick from left is back to Ademolu but his low cross is cleared.
46 min...Stars Noah Pio GOAL...Pio intercepts bouncing ball in middle between defenders and his 18 yard midair shot is into the top right corner over playing goalie Triston Henry.
47 min...half ends 9:46pm.

2nd Half:...starts 10:02pm...the temperature has dropped quite a lot.
halftime sub:...Stars Carapau replaces Dunn.
49 min...Sigma Mrabure rolls 22 yard shot into right corner of net but referee had already whistled down the play.
.......Stars YELLOW card...Soares earns it for tug on Sigma Mrabure.
51 min...Sigma Morgado lofts 20 yard freekick down middle that's just over bar.
53 min...Sigma Lee long run up left from own half but retreating defender causes him to roll ball over end line.
55 min...Sigma Halis 30 yard freekick up middle is well over net.
60 min...Sigma players on right work out a quick cornerkick and Sigma Christian Samaniego dribbles into box and is tripped up. Referee David Barrie signals for a Penalty kick.
61 min...Sigma Alex Halis stagger steps and shoots Penalty kick that has goalie Kyle Vizirakis dive left to stop and push ball away.
62 min...Sigma Brar shoots 20 yarder from left wide right of net.
63 min...Stars Codea 25 yard midair shot has flying goalie palm ball over bar.
64 min...Stars Ademolu gets short cornerkick up field on left and crosses into box but defenders clear.
66 min...Stars YELLOW card...Amankwa earns it for upending Sigma Halis just outside Stars box.
66 min...Sigma Halis 25 yard freekick from right has Sigma Mrabure tip header from 12 yards that goalie catches.
67 min...Sigma sub...D'Mello replaces somebody.
68 min...Sigma Halis cornerkick from right has Sigma player pops up header but defenders clear ball in box.
69 min...Sigma Halis is knocked over at Stars 22 yards but Sigma Hanson following up bends 22 yarder just over bar.
69 min...Stars Soares low 25 yard shot from right has goalie smother on right post.
Stars have been caught on a few offsides this half.
78 min...Sigma sub...Matic replaces Morgado.
........Stars sub...Husbands replaces Stjepanovic.
81 min...Stars Ademolu can't draw Penalty kick when pushed over in Sigma box.
82 min...Sigma sub...Larin replaces Mrabure.
84 min...Stars Ademolu blasts low 28 yarder that diving goalie blocks on left post but leaves big rebound and charging Stars Pio in alone on left shoots 6 yarder wide left of post.
85 min...Sigma sub...Stergiotis replaces Halis.
86 min...Stars Soares cornerkick from right has leaping goalie push ball behind net.
86 min...Stars 10 cornerkick has defender head ball away in 6 yard box.
89 min...Stars goalie dives to smother defender's shanked clearance from 22 yards and grabs ball before Sigma 8 can get to it.
90 min...Sigma YELLOW card...Larin earns it for sliding tackle on Stars Kelley at Stars 30 yard line.
91 min...Sigma sub...Lioutas replaces Brar.
93 min...Stars Bakher replaces Kelley.
94 min...Sigma Hanson leaves game with head injury.
95 min...Stars Brett Holmberg GOAL...Stars Ciprian Codea from just outside the box shoots low and up the middle and hits the left post. Holmberg shoots low rebound from 15 yards to left corner of net.
95 min...game ends.

Final Score:....Sigma FC.......2......Windsor Stars......2.....

Attendance was about 120 on this cool night.

This game was one of momentum. It looked like Sigma would run away with this early with almost all the action taking place in the Stars side of the field in the 15 minutes. Play settled down and Windsor scored a key goal in first half injury time to keep it close. I felt a huge turning point was a non-goal...at 49 minutes when Sigma Eji Mrabure rolled a 22 yard shot into the right corner of the net but the referee had already whistled the play down and gave Stars Carlos Soares a Yellow card for pulling on Mrabure. The play resulted in a freekick at 20 yards which had Manny Morgado loft the kick just over the bar. The later awarding of the Penalty kick was almost a sympathy call. The taker of that Alex Halis had been dribbling the whole game beating three men at a time but being checked by the fourth guy so looked like a sure bet to score.

Best other non-scoring chances were at 17 minutes when Stars Carlos Soares crossed from near the right cornerflag and the ball was tipped over the net from the foot of Noah Pio at 6 yards. 63 minutes had Stars Ciprian Codea take a 25 yard midair shot that the flying goalie palmed over the bar. 84 minutes had Stars Stephen Ademolu blast a low 28 yarder that the diving goalie blocked on the left post but left a big rebound and from the left the charging Pio had an open net but shot a 6 yarder wide left of the net.

Elijah Larin (born in 1996) came in as a sub at 82 minutes and put a brief dazzling dribbling display on his first touch but later drew a Yellow card in his brief time on. He's the younger brother of Sigma alumni Cyle Larin who played for this team last year and was the first pick of the 2015 MLS draft. Cyle scored another goal for Orlando City FC earlier this weekend.

It was the first tie of the season for both teams. Sigma's record is now 2 wins, 1 tie, 0 loss. Windsor's record is 1 win, 1 tie, 2 losses.

Rocket Robin

Sigma FC starters

Windsor Stars starters

Stars Stephen Ademolu (9) and Noah Pio (7) take opening kickoff.

Sigma player lines up freekick.

Stars Carlos Soares (3) on sideline.

Sigma players rush

Stars Carlos Soares (3) gets treatment for a leg injury.

Sigma Manvir Brar (8) and Alex Halis (7) take second half kickoff.

Sigma Alex Halis (7) has his Penalty kick saved.

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