Results and details of the Friday May 15, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Durham United FC and Kingston Clippers played at Civic Field #5 in Oshawa at 8:00pm.

Durham United FC (navy socks and shirts, red shorts, navy & red striped chests, yellow numbers)

....................1 Ben Cowman
3 Jacob Sooklal...5 Joseph Zupo...13 Le Shaun Young...12 Bruce Cullen
........17 Joseph Roccasalva...8 Taylor Lord...7 Christian Moncrieffe
........10 Martinho Dumevski...9 Le Rohne Young...19 Marcus Lees

Subs:...0 Peter Katasaras (gk)...2 Kashiff De Jonge...4 Hameez Farrell...14 Tristan Grant...16 Mark Tarazhi...18 Kyle Laborde
team officials:...team head coach Sanford Carabin...assistant coach Ronald Clarke...manager Corrado Roccasalva
...equipment manager Connor Schmitt...therapist Alex Hawkins

Kingston Clippers (yellow socks and shirts, blue shorts and numbers, white trim)

....................1 Max Materne
5 Kristian Zanette...4 Austin White...13 Conor Hannigan...2 Adrian Rochford
17 Eric Koskins...11 Pat Vanderholst...10 Jordan Brooks...6 Maher Husseini...8 Joey Pineo
...................9 Ryan McCurdy

Subs:...20 Navi Sidhu (gk)...14 Adrian Soyic...15 Andrew Martin...18 Andrew Whiteman...19 Chris Wellsman
...16 Dylan Kirk...12 Joel Zelt
team officials:...team head coach Christian Hoefler...assistant coach Chris Eveleigh...manager Rebecca Cowan

Game officials:...referee Micahel Steinbring...referee's assistants Peter Pendli and John Carter...fourth official Armando Pereira
...(teal shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 8:02pm...DUFC defends south end on this mild and damp evening.
20 sec...A KC player hits the bar on a 20 yard blast from the right.
1 min...DUFC Cullen cuts around defender on left and low shot is saved.
1 min...DUFC Lees cross from 15 yards near left end line and DUFC Le Rohne Young pops header from right that goalie palms ball out of box but falls on his back injured.
3 min...DUFC Moncrieffe cross from 30 yards on left has goalie catch in front of DUFC Roccasalva at 8 yards on right.
8 min...KC Koskins rolls pass from right end line to KC McCurdy who shoots from right from 20 yards that goalie catches.
9 min...DUFC roccasalva low 30 yard freekick from right has defender kick ball away at 10 yards.
10 min...KC Zanette long throw-in from right falls for DUFC Le Rohne Young to knock ball and shoot 15 yarder that deflects wide right for cornerkick.
12 min...DUFC Lees low 15 yard shot that saved by sprawling goalie.
13 min...DUFC Roccasalva charges forward to shoot 10 yarder well over net.
14 min...DUFC Le Rohne Young rolls ball along 6 yard box from left and goalie dives on ball before DUFC Roccasalva can get to it.
15 min...KC Zanette 30 yard freekick from sideline has defender pop up header and defenders eventually clear.
16 min...DUFC Lees rush down left sideline and rolls cross that defender partially clears but DUFC Le Rohne Young then shoots 20 yarder down middle wide right.
19 min...KC Koskins heads 20 yarder from right and KC Vanderholst is called offsiide on left post.
20 min...DUFC Lees rush on left and rolls pass from 20 yards into box and DUFC Le Rohne Young low 22 yard shot up middle is smothered by goalie.
23 min...KC sub...Martin replaces Vanderholst.
23 min...DUFC player's 35 yard freekick down middle is cleared from box.
25 min...KC McCurdy fed ball up left and rolls 25 yard shot wide left of net.
26 min...DUFC Zupo chips 50 yard ball over players and is caught by goalie at 15 yards.
29 min...KC Zanette long cross from 30 yard right sideline has KC Martin head 15 yarder from left that bounces to goalie.
32 min...DUFC Roccasalva rolls ball from 15 yards across box but defender clears.
39 min...DUFC Lees at 25 yards rolls ball too far forward for DUFC Le Rohne Young and goalie picks it up.
42 min...KC Martin 25 yard shot from left has goalie dive to right to save then get up to pick up ball near right edge of box.
43 min...DUFC Lees short run forward and blasts 30 yard shot well high and left of net.
46 min...half ends 8:48pm.

Halftime Entertainment: girls and boys of the Oshawa Kicks team are the contestants for soccer golf. They're given one kick each to kick from the sideline to closest to a flag but up in the center circle. The last kid who looked like the smallest boy was closest and won a soccer ball.

2nd Half:...starts 9:03pm.
45:45....KC Husseini freekick from 40 yards is just in front of KC forward and KC McCurdy rolls cross along end line from 15 yards and goalie smothers.
46 min...KC McCurdy rolls 22 yard shot from right that goalie smothers on right post.
47 min...DUFC Cullen 15 yard shot in crowd of players is low and caught by goalie.
49 min...DUFC Lees gets to pass and shoots 18 yard shot from right that's wide left of net.
51 min...KC Rochford cornerkick from left has defender head ball away in box, play carries on upfield but DUFC Cullen was injured in DUFC box. Cullen is carried from field with a leg injury.
54 min...DUFC sub...Farrell replaces injured Cullen.
55 min...KC Rochford can't win Penalty kick when he's over near left end line inside DUFC box.
57 min...KC Zanette cornerkick from right is cleared. KC Brooks chips back into box but that's cleared too.
58 min...DUFC YELLOW card...Soooklal earns it for sliding tackle on KC Brooks at DUFC 25 yard line.
58 min...KC Husseini 30 yard freekick from left bounces through players to goalie.
60 min...DUFC Le Rohne Young rush down left and short cross to DUFC Lees is broken up by defender at 10 yards.
61 min...DUFC Dumevski 35 yard freekick has DUFC player twist a pop up header at 15 yards that goalie catches.
63 min...KC Koskins gets to through ball pass at 20 yards with defender even with him and freezes goalie at 16 yards and gets away shot up middle that goalie slides to make point blank save.
65 min...KC McCurdy turns after receiving throw-in from left and kicks 20 yarder from left that bends wide right of post.
66 min...DUFC sub...Grant replaces Sooklal.
68 min...DUFC Dumevski 35 yard freekick from far left is headed away from box.
69 min...DUFC Moncrieffe cornerkick from left has DUFC Zupo leap in crowd of players and head ball over bar from 5 yards.
71 min...KC McCurdy rush on right and KC Martin given pass but can't get away shot.
72 min...DUFC Lees and DUFC Dumevski work give and go and Lees shoots low 18 yarder that sprawling goalie saves.
73 min...KC player sends in cross from 35 yards on right and KC McCurdy flies to get head to ball and sends 15 yarder over bar.
74 min...DUFC sub...Laborde replaces Roccasalva.
76 min...KC Martin crosses ball in from 30 yards on left that goalie catches as KC Brooks runs in front of him at 5 yards.
77 min...KC player 40 yard shot up middle bends wide right of net.
79 min...KC Martin passes forward to KC McCurdy who's turned inside out and rolls ball across box and defender clears.
79 min...KC Rochford cross from 22 yards on left has goalie catch on left.
80 min...DUFC Dumevski runs towards middle from right and cuts low 20 yarder that diving goalie smothers.
82 min...DUFC goalie fumbles low cross from right and pushes ball past post for cornerkick.
82 min...KC sub...Wellsman replaces Rochford.
83 min...KC player's cornerkick from right has KC Pineo pop up header on left backwards and ball cleared.
84 min...DUFC Le Rohne Young gets in tangle with KC defender and goalie and ball rolls for KC goalkick.
84 min...DUFC sub...Tarazhi replaces Dumevski.
86 min...DUFC goalie gets to catch DUFC defender's shanked clearance attempt.
87 min...KC Koskins is injured at DUFC 45 yard line with leg problem.
89 min...KC sub...Soyic replaces injured Koskins.
90 min...KC Brooks cornerkick from right has KC player head 10 yarder in crowd of players that goalie catches on right post.
90 min...DUFC Lees is injured just outside KC box after his run was whistled down.
91 min...DUFC Tarazhi low 25 yard shot from left is stopped by goalie.
93 min...DUFC Le Rohne Young has 20 yard shot is blocked by defender after pass is set up for his shot down middle.
94 min...DUFC YELLOW card...Lord earns it for sliding tackle on KC Brooks at KC 25 yards.
96 min...game ends 9:54pm.

Final Score:......Durham United FC........0......Kingston Clippers.......0.......

No scoring in tonight's game but it certainly wasn't dull. A Clippers player hit the DUFC bar at the 20 second mark but then DUFC had the better chances for the next 25 minutes but play leveled out for the rest of the game with plenty of attacks and counterattacks.

Ben Cowman earned the shutout for DUFC while Max Materne did the same for the Clippers. They both had good defenders protecting them but had to make some point blank saves.

Referee Micheal Steinbring gave out only two Yellow cards—both to DUFC in a game that wasn't rough DUFC Bruce Cullen had to be carried from the field at 51 minutes with a leg injury and at 89 minutes Clippers Eric Koskins suffered the same fate.

Best chances were at 63 minutes when Clippers Eric Koskins got to a through ball pass while even with a DUFC defender and took a 20 yard shot up the middle freezing the goalie at 16 yards but he slid to make a point blank save. 72 minutes had DUFC Marcus Lees and Martinho Dumevski work a give and go up the middle and Lees shot a low 18 yarder that the sprawling goalie saved. Less than a minute later Clippers Ryan McCurdy got in a flying header at 15 yards that had been crossed in from 35 yards and it just flew over the bar.

Attendance was about 250 on this game moved on two week's notice from Kinsmen's Park as that field is in bad shape recovering from the long, cold winter. Tonight's venue was built within the last five years from what I remember as a parking lot beside the Oshawa Civic Centre (a since demolished hockey arena). This was not the 3000 seat concrete-stands soccer field (that's now one of the other numbered fields) where the Durham/Oshawa CNSL/CPSL teams over past years played. Tonight's #5 had portable aluminum bleachers which were quite full.

Big difference between last week's under 100 was the youth teams and parents in attendance especially from Oshawa Kicks. Many of those kids were girls which bodes well for the Durham United women's team which starts play in League 1 Ontario next week. There was a press conference at the beginning of the month where the Pickering Soccer Club was to unite with other neighbouring clubs the provide development opportunities to local elite level players. Oshawa Kicks Soccer Club and West Rouge Soccer Club has been brought in. Now I can see why the League 1 Ontario team was named 'Durham United FC' last year.

In the parking lot was a common yellow school bus. I asked the driver—yes it was the transport for the Clippers, Kingston is a good three hours away. So much for a fleet of more comfortable mini-vans or a coach for the team that I'd heard would be chartered for times after their GTA visit for the season opener against ANB Futbol.

DUFC remains undefeated with a now 2 win, 1 tie, 0 loss record while Clippers record improves to 0 win, 2 ties, 1 loss.

Rocket Robin

Durham United FC starters

Kingston Clippers starters

Clippers Ryan McCurdy (9) and Jordan Brooks (10) takes kickoff.

Clippers goalie Max Materne throws ball downfield.

Clippers Kristian Zanette (5) kicks ball down sideline.

DUFC Le Rohne Young (9) taps ball back to DUFC Joseph Roccasalva (17)

DUFC Bruce Cullen (12) readies ball to cross downfield.

DUFC Martinho Dumevski (10) and Le Rohne Young (9) take second half kickoff.

Clippers prepare to take cornerkick.

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