Results and details of the Saturday May 9, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between ANB Futbol and Pro Stars FC played at The Country Day School in King City at 9:00pm.

ANB Futbol (all blue, white numbers)

................00 Ali Ghazanfari
5 Michael Calder...2 Shiquan Lowe...18 Josh Kohn...4 Moshee Kelyana
10 Brandon Mills...14 Sam Atashin...6 Kristofer Michael...7 Jahsua Mills
............11 Belrum Vartanian...9 Jason Mills (cpt)

Subs:...1 Adam Hewitt (gk)...33 Patricio Gonazlez...8 David Bertolo...23 Blake Jones...22 Adonijah Reid
...87 Mario Tenorio...13 Mansoor Afzaly
team officials:...head coach Bassam Naim...assistant coach Wayne Mills...team officials Marcelo Almeida and Matthew Sposito

Pro Stars FC (all white, blue numbers)

..................1 Philip Borowski
2 Rachun Palmer...3 Michael Borowski...6 Jammar Allison (cpt)...4 Pawel Sokolowki
5 Pawandeep Sandhu...7 Rickey Sayers...8 Thomas Winski...10 David Alva
...............11 Majtaba Ameen...9 Jordan Piccinin

Subs:...21 Karvannathasan Virthuran (gk)...12 Darrah Roe...13 Xavier Wright...14 Taylor Nelson...15 Christian Martin
...16 Duenas Andre-Camilo...17 Leaford Allen
team officials:...team head coach Josef Komlodi...assistant coaches Gabriel Pop, Paul Dhillon, and Peter Mellon
...manager Jean-Pierre Boue...manager Sherry Youssef

1st Half:...game starts 9:06pm...ANB defends east end on this mild and humid night...all times converted from my wristwatch.
1 min...ANB Jahsua Mills rush down left wing and 25 yard cross drifts behind net.
2 min...ANB Kelyana blasts 30 yard shot over crowd of players and well over net.
3 min...ANB Jason Mills GOAL...ANB Brandon Mills passes from 40 yards that finds his brother in middle and his low 20 yard shot is over the sliding goalie Philip Borowski at 6 yards and into the net.
4 min...ANB Jahsua Mills 30 yard freekick from right is high and left of net.
5 min...Pro Stars David Alva takes 25 yard freekick from the right that hits the arm of a defender just inside the ANB box when he leapt to block the cross. Refeee Justin Tasev signalled for a Penalty kick.
6 min...Pro Stars Mujtaba Ameen GOAL...Ameen blasts the Penalty kick to the top right corner of the net with goalie Ali Ghazanfari crumpling to the middle of the net.
7 min...ANB player's freekick from 30 yards on right has ANB Michael head ball downwards at 20 yards in middle but ball cleared.
10 min...PS Ameen chips cross from 25 yards on right to PS Piccinin but goalie comes out to grab ball.
11 min...PS YELLOW card...Winski earns it for tackle at ANB 45 yard line.
12 min...ANB Vartanian rush to 12 yards on left but shanks cross wide left of net.
13 min...ANB goalie out of box to clear ball from PS Ameen to bouncer at 22 yards in middle.
16 min...PS Ameen 28 yard freekick from right has defender on left post head ball away.
19 min...ANB Kelyana long throw-in from left downfield has ANB Jahsua Mills slip before he can get away 10 yard shot.
20 min...ANB Jason Mills blasts 22 yard shot from left is high and wide right of net.
21 min...ANB Vartanian gets to pass and shoots 20 yarder from right well over net.
21 min...ANB Jahsua Mills cornerkick from left has ANB Michael pop up header in box that's cleared.
22 min...ANB Lowe point blank shot from 5 yards on left is wide into outside webbing of net.
27 min...PS Piccinin knocks down ball at 20 yards in middle but defender clears ball.
28 min...ANB Kelyana wins cornerkick on left on deflected shot near left cornerflag.
29 min...ANB Jahsua Mills short cornerkick from left has ball passed back to him and his recross sails over box unplayed.
32 min...ANB Jason Mills fed pass down middle and charge in from 30 yards and 12 yard shot deflects wide left of sliding goalie at 8 yards.
34 min...PS Ameen gets pass from left center and 20 yard low shot up middle is caught by goalie.
35 min...ANB Jahsua Mills cornerkick from left has ANB Kelyana receive ball but he's surrounded by defenders and sends forward offside pass.
36 min...ANB goalie catches high 15 yard cross from right.
38 min...ANB Jason Mills backheel pass forward at PS 30 yards and ANB Vartanian rushes forward and low 20 yard shot is saved by sliding goalie near left post.
40 min...ANB Jason Mills 30 yard freekick blast down middle is rushed and well over net.
42 min...PS Piccinin intercepts cross field pass at ANB 22 yards and blasts shot down middle that's well over net.
45 min...half ends 9:51pm.

Halftime Entertaiment: All mothers are invited onto the field. About 18 dare to come into the center circle. One mother wins a bouquet of flowers.

2nd Half:...starts 10:06pm...the temperature is cooling.
46 min...ANB goalie is injured by PS Sandhu as both jump for high ball. ANB is awarded a freekick.
47 min...ANB Vartanian low 20 yard shot is smothered by goalie. 49 min...ANB goalie rush to right edge of box to beat two PS players to ball to make pickup.
51 min...PS Palmer gets to ball after goalie misses overhead catch attempt at 10 yards. Palmer chips ball up to get away shot but goalie steps back to block his shot.
52 min...PS Alva 30 yard freekick from right has defender head ball away and PS Sokolowski blast from 30 yards that's stopped by goalie.
52 min...PS YELLOW card...Alva earns it for grabbing player at center line.
54 min...PS Palmer low blast from 25 yards is through crowd of players has goalie smother attempt at 12 yards but ball squeezes out and defender clears.
55 min...PS sub...Roe replaces Sandhu.
57 min...ANB Brandon Mills 28 yard freekick from right has ball cleared in box.
60 min...PS sub...Allen replaces Winski.
.........ANB sub...Reid replaces Vartanian.
62 min...ANB Reid has 15 yard shot from right has sliding defender tip ball out for cornerkick.
63 min...ANB YELLOW card...Calder earns it for kicking ball away out of bounds after whistle.
66 min...PS Ameen cross from 20 yards on left edge of box has defender head ball away.
68 min...ANB Jahsua Mills 28 yard freekick is just wide of top right corner of net.
69 min...ANB Atashin makes sliding tackle on PS Palmer to poke ball away on rush in at 25 yards.
70 min...ANB sub...Afzaly replaces Atashin.
71 min...ANB Jason Mills pushes pass too far forward for ANB Brandon Mills and goalie picks up ball on right.
72 min...An ANB player's pass is too far forward for ANB Reid at PS 15 yards.
74 min...PS Ameen is injured in center circle and needs to be helped from the field.
76 min...PS sub...Martin replaces injured Ameen.
76 min...ANB YELLOW card...Brandon Mills earns it for knocking over charging PS Allen just ouside ANB box.
77 min...Pro Stars David Alva GOAL...Alva blasts a 22 yard freekick down the middle over the player wall and just under the bar in the center of the net. The goalie was really upset that the wall didn't move at all.
78 min...ANB Afzaly chips freekick from 30 yards. ANB Lowe stops it, turns and fires low 15 yarder that goalie smothers on sliding save in middle at 3 yards.
80 min...ANB Reid chips short pass from 15 yards on left but goalie beats ANB Jason Mills to catch ball at 10 yards in middle.
81 min...ANB Reid sends short pass to ANB Jahsua Mills who rushes in from 15 yards but runs ball over end line.
82 min...ANB Brandon Mills cornerkick from right has ball drop in box but defenders clear.
83 min...ANB Jason Mills rush in from left and 15 yard chip is wide right of net.
84 min...PS Piccinin intercepts pass and 25 yard blast from left is well over net.
86 min...PS Palmer is injured when pulled down by ANB Kelyana.
87 min...ANB player runs down left and pass is intercepted before ball gets into PS box.
88 min...ANB Reid shot from 10 yards is deflected over net.
89 min...PS sub...Nelson replaces injured Palmer.
90 min...ANB Adonijah Reid GOAL...ANB Brandon Mills chips pass from 60 yards on the right that lands for Reid at 20 yards in middle and he chips the goalie at 10 yards and the ball bounces into the middle of the net just over the line.
91 min...ANB Brandon Mills 40 yard freekick from left is into box is flagged offside.
93 min...ANB Brandon Mills low 30 yard shot from left bounces just wide right of post.
94 min...game ends 9:55pm.

Final Score:....ANB Futbol.......2......Pro Stars FC......2.....

Attendance was about 80 on this mild and humid night.

Referee Justin Tasev gave out four Yellow cards that I counted (two to each team).

Both teams had chances for more goals. 32 minutes had ANB Jason Mills fed a pass down the middle and he charged in from 30 yards and his 12 yard shot deflected wide left off the sliding goalie at 8 yards. Two minutes later Pro Stars Mujtaba Ameen got a pass from the left and his low shot up the middle from 20 yards was caught by the goalie. 38 minute had ANB Jason Mills backheel a pass forward and ANB Belrum Vartanian took a low 20 yard shto that was saved by the sliding goalie near the left post. 51 minutes had Pro Stars Rachaun Palmer get to the ball after the ANB goalie jumped and missed an overhead catch at 10 yards but Palmer chipped that ball up and the goalie got back into the play to block the shot. The next minute Pro Stars David Alva took a 30 yard freekick from the right that a defender headed away just inside the box but Pro Stars Pawel Sokolowski blasted a shot from 30 yards through players that the goalie saved. 78 minutes had ANB Mansoor Afzaly chip a freekick from 30 yards that ANB Shiquan Lowe stopped it, turned, and fired a low 15 yarder that the goalie smothered on a sliding save at 3 yards. ANB had a few more chances both before and after their tieing goal.

Same script as last week's game with Adonijah Reid scoring late to save the game for ANB (although last week it was the only goal of the game for the winner). He came in at 60 minutes tonight (halftime last week) and scored at 90 minutes instead of 86. Only difference is he had switched from uniform number 15 to 22 for tonight's game—although his age remains 15!

Pro Stars FC is one of three new team's in the league this year. I noticed a few staff and players that I've come across over the years. Thomas Winski played on Master's FC last year and before that with Serbian White Eagles of the CSL. Darragh Roe played for Mississauga Eagles of the CSL. Team head coach Josef Komlodi and assistant coach Paul Dhillon were with the Eagles. Another assistant coach Gabriel Pop was a leading scorer for Serbian White Eagles almost ten years ago. Pro Stars played their home opener at Lamport Stadium last week and lost 2-0 to Durham United. It's their only game at that stadium as they will play their games at Victoria Park in Brampton (which in past years with its grass field always opened later in the season).

Rocket Robin

ANB Futbol starters

Pro Stars FC starters

ANB Belrum Vartanian (11) and Jason Mills (9) take opening kickoff.

Pro Stars Mujtaba Ameen (11) takes Penalty kick.

Referee Justin Tasev allows ANB to play advantage.

ANB Moshee Kelyana (4) rushes up wing.

ANB Moshee Kelyana (4) takes throw-in.

Pro Stars Jordan Piccinin (9) and Mujtaba Ameen (11) takes second half kickoff.

ANB Jahsua Mills (7) takes freekick.

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