May 2, 2015 League 1 Ontario--ANB Futbol vs Kingston Clippers (from League 1 Ontario website)

ANB Futbol 1 - Kingston Clippers 0
. Mon May 4 
Written By: Staff, League1  

ANB Futbol opened their 2015 League1 Ontario campaign with a 1-0 win over Kingston Clippers, 
courtesy of a late goal by 15-year-old phenom Adonjah Reid.

As the scoreline suggests, this was a very close contest, with ANB gradually taking control of the 
match with their slick, high-tempo possession play. Kingston became fatigued late in the contest, 
leaving gaps in their well-marshalled defensive line that had generally been solid throughout 
the contest.

"Travel is always our major challenge," said Clippers' technical director, Chris Eveleigh. 
"Our transportation is much better this year but traffic meant we arrived 15 minutes later than 
planned. It meant we started slowly and couldn't get our passing right. The tight pitch at ANB 
didn't allow us to play our practiced game either."

"[Our player] Greg Simmons being brought down, receiving an injury, and having to come off meant 
we were forced to change our playing style once again," he added. "The goal came late on and 
it was hard to recover from that in a short space of time."

"#22 Adonijah Reid came on as a substitute to start the second half and created some opportunities 
early for himself & teammates," said ANB general manager, Marcelo Almeida. "He eventually had 
a chance to convert, which he did in the 86' minute."

"[Our] team will take the result and three points & build on positivity for next week’s game. 
Team cohesion is key & working on defensive shape to ensure all players are on same page at all 
times in the game."

Both ANB and Clippers were in their agreement of the men of the match. 

"The Mills brothers (Brandon, Jason, & Jahsua) were strong, effective players and just missed 
several opportunities to finish," said Almeida. "Lastly, centre defender Shiquan Lowe led 
a steady back line & put in timely tackles to stop several attacks. [For Clippers], Max Materne 
(GK) came away with many saves on clear-cut opportunities, especially a very quick reaction 
to slap away a deflected free kick that was head to goal."

"Yes, Max Materne - goal keeper! Kept us in the game with a number of saves! He also 
distributed well, helping us turn defence in to attack," said Eveleigh. "[For ANB], 
Jason Mills - [he] received the ball well from deep and help create almost every chance 
ANB had. His movement had our defence running in circles! He was much improved on last season!"

ANB Futbol have another home match on May 9 vs. Pro Stars F.C., while Kingston return 
to their home grounds to host Master's FA Saints on May 9.


Kingston Clippers
Max Materne (GK), Andrew Martin, Austin White, Chris Michael (Toni El-Asmar 21'), Erik Koskins, 
Greg Simmons (Joel Zelt 47'), Joseph Pineo, Jordan Brooks, Maher Husseini, Ryan McCurdy, Chris Wellsman

ANB Futbol
Ali Ghazanfari (GK), Shiquan Lowe, Moshee Kelyana, Jahsua Mills, Jason Mills, Brandon Mills, 
Belrum Vartanian (Adonijah Reid 45'), Sam Atashin, Josh Kohn, Blake Jones (Kris Michael 45'), Michael Calder

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