May 2, 2015 League 1 Ontario--Windsor vs Woodbridge (from League 1 Ontario website)

Windsor 0 - Woodbridge 1
. Sun May 3 

Windsor Stars hosted Woodbridge Strikers in the opening match of League1 Ontario 2015 competition, 
and the fans didn't need to wait long for the first goal of the season. Woodbridge midfielder 
Oscar Cordon potted in the third minute, scoring the only goal of the game and sending the 
Strikers home with all three points. 

"Occuring just after our preseason has ended, this was a real challenge to have to [travel] 
so far," said Woodbridge head coach Peter Pinizzotto. "We are happy to have got the away 
win though."

Both Pinizotto, and Windsor head coach, Shane Topalovic, were unanimous in handing match 
MVP honours to Cordon.

"It was a difficult match, but we were happy to win 1-0," said Pinizzotto. "Game MVP was 
Oscar Cordon, who was best player on the field in my opinion. He scored a goal, and was 
very influential throughout the game."

"Yes, the outstanding player for their team was #10 [Oscar Cordon], who I thought controlled 
the game, and played very well - plus he scored the goal," summed up Topalovic. 

Pinizotto picked out Windsor midfielder, Stephen Ademolu, as the standout Windsor player. 
The former Canada player was imperious in the midfield, bringing his experience and knowledge 
of the game to the fore. 

"The outstanding player for Windsor was the #9, Stephen Ademolu," said Pinizotto. "He was, 
by far, the one who controlled the midfield with his experience. He was the best player 
for Windsor."

Following the early goal, the match became an even battle, with both sides needing 
to demonstrate defensive grit. Topalovic identified Luke Husbands as his standout performer.

"Outstanding player for our team was Luke Husbands, who played fantastic, won balls, passed 
well and was very strong in the middle for us today," explained Topalovic. "I think the 
biggest challenge for us as a team was just in general conditioning and system play, knowing 
where and what we should be doing at all times. We will respond by getting back to training, 
work as hard as we can, and work on understanding where to be tactically."

In turn, Woodbridge net-minder Matt George kept a clean sheet, repelling a late raid 
by the Stars. Topalovic will rue the missed chances by the home side.

"Key moments for us came near the end of the game when we hit a crossbar, got four or five 
shots on target and began to dominate play but couldn't finish," he concluded.


Woodbridge Strikers
Matt George (GK), Jesse Andoh (Darian Bygrave 56'), Vince Sasso, Gabriel Sosa, Andres Fresenga, 
Andrew Derayeh, Victor Munoz, Christian Cavallini, Oscar Cordon (Luca Baldassarre 74'), 
Stephen Almeida (Adrian Gallo 58', Damian Scott 90'), Ignazio Muccilli (Hilton McPherson 70')

Windsor Stars
Kyle Vizirakis (GK), Brendan Woodfull, Erick Cirovski (Brett Holmberg 45', Derrik Amankwa 55'), 
Carlos Soares, Celso Carapau, Goran Stjepanovic, Gino Berardi, Jamar Kelley, Luke Husbands 
(Luis Cortes 45'), Michael Pio, Stephan Ademolu (Noah Pio 79', Will Al-Youssef 89')

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