Result of the Saturday September 27, 2014 MLS game between Toronto FC and Portland Timbers played at BMO Field in Toronto at 1:00pm.

Toronto FC (all red, white names and numbers)

.......................12 Joseph Bendik
28 Mark Bloom...13 Steven Caldwell (cpt)...17 Nick Hagglund...2 Justin Morrow
23 Dominic Oduro...21 Jonathan Osorio...4 Michael Bradley...35 Daniel Lovitz
............27 Luke Moore...9 Gilberto

Subs:...1 Chris Konopka (gk)...3 Warren Creavalle (def)...5 Ashtone Morgan (def)...8 Kyle Bekker (mid)...14 Dwayne De Rosario (mid)
...15 Doneil Henry (def)...32 Andrew Wiedeman (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Greg Vanney

Portland Timbers (green socks and shirts, white shorts, names, and numbers)

..................1 Donovan Ricketts
2 Alvas Powell...44 Pa Modou Kah...24 Liam Ridgewell...19 Jorge Villafana
8 Diego Valeri...21 Diego Chara...6 Darlington Nagbe...4 Will Johnson (cpt)...22 Rodney Wallace
......................9 Fanendo Adi

Subs:...33 Andrew Weber (gk)...5 Michael Harrington (def)...10 Gaston Fernandez (fwd)...13 Jack Jewsbury (def)...14 Ben Zemanski (mid)
...23 Norberto Paparatto (def)...37 Maximiliano Urruti (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Caleb Porter

Game officials:...referee Ismail Elfath...referee's assistants Corey Parker and James Conlee...fourth official Geoff Gamble ...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 1:08pm...TFC defend south end on this warm afternoon with a bright sun in the south.
8 sec...TFC Bloom and PT Johnson are injured at TFC 50 yard line when they each slide for a loose ball.
6 min...PT sub...Zemanski replaces still injured Johnson before play resumes. Ridgewell becomes captain.
11 min...TFC Morrow cross from 25 yards on left is high and wide right of net.
11 min...TFC Bradley chips cross from 35 yards on right over head of TFC Lovitz at 10 yards on left.
12 min...Timbers Fanendo Adi GOAL...TFC Nick Hagglund at 35 yard line on right kicks ball forward that hits PT Darlington Nagbe only 3 yards away and deflects back towards TFC goal. Adi picks up loose ball at 22 yards on right and shoots low 15 yarder under sprawling goalie Joe Bendik at 6 yards into left side of net.
14 min...TFC Morrow slides for ball near end line and rolls ball into box but defender at 15 yards runs it out of box.
14 min...PT Powell wins cornerkick on deflection off TFC Hagglund when he crosses from 8 yards along TFC right endline.
15 min...Timbers (Steven Caldwell own) GOAL...PT Diego Valeri's cornerkick from right has PT Fanendo Adi pop up header at 8 yards in middle of box. TFC Luke Moore with back to net at 5 yards even with right post heads ball away and PT Diego Chara at 19 yards on right settles ball and rolls ball forward to PT Valeri on right edge of box at 12 yard line and he runs towards goal and shoots low 12 yard shot that deflects off TFC Steven Caldwell at 5 yards just right of post and ball deflects off him into top right corner of net.
19 min...TFC Bradley 35 yard freekick from right has TFC players charge forward and TFC Caldwell heads 12 yarder from left that bounces into net on right over flying goalie but play is flagged offside.
20 min...TFC Gilberto pokes 22 yard shot from left that deflects off defender and pops up for goalie to catch.
21 min...TFC goalie outjumps PT Adi to catch high through ball on PT goalie's punt upfield.
24 min...PT Wallace runs into TFC box from left but TFC Bloom checks him off ball at 7 yards.
26 min...TFC Bradley 50 yard freekick down middle has TFC Lovitz head 22 yarder from left across box and TFC Gilberto gets foot around defender and pops up 15 yard shot from right that goalie catches.
26 min...PT Wallace at 15 yards on left eludes TFC Bloom to chip ball over goalie and TFC Hagglund chests ball down at 6 yards back towards goalie to catch.
27 min...PT Wallace after run down left crosses into box from 20 yards and retreating TFC Lovitz bumps PT Nagbe over from behind just inside edge of box but makes clearance.
29 min...TFC Osorio bends 25 yarder from left not quite enough and ball is wide right of top corner of net.
29 min...TFC Oduro shakes off defender on right and sends low cross into box that deflects over to left off defender and sliding TFC Gilberto can't fully connect with ball at 6 yards even with left post and shoots wide left. PT goalie is injured on the play making dive to left post.
33 min...PT Valeri cross from 25 yards on right has PT player head ball on right end line but out for goalkick.
34 min...PT Valeri rolls pass forward to PD Adi on right who eludes TFC Hagglund to shoot low 15 yarder wide left of post.
35 min...TFC Oduro chips cross from 22 yards on right and PT Kah flies at 6 yards even with left post and his foot deflects ball off that post and ball rebounds off chest of TFC Gilberto and his 5 yard shot is blocked by already fallen Kah. Ball deflects over to left where TFC Lovitz shoots 10 yarder from left wide right of net.
36 min...PT Valeri pushes pass too far forward for PT Nagbe and goalie slides to smother ball at 12 yards.
37 min...TFC Lovitz low cornerkick from right has TFC Moore deflect back out to TFC Lovitz and recross from 25 yards is cleared.
39 min...PT Valeri cornerkick from left has TFC Bloom 10 yards on right head ball wide right for another cornerkick.
40 min...PT Valeri cornerkick from right has PT Powell's cross from 15 yards on left blocked for throw-in on the left.
40 min...PT Wallace wins cornerkick on right on deflection off TFC Bloom on 10 yard shot attempt.
41 min...PT Valeri cornerkick from right has TFC Bradley eventually clear after a few headers in box.
42 min...TFC Bradley 40 yard cross from right is caught by goalie at 8 yards even with left post.
44 min...TFC Lovitz cross from 28 yards on left bounces unplayed through two TFC players at 15 yards just inside box and defender clears.
44 min...PT Valeri rush on 2 on 3 chips 28 yard shot is wide left of post.
45 min...PT Wallace cross from 20 yards on left is through 6 yard box and wins throw-in on right.
45 min...PT Powell between crowd of players pokes 20 yard low shot that's smothered by goalie.
47 min...TFC Bradley shoots 22 yarder from right over net after receiving pass downfield from left from TFC Osorio.
49 min...TFC Lovitz cross from 25 yards on left finds TFC Oduro on right who heads ball across box from 15 yards and TFC Gilberto scissor kick from 15 yards on left is wide right of net.
50 min...TFC Lovitz cross from 25 yards on left is into box and defenders heads away.
51 min...PT YELLOW card...Charo earns it for pushing over TFC Oduro at 25 yard line on right.
51 min...TFC Bradley 30 yard freekick from right has PT defender pop up header at 6 yards and eventually ball cleared out of box without TFC getting a shot.
52 min...PT Valeri cuts over to center from left and takes low 25 yard shot that diving TFC goalie pushes ball wide right of post.
52 min...TFC Oduro intercepts short PT cornerkick from right and wins freekick.
53 min...half ends 2:01pm.

Halftime Entertainment: there's the usual pizza slice then Drumstick ice cream giveaway and a Sony camera giveaway. Also a Scott's Lawn Lounge seat upgrade. There was no mini game of local kids nor Loopyball. With that extra time there were video hilights from last week's game against Chivas USA and promotion of the 'All For One' show.

2nd Half:...starts 2:18pm.
45 min...PT Valeri cornerkick from right is bounced through box and saved out left side and eventually recrossed but Valeri runs it over end line on right when he tries to cut around TFC Lovitz.
46 min...PT Nagbe is injured in collision with TFC Gilberto at TFC 50 yard line.
47 min...PT Valeri low 18 yard shot from left is wide left of post.
49 min...TFC Bradley 40 yard freekick from left has TFC Gilberto in crowd of players jump and head ball wide right of post from 8 yards. PT Ridgewell is injured on play.
53 min...PT Valeri on left passes forward to PT Villafana who rolls centering pass and PT Wallace shoots roller from 15 yards on that rolls wide right of post.
53 min...TFC Moore taps pass too far forward down middle from 15 yards and goalie catches on bounce.
54 min...PT Valeri shot from 25 yards down middle hits PT Nagbe at 12 yards and play is called offside.
55 min...TFC Bradley 28 yard freekick from left is bent in and bounces wide left of net.
57 min...TFC Gilberto burst up middle and 30 yard low shot is wide right.
59 min...TFC Hagglund heads ball back to goalie from 25 yards to beat through ball pass.
61 min...TFC Nick Hagglund GOAL...TFC Daniel Lovitz cornerkick from right has PT Diego Chara as nearest defender head away on right from 8 yards. Lovitz recovers ball on right sideline at 30 yard line, takes a few steps towards center and chips cross from 33 yards on right that has Hagglund leap around PT Darlington Nagbe at 7 yards even with left post and head ball into right side of net.
62 min...TFC Bradley runs down middle from 65 yards and pushes pass forward from 40 yards to charging TFC Oduro who has split defence and 18 yard shot that goalie slides to block at 10 yards and ball deflects out right side of box.
63 min...PT Wallace after run on left rolls ball through box and PT Adi sidefoots ball from 8 yards through box and wide right unplayed for TFC goalkick.
68 min...TFC sub...De Rosario replaces Lovitz.
69 min...TFC Nick Hagglund GOAL...TFC Michael Bradley 25 yard freekick from far left bounces between players in box and Hagglund all alone even with right post heads 5 yarder forward into right side of net.
70 min...TFC Bloom chips 30 yarder from left upfield to TFC Gilberto who can't quite fully redirect header and ball bounces just wide left of post from 3 yards.
71 min...PT sub...Urruti replaces Adi.
72 min...PT Nagbe long rush on give and go on left but his cross from edge of box is blocked.
73 min...PT Zemanski 30 yard shot down middle is high over net.
74 min...TFC sub...Bekker replaces Osorio.
74 min...TFC Oduro chip pass from 22 yards on right is over head of TFC Moore at 7 yards in middle and defender heads ball away.
75 min...PT Valeri rolls cross from 6 yards near right end line through defender's legs but ball is unplayed and cleared by TFC Oduro at 15 yards on left.
77 min...TFC sub...Wiedeman replaces Oduro.
78 min...PT Valeri chips 35 yard freekick down middle and goalie runs forward to catch on left ahead of PT Ridgewell at 15 yards.
79 min...TFC Bekker chips cross from 25 yards on right is over players in box and TFC De Rosario all alone at 7 yards on left stops ball and kicks shot high and wide right of top corner of net.
80 min...PT sub...Fernandez replaces Wallace.
81 min...TFC De Rosario cross from 18 yards on left is deflected off PT Powell at 15 yards for cornerkick on left.
81 min...TFC Bradley cornerkick from left is over players in box and TFC Hagglund at 5 yards near right post climbs on defender and heads ball downwards and ball bounces over net.
84 min...TFC Morrow slides at 15 yards and gives up throw-in on left to break up through ball pass over to PT Valeri waiting on right at 12 yards.
85 min...PT Chara chips 22 yard shot down middle through players and goalie catches at 6 yards.
86 min...PT Valeri 22 yard freekick from right has PT Ridgewell slide at 3 yards on left post but sends ball wide left and over net.
87 min...PT YELLOW card...Valeri earns it for sliding tackle on TFC Morrow at PT 35 yard line on left wing.
88 min...TFC Michael Bradley GOAL...Bradley 40 yard freekick on left is over charging players in box and bounces into right side of net untouched past goalie Donavan Ricketts who had to wait to see if any TFC player would get head to deflect ball.
90 min...TFC YELLOW card...Moore earns it for tackle from behind on PT Fernandez at PT 35 yard line.
93 min...PT Valeri 45 yard freekick from right has TFC Hagglund head ball away from 6 yards and TFC players run it out of box.
94 min...game ends 3:07pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC.......3..........Portland Timbers...........2........

Attendance was announced as 22591 which was another sellout. There were quite a few seats that never filled in. There has been no talk about season ticket renewal just talk as usual for new fans to join the 2015 season ticket waiting list. Construction has begun on the stadium expansion which will increase seating to 30000. I'm not sure demand is that strong although today's game was a great selling point. Now I notice where a lot of this summer's Indy car race barriers and fencing ended up--construction barricades. The Gardiner Expressway was closed this weekend. (this week's excuse for late arrivals). There was no closure of the TTC for a change so it was easy to get here and away by public transport.

Man of the Match (who is always a TFC player) was announced as midfielder Michael Bradley. He scored the winning goal for only his second of the year and assisted on the tieing goal. Defender Nick Hagglund did score two goals but he also made a giveaway that gifted Timbers their opening goal.

TFC didn't start out well at all with mistimed passes etc but turned it around in the second half. Timbers had maybe one dangerous chance after the 53 minute mark. A few balls rolled through the TFC 6 yard box went unplayed.

Timbers didn't miss a beat after losing their captain Will Johnson at about 8 seconds. He had to be taken off the field by strecther. That's most of the reason why there was 8 minutes of added time in the 1st half. He received polite applause from the crowd when wheeled off. He is one of the few stars of the Canadian national team.

TFC's lineup was very simlar to last Sunday's game against Chivas USA except Jackson who was Red carded in that game and was replaced by Domenic Oduro who was a sub in that game.

TFC players applauded the fans probably because the final whistle was right in front of the south end supporters groups so they were already there and didn't need to jog over from the center line like they didn't do last week.

A come from behind victory should do wonders for TFC pushing forward for their first playoff appearance in their last five games. This game was the only home game in from mid September on that I had doubts that they would win whereas their road game opponents look much tougher. The fans were back onboard chanting and stomping during their second half comeback. I sit in the rather subdued Section 108.

The victory gives TFC a now 51% chance of making the playoffs pending other results. It also puts then 3 points ahead of Vancouver for Canada's Concacaf Championship League qualifying spot. Tonday's result in the MLS standings helps Vancouver as Portland are the team they've got to catch.

Rocket Robin

stats from MLSsoccer.com

Match Information
MLS Regular Season at BMO Field
Attendance 22591
Weather Clear

Scoring Summary

Goals and Assists
13'   Fanendo Adi             Assisted By: Diego Chara 
16'   Steven Caldwell (OG)    
62'   Nick Hagglund           Assisted By: Daniel Lovitz 
70'   Nick Hagglund           Assisted By: Gilberto, Michael Bradley 
89'   Michael Bradley 

45'+7' Diego Chara            YELLOW    Reason: Off the ball foul 
88'    Diego Valeri           YELLOW    Reason: Foul 
90'+1' Luke Moore             YELLOW    Reason: Foul 

Toronto FC:       11-11- 7  40pts.
Portland Timbers:  9- 9-12  39pts.   


Toronto FC – Joe Bendik; 
Mark Bloom, Steven Caldwell ©, Nick Hagglund, Justin Morrow; 
Dominic Oduro (Andrew Wiedeman 78’), Michael Bradley, Jonathan Osorio (Kyle Bekker 75’), Daniel Lovitz (Dwayne De Rosario 69’); 
Gilberto, Luke Moore

Substitutes Not Used: Chris Konopka, Ashtone Morgan, Doneil Henry, Warren Creavalle

Portland Timbers – Donovan Ricketts; 
Alvas Powell, Liam Ridgewell, Jorge Villafaña, Pa Modou Kah; 
Will Johnson (Ben Zemanski 7’), Diego Chara, Darlington Nagbe, Diego Valeri, Rodney Wallace (Gastón Fernández 81’); 
Fanendo Adi (Maximiliano Urruti 72’)

Substitutes Not Used: Andrew Weber, Norberto Paparatto, Michael Harrington, Jack Jewsbury

Team Statistics

TOR                           POR
 13     Shots                  13 
  4     Shots on Target         3 
  9     Shots off Target        7 
  0     Blocked Shots           3 
  3     Corners                 6 
 26     Crosses                17 
  1     Offsides                3 
 12     Fouls                  11 
  1     Yellow Cards            2 
  0     Red Cards               0 
419     Total Passes          415 
 78 %   Passing Accuracy       76 % 
 50.8 % Possession             49.2 % 
 59     Duels Won              57 
 15     Tackles Won            16 
  2     Saves                   1 
 11     Clearances             18 

Referee  Ismail Elfath 
Assistant Referee  Corey Parker 
Assistant Referee  James Conlee 
Fourth Official  Geoff Gamble 

Toronto FC starters

Portland Timbers starters

TFC Gilberto (9) and Luke Moore (27) take opening kickoff.

Timbers Will Johnson (4) is stretchered off the field.

Timbers Fanendo Adi (9) rushes down middle to score.

TFC Justin Morrow (2) rushes up left wing.

TFC Gilberto (9) pops ball up to goalie.

Timbers Fanendo Adi (9) and Diego Valeri (8) take second half kickoff.

TFC Michael Bradley (4) pushes ball forward.

TFC Domenic Oduro (23) has to wait for ball to reach him.

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