Result of the Wednesday July 16, 2014, MLS game between Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps played at BMO Field in Toronto at 7:00pm.

Toronto FC (all red, white names and numbers)

.......................12 Joseph Bendik
28 Mark Bloom...16 Bradley Orr...15 Doneil Henry...2 Justin Morrow
21 Jonathan Osorio...26 Collen Warner...4 Michael Bradley (cpt)...11 Jackson
..............18 Jermain Defoe...27 Luke Moore

Subs:...1 Chris Konopka (gk)...8 Kyle Bekker (mid)...9 Gilberto (fwd)...14 Dwayne De Rosario (mid)...17 Nick Hagglund (def)
23 Domicic Oduro (mid)...35 Daniel Lovitz (mid)
team officials:...head coach Ryan Nelsen

Vancouver Whitecaps (all navy, white names and numbers)

......................1 David Ousted
33 Steven Beitashour...24 Carlyle Mitchell...16 Johnny Leveron...3 Sam Adekugbe
20 Nigel Reo-Coker...77 Pedro Morales (cpt)...15 Matias Laba...31 Russell Teibert
...............19 Erik Hurtado...11 Darren Mattocks

Subs:...70 Paolo Tornaghi (gk)...7 Sebastian Fernadez (fwd)...17 Omar Salgado (fwd)...23 Kekuta Manneh (fwd)...28 Gershon Koffie (mid)
...29 Nicolas Mezquida (mid)...40 Andy O'Brien (def)
team officials:...head coach Carl Robinson

Game officials:...referee Allen Chapman...referee's assistants Kermit Quisenberry and Oscar Mitchell-Carvalho
...fourth official Silviu Petrescu...(neon yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 8:09pm...TFC defends south end on this mild, mostly cloudy evening with the temperature cooling as the game went on.
45 sec...VW Hurtado 28 yard shot from left tips up and over TFC Henry at 25 yards and bounces for cornerkick.
1 min...VW Morales short cornerkick from left to VW Teibert and tapped back to him and he crosses ball that bounces through 6 yard box and out right side for a goal kick.
2 min...TFC Warner 40 yard freekick chip from right has TFC Henry with back to goal pop up header from 15 yards that goalie catches.
2 min...VW Leveron gets slide in at 10 yards to break up TFC Bradley pass attempt from 22 yards to charging TFC Defoe.
3 min...TFC Bloom cross from 28 yards on right has VW Beitashour head away at 7 yards in middle of box.
6 min...the sun comes out in the North West.
8 min...VW Morales 30 yard freekick from right bounces just wide right of net.
11 min...VW Mattocks rolls 25 yard shot from left that goalie smothers.
14 min...TFC Warner 40 yard freekick from middle bounces just over foot of charging TFC Defoe waiting at 5 yards on right post.
15 min...TFC Jackson rush in from left and short low cross from 10 yards has VW Mitchell kick clearance from 6 yards wide left for cornerkick.
15 min...TFC Warner cornerkick from left has VW Hurtado clear out of box from 5 yards near left post.
16 min...TFC Jackson wins freekick on left edge of box near end line when VW Beitashour grabs him.
16 min...TFC Warner chips 18 yard freekick from far left has TFC Henry head 15 yarder that goalie catches on bounce.
18 min...VW Laba chips ball from 55 yards from middle that TFC Bloom heads ball behind end line to prevent VW Teibert running up left sideline getting to it.
18 min...VW Morales cornerkick from left has goalie in crowd of players at 7 yards punch ball out right side for throw-in.
18 min...VW Beitashour long throw-in on right wins another throw-in on TFC Jackson header.
19 min...TFC Bloom on run sends low cross from 28 yards on right has charging TFC Defoe one-touch 12 yard shot wide right of net.
21 min...TFC Defoe passes right for TFC Bloom who rolls ball into box from 25 yards and VW Leveron clears on right side of box.
22 min...TFC Jackson long throw-in from left has TFC Moore head ball from 10 yards across box but defender clears.
23 min...TFC Morrow low cross from 40 yards near left sideline but no TFC player in box for play.
24 min...TFC Osorio cross from 25 yards on right bounces through left side of box and out for throw-in.
25 min...VW Teibert low cross from 30 yards on left has TFC Orr clear just inside box.
26 min...VW Hurtado checked off ball on rush to 20 yards and can't win freekick call when checked from behind.
26 min...VW Reo-Coker 30 yard shot up middle is well high and wide right.
27 min...TFC Jackson 30 yard shot up middle hits TFC Osorio in the back at 15 yards and ball is cleared.
27 min...TFC YELLOW card...Orr earns it for body check on VW Mattocks at TFC 30 yard line.
28 min...VW Morales 33 yard freekick from right is into player wall. Morales then blasts rebound high of net.
29 min...VW Mattocks chips 25 yard cross from left that bounces but right side of box unplayed.
31 min...VW Teibert cross from 28 yards on left has TFC Orr head ball away at 15 yards on left side of box.
35 min...TFC Henry makes big foot clearance to stop VW Morales rush just before reaching the box.
38 min...TFC Jackson can't win Penalty kick when VW Reo-Coker bumps him at 17 yards on left side of box.
38 min...VW Adekugbe and Mattocks on give and go down left has Adekugbe checked off ball when ball pushed too far forward.
39 min...TFC Jackson blasts 22 yard shot down middle off VW Reo-Coker for cornerkick on left.
40 min...TFC Warner cornerkick from left has TFC Henry leap at 12 yards in middle and heads just wide right. TFC Defoe rescues ball on right end line and crosses back into 6 yard box. Partial clearance has TFC Bradley touch ball to TFC Moore who shoots 12 yarder up middle that goalie dives right to stop on post. TFC Defoe shoots in 1 yard rebound but he was standing offside.
41 min...TFC Henry survives almost being checked in TFC box by VW Mattocks and Hurtado after bad backpass.
41 min...TFC Jackson cross from 25 yards on left is over box for goal kick.
44 min...TFC Bradley wins freekick on run up middle when he's tripped at 25 yards by VW Reo-Coker.
45 min...TFC Defoe blasts 25 yard freekick up middle and over net.
45 min...half ends 8:54pm.

Halftime Entertainment: Rachel Bonnetta is back as host but there's nothing really different from the Scott's Lawncard seat upgrade, Pizza giveaway, Drumsticks ice cream giveaway. Tonight there was a t-shirt toss and highlights of the Saturday game including showing the Houston goals. The video board usually sticks to Hollywood movie trailers. It was announced that Michael Bradley was voted into the "Fan Eleven" for the All Star game next month. I didn't know who the rest of the players were until I got home but the choices are top heavy with Americans in the MLS who played in the World Cup.

2nd Half:...starts 9:11pm...now it's dark.
46 min...TFC Bradley 25 yard freekick from left bends outward and goalie flies to push ball wide left of post.
46 min...TFC Warner cornerkick from left is headed out of box.
47 min...TFC Henry slides to check at 12 yards and prevent VW Hurtado from getting away shot after run into left side of box.
48 min...VW Hurtado cutting in from sideline gets away 25 yard shot from left that's high and wide right of net.
48 min...TFC goalie punches ball foward to beat VW Hurtado from getting to it at 15 yards on right.
48 min...VW Mattocks rush up middle but TFC Morrow checks him off ball at 22 yards.
49 min...VW Darren Mattocks GOAL...VW Pedro Morales in middle passes left to VW Russell Teibert at 35 yards and he runs on left and rolls pass from 22 yards near end line is through three defenders and Mattocks one-touches 10 yard shot down middle into right side of net with TFC goalie Joe Bendik frozen in center of net.
51 min...TFC Bloom injured jumping for header and crashing with VW Hurtado at VW 50 yard line.
52 min...TFC Warner 50 yard freekick from right has VW defender pop up header at 15 yards then another clears ball from box for throw-in on left. TFC Morrow long throw-in from left bounces for no handball call on bounce at 6 yards instead it's just a cornerkick.
53 min...TFC Warner cornerkick from left is headed out left of box by VW Mitchell on right at 6 yards just in front of TFC Henry.
54 min...TFC sub...Hagglund replaces injured Bloom who was hurt in last hit jumping for ball.
56 min...TFC Jackson wins freekick at 20 yards when trying to beat four men on left edge of box.
57 min...TFC Bradley 20 yard freekick from left is blasted into player wall and rebnound by Bradley is shot high and wide right of net.
58 min...TFC sub...Oduro replaces Osorio.
59 min...VW YELLOW card...Teibert earns it for pulling down TFC Oduro at center line.
61 min...TFC Jackson chip from 25 yards on left has VW Leveron head away at 10 yards in middle.
61 min...TFC Jackson wins Penalty kick call in crash with VW Reo-Coker just inside left side of VW box.
62 min...TFC Jermain Defoe GOAL...Defoe blasts Penalty kick low to left corner of net as goalie David Ousted falls to right.
64 min...VW Reo-Coker cross from 18 yards on right is cleared by TFC Orr at 5 yards.
65 min...VW player's cross from 25 yards on right has TFC Oduro kick ball away from 15 yards in middle.
66 min...VW Mitchell checks TFC Jackson off ball at VW 22 yard line on left.
66 min...TFC Bradley and Defoe work out cornerkick from left and cross is headed away by VW Hurtado at 8 yards on left. TFC Warner blasts clearance from 35 yards from left well high and wide right of net.
67 min...VW Morales eludes TFC Warner and 22 yard roller up middle is wide left.
68 min...TFC Jackson 15 yard shot from left has goalie palm ball over net from 7 yards on left.
68 min...TFC Warner cornerkick from left has defender head ball away on left post.
69 min...VW YELLOW card...Reo-Coker earns it for check on TFC Henry at TFC 30 yard line injurying him.
70 min...VW sub...Koffie replaces Reo-Coker.
71 min...VW Adekugbe cross from 28 yards on left is over players in box.
72 min...VW Teibert low 28 yard shot up middle deflects of VW Mattocks at 15 yards wide right for goalkick.
74 min...TFC Oduro pushes pass from 25 yards on right too far forward and ball bounces for goalkick. TFC Jackson is injured off the ball and needs to be helped off the field.
76 min...TFC sub...Gilberto replaces injured Jackson.
77 min...TFC Warner 50 yard freekick from right has ball headed away at 10 yards on right over players in 6 yard box. TFC Gilberto chip has TFC Henry head ball from left over jumping TFC Defoe at 10 yards on right.
78 min...TFC Warner cornerkick from right bounces through box and is cleared.
80 min...VW Hurtado 35 yard freekick from right has retreating TFC Hagglund at 10 yards head ball wide left for cornerkick.
80 min...VW Morales cornerkick from left has TFC Warner heads away from 3 yards on left post.
81 min...VW Koffie is touched pass and shoots ball down middle over net from 25 yards.
81 min...VW sub...Manneh replaces Teibert.
83 min...VW Beitashour 35 yard cross from right is bounced wide left of net.
84 min...VW YELLOW card...Adekugbe earns it for check on TFC Oduro at VW 35 yard line.
85 min...TFC Bradley 35 yard freekick from right is over goalie and other players but play is whistled down in box for TFC Hagglund bumping into him.
85 min...VW Morales chips ball from 30 yards down middle and TFC Henry jumps and heads ball away before VW Mattocks can get to it.
87 min...TFC Gilberto chips pass forward for TFC Defoe but VW Leveron bumps him off ball at 5 yards.
89 min...TFC Bradley 35 yard freekick from right has TFC Hagglund fly forward and head ball over net from 10 yards.
90 min...VW Hurtado gets around TFC Bradley but rolls weak 22 yard shot to goalie.
90 min...TFC Defoe cross from 18 ayrds on left has TFC Gilberto head 6 yarder onto top of net.
92 min...VW sub...Fernandez replaces Hurtado.
93 min...TFC YELLOW card...Warner earns it for upending VW Fernandez from behind at TFC 20 yard line on right.
93 min...VW Morales 25 yard freekick from right has VW Mitchell pop up header at 12 yards over net and defenders clear ball.
94 min...game ends 10:00pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC.......1..........Vancouver Whitecaps...........1........

Attendance was announced as another sellout of 22591 and they thanked us for getting through the obstacles laid for the Indy car race this weekend.

Man of the Match (who is always a TFC player) was announced as midfielder Collen Warner. He was an OK choice for taking many of the cornerkicks and freekicks.

Wow there was a new program for the first time since the beginning of the year. (ten programs with minimal changes until today). There are no more World Cup stories and now there are profile profiles of each player.

Vancouver only plays TFC once per year om MLS games as they're in the Western Conference but it's their third meeting of the year. TFC beat them in the two game semi-final series in the Amway Canadian Championship. Whitecaps started many players from their teenage Academy team their last visit here and I was surprised that night that TFC only won 2-1. Tonight's game was their MLS roster. TFC used their MLS players but did have to get by without injured defender Steven Caldwell who we now find out will be out for a few weeks. Bradley Orr and Doneil Henry played in central defence with Nick Hagglund coming is as a substitute at 57 minutes replacing an injured Mark Bloom.

Michael Bradley played the entire game tonight after being rested for last Saturday's game against Houston. He was checked off a few balls but got away a few shots and took some freekicks that were just off target.

TFC earns their fourth tie of the year (and their first at home). That's their fourth in eight games after not having a tie until their 9th game. Their record is 7 wins, 5 losses, 4 ties for 3rd place in weak Eastern Conference. Whitecaps are now 6 wins, 4 losses, 8 ties for one more point than TFC and they're now tied to 4th place in the tough West. Whitecaps have not lost so far this season to Eastern Conference teams.

Whitecaps midfielder and captain Pedro Morales from Chile is their newest designated player. He took most of their freekicks and cornerkicks.

Russell Tiebert's uncle was watching in the row in front of me but missed his nephew's assist while away at the concession stand. Tiebert is from Niagara Falls and was on TFC Academy in thier first year.

Vancouver defender JOrdan Harvey missed this game after being Red carded in their game against Chivas USA on the weekend.

Gilberto came in at 76 minutes to replace the injured/exhausted Jackson. He sent in a nice chip to Defoe but also in injury time headed a 6 yard ball onto the top of the net and gave up a dangerous freekick by pushing over a player near the edge of the TFC box.

The MLS guide pointed out that the home team has never lost a game between these teams. Whitecaps only play TFC one MLS game per season but have met in three of the last four years in the Canadian Championship.

After being urged to 'take the TTC' at the last game because of the restricted parking and the obstacle course because of the Indy car race on the grounds this weekend there were no buses or streetcars after the game to take us home. It meant a long walk off the grounds and up to King Street so two hours to get home. What will we do next year with a 30000 seat stadium? (1/3 more of a crowd for each game).

Rocket Robin

stats from MLSsoccer.com
Match Information


Budweiser Man of the Match: Russell Teibert
Referee: Allen Chapman
Attendance: 22,591

Scoring Summary:
 50’ – VAN – Darren Mattocks (Russell Teibert, Pedro Morales)
 64’ – VAN – Jermain Defoe (penalty kick)

Match Stats:
 Shots:  Toronto 16 – Vancouver 11
 Shots on Goal: Toronto 6 – Vancouver 2
 Saves: Toronto 1 – Vancouver 5
 Fouls: Toronto 11 – Vancouver 22
 Offsides: Toronto 1 – Vancouver 0
 Corners: Toronto 7 – Vancouver 3

 28’ – TOR – Bradley Orr
 61’ – VAN – Russell Teibert
 70’ – VAN – Nigel Reo-Coker
 85’ – VAN – Sam Adekugbe
 90’ + 4 – TOR – Collen Warner

Toronto FC
 12.Joe Bendik; 
 28.Mark Bloom (17.Nick Hagglund 55’), 16.Bradley Orr, 15.Doneil Henry, 2.Justin Morrow; 
 11.Jackson Goncalves (9.Gilberto 77’), 26.Collen Warner, 4.Michael Bradley, 21.Jonathan Osorio (23.Dominic Oduro 59’); 
 18.Jermain Defoe, 27.Luke Moore

Substitutes not used
 1.Chris Konopka, 8.Kyle Bekker, 14.Dwayne De Rosario, 35.Daniel Lovitz

Vancouver Whitecaps FC
 1.David Ousted; 
 33.Steven Beitashour, 24.Carlyle Mitchell, 16.Johnny Leverón, 3.Sam Adekugbe; 
 20.Nigel Reo-Coker (28.Gershon Koffie 71’), 15.Matías Laba, 77.Pedro Morales, 31.Russell Teibert (23.Kekuta Manneh 82’); 
 19.Erik Hurtado (7.Sebastián Fernández 90’ + 3), 11.Darren Mattocks

Substitutes not used
 70.Paolo Tornaghi, 17.Omar Salgado, 29.Nicolás Mezquida, 40.Andy O’Brien


TOR                            VAN
 16     Shots                   11 
  6     Shots on Target          2 
  8     Shots off Target         6 
  2     Blocked Shots            3 
  7     Corners                  3 
 17     Crosses                 12 
  1     Offsides                 0 
 11     Fouls                   22 
  2     Yellow Cards             3 
  0     Red Cards                0 
384     Total Passes           382 
 79 %   Passing Accuracy        85 % 
 50.4 % Possession              49.6 % 
 68     Duels Won               44 
 17     Tackles Won              7 
  1     Saves                    5 
 24     Clearances              30 
Referee  Allen Chapman 
Assistant Referee  Kermit Quisenberry 
Assistant Referee  Oscar Mitchell-Carvalho 
Fourth Official  Silviu Petrescu 

Toronto FC starters

Vancouver Whitecaps starters

Whitecaps Erik Hurtado (19) and Darren Mattocks (11) take opening kickoff.

Whitecaps Nigel Reo-Coker (20) is chased by TFC Collen Warner (26).

Whitecaps Pedro Morales (77) takes freekick.

TFC Jermain Defoe (18) against Whitecaps Sam Adekugbe (3).

TFC Collen Warner (26) and Michael Bradley (4) line up freekick.

TFC Luke Moore (27) and Jermain Defoe (18) take second half kickoff.

TFC Michael Bradley (4) takes freekick.

Whitecaps Gershon Koffie (28) rushes down right.

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