Result of the Wednesday May 7, 2014, Leg 1 Semi-Final of the Amway Canadian Championship between Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps played at BMO Field in Toronto at 7:30pm.

Toronto FC (all red, white names and numbers)

...................12 Joseph Bendik
28 Mark Bloom...13 Steven Caldwell (cpt)...15 Doneil Henry...2 Justin Morrow
23 Alvaro Rey...8 Kyle Bekker...4 Michael Bradley...20 Issey Nakajima-Farran
.........9 Gilberto...18 Jermain Defoe

Subs:...30 Julio Cesar (gk)...5 Ashtone Morgan (def)...14 Dwayne De Rosario (mid)...16 Bradley Orr (def)...17 Nick Hagglund (def) ...32 Andrew Wiedeman (fwd)...33 Ryan Richter (def)
team official:...head coach Ryan Nelsen

Vancouver Whitecaps (all navy, white names and numbers)

...................44 Marco Carducci
20 Nigel Reo-Coker...24 Carlyle Mitchell...16 Johnny Leveron...22 Christian Dean
31 Russell Teibert (cpt)...29 Nicolas Mezquida...36 Bryce Alderson...38 Kianz Froese...32 Marco Bustos
.................19 Erik Hurtado

Subs:...70 Paolo Tornaghi (gk)...7 Sebastian Fernandez (fwd)...17 Omar Salgado (fwd)...23 Kekuta Manneh (fwd)...30 Jordan Haynes (fwd)
...37 Mitch Piraux (mid)...41 Jackson Farmer (def)
team official:...head coach Carl Robinson

Game officials:...referee Mathieu Bourdeau...referee's assistants Joe Fletcher and Oscar Mitchell...fourth official Yusri Rudolph
...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks). An all Canadian crew. Joe Fletcher had the same position in Saturday's TFC game against New England. He is the only Canadian official who will be at the World Cup in Brazil next month.

1st Half:...game starts 7:41...TFC defends south end on this cool, overcast and windy evening with the wind from the east. Rain would hold off until after the game.
2 min...TFC Rey run on right side and rolls pass from 20 yards on right into box where TFC Defoe takes 12 yard shot that is deflected over net by sliding Van defender Mitchell.
3 min...TFC Bekker cornerkick from right has TFC Caldwell head ball at 8 yards even with right post forward towards TFC Bradley standing at 2 yards but Van Reo-Coker heads ball towards left post and Van Bustos heads ball off line. TFC Nakajima-Farran rushes in from left and sends low cross from 25 yards along end line that Van goalie picks up on bounce as TFC Gilberto bashes him over.
9 min...TFC Nakajima-Farran rolls pass forward on left from 50 yards and charging TFC Gilberto rushes forward and cross from 20 yards on left near end line is caught by goalie.
10 min...Van goalie charges out of box and misses ball at 22 yards sent up right wing for charging TFC Gilberto. Van Leveron clears ball at 15 yards before Gilberto can get to it.
11 min...Van Bustos is injured at center line.
12 min...TFC Caldwell at 15 yards heads ball back to goalie to prevent Van forward from getting to it.
18 min...TFC Nakajima-Farran stops clearance on edge of Van box and taps ball to TFC Defoe who has shot blocked. TFC Nakajima-Farran is offside at 6 yards but goalie makes save.
18 min...Van Hurtado rush on right and cross into box from 25 yards has defender clear in center of box at 15 yards.
20 min...Van Teibert on left bends 30 yard shot high and wide left of goal.
20 min...TFC Nakajima-Farran rush down left and cross from 22 yards has TFC Gilberto head 8 yarder wide right of post.
23 min...Van Hurtado cross from 25 yards on right has TFC Bloom head ball away at 13 yards in middle of box.
24 min...TFC Bekker pushes ball on left forward to TFC Gilberto who slips and rolls cross from 12 yards that goalie smothers near left post.
26 min...TFC Bradley shot/cross from 25 yards on right is saved by Van Teibert at 15 yards in center with skied clearance.
27 min...TFC Jermain Defoe GOAL...TFC Mark Bloom at center line rolls ball forward to TFC Michael Bradley at 50 yards who one touches ball forward to TFC Gilberto at 30 yards in middle and he chips ball forward for charging Defoe at 22 yards who's beaten offside trap and is in alone and slides shot from 12 yards on left between legs of sliding goalie at 8 yards into right side of net before retreating defenders can cover.
30 min...TFC Bradley YELLOW card...Bradley earns it for tripping Van Teibert at TFC 30 yards. Bradley had just pushed over Teibert less than a minute before.
31 min...Van Teibert 35 yard freekick from left is high to right at 12 yards and flagged offside.
32 min...TFC Rey at 30 yards on right crosses low and finds TFC Defoe who gets 12 yard shot from right that goalie slides to make foot save at 3 yards on right side pushing ball for cornerkick.
32 min...TFC Bekker cornerkick from right has play whistled down in box.
34 min...TFC Nakajima-Farran on left at 22 yards rolls ball over end line too far for charging TFC Morrow as their give and go doesn't quite work.
35 min...TFC Bekker receives cross rolled in from right from TFC Bloom and at 10 yards tips ball upward for goalie to catch at 2 yards ending TFC rush.
36 min...TFC Defoe is touched pass at 25 yards in middle and he rolls pass to charging TFC Rey on right and he rolls ball from 10 yards along 6 yard box and TFC Gilberto a step behind ball and so it rolls wide left for goalkick.
38 min...TFC Caldwell wins freekick at Van 20 yards when he's knocked over by Van Bustos as both jumped for high ball.
39 min...TFC Bekker 22 yard freekick from right is sent into player wall. TFC Bekker skies rebound from 22 yards and goalie charges forward to bat ball away at 15 yards. Van defender heads another sky ball sent in by TFC Morrow from 30 yards with clearance at 15 yards.
40 min...TFC Nakajima-Farran sends high cross from 25 yards on right that TFC Gilberto and TFC Bradley swing at at 15 yards but contact knocks ball forward and Van defender heads away on 6 yard line.
41 min...TFC Gilberto cross from 30 yards on left has Van Mitchell at 15 yards chest ball back to goalie.
42 min...Van Teibert play give and go with Van Bustos and Teibert gets away 12 yard shot up middle that TFC goalie makes sliding save at 7 yards. Rebound has TFC Mezquida take quick and low 15 yard shot that gets past goalie but TFC Henry makes save at 2 yards in center of net. Van Hurtado shoots 20 yarder from right high and wide right of net.
43 min...TFC Bekker freekick chip from 45 yards has defender in crowd of players at 5 yards head ball out of box to left.
45 min...Van Mezquida on run on left wing cuts in with TFC Bloom and cross from 12 yards near end line is caught by goalie on left post.
46 min...half ends 8:27pm.

Halftime Entertainment:...This game was sponsored by one company (Amway) and there were no events except for a lucky draw.

2nd Half:...half starts 8:43pm.
45 min...TFC Defoe passes after he is cut off by defender at 22 yards to TFC Nakajima-Farran and his cross from 15 yards along left end line has defender concede cornerkick.
46 min...TFC Bekker cornerkick from left is high and ball bounces through box.
46 min...TFC Bekker freekick from 30 yards on right is low and TFC player charging towards it has deflect off him at 15 yards on right and deflect for goalkick.
47 min...Van YELLOW card...Mitchell earns it for tackle on TFC Nakajima-Farran flipping him over at Van 45 yard line.
48 min...TFC Bekker 50 yard freekick from left has play called offside in box although goalie came forward in crowd of players to punch ball away.
49 min...Van Dean cross from 30 yards on left has Van player at 12 yards have to retreat to head ball back. Van Teibert blasts shot through crowd of players from 30 yards up middle that deflects off defender at 18 yards and has goalie dive wide right of net but pushes ball over end line.
50 min...Van Mezquida cornerkick from left has TFC Caldwell at 6 yards in crowd of players head ball over own net.
51 min...Van Bustos cornerkick from right has TFC Caldwell leap at 12 yards to head ball away. Van player shoots ball from 22 yards into crowd of players and TFC Bradley passes forward quickly to start fast break out.
53 min...TFC Bloom beats defender on rush on right and cross into box from 30 yards is cleared.
54 min...TFC Rey cross from 20 yards on right deflects off midsection of Van Dean at 15 yards and bounces for cornerkick.
54 min...TFC Rey cornerkick from right has defender head away from 6 yards on right side. TFC Bekker heads ball forward from 22 yards and Van Hurtado heads ball away from 8 yards but it's out right side of box and TFC Rey crosses from 20 yards near right end line and Van player heads away from 10 yards on right.
56 min...TFC Bekker 30 yard freekick from left has Van Hurtado heads away at 15 yards for cornerkick on left.
56 min...TFC Bekker low cornerkick from left has defender at 8 yards on left concede cornerkick.
57 min...TFC Bekker cornerkick from left is over players in box.
58 min...TFC Bekker gets to partial clearance and blasts 22 yarder down middle well over net.
59 min...Van players work in ball and Van Alderson passes low cross from 15 yards on right that TFC Bloom clears ball at 5 yards for throw-in on right.
59 min...Van player's throw-in from right is cleared from TFC box.
59 min...Van YELLOW card...Reo-Coker earns it for pulling down TFC Nakajima-Farran on squeeze at Van 50 yards.
61 min...TFC Bekker sends ball forward and TFC Defoe turns at 18 yards to receive pass and start run and shoots 10 yarder from right high and wide right of net as he slips.
62 min...TFC Morrow cross from 25 yards on far left has TFC Defoe leap and miss header but Van Dean heads ball from 15 yards for cornerkick.
62 min...TFC Bradley high cornerkick from right has both teams head ball in box and TFC Gilberto heads ball from 10 yards that's finally cleared out of box by defender.
63 min...Van sub...Salgado replaces Bustos.
63 min...Van Teibert 50 yard chip is over end line ahead of charging Van Mezquida.
64 min...TFC Nakajima-Farran 30 yard chip has goalie stop as ball is too far forward for charging TFC Gilberto.
66 min...Van Alderson low shot up middle from 30 yards between crowd of players has goalie dive to smother ball.
67 min...TFC Bloom cuts in from right and rolls cross from 12 yards that defender clears at 5 yards to stop TFC Defoe from getting to it.
67 min...TFC Bloom cross from 20 yards near right end line has TFC Nakajima-Farran head ball wide left of post from 15 yards.
68 min...Van Teibert 40 yard freekick from right is headed away on edge of box by TFC Morrow.
69 min...Van Teibert 30 yard freekick from right is cleared by header on edge of box for TFC quick break out.
70 min...Van Mezquida at 12 yards on left shot has defender block and clear at 8 yards. Mezquida gets to ball again at 22 yards on left and low cross has defender clear away at 15 yards in center of box.
72 min...TFC Rey from 20 yards pushes ball into box and Van goalie dives on ball on left at 7 yards to prevent TFC Gilberto from getting it.
73 min...Van Mezquida turns and fires 25 yard shot from left over net.
73 min...Van goalie grabs bouncer into box at 15 yards before TFC Nakajima-Farran cam get to it on TFC Bradley's chip from 50 yards.
74 min...Van Hurtado on run on right passes from 30 yards high to Van Salgado who receives ball at 22 yards cuts around TFC Caldwell to get away 20 yard shot down middle that goalie makes overhead stop at 7 yards. Van Salgado gets short pass on left and chips 25 yard bending shot that goalie palms over bar from 1 yard.
75 min...Van player's cornerkick from left has defenders head ball away.
76 min...Van sub...Manneh replaces Hurtado.
.........Van sub...Fernandez replaces Froese.
78 min...TFC sub...De Rosario replaces Nakajima-Farran.
79 min...TFC Bradley from 55 yards rushes down right wing and eludes defender at 22 yards and a retreating Van Mitchell at 15 yards poke ball away from him and a defender slides and deflects ball out of box from 7 yards.
80 min...TFC Rey rush on right and crosses from 30 yards near sideline that's over TFC Gilberto's and defender's head at 8 yards but ball bounces to TFC Defoe on left and he shoots 15 yarder from left wide left of net.
81 min...TFC Bradley chips 35 yard pass too far for charging TFC Defoe at 15 yards and ball bounces goalie goalie to catch.
82 min...Van Teibert rush up middle and 30 yard shot has goalie lean left to make catch.
86 min...TFC Rey chips cross from 22 yards on right and defender heads ball away from 10 yards in center of box.
86 min...Van Manneh blasts 25 yard roller from left wide left of net.
87 min...TFC Bradley at 60 yards chips ball forward for TFC Defoe at 30 yards and has two defenders check him off ball on edge of box before he can get away shot.
87 min...Van Mezquida shot from 25 yards on left deflects off TFC Bekker at 20 yards and Van wins cornerkick.
88 min...Van Mezquida low cornerkick from left has defenders nearest defender near left post boot ball away.
88 min...TFC Michael Bradley GOAL...Bradley rushes down middle from 85 yards to 55 yards and forward to to TFC Jermain Defoe in middle at 35 yards and he gives ball back to charging Bradley at 25 yards on right with retreating Van Johnny Leveron and Bradley shoots roller from 15 yards on left into right corner of net beyond diving goalie Marco Carducci at 2 yards.
89 min...TFC sub...Wiedeman replaces Gilberto.
91 min...Van Kekuta Manneh GOAL...Van Nigel Reo-Coker from 35 yards on right sideline crosses ball and hits foot of Van Nicolas Mezquida at 22 yards on right and his cross deflects off head off TFC Doneil Henry and pops up. TFC Steven Caldwell kicks ball upward to keep Van Omar Salgado from connecting and ball lands at 8 yards in center of box and charging Manneh kicks ball between defenders TFC Mark Bloom and Caldwell into right side of net with goalie Joseph Bendik flatfooted at 2 yards in center of goal.
A pushing incident breaks out in the box after the goal as Manneh goes to pick up ball in back of net to get replay started quickly and is clotheslined by TFC goalie. Both Manneh and goalie push each other. TFC De Rosario runs into the fracus and gives forearm in face to Manneh.
Van YELLOW card...Manneh earns it for pushing goalie.
TFC YELLOW card...De Rosario earns it for charging into Manneh.
93 min...game ends 9:31pm. A few seconds of fireworks are set off by the grounds crew as soon as the final whistle is blown.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC......2..........Vancouver Whitecaps...........1........

Attendance was announced as 22591, which was equal to a sellout their first three games but that was not announced. There were definiately some people who no-showed for this weeknight game on a cool windy evening. I was glad I brought my parka for the falling temperatures as the game wore on.

There was no Man of the Match announced tonight. My choice would have been TFC goalie Joe Bendik who made some key saves or the team could have given away a result. He had to play well and make some key saves for them to win especially two in a row at 74 minutes.

TFC big stars scored tonight with goals by both Jermain Defoe and Michael Bradley. The second goal looked really important in a two game series but the Whitecaps scored in extra time for an important away goal. It did look like Whitecaps were pressing to score earlier rather than trying to hang on and finally got burned by TFC who are known for their counter attack strategy. TFC used all their regular starters except for goalie Julio Cesar and injured midfielder Jonathan Osorio.

Vancouver started 17 year old goalie Marco Carducci and two 18 year old midfielders from their academy. Five players were not even on their pro roster but from their academy--Marco Bustos and Kianz Froese got the start. I'd heard this before the game as if the Whitecaps didn't care about the tournament but was surprised by the result. We'll see with advancement still to be decided whether Vancouver starts their first stringers in Wednesday's rematch. I had been expecting former TFC designated player Matias Laba (pushed aside when TFC bought brighter, shinier DPs) playing midfield and reeking revenge if there was going to be any challenge against Toronto but he wasn't even on the bench. Whitecaps had eight Canadians on tonight's roster and started five (three teenagers)...TFC had five Canadians on tonight's roster with three of them starting tonight. Whitecaps earlier this week parted ways with their DP forward Kenny Miller.

Vancouver has an MLS game against the Crew in Columbus on Saturday while TFC has another bye this weekend. A 1-0 Whitecaps win on Wednesday will mean they advance on the away-goal rule. TFC advance with a win or tie or even a one goal loss if they score at least two goals. A 2-1 loss will result in extra time.

TFC Mark Bloom was warming up before the game with the subs but was given the start while fellow defender Nick Hagglund was with the starters but a switch was made before the game started. No reason was given after the game from what I could read.

Gilberto missed numerous chances last night which isn't unexpected anymore but Jermaine Defoe missed some chances which shows he's human. There was some poor TFC passing inside the Whitecaps box and key defensive stops. The defenders did well covering for the goalie who had a few TFC players run right by him.

The Whitecaps didn't threaten the TFC goal in the first half until two bang-bang shots during the last three minutes.

It turned out to be a good strategy to keep TFC starters in to almost the end rather than subbing in defenders to try to hang on. The Whitecaps have scored late in a few MLS games this season. Two late in their game against Real Salt Lake and a home game with a tieing goal against Los Angeles Galaxy at 86 minutes scored by Kekuta Manneh.

I did not realize how many young Canadians the Whitecaps have on their team. Before tonight I'd only thought of Russell Tiebert. Rumours were that Canada's men's national team coach Benito Floro was at the game.

The little flies were much worse than on Saturday afternoon even with this being a colder and windier night.

The return match is next Wednesday in Vancouver. The next home game for TFC is Saturday May 17th at 4:30pm against New York Red Bulls in league play.

Next year the Canadian Championship will change its dates to summer months to be more 'fan friendly' (although I wonder if that will mean teams will use even more reserves). The 2015 CONCACAF representatives will be awarded to the Canadian MLS team that has the higher regular season record in 2015.

Rocket Robin

stats from MLSsoccer.com

Match Summary

28'     TOR Jermain Defoe (Gilberto)
89'     TOR Michael Bradley (Jermain Defoe)
90'+2'  VAN Kekuta Manneh   

31'     TOR  Michael Bradley      Yellow  Foul 
48'     VAN  Carlyle Mitchell     Yellow  Foul 
60'     VAN  Nigel Reo-Coker      Yellow  Foul 
90'+2'  VAN  Kekuta Manneh        Yellow  Foul 
90'+2'  TOR  Dwayne De Rosario    Yellow  Foul


28 - Mark BLOOM, 13 - Steven CALDWELL, 15 - Doneil HENRY, 2 - Justin MORROW, 
23 - Alvaro REY, 4 - Michael BRADLEY, 8 - Kyle BEKKER, 20 - Issey NAKAJIMA-FARRAN (79’ - 14 - Dwayne DEROSARIO), 
18 - Jermain DEFOE, 9 - GILBERTO (90’ - 32 - Andrew WIEDEMAN)

NOT USED: 17 - Nick HAGGLUND, 5 - Ashtone MORGAN, 16 - Bradley ORR, 33 - Ryan RICHTER, 30 - Julio CESAR


20 - Nigel REO-COKER, 16 - Johnny LEVERON, 22 - Christian DEAN, 24 - Carlyle MITCHELL,
29 - Nicolas MEZQUIDA, 31 - Russell TEIBERT, 32 - Marco BUSTOS (63’ - 17 - Omar SALGADO), 36 - Bryce ALDERSON, 
      38 - Kianz FROESE (77’ - 7 - Sebastian FERNANDEZ), 
19 - Erik HURTADO (77’ - 23 - Kekuta MANNEH),  

NOT USED: 30 - Jordan HAYNES, 37 - Mitch PIRAUX, 41 - Jackson FARMER, 70 - Paolo TRONAGHI



TOR                       VAN
14    Shots                13
 4    Shots On Goal         6 
 6    Off Target            4
 4    Blocked               3      
 8    Fouls                10 
 6    Corner Kicks          4 
49.5% Time of Possession  50.5% 
317   Total Passes        324
 77%  Accuracy             78%
 1    Yellow Card           3 
 0    Red Cards             0 
 4    Offsides              2
Attendance: 22591


Referee Mathieu Bourdeeau     
Assistant Referee Joe Fletcher     
Assistant Referee Oscar Mitchell-Carvalho     
Fourth Official Yusri Rudolph  

Toronto FC starters

Whitecaps starters

TFC Gilberto (9) and Jermain Defoe (18) take opening kickoff.

Whitecaps Christian Dean (22) takes throw-in.

TFC Mark Bloom (28) beats Whitecaps Nicolas Mezquida (29) to ball in TFC end.

Whitecaps Russell Teibert (31) lines up freekick.

TFC players decide who will take this freekick.

Whitecaps Erik Hurtado (19) and Nicolas Mezquida (29) take second half kickoff.

TFC Kyle Bekker takes this freekick.

Players from both teams shake hands after the game.

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