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Result and details of the Sunday June 22, 2014 W-League game between Toronto Lady Lynx and Quebec Dynamo ARSQ played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 3:30pm.

Toronto Lady Lynx (gray & black hooped socks, black shorts and numbers, gray shirts)

.......................26 Cassie Miller
3 Keshia Wallin...4 Melanie Pickert...21 Vanessa Kordas...19 Olivia Lukasewich (cpt)
.........8 Rio Speller-Drews...5 Mady Solow...22 April Syme
.........13 Jordyn Listro...17 Monica Monsivais...16 Heather Lund

Subs:...1 Patricia Koutoulas (gk)...6 Kendra Prince (def)...7 Jessie Dillon (mid)...15 Kelsey Saleido (mid)...20 Veronica Johnson (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Duncan Wilde (who was not here today)

Dynamo Quebec ARSQ (all white, blue names and numbers)

......................16 Marie-Joelle Vandal
18 Esther May Kith...26 Catherine Levasseur...3 Melissa Roy (cpt)...19 Marie-Sandra Vieheza
9 Rachel Collard...10 Ariello Roy...6 Gabrielle Lapointe...4 Joelle Gosselin
..............14 Kathleen Garneau...12 Melissande Guy

Subs:...1 Gabrielle Lambert (gk)...2 Lurie Couture...5 Marie-Chris Gauthier...7 Laurie Pouliot...8 Laurence Gadbaut
...11 M. Michele Metivier...15 Florence Duval
team officials:...head coach Marc Mounicot

Game officials:...referee Michael Bradley...referee's assistants Zack Taylor and Michael Cherry...fourth official Mohammed Mohammed
...(neon yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 3:30pm...TLL defend south end on this hot and sunny afternoon with a wind from the south.
1 min...TLL goalie picks up roller through ball pass before QD Garneau can get to it at 6 yards.
2 min...QD Guy rolls ball too far forward before QD Garneau can get to it before it rolls over end line.
4 min...QD Lapointe 18 yard shot hits cross bar. QD Garneau rolls 8 yard rebound wide right.
8 min...TLL Listro gets behind defenders to roll 12 yard shot that goalie smothers.
8 min...QD Collard 7 yard shot from right deflects off defender for cornerkick.
9 min...QD Mellisa Roy cornerkick from right is short and cross attempt is shanked away from box.
10 min...TLL Monsivais pokes ball from defender at 25 yards but goalie picks up at 15 yards.
12 min...TLL Pickert 50 yard freekick down middle has goalie catch ball under bar.
16 min...TLL Solow 40 yard freekick bounces through crowd of players and goalie catches.
18 min...QD Collard on a 1 on 3 run is bumped off ball in box at 12 yards.
22 min...QD Lapointe gets give and go returned on backheel and low cross from 18 yards on left has defender clear.
27 min...TLL Lukasewich chips ball from 50 yards on left that goalie beats TLL Monsivais to at 12 yards to pick up on bounce.
31 min...QD Guy 22 yard freekick is blasted high and wide right of net.
32 min...TLL Monsivais cross from 30 yards has QD Melissa Roy dive to head ball away for cornerkick.
33 min...TLL Selow cornerkick from left is short and TLL Lukasewich shoots 20 yarder that deflects off defender wide left but QD is given goalkick or freekick.
35 min...TLL Lund shanks cross from right 30 yards straight forward. It spins over end line.
37 min...TLL Syme back into box to 8 yards to make key clearance of QD short cross and keep QD player from getting shot.
42 min...QD goalie beats TLL Monsivais from through ball with pick up at 15 yards.
45:15 min...half ends 4:15pm.

2nd Half:...starts 4:32pm.
47 min...TLL Lund has QD defender check her off ball at QD 15 yard line.
47 min...QD Ariello Roy 22 yard shot up middle is caught by goalie.
49 min...QD Gosselin cornerkick from left has TLL defender clear from edge of box.
51 min...QD Melissa Roy cornerkick from right has defenders head ball away.
51 min...TLL sub...Saleido replaces Speller-Drews.
52 min...TLL Monsivais has charging goalie save point blank at 12 yards when a chippped ball was sent into box. QD goalie gets up and smothers rebound ball at 15 yards.
57 min...QD Melissa Roy cross from near left cornerflag has QD Gosselin head 8 yarder over net on pop up.
62 min...QD Gosselin 20 yard freekick from left edge of box is blocked by TLL Monsivais in one player wall.
63 min...QD YELLOW card...Mayi Kith earns it for tackle at center line preventing a TLL rush.
63 min...QD sub...Metivier replaces Garneau.
64 min...QD Metivier shoots wide left of net from 20 yards after run down left.
66 min...TLL Pickert shoots off bar from 8 yards after freekick cross but she's flagged offside.
67 min...TLL Saleido weak shot wide left from 10 yards up middle on give and go pass.
68 min...TLL Listro 40 yard chip from right has goalie catch but offside flag is up beating TLL player.
70 min...QD Melissa Roy 28 yard freekick from right is just over net.
71 min...TLL Lukasewich 35 yard shot from left has goalie catch on left post.
72 min...QD Guy from right rushes along 22 yard line to center and cuts 22 yard shot wide left as she falls.
74 min...TLL Lund short centering pass from left has TLL Syme flub 22 yard shot from left that rolls to goalie.
75 min...QD Ariello Roy rolls ball from 25 yards that goalie picks up wide left of net.
76 min...QD sub...Gadbaut replaces Collard.
.........QD sub...Gauthier replaces Mayi Kith.
76 min...TLL sub...Johnson replaces Monsivais.
77 min...TLL Solow 28 yard freekick from right has TLL Saleido head ball over net from 12 yards.
80 min...TLL Listro rolls 22 yard shot from right that's cleared by defender.
82 min...TLL sub...Prince replaces Kordas.
82 min...TLL Johnson from 55 yards on right passes to TLL Lund on left at 35 yards who quick shoots low 30 yarder that goalie dives to in center of box.
85 min...QD Gosselin 45 yard freekick from left is over players in box and bounces wide right for goalkick.
86 min...TLL sub...Dillon replaces Syme.
86 min...TLL Listro low cross from 20 yards on right has defender shank clearance at 7 yards and TLL Dillon quick shot has goalie dive to smother at 6 yards on right side of goal.
87 min...TLL Listro low cross from right end line has defender clear for throw-in.
88 min...QD Metivier stops run and cuts 18 yarder from left wide right.
88 min...QD Metivier chips 20 yard shot from left that goalie catches.
90 min...QD Guy 30 yard shot from right is caught by goalie.
91 min...QD Guy 22 yard shot down middle has goalie catch near right post.
92:40 min...game ends 5:20pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto Lady Lynx.......0......Quebec Dynamo ARSQ........0........

Attendance was about 70 on this hot and humid day with a bright sun in the west and a breeze from the south.

Cassie Miller earned the shutout for the Lady Lynx while Marie-Joelle Vandal did the same for Dynamo. Both goalies had to be sharp on the few chances they were called upon.

Best non-scoring chances were at 4 minutes when QD Gabrielle Lapointe had an 18 yard shot hit the crossbar and QD Kathleen Garneau rolled the 8 yard rebound wide right of the post. 52 minutes had the QD goalie make a point blank save on TLL Monica Monsivais at 12 yards when a chipped ball was sent into the box. The goalie then got up and smothered the ball at 15 yards. 57 minutes had QD Melissa Roy cross from near the left cornerflag and QD Joelle Gosselin headed an 8 yarder over the net. The last ten minutes had more chances for both teams then the rest of the game put together. The best of these was at 86 minutes when TLL Jordyn Listro sent in a low cross from 20 yards on the right and the defender shanked a clearance attempt at 7 yards and TLL Jessie Dillon who'd been subbed in less than a minute earlier took a quck shot that the goalie dived to smother.

The game wasn't rough and referee Michael Bradley gave out only one Yellow card that I counted. Both teams were called on a lot of offsides. Bradley I'd watched yesterday afternoon refereeing the League 1 Ontario game between Masters FA and Sigma FC.

Lady Lynx record falls to 2 wins, 1 loss, 4 ties for 10 points and effectively 4th place out of 6 in the Central Conference. They have scored only six goals in seven games although conceded only five. I have only seen them score once this season (I missed their 2-0 win against London—and one of those was an own goal).

Quebec is just behind them in the standings with a 1 win, 4 losses, 2 ties so far.

I was the announcer at today's game at Centennial Stadium for the third time. It was pretty quiet as stadium staff didn't find me their microphone until the second half. They said there have been no improvements done to the stadium so far but expect to start in July to ready this facility for the PanAm games next year (I've already heard all soccer will be held in Hamilton) and this place might be used for field hockey. The track and pitch are what is expected to be resurfaced.

There was a guy from the one of those sports betting sites at today's game. He said there has been some interest shown to cover women's soccer. He still keeps busy with the CSL and has no idea if the new League 1 Ontario is on the boards. He said the caliber of the officiating has fallen in the CSL this year (using non-sanctioned officials). "Home danger, home safe" is the constant drone he gives over his phone.

Lady Lynx have five more games in their season and four of them are on the road. I realized after I'd returned home that I will miss that game if it is in Oakville as I'll be at a game watching Michael Bradley (not the referee but the shaven headed American midfielder who I saw on television when I got home playing in the World Cup—he'll probably be back with Toronto FC by then).

Rocket Robin

Toronto Lady Lynx starters

Quebec Dynamo starters

Dynamo Melissa Roy (3) and Lady Lynx Olivia Lukasewich (19) at coin toss.

Lady Lynx Heather Lund (16) and Monica Monsivais (17) take first half kickoff.

A ball is cleared from the Lady Lynx box.

Dymano Gabrielle Lapointe (6) in center circle.

Dynamo Melissa Roy (3) takes freekick after Meissande Guy (12) steps over ball.

Dynamo Ariello Roy (10) and Kathleen Garneau (14) take second half kickoff.

A Dynamo freekick is coming into the box.

Lady Lynx Rio Speller-Drews (8) sends freekick into box.

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